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Saddest Movie You've Ever Watched...

Guest zorthax

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One Litre of Tears

This movie (and the drama version) made me cry from start to finish. I just can't imagine how someone can endure all the pain. And I'm really amazed at how strong she is for fighting despite all the pain and hardships she experienced.

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Guest choovely

Mine was Grave of the Fireflies. I watched it years ago and it was very moving. I cried the whole time  and couldn't move on for a whole week. hero_EB20000319REVIEWS083190301AR.jpg


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Guest ikonanthemn

Saddest movie for me is Miracle in Cell No. 7. Nothing, so far, can beat my tears in that movie. Omg that movie was the best. So many emotions. You feel angry one moment, then happy, then sad, then happy, den angry, den cry. Cant this movie i juz love this movie so much. 

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On 4/18/2013 at 5:28 AM, Chasing-A-Fairytale said:

Even though it's animated, made me cry so much LOL. Grave of the Fireflies. Sad movie that is half based on a true story of the war in Japan. Couldn't get over how sad it was and the fact that most of it was real.


After watching this once, I haven’t been able to watch it again. I even own it on DVD lol. It tears one’s heart out and is one of the saddest film ever made. It is a powerful anti-war film that more people should watch. 

On 2/12/2018 at 5:00 AM, rosierosie said:

Not a movie but a drama. The Disguiser was so sad. Love the drama....it was great; funny and great acting.


I really tried to watch this for Hu Ge and the awesome cast but about half-way, I could tell it was only going to get sadder and stopped.

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