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[movie 2006] No Regret 후회하지 않아

Guest raxfrost

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Hmm..i've seen that pic somewhere around and i thought for once it's Lee Jung Jae and Jung WooSung :blink: which apparently not.. :P ..but i think it's a new gay-theme movie. I can't recall watching the actors in any movies/dramas tho'..

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Guest formula17

Here's the link to the trailer:


And so okay i cried the first time i watched this ==;; May be the song? T^T

I translated the captions in the trailer:

Captions at 00:32,01:03,1:27,2:01

"I didn't know this love will come to this. However, this love is too difficult.The society doesn't allow this kind of love.Love of two men which will shake you greatly."

Casting: Sumin(Lee YoungHoon), Jaemin(Lee Han aka TaeSan from Kdrama Lovers!)

Director: Lee Song Hee-Il, and out gay independent movie director

The movie is released in Korea in November 16,2006 and is said to already reach box office at the moment. Lee Song Hee-Il won the Best Independent Director of the Year award.


It's about Sumin who came to the big city to pursue his study but ended up working as a host in a gaybar to make end meets. Then he met a rich client (Jaemin) and involved romantically in relationship with him. But since Korea is still taboo with this kind of stuff, so yeah..Jaeming coming from a rich family, the family expected him to be married to this girl (cameo appearance by Kim JungHwa as Jaemin's fiancee'). So their relationship is rocking hard because Jaemin is still closeted.

I'm surprised no one know much about this film. May be because it's taboo?? Gee.. I reckon it'll be a fantastic movie. I can't wait to buy the dvd. Besides i'm a Lovers' fan so of course i'm gonna watch Lee Han :)

More link to the movie:


On the set video I: mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/2/movie/making/2006/10/noregret_poster_mf_700k.wmv

On the set video II: mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/2/movie/making/2006/11/noregret_mf_700k.wmv

Credits to hancinema.net

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A friend of mine saw it and said it was good.

I hope it will be a "real movie", and not just a speak for the defence of homosexuality.

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Guest gurl4got10

I honestly hope it isn't gonna be another Brokeback Mountain =[ That disappointed me...So I have high hopes for this movie. Does anyone know where I can get the subs for this?

Thanks for the link Sarang!!

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Guest schizoar

WOAH! :blink: I didn't know Lee Han had a movie. I'm definitely watcing this. :) I hope it's good. :blush:


Just finished watching this. Uhm what can I say... :sweatingbullets:

I'm speechless so let me just post this 2 caps that I really like. :) I think it's very sweet. :blush:


No exposures or anything but as *SANBI* said, this is not suitable for ages under 18, lots of inappropriate scenes. :)

It also has its funny moments, I love the bar manager, lol, he's so funny.. and so gay, hahahaha..

One funny scene I liked..


Manager: What's this? What? A cow? A dog?

Guy: Hey, leave it alone.


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have anyone seen this yet is it an 18+ movie ?

I just downloaded it and started watching it. IT IS DEFINITELY FOR 18+. People under ages 18 SHOULD NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. There are a lot of inappriopriate scenes for minors.

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Guest formula17

I can upload the subs if anyone wants. Just pm me and i'll send you the link. It was a great movie. 18+ but NOTHING like Brokeback.. (Brokeback sucks big... I don't wanna talk about it) It was a great movie with great casting! Lee YoungHoon is soo pretty and LeeHan is hot (we all know that..hahaa..i mean at least to people who watched Lovers..) I like how romantic and humorous this movie is. I love the caps above. That's probably one of the best part of the movie. Never saw any couples in gay movies holding hands like that. The chemistry between the characters were great! I love it loads! And Madame was frickin funny!

I don't understand one thing.. What's a patron? Is that another word for customer? They're gays too right? I guess they prefer straight guys to entertain them :/ Weird.

I love this movie. The ending is super cute :D Oh well i watched it twice.. Hahahaha.. May be i'm hooked with the theme song or something. Anyone has the OST? Please share with me :D

During the interview behind the scenes, they interviewed Leehan and Younghoon. Leehan said to regard this movie as a love story between two persons and not between gays.... Yeah, it's how strong their love is...And it's nothing compared to Brokeback.. Bleh Brokeback.. Shoo shoo... It's not disappointing i tell ya

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Guest paigehk

i watched this movie...and wow, really really...I don't know what to say. I never saw any movie this kind yet.

Anyway, I think it's interesting. I was thinking it would be like King and Clown, but it was more than that. I think those actors did some good jobs.

*phew*....when i watched them, esp those scenes, I couldn't stop wondering how they filmed it. It's kinda....I don't know...

By the way, if anyone watched it, could you explain to me the ending? I really don't get it at all (although i think it was kinda funny when the CEO touched that). hehe

Overall, it's a nice movie actually. Watch it if you're 18+ ...hahaha

oh, my favorite quote here is (not the scene, just the QUOTE)...haha

"I wish your thing was a gun

I wish I could pull the trigger inside me"

hahaha, I just think it's funny, teasing, and oddly cute. :sweatingbullets:

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Guest angel91


the movie is posted up on youtube but you have to be this person's friend to see the movie,it's got english subs with it so don't worry.I had to wait to watch this other movie seducing mr.Robin which is good,and then i got bored and started looking at the movies this person had.And I came upon no regrets accidently!!!!I was so incredibly happy that i found it but i was worried the actors in the movie would be ugly but they're not!!!!YEA!!!! :tears: i watched it and i love it,i didn't think that they would make a movie like this so fast,right after the king and the clown at least.I would've expected this kind of movie to come out like 20 years from now when koreans would actually accept homosexuality!!

And to the person who wanted to know if it was just a voice or opinion of homosexuality.It's not it's just a story between two men who love each other in a world where nobody accepts them and they have to live on!!!And the added plot to where they're both from different kinds of world.You know one guy is rich,one guy is poor kinda thing!!!

IMPORTANT:You must be a member of youtube.com or else you can't see the movie


1]go to this site http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Lovegoodfood [JUST COPY AND PASTE PEOPLE!!!]

2]go down to "Connect to lovegoodfood" and click as friend

3]Wait until your able to see this person's private videos

4]to check if you have been added by clicking on "Playlist" on the top and click what ever movie you want to see and click on one of the movie parts,if it says

"You must be a friend to be able to see this private video"

then this person hasn't added you yet

But if it goes on straight to the movie then you were added!!

that's it!!!If anybody is confused just ask me!!!!



:sweatingbullets: If your eyes aren't ready for the s-e-x part with m-e-n on m-e-n then watch out on parts 3 & 7 i think those are the only two parts that have s-e-x in them so yeah.And i warn you!!THEY.ARE.GRAPHIC.Meaning:Shows a lot of parts[body parts]including the butt but not the....... :sweatingbullets: thingy!!![i think you know what i mean right?]

but if your fine with the gay sex thing then go right ahead and watch to your hearts content!!! :rolleyes:

all credits go to LOVEGOODFOOD who upoaded the movie!!!!

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Guest Eatmore_sushi

IMHO, Brokeback was a better movie, simply because I'm not into gory, nightmarish scenes.

And did anyone actually understand the ending of the movie? SPOILER BELOW!!

So Sumin gets his friend to help him bury Jaemin alive cause of the massive, ultra betrayal (which actually wasn't a betrayal at all), then he changes his mind, then Jaemin drives them both into a tree. Then when he wakes up from unconciousness he randomly grabs Sumin's crotch to wake him up and they start laughing together?!

^ Sorry for the rant, it's just that I got freaked out a little.

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Guest lilone

I LOVED this movie. I haven't watched Brokeback Mountain yet, so I can't compare the two. This is actually one of the few K-movies that I really really enjoyed and would watch it again. I never thought that I'd watched a gay-themed movie. I'm glad I saw this one. A few reasons why:

1) Both actors were fantastic in the portrayal of their characters and had good chemistry together. I found myself empathizing with each and rooting for them to be together.

2) The few "matured" scenes weren't offensive. The ones with the patrons - the look on SuMin's face when he had to service those patrons... as the Madame said, one had to have no pride in order to work there. The ones with Lee Han's character (sorry I forgot his name) - I thought they were beautifully done. Even the first one where LH's character mentioned the trigger thing. The loneliness & despair on his part. Then the latter one where their feelings for each other came across very nicely; it wasn't just sex.

3) The gay subject/theme - hard enough to be gay in Western culture... I can't imagine what it must be like in Korea and especially when one has to be the filial son.

4) The ending... I liked it though I'd have preferred it to be more "obvious" (if that's the correct word to use). My interpretation of the ending:

LH's character grabs SuMin's crotch and held on to it. Didn't care if the cop saw it. To me, it's his acceptance of who he is (meaning he's coming out of the closet) and that he's hanging onto his love. SuMin's expression seemed to indicate that he understood his gesture.

Well, that's it for me. Thanks Sarang for making this available. I'd dl'ed it after reading a pro review of the movie (can't remember where now).

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