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Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キムテヒ

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Celebrity Landlords Cut Rent Costs In Light Of Economic Difficulties Caused By Coronavirus Outbreak












Rain-Kim Tae Hee couple revealed to have marked down rent for their Gangnam buildings for business owners by 50% this month










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Video of KTH inside the hall at KDA 2015.   Credit : sopia lee   ************************************************************************************************   Catching KTH’s expressions, while wa

JW’s filming experience with KTH. At his fan meet/date with JW in Jakarta recently, he said that TH & YJ’s kissing scene is memorable, going by the reports that I read in the net. He was again ask

On 2/27/2020 at 2:01 PM, Nancyzak said:


Additional still cuts.



Hi Nancyzak, thanks for sharing this. Her child in the drama really looks like a girl. As far as I remember, this is not his first drama, as I recall I saw him appeared in "VIP" last year. And he bears a strong resemblance to KTH, too. He's very cute. :lol:

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8 hours ago, willenette said:


Hi Nancyzak, thanks for sharing this. Her child in the drama really looks like a girl. As far as I remember, this is not his first drama, as I recall I saw him appeared in "VIP" last year. And he bears a strong resemblance to KTH, too. He's very cute. :lol:


You are welcome, dear @willenette. I find the child actor is super adorable! And, the child fashion in the drama is simply gorgeous! I read that the role landed on him based his strong resemblance with KTH and his acting skill that stands out during casting. I hope that when he grows up, he’ll look back with fond memories of his role in this drama and the chance to act with KTH as her daughter! :lol:



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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Mar. 2-8, 2020




LINK here : http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/03/drama-viewership-ratings-for-the-week-of-mar-2-8-2020/



(skipped unrelated.....)



Saturday, Mar. 7      
Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life 89 KBS 24.3%
Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life 90 KBS 29.5%
No Second Chances 69 MBC 9.8%
No Second Chances 70 MBC 12.2%
No Second Chances 71 MBC 11.3%
No Second Chances 72 MBC 12.7%
Hyena 6 SBS 10.4%
Itaewon Class 12 JTBC 13.4%
Tell Me What You Saw 11 OCN 2.5%
Hi Bye, Mama! 5 tvN 5.7%
Sunday, Mar. 8      
Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life 91 KBS 28.8%
Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life 92 KBS 32.3%
Tell Me What You Saw 12 OCN 3.8%
Hi Bye, Mama! 6 tvN 5.8%
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Kim Hye-soo VS Kim Seo-hyung and Kim Tae-hee




Top actresses back with the most fitting characters

Kim Hye-soo, a cool lawyer in "Hyena"

Kim Seo-hyung, a detective in "Nobody Knows"

Kim Tae-hee, a mother in "Hi Bye, Mama!"


Actresses Kim Hye-soo, Kim Seo-hyung and Kim Tae-hee are back with the most fitting characters. They are called the Big 3 and there are reasons for that.


They refuse to play the typical characters that fight between good and evil. They are back as a lawyer who fights the world of those who overuse their power (Kim Hye-soo in "Hyena"), a detective who seeks justice by overcoming her trauma (Kim Seo-hyung in "Nobody Knows") and a mother who gets a chance at reincarnation for 49 days (Kim Tae-hee in "Hi Bye, Mama!").


- Kim Hye-soo VS Kim Seo-hyung and Kim Tae-hee


Kim Hye-soo is Jeong Geum-ja these days. That's how viewers remember her in the drama "Hyena", which began on the 21st. She is a 'cool' lawyer who has the best interest of money in mind. Kim Hye-soo introduces the drama as something between conventional and comedy or mystery and mellow. Kim Hye-soo, who has spent more than 30 years in acting, plays a character obsessed with winning and letting go of her conscience.


Kim Seo-hyung in "Nobody Knows" asks herself what a 'good grown-up is' using serial murders involving emerging religions. What would normally be a male role as a detective is played this time by Kim Seo-hyung, maintaining the genre's characteristics, but showing off her strength with stories that contain her worries for the next generation.


Kim Tae-hee is back with a fantasy this time. She dies from an accident, but can't cross over to the other world because she misses her young daughter too much. Kim Tae-hee was mostly seen in romance dramas, but this time she's approaching viewers with a more friendly vibe in "Hi Bye, Mama!".


- Their choices and reactions

The result of their choices can be seen in the viewership. "Hyena", which began on the 21st of February, rated 10.4% in the most recent episode. Kim Seo-hyung's "Nobody Knows", which began on the 2nd, has been climbing steadily until 9.5% on the 10th. Kim Tae-hee's "Hi Bye, Mama!", which began on the 22nd of February, is somewhere between 5% ~ 6%.


Kim Hye-soo is in the lead, but viewers show a different response. The hottest drama being talked about is "Nobody Knows". It's only been two weeks, but viewers are talking about it all over online communities and social media networks. A 'spoiler alert' was also issued, as viewers' 'predictions' sought to track down the story as it deals with the mystery of a serial murder case.


Kim Tae-hee's "Hi Bye, Mama!" is known as the 'tears button'. They key element of a young child parting with her mother stimulates tears with every episode.




Source : /sports.donga.com/art...

Translation : Hancinema

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Kim Tae Hee Transforms Into A Wish-Granting Genie As A Reincarnated Ghost In “Hi Bye, Mama”




Kim Tae Hee And Go Bo Gyeol Have An Awkward Encounter In “Hi Bye, Mama”






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