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Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キムテヒ

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she looks great

although i really like her haircut now more 



I could recall her only one time short hair cut, like now, for Iris and the netizens were crying foul over it (because she cut her hair short...:huh::blink::sweatingbullets::D)   Now, with the hair highlight and her of age confidence, there is an allure; a sexy appeal that is captivating and makes her stand out. I feel the cross of a top and famous star and the confident and powerful Han Yeo Jin, the Chairwoman, at KDA 2015. Lethal, I would say! ;):D



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Video of KTH inside the hall at KDA 2015.   Credit : sopia lee   ************************************************************************************************   Catching KTH’s expressions, while wa

JW’s filming experience with KTH. At his fan meet/date with JW in Jakarta recently, he said that TH & YJ’s kissing scene is memorable, going by the reports that I read in the net. He was again ask


At Korean Drama Awards ceremony 2015.






Kim Tae Hee snagged the Top Excellence Actress award at the recent Korea Drama Awards 2015… and looked absolutely beautiful doing so. Her bob is so refreshing and chic and while I don’t really love her dress, she just looks perfect overall.  Faultless hair, makeup, accessories and shoes. It’s a fairly simple, subdued look altogether but somehow she just looks so gorgeous. It would have been lovely if Joo Won had accompanied her on the red carpet.



kthk1kthk2  kthk4kthk5kthk6kthk8kthk9kthk10

photo credits as stated








More videos and pictures by onlookers at KDA 2015 from Enjoygram/Instagram.


Videos and credit:




Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092084112279889027_296129760





Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092032382745716713_1431629616


Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092033094879814657_1431629616



Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092123112671595818_1133354658



Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092108371106391558_1478450440



Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092101736883044328_570925014




Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092528012131693948_777084476





Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092091155914033399_1291786665




Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092027283031067075_1291786665




Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092321783173913582_1645545037








May they attend SBS 2015 Drama Awards ceremony this year end and win lots, with other nominee Yongpal team! 

Appearance wise, I have no doubt that KTH will be in her usual stunning, glamorous and dazzling self. JW should be in his handsome and dapper look! 


C-strip and credit : As tagged via http://www.pikore.com/m/1093085432530300368_1801402010





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Hehe....I like this. My thoughts exactly. They sat next to each other at 2013 Cosmo Beauty Icon Awards ceremony in Shanghai and each won the Dream Icon Award. Again, this year at KDA 2015, they sat next to each other. Hmmmmm, any possibility of them acting in a drama/movie together? Not as OTP but as siblings. I feel a great combination there! ;):P:D


Credit image below : http://www.pikore.com/m/1092131604340700131_267918355





Other than a guess above, there is this crossover video that makes the pairing of KTH with JCW look really good too (to my mind ;):P:D)! Wow, their eyes. I am mesmerised by them! Anyone agree with me...the pairing??? :w00t:;):D


Jung Hoo + Yeo Jin ✗ Lift me up | crossover | mv



Credit : Annette Willow


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JW’s filming experience with KTH.

At his fan meet/date with JW in Jakarta recently, he said that TH & YJ’s kissing scene is memorable, going by the reports that I read in the net.

He was again asked similar question (i.e. what is the romantic/memorable scene with KTH) at his date with fans in Singapore yesterday and he replied how embarrassed he was when he fell asleep and snored while they filming, LOL! Here is the video with English subtitles and my screencaps.


Watch the video here : http://video.toggle.sg/en/clips/joo-won-has-an-embarrassed-moment-when-filming-with-kim-tae-hee/345679



My screen caps.







What ultimately takes the prize for me is JW saying how kind hearted KTH is as a person. She has beauty, physically and from within her heart. This, we always come across from many who have worked closely with her. Deabak, Kim Tae Hee! An all rounder beauty, always! :wub::wub::wub:


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[StarN Focus] Kim Tae Hee @ '2015 Korea Drama Awards'


On October 9th, opening ceremony of '2015 Korea Drama Awards' was held at Gyeongnam Culture Arts Center in Jinjoo, Southern Gyeongsang Province.

Actress Kim Tae Hee attended the conference in a black tube-top dress, and captivated everyone with her beautiful look.

Meanwhile, actor Kim Soo Hyun received the 'Grand Award' during this year's 'Korea Drama Awards.'



[StarN Focus] Kim Tae Hee @ '2015 Korea Drama Awards'



[StarN Focus] Kim Tae Hee @ '2015 Korea Drama Awards'


[StarN Focus] Kim Tae Hee @ '2015 Korea Drama Awards'


[StarN Focus] Kim Tae Hee @ '2015 Korea Drama Awards'



/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo en@starnnews.com








5 Korean Actresses Who Rocked Fairytale Looks


It's always mesmerizing to see designers transform stories into visual, contemporary masterpieces. Korean actresses often follow trendy and modern themes in magazine pictorials that don't require massive ballgowns or crystal slippers. But every once in a while, an outfit that looks straight out of a fairytale makes it to print. Check out five top picks worn by stars this year!


- skipped unrelated -


3. Kim Tae Hee As Cinderella


(Photo : InStyle)


In the April issue of InStyle, Kim Tae Hee was bold in organza. She modeled a Burberry dress from the Spring 2015 collection that had a dramatic bow and layered skirt. The dress looked like it had been created with pieces from others garments, a la Cinderella!




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Hi Nancyzak, I noticed that most celebrities love color black. I can say it's a safe color & fit to wear for formal occasions especially if it's a lace material like what KTH was wearing. She looks great! :lol:

Congratulations, to her. She has been working hard & she deserves it. I guess this has been long overdue. I hope people would stop talking saying that KTH is all pretty face but can't act at all. I have always believed in her, not because I like her but because I know & see that she could really act. :P

Hi neville, I completely agree with you - I also prefer her current hairstyle. For me, she looks better than long hair. :lol:

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Kim Tae-hee, Lee Tae-im, Wang Bit-na wowed in dresses with thigh-high slits




Kim Tae-heeLee Tae-imWang Bit-na walked red carpets at 2015 Korea Drama Awards on October 9th.

The focal point of the dresses that stole the spotlights on red carpet was the side slits. Kim Tae-heeflaunted her legs in the strapless black dress with the side slit. Lee Tae-im also showed off her incredible legs in the elegant white dress with the side slit on the left side.

Wang Bit-na in the red dress with plunging neckline showed off her gorgeous legs through the thigh-high side slit.





Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c...




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What ultimately takes the prize for me is JW saying how kind hearted KTH is as a person. She has beauty, physically and from within her heart. This, we always come across from many who have worked closely with her. Deabak, Kim Tae Hee! An all rounder beauty, always! :wub::wub::wub:

Yes @nancyzak , She is beautiful inside and outside :)

Congratulation Kim Tae Hee :wub:happy...happy...happy...:D

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"JW has a lot of aegyo. I want a son like that."

This is the first of its kind coming from KTH, as far as I could recall. A compliment and the high regard that KTH has for JW as a person. Well, KTH, we wish you getting your wish when the time comes! :D


Joo Won Defends Himself on “Healing Camp”: “I’m Not an Arrogant Person”

- skipped picture -

Joo Won, who recently starred in “Yong Pal,” is guesting on the SBS talk show “Healing Camp” to explain the misunderstanding that he spoke informally to his seniors. Often referred to as the king of ratings, his informal speech is the No. 2 search word related to the actor.




On the show, Joo Won’s seniors from “Yong Pal” send in surprise video messages. “Joo Won has a lot of aegyo,” actress Kim Tae Hee says. “I want a son like that.” Jung Woong In agrees, saying that he wants a younger brother like Joo Won, but then surprises the actor by asking how much his appearance fees are.

- skipped unrelated - 







Credit : As tagged via http://www.pikore.com/m/1093894206656572920_1801402010







Another article on SK female celebs' fashion at KDA 2915, that includes KTH's.


Stars hit red carpet at 2015 Korea Drama Awards





The biggest names on TV hit the red carpet at 2015 Korea Drama Awards held in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, on Friday evening. For the annual awards ceremony, which was established in 2007 to honor Korea’s top television shows and actors of the year, starlets put forward their best fashion, thrilling fans across Asia.





Kim Tae-hee from recent SBS series “Yong-pal” mesmerized in a dazzling tight black dress with a slit on the side, embellished with laces and a thin belt around her waist. She also matched a simple silver earrings and a bracelet for the prestigious event.


- skipped -


Hallyu star Kim Soo-hyun won his second top prize at the ceremony two years in a row, with hit KBS drama “The Producer.” Kim Tae-hee won the best actress award with SBS series “Yong-pal,” whereas the top actor prize went to Lee Jong-suk from “Pinoccino.”

By Ko Ji-seon (jiseonko@heraldcorp.com)





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KTH’s fashion.

Credit images below : As tagged via kimtaeheebar at Weibo.









DVF dress.

Credit images below : As tagged via dwonhee at Weibo.











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@Nancyzak...wow!!!..tae hee is really pure goddess!!!..i'm new tae hee fan now..heheheh^^  

Did tae hee even praised her co-star in previous drama before chingu??? Because i'm her new fan..i'm dont know much about her before this..



Hi @lolipop86gorgeous,

About KTH paying compliments to her costars, the two that immediately came to mind are her praise for Lee Byun Hun, her costar in Iris, for his awesome acting particularly his expressive eyes, and Jang Dong Guen, her costar in Grand Prix, as her choice when asked which male costars of hers is the better kisser. I can't tell the anything before 2010. Really, there is nothing close to wishing a son like JW. ;):D

There's an article of what JW said about KTH in his appearance in Healing Camp, which I'll post after this. Each mentioned that they are the closest to each other than their former costars. I hope we get the video with English subtitles soon, as there were more questions asked about KTH and from KTH.  :D


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Hi @jessie15,

Sorry, wrong quote above.

To your question, it's Aldo brand, from what I get from the Instagrams about this sneakers. It's a nice pair of sneakers with a lovely combination of black and blue! :)


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Joo Won compliments Kim Tae-hee's pure-hearted personality








Here's a clip of KTH's video letter for JW in his appearance in Healing Vamp that was aired yesterday. Will post the video with English subtitles when I come across it! 


Kim Tae Hee - Healing Camp


Credit : dorama456


Screencaps from Nate news.














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