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Are unofficial cover songs allowed?

Jonah Kyle

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I had a song created for a private wedding. It is an English cadential translation* of "Don't Forget" originally written and sung by Baek Ji Young for the Iris OST back in 2009. It is done in video format and sung by a male artist (uncredited). I have not submitted this cover for sale as I have not had permission by the artist nor her management (cannot get in touch with either). Is it ok to post the song here, just for enjoyment? Thanks.


*English cadential translation is a language translation of lyrics that closely matches the spirit and meaning of the original (Korean) language, while matching the exact cadence, syllables, and inflections of the original song, rather than a literal English translation which would not match the original cadence well.

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On 4/21/2024 at 9:56 PM, Jonah Kyle said:

Is it ok to post the song here, just for enjoyment? Thanks.


Hmmm.... That's a difficult question. Basically the forum rules state:

You may post a general link to other resources/websites, but direct linking or sharing of any copyrighted material on Soompi.com is strictly prohibited. If you are in doubt about the content of your post/topic, please contact a moderator and/or administrator to inquire. "


Am no lawyer, and the rules for these types of things are country specific. Basically you should need to seek permission from the original artists. Then again YouTube is full of cover songs and fan videos, so who knows?

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