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[Upcoming Drama 2025] I`m Home, 아임홈 다녀왔습니다 - Yoo Seung Ho, Na Moon hee


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Drama: I`m Home

Hangul: 아임홈 다녀왔습니다

Genre: family, drama



Director: Ra Ha Na


Release Date:


Production Company:



Official site:






Yoo Seung Ho as Jeong Dong Joo

Na Moon hee as Hong Jeong Hee


Character descriptions






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Yoo Seung Ho in talks to star in new drama 'I'm Home'



Actor Yoo Seung Ho is in talks to star in the drama 'I'm Home', according to media outlet reports on July 25 KST. 


A representative of his label YG Entertainment commented, "We are reviewing the proposal positively and considering Yoo Seung Ho's appearance in 'I'm Home'." The drama, directed by Ra Hana, known for her work in 'Green Mothers Club', revolves around the theme of non-family members coming together to form a new family.

Yoo Seung Ho recently signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in March of this year. After starring in the drama 'Moonshine', which concluded last year, he decided to take on the original Wavve drama 'The Deal' as his next project. Fans are eagerly anticipating his performance in 'I'm Home' following his previous successful projects.






Jeon Hye-jin in talks for a family drama opposite Yoo Seung-ho




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Jeon Hye Jin Joins Yoo Seung Ho In Talks To Star In Upcoming Family Drama

Nov 21, 2023
by M Lim

Jeon Hye Jin may be starring alongside Yoo Seung Ho in an upcoming drama!

On November 21, STARNEWS reported that Jeon Hye Jin has been cast in the upcoming drama “I Am Home” (literal title). In response to the report, a representative from Jeon Hye Jin’s agency HODU&U Entertainment shared, “Jeon Hye Jin has received an offer for the new drama ‘I Am Home’ and is positively reviewing it.”

Previously in July, Yoo Seung Ho’s side also confirmed that the actor is currently in talks to star in the drama.

Adapted from the Japanese drama “Home Drama!,” “I Am Home” explores the theme of people becoming a family not bound by blood but through shared experiences. The narrative unfolds as a group of individuals, each having lost their families in accidents at a vacation spot, gather to live together with a shared sense of pain.

The drama will be helmed by director Ra Ha Na of “Green Mothers’ Club” and the 2019 JTBC drama “Human Luwak.”



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by lo_ve, April 15, 2024
9 2


Yoo Seung Ho and Na Moon Hee are officially leading the upcoming family K-drama I'm Home.

On April 15, media outlet Sports Seoul shared an exclusive report revealing that Yoo Seung Ho and Na Moon Hee will lead the upcoming Korean remake of the 2004 Japanese series Home Drama. Meanwhile, actress Jeon Hye Jin, who was previously offered to join the K-drama, decided to not participate in the upcoming series. 

 I'm Home will unveil the stories of people who are not blood-related and become a family. The K-drama will base its story on the 2004 Japanese drama Home Drama. It will showcase the love, care, hate, and disappointments of people living together like a real family despite not being related to anyone.

Director Ra Ha Na who also created the K-dramas Green Mothers' Club and Tinted With You will be responsible for the upcoming K-drama. SLL will produce the series. 

I'm Home will begin its filming in June. Meanwhile, the broadcast date and channel are still under discussion.




Na Moon Hee will portray the role of Hong Jeong Hee. She is now a widow after losing her husband in a sudden accident. She also took over the store of her parents. She struggles with loneliness but finds a family with Yoo Seung Ho's character Jeong Dong Joo. 

This will be the grand return of Na Moon Hee to the K-drama scene. The veteran actress last appeared in the 2021 series Navillera. She will also star in the upcoming K-drama When Life Gives You Tangerine

Meanwhile, this will be the first project of Yoo Seung Ho since the 2023 Wavve original K-Drama The Deal with Kim Dong Hwi, Yoo Soo Bin, Lee Joo Young, Baek Ji Won, and Woo Ji Hyun.



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Jeon Hye Jin Turns Down Offer in New Drama ‘I'm Home’ + Na Moon Hee, Yoo Seung Ho Confirm Appearance

BY Geca Flores

Jeon Hye Jin declines family drama "I'm Home" with Yoo Seung Ho and veteran actress Na Moon Hee.

In an exclusive report by Sports Seoul, the actress has decided not to appear in the upcoming series.

Jeon Hye Jin Turns Down Family Drama 'I'm Home'

After being selected to headline "I'm Home" in November 2023, Jeon Hye Jin officially declined the offer.

To recall, the actress' agency, HODU Entertainment, said that she was "actively considering" her participation in the new drama, which would've been her small screen comeback after the 2023 rom-com "Not Others" with Choi Sooyoung.




At the time, her husband, Lee Sun Kyun, was facing controversy after a bar hostess claimed that the actor took drugs at her residence.


However, the scandal led to the tragic death of the actor, prompting Jeon Hye Jin to take a brief hiatus.

In the latest update regarding the forthcoming family drama, officials confirmed the appearance of Na Moon Hee and Yoo Seung Ho as the lead stars.

Based on the Japanese drama "Home Drama!", the story depicts the story of a group of people who are not bound by blood but see themselves as family.


Na Moon Hee takes on the role of Hong Jung Hee, who runs a general store after inheriting it from her parents. She enjoys her busy yet slow-paced life running a stationery store in front of the school.

However, she finds herself struggling with loneliness following the death of her husband due to an accident. This is where Jeong Dong Joo, to be played by Yoo Seung Ho, comes in and becomes her family.


Viewers might recognize Na Moon Hee as one of the OG ajummas or ommas of K-drama, which includes "Navillera," "Dear My Friends," and the movie "Picnic."

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho headlined the hit K-dramas "Dear My Friends," "My Strange Hero," "Moonshine," and more.

Produced by SLL, "I'm Home '' will begin filming in June 2024.


The upcoming family drama will be helmed by Ra Ha Na, the director of the 2019 JTBC dramas "Human Luwak" and "Green Mothers' Club."

As for the "I'm Home" release date, officials are yet to confirm the target premiere date.




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Yoo Seung Ho and Na Moon Hee confirmed for new K-drama I’m Home; Jeon Hye Jin unable to join cast

Yoo Seung Ho and veteran actress Na Moon Hee are confirmed to star in the upcoming K-drama I’m Home, while Jeon Hye Jin is unable to join the cast. Read on!

Yoo Seung Ho, who starred in dramas like Memorist and Moonshine was reported to be in talks to lead the new K-drama I’m Home. Published in 2023, the reports further stated that veteran actress Na Moon Hee was also positively reviewing the offer. In addition, Not Others’ actress Jeon Hye Jin also received a proposal to star in the drama.

On April 15, the latest coverage by a Korean media outlet reported that Yoo Seung Ho and Na Moon Hee have confirmed their appearances in I’m Home. The same report also mentioned that Jeon Hye Jin has since dropped out from the drama, as she will be unable to join the cast. 

Na Moon Hee will lead the drama as Hong Jeong Hee, who inherited her parents’ convenience store in front of a school. She lives a busy life, working as the owner of the general store. However, after her husband’s sudden death in an accident, she grapples with loneliness. During her difficult time, she stumbles upon Jeong Dong Ju, who soon becomes her family. Yoo Seung Ho will portray the role of Jeong Dong Ju.


The upcoming drama I’m Home is adapted from a Japanese show named Home Drama! The Korean remake will follow a story about a newly-formed family, who are not related by blood, emphasizing the value of human relationships.


Set in a busy daily life's backdrop, I’m Home will depict the story of people who are too engulfed by their everyday chores and are unable to exhibit love for their families. As they regret, feel sorry, and hate themselves for doing so, they learn to embrace the people around them, making their own families.

I’m Home will be an extraordinary collaboration between Tinted With You and Green Mothers’ Club director Ra Ha Na and screenwriter Lee Bo Ram. The production responsibilities will be carried out by SLL (formerly known as JTBC Studios).

Filming for this drama is scheduled to kick off this June. Following that, the broadcasting channel, release date, and other additional details will be revealed.





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Yoo Seung Ho.. will always be good actor... so please  this family drama showcase his real good acting. He needs good drama with good script and good character. I've not watch all the way his previous dramas except for Remembers: War of the Son. Hoping this drama is good one.. for him.

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