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[Current Drama 2024] Su Ji and Woo Ri - 수지맞은 우리 - Mon to Fri 20:30 KST


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Anyone else think Hyunsung is obsessed with Su Ji, not in love with her?


amd how does NY have the money to get expensive clothes and move opposite HS?

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4 hours ago, tulip06 said:

Anyone else think Hyunsung is obsessed with Su Ji, not in love with her?


amd how does NY have the money to get expensive clothes and move opposite HS?

 I was wonder the same thing. All this time she dressed shabbily and had no money. All this point out to me that Na Young and her mother must be in on this/


Did you guys see the way she talked about Su Ji. This woman had no compassion for her at all. I think her actions played a bigger role in Na Young being cruel to Su Ji. 


Lately I had a strange thought popped up in my head. That  Jin Do-Young is not Jang-Soo son (아들 ). I don’t see any resemblance between them but check out  the casting  on for this drama who is playing Na Young’s dad. Lately his mom has been on his case for not supporting Na Young’s bad behavior . 



@tulip06  what do you think ?  

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@UnniSarah yeah! SJ looks ungrateful towards SY and UR but remember that she is lives that way all her life (all her family doesn't care about her and just using her for paying the bills etc.) she cant change her personality over night that's why I get that. 


today episode focus more on the: 


1. Trauma or Burnout Syndrome of Suji and how SJ family is concerned and worried about her well being

2. NY Scheme on how will she Flirt with HS

3. HS and JS (SJ dad) Delivery offer (I think it is HS scheme for SJ to agree to marry him when she finds her)

4. JT and MR fin ding out the Devorce paper


all in all a not bad episode more on a build up for what will happen next when SJ return.


base on the summary of the next episode "SJ and Uri are left alone in the empty house due to Ara's birthday party" I wonder what that could be and excited on what's going to happen at the same time



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@UnniSarah Yes, I finished watching Thursday episode a few hours back and I have to agree with you that Suji may indeed appear rude to those that don’t know of her backstory. Understandable since her last memory of her mother was probably on her birthday when she prepared a meal for her before leaving. She thinks that she was abandoned not really being aware that someone in her family sabotaged her reunion with her mother. Not only that but the items offered over here just so happened to be the same as to what her mother prepared that day which further trigger her trauma.


Someone over here asked whether we think that Hyung Sun is probably obsessed over Suji rather than being in love with her. Interestingly I was going to bring up the exact same point before they did. But since I write such long posts, I thought that I would bring it up in one of my future posts. I am going to agree with this assessment. Both second leads seem to have this issue when it comes to Suji to an extent. In fact, I would say that Hyung Sun’s obsessions come close to stalkerish than Na Yeong’s. Perhaps she doesn’t need to be one because she knows exactly where Suji will end up/return home as she also lives with her.


But let’s look at Hyung Sun’s actions since he got to know Suji. They broke up ten years ago. A normal person would accept the rejection and try and move on. According to his own admissions he did try but it didn’t work to the extent that he decided never to return to Korea. The only reason that he did was because he discovered that she was working for his family hospital. Now that he was again aware of her exact location he returned. Now what is the first thing that he did after returning. He noticed her having a meal with Uri at a restaurant (where he had shown up by chance to have a meal with his parents). The normal thing at this point would have been to be happy for her. Instead, he rushed home and starts to search for information on her private life. To be more exact whether or not she was dating and if so who. Only when he is unable to find said information does he feel relieved.


Also, he tries to keep tabs on her even if it means to ask Uri to inform/spy on her for him. When he starts to feel that Uri might also have feelings for her and is threatened by his presence he tries to show that there is more to their relationship. By pointing out that he and Suji used to date and have decide to date again. But the biggest one was when he brought him to his studio apartment where he had arranged it to make anyone think that he was an item with Suji and for todays preview it shows him informing him that they are going to get married no matter what.


Clearly all this indicates that he has an unhealth obsession with Suji and he also isn’t confident in his position that he can simply win her over, so he needs to resort to such tactics. Instead, if he simply respects her choices rather than try and imposes his own feelings on her he might have had a better chance of ending up with her.


People have asked as to how Na Yeong could suddenly have moved next to Hyng Sun and where she got the money for the fancy clothes and rent. I think I have a partial answer though how accurate that is remains to be seen. First of all, she had amply time on her hand since she got fired due to her fame costing her. Which allowed her to stalk him as we were shown. (but also predictable). As for the money for the apartment and clothes I would say that there are two things. One she could have easily taken a short term loan. Yes, it would be expensive but if she was looking at the bigger picture especially of marrying him and gaining access to his family wealth then this wouldn’t be a major issue for her. The other thing to note is that she probably did have money stashed up. Remember before she got fired, she was doing a job. Certainly, it didn’t pay as much as Suji’s but she should have had some. Not only that but what exactly were her expenses if one comes to consider this, we realize that she should hardly have them.


She was already living with her family. This meant that she had no need to pay rent, utilities or even for food unless she wanted to eat outside or at a restaurant. Her only other expenses would therefore would probably have been on her wardrobe (clothes and cosmetics). Also remember when the family moved to their new house, she again refused to pitch in claiming that she didn’t have anything saved up and if she had gotten the anchor position this wouldn’t have been an issue. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she was totally broke but it could mean that she simply chose not to share what she had. Though from all appearances it did seem that she was short on cash.


For instance, when she handed Uri some cash when he asked to borrow some. It did seem like she was a bit hesitant to give what she had but then thinking that it would be a good way to win him over she finally hands over the money for the fare to him. But none of that is what really gets me curious.


What does are the following points. She suddenly has money for these fancy clothes but from what I could tell she really had a hard time picking out an outfit for her interview and she finally decided to wear the outfit that Suji gifted her admitting that Suji had a good eye for such stuff. Yet now she is wearing fancy clothes and even making it work. The other thing is what has been puzzling me is what exactly is her endgame and how does she plan on making it work.


Everyone now knows what she looks like courtesy of her being in the media for the two Suji incidents and not only that but her past as a reporter? So Hyung Sun should in theory recognize her from said events. Unless you want us to throw K-Drama suspension of belief that he can’t recognize her due to her new hairstyle and perhaps fancy wardrobe. She looks the same and even when I at times have a hard time recognizing actress with different hairstyles or dyed hair can recognize Na Yeong as the same person.... Not only this but if she wants to get married to him her family needs to be there for the family meeting. They have already done this for Suji so how are they going to explain this to his family.  The last drama actually made a big issue regrading this when the second female lead fell for two brothers without knowing this fact due to them being separated. The mothers were against her marrying into their family because of this.


Someone did suggest that she might decide to either claim to be an orphan or say that she is the biological daughter of her family and Suji is the adopted one. If she tries one of this then it is possible to make her plan work. Though the second one probably won’t fly because of the age difference. Suji is clearly older than her by the fact that she calls her Unni at times. Even if she can fool Hyng Sun’s parents with this lie it probably won’t work on him. On the other hand, the orphan card seems more likely at this point for a couple of reasons. Firstly, her playing the victim card is nothing new. We have already seen her throw Suji twice under the bus simply because she doesn’t want to admit being connected with her. So, her wanting to do the same with her family stays true to this point. She would rather die (her own words) than admit that she is related to Suji in anyway. Secondly this claim will also allow her to circumvent the family meeting and by the time her family will realize what she has done it will be too late to do anything at this point. The damage will already have been done and it isn’t like they will demand that she divorce Hyung Sun at this point.


Na Yeong’s mother likes to take one step forward but then five steps backwards. She claims that is Suji’s pride more important when she could have saved their family and that no matter how much she tries to like her she can’t. That is saying a lot. She is the one that has been allowing you to live your lavish lifestyle up till now. Not only that but even the new house that they are currently living in is because the people around you bothered to contribute to getting it meanwhile you and your daughter are leeching of them. So, you really can’t say that. She claims that if anything happens to Na Yeong then her family is responsible because they are only caring about Suji because she is of their bloodline. Is again harsh but I will probably get into that in a bit. The other thing about her was how she starts to wonder if she might have been a bit too harsh towards Na Yeong and because of that she ran away from home.


Again, this shows just how bad at parenting she really is. Na Yeong deserved what she got, and she is still lucky that the family let her stay after those stunts. Also, what do you mean by running off. She is a grown adult who can make her own choices and decisions. If she finally decided to live on her own be a bit more supportive. You know that she isn’t going to do anything bad (commit suicide) because according to you she left but took everything of importance with her. Leaving behind junk. Now if she was planning on anything negative then it would make sense that she would have left everything behind. Granted Na Yeong should have perhaps left a note or something so that her family wouldn’t worry. But I guess this shows that she is more than willing to cut ties with them if it is to achieve her goals.


Now let’s talk about the family meeting that Hyung Sun pulled without informing Suji of. The one good thing regarding it was probably the fact his mother could see how uncomfortable Suji was during certain parts especially when her mother suggested that they allow them to open a small cafe at their hospital. This also showed her that Suji wasn’t marrying into their family for their wealth and knew enough to be embarrassed at the actions of her mother. This means that if it does turn out that Uri is the missing son of that family then she won’t have an issue allowing her to marry him even though she once dated her other son aka his brother unlike in the previous drama.


I also don’t approve of him trying to cut a deal with Suji’s father of providing to them his rolls. It is definitely a ploy on his part. He expects Suji to be so grateful to him for taking care of her family while she was away that she will accept his proposal. Not realizing how it will actually burden her or he may not care since it will at least force her to consider him seriously or look like she is the ungrateful one. The father at least refused initially but we all know that he really isn’t in a position to do so at the moment. So he is going to eventually cave in and accept it.


Doori and Rapper Brother are a nice couple. She may seem like a dictator at times, but she will at least get Rapper Brother to eventually further mature into a better person. He is already starting in the right direction he just needs a bit more guidance. Sadly, the same can’t be said for his mother. Then again that is her role to be the unlikable person. Someone suggested if I got the meaning correct that perhaps Rapper Brother isn’t actually part of Suji’s family and that he has another father, but his mother is pretending that he is of their bloodline. While I will admit that thought briefly did cross my mind, I dropped it and that is why I didn’t bring it up in any of my earlier posts. While I don’t deny that this theory is not impossible, I don’t think that it is true because this is drama is in the daily family drama slot (from my understanding). I doubt that they would therefore pull this stunt. Now had this been in the revenge drama slot then I would say that this theory has far more credence. So as of now I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next but like I said earlier I don’t think that it is true.


I think that this covers most of my points for the time being. It is nice to see more posters showing up over here. Also I am enjoying some of the theories that you are bringing up. Let’s have some more.


Oh and while I know stalking is bad I still wanted to make fun of Hyung Sun and Na Yeong in regards to this


Na Yeong : I think that the two of us should start the Suji Obsession Fan Club

Hyung Sun : You know a lot about Suji let me test you. What does she value the most (hopefully she will say me)

Na Yeong: She values family and helping people. Now my turn. What is her favourite K-Pop group

Hyng Sun: TARA. What does she dislike the most

Na Yeong : Rice Balls and seaweed soup


Well there I go for now. Got to try and watch some other drama for the time being. So take care all of you until perhaps after I catch up with todays episode.

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NY’s crazy-obsessed beyond even what we’ve been thinking if she thinks drunk sex with a man SuJi rejected is in any way going to reflect well on her.

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I hate Suji's family. They're not just useless but actively harmful. Their daughter disappears and that doesn't signal to them that they've done something terrible, and none of them try to look for her. None of them help her, comfort her, apologize to her, and they all just stand by and watch her get hurt again and again. And to top it all off they expect (and demand!) that she support them financially--her alone supporting a family of 5 adults plus herself!!! I'm hoping that what the drama is doing is taking her away from them, out of that horrible environment, and bringing her into a family that functions with love--that she'll get love and warmth and comfort from Uri and his family, and right when she feels truly embraced for the first time she discovers her bio mom who she believes abandoned her is Uri's adoptive mom (I do love angst, lol).


Anyway, here are some of my gifs from a few weeks ago, since this week didn't inspire me much!







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@ladyda I think that I may need to update my browser because I can’t seem to see the GIFs that you have made. Sorry.


Someone mentioned about Na Youngs obsession with Suji/Hyung Sun and taking advantage of him being drunk etc... Let’s be honest over here this really shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point. Someone over here posted that she might do something along those lines and if one comes to think about it, we realize that she really didn’t have a lot of other options.


As we have clearly seen Hyung Sun is totally obsessed over Suji. To the point that it is safe to imagine that he probably lived the celibate life in the States. Unless the show wants to do a major plot twist down the line where someone from over there shows up with his kid. But since he is the second lead it would seem moot. Anyway, as I was saying nothing anyone tries to say to him is even close to swaying him from his goal of marrying Suji. When his father in the recent episode asked him whether he was still planning on marrying Suji after she not only walked out of the family/engagement party and how his mother was behaving (thinking that the family owed them something). To just add to this. His response was that he was indeed planning on marrying her no matter what. Even when the father tried to set him up with a girl from an influential family (earlier) he nipped it in the bud by pointing out to the girl that he already had a girlfriend and was only there because of his fathers’ wishes.


This shows that nothing is going to sway him from his goal of marrying Suji no matter if they are richer or even more beautiful than her. She is his Helen of Troy to the extent that he doesn’t care if she has any faults or not. But like I said since he only has eyes for her, he isn’t going to be bothered or even swayed by someone else. In this case what was Na Young going to do.


Her current tactic was clearly obvious, but it would be too time consuming with a small chance of failure. In case someone is wondering what she was going for it would be as follows. She suddenly shows up in his life and would deliberately bump into him making it seem like coincidence. For instance, when she met him in the morning just before he left for work does anyone really think that was chance and she just happened to be coming from a walk/exercise. The answer is no. She had planned to do just that. Then she offers him some friendly advice where to get some good food. She would continue to do this and make her presence felt. Then when she thinks that she has her claws deep enough she would suddenly decide to cut contact to the point that he would wonder why he hasn’t seen her for such a long time that he would have been the one to reach out to her first. Also, her taking his package was deliberate so that she would have an excuse to see him again.


In this case it was fortunate for her since she found him in a vulnerable state, and she decided to take advantage of this fact. Now let’s bring this up. There are a few things to note about it. The first is him waking up and realizing something was up and then asking her if he didn’t make any mistake to which her response was that he didn’t do anything wrong. Note this is important from a legal point of view. Now while I don’t know Korean Law or even K-Drama Laws which can change as the plot demands. According to standard law being drunk is no excuse especially if you commit a crime. In this case taking advantage of a female that can’t defend herself. She can take him to court, and she would win. Her telling him that he didn’t make any mistake not only absolves him of this but indicates that it was consensual.


The other thing to note is this is a K-Drama where people can get pregnant in the first try unlike real life. So, she plans on using this fact later on to get close to him. If anyone were to question her behaviour or how she could steal her sister’s man (assuming she gets caught). She is going to play the victim card since we can tell that is what she normally does. In this case she can say that she tried to resist but because he was a male, she couldn’t do anything. Making him feel extra guilty and responsible for his actions. She would then try and mollify him by pointing out that it doesn’t matter, and she won’t hold it against him since she has also developed feelings for him. As for the others she will give the same kind of sob story. This makes her the victim and they would not only feel bad for her but think that she must be so nice that she isn’t holding it against him and is ready to not only forgive him but be with him as well.


Of course, if he really wanted to teach her a lesson, he could be a total jerk and tell her that it doesn’t matter whose child she is carrying he still has eyes just for Suji and that he is willing to pay for her abortion or simply hand her over some child support but then his job is done to the child. Granted she can then simply go the blackmail route at this point and threaten to expose his actions to the public which in short would affect his hospital. She knows that her bluff would have more credence at this point.


The other thing to consider about Na Young is that she can also still play the orphan card, so nobody is going to catch on to her actions until much later. She gets double pity points because of this.


Moving on to Hyung Sun’s parents. The father has finally discovered that his wife had prepared divorce papers but that this isn’t a recent development and that she had been holding off on to them for the past 30 years. This number has got to be significant. When he asks her why she doesn’t simply divorce him she tells him that it isn’t the right time and also that is how he can suffer the most. Interesting facts.


Now this indicates that something happened 30 years ago, and she blames him for it. Hence, she wants him to suffer. This could very easily be him losing their child. So instead of him watching over the child he got sidetracked like having an affair which resulted in him slipping away. She therefore blames him for his inattention whatever the reason. It could be that instead of having an affair he was so focused on work or a meeting. Perhaps their child died etc... So do I think that he was having an affair. Probably not. I am basing this on the following facts. A standard K-Drama trope is how everyone is connected to another character. Even a neighbourhood dog could easily turn out to be a dog belonging to someone’s Ex or a future love interest.


Using this as a basis let us look at the women who could be his affair partner. The only ones introduced are Suji’s mother and stepmother. Both seem unlikely at the moment. Let’s start with the stepmother. She was introduced at the family meeting and both the chairman, and his wife were present and there didn’t seem to be any kind of reaction between them. A wife would probably know who her husband was cheating with if she caught him or wanted to file a divorce for said reason. Not only that but he thought that the stepmother was crude to even consider asking that they take care of them by opening a cafe for them at their hospital. So, she is most likely out. If she was the one, then they would have at least some meeting to discuss the fact that they were there or something along those lines. Since we didn’t have this, she is probably out.


As for Suji’s mother. So far as we can tell she hasn’t bumped into Hyung Sun’s mother, so it is possible. But I have my doubts regarding this as well. She was already married and not only that she was mad at discovering her husband’s betrayal. Someone that had cheated on their partner wouldn’t have said response. Not only that but she has at least met the chairman numerous times since he comes to her restaurant. Her reactions towards him is always that of a host taking care of their customer and she is grateful to him because she considers him her life saviour when he saved her life after her accident at his hospital. So, unless the accident resulted in partial amnesia it is unlikely that she had an affair with him as well. Yes, it does seem like he is interested in her, but it seems to be one sided as she can’t pick up on the signs.


Of course, even him saving her could be for his own gain. We have seen that he lives for the hospital and wants to expand it. If it turns out that the hospital was responsible for her accident. Perhaps they provided faulty equipment to the workers which resulted in her accident. He would want to have it covered up because that would be bad publicity for them. On the other hand, if he saves her life and people don’t know his actual reasoning, they will think that he is not only a great person for doing so but it will also turn out to be good publicity for the hospital as well. It is possible that his wife might not see it this way nor the fact that he goes to her restaurant but at this point she really doesn’t seem to care.


Suji’s family is deciding to sell their rolls to Hyung Sun by accepting his proposal. While I do understand that they have their issues they shouldn’t mix business with personal issues. Rapper Brother does have a point that their product is good and that they should be confident wherever they sell it. Currently they have more overhead expenses but if they have a contract then they can produce to something more in their budget and all and still make a profit. Right now, it seems that they are more likely selling at the street price, but the rolls are more expensive to produce regarding the ingredients and all. Hard to see how else they can come up with. Raise the price to match the overhead costs but people at the street might not be able to afford it thus they would still be in loss. This way covers them up. But like the grandmother pointed out this is fine if Hyung Sun and Suji work out. But if they decide to go their separate ways then he has no reason or obligation to help her family out. Especially if he can find a better deal elsewhere or he doesn’t have the funds to pay them.


Funds are equally important, and we do have to ask as to where he is getting them from. Is he paying them from his own pocket or is he using the hospital/foundations funds. If it is the later then does he have a right to use them. Otherwise, he is committing a crime. Since the hospital can’t exactly fire him or take him to court the next best thing for them would be to cancel the deal with Suji’s family. This will hit them hard especially if this is simply a verbal contract between Hyung Sun and Suji’s dad.


Rapper Brother should point out instead that if he is confident in their product then they should try partnering up with someone else that isn’t related to Suji or Hyung Sun solving their problems. You can be sure that if Na Young discovers the fact that her family is providing to the foundation she will try and sabotage them so that their contract is not only cancelled but also because they won’t get to meet up and recognize and spoil her plans to be with Hyung Sun.


This also brings me up to the point why she wants to be with him. Again, this becomes a matter of ego for her. Being compared with Suji in everything is bad for her self esteem. To the point that she thinks that Suji is better than her while she had hit rock bottom. Ie she is out of a job at the moment, she has no chance at a love life since the people that she does like have rejected her or she can tell that they would rather trust or like Suji. Again, this is her being compared to Suji. Then on top of all this Suji gets to be with someone rich this means that she hardly has to do any work, yet she will always be taken care of, but this means that while Suji is living the good and comfortable life Na Young is still going to be living the same terrible poor life that she always has.


Now on the other hand if she marries him, she can tell others look I am good enough as Suji. People can like and appreciate me just as much. Also, as a reward she will finally get an upgrade and have everything that she wants. Including her own room and fancy stuff. Something which she only sees Suji as currently having. While she may admit that Suji may have earned everything that she has with hard work the problem here is that she is trying her best, but it never seems to be enough. She can’t seem to catch up with Suji. That is probably one of her issues. Instead of setting her own goals or going with what she has she has focused her one-sided rivalry with Suji. While that may work for some people it isn’t working over here. There are other things as well, but we don’t need to get into that for the moment.


Moving on to other points on the agenda. The teacher is back to win over the uncle and lay down boundaries. Which is totally understandable, but I really wish that she wasn’t introduced. It was Suji’s mother that did decide to let her be with the uncle but if the teacher feels like her involvement with him is affecting the relationship she needs to evaluate whether or not she is okay with it. Now I could have perhaps given her a pass if she didn’t know that the uncle had feelings for Suji’s mother then I might have been more sympathetic to her issue. As it would have been unfair. But in this case, she was fully aware that the uncle had one sided feelings towards Suji’s mother. So, she should have taken this into account before trying to be with him. If she didn’t have an issue with this and was sure that she could win him over go for it. But otherwise be prepared for heartbreak and admit that they were wrong.


The other two things are in regards to Suji’s mother. It seems like she has finally decided to actively search for Suji this time round and this means trying to cancel her adoption by her own family. Again, this seems like a really weird law to me. Anyone know if this is an actual law or simply a K-Drama law. Either way once she goes ahead with it the uncle claims that they will know where Suji and her family live because the court will send them a notice. Again, I am confused about this statement. While I do get that the court will send Suji’s family a notice it would most likely be a summons to court or something along those lines. It would be unlikely that they would give said address to Suji’s mother. While she does have a right and is the one initiating the case against them it isn’t right to give their address to them. What if a person gets the address and decides that the court is taking to long to decide the case in their favour. So, they go to said address and threaten the people there or try and strike a deal (however). The court needs to protect both parties until the case is decided. What is the saying Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Suji did overhear a bit of this conversation which is going to come useful later on when she discovers that she is her mother. Because now she will be made aware that the mother was actually trying to locate her but couldn’t do so for some reasons. Naturally since she heard part of the conversation it isn’t going to strike her immediately but after some time.


The other thing is that the mother did notice the stitching (sweater) that she made for Suji as a kid but since she only saw a part of it sticking out from her suitcase, she hasn’t realized that it was the same one. She thinks that Suji was still busy unpacking. This probably indicates to me that she will be the first one to discover the fact that Suji is her daughter. Once she is informed that Suji is her daughter she will be in disbelief for a few minutes. Then she will suddenly remember the sweater sticking out from the suitcase. She will then rush home and find it. She will instantly recognize it since she has also stitched her daughters name on it. I am going to assume that Suji will enter the room at that moment and ask what she is doing with her sweater before the episode will end. The cliffhanger therefore being whether or not the mother will admit to her that she is the mother. But if we go by the K-Drama show formula she will not reveal the fact that she is her mother. Probably another reason why Suji will be angry at the mother once she discovers that she knew for quite sometime who she was and didn’t bother to reveal said fact to her.


Anyway, I will end the post over here. I didn’t get a proper goodnight sleep. So, I am thinking off catching up on some of my sleep for the time being unless I get sidetracked somehow. So, till next time and please do keep posting.

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On 4/13/2024 at 12:06 PM, kboramint said:


IMO, Suji can be a Western name. It could be a different spelling for Suzy. K-POP idol (Miss A member) Suzy spells her name in Korean as "수지". The drama title uses "수지". I kinda want to believe that the FL's Western name is Suzy/Suji. English translators are just spelling Suzy as Suji.     


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As an introvert, I want to scream because of Uri's family and their nagging!! Omg!! can they just go away and leave Suji alone!! And what's with the threat for Suji to follow the "rules" or vacate the room?? good lord!!:rage:


I hope Suji's real mum marries the hospital director Han (Suji's ex boss). Lol. That nagging Uncle woo Chang should find another person to love, and not rewarded for his infatuation over Suji's real mum.  Hospital director Han should be rewarded with real happiness with Suji's mum after that farce of a marriage he's in right now.



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4 hours ago, africandramalover said:

And what's with the threat for Suji to follow the "rules" or vacate the room?? good lord!!

regarding the rules she said that she can do all of that except the "joining the family meeting" thing (I think it is some kind of Asian culture custom to accomodate and get close to their tenant etc.)


I think the part of her joining the family gathering is kinda make them learn more about her family background and to make her feel part of the family. 


I think that's SY way to break SJ barrier. 


(the writer did all of that to make the SY and SJ reunion more dramatic) 😅

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How does NY afford to rent a mid-class apartment while SJ is renting a room at someone's house/restaurant? I missed the episode where both sisters moved out.  


NY is going to fall in love with the SML and vice versa. Ending the love triangle that was with her, SJ, and UR. SJ and UR will start falling in love, and the drama will introduce the little girl's mother (who will be UR's old girlfriend) 

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