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[drama 2003] Sang Doo, Let's Go To School! 상두야, 학교&#44032


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Guest superjenny

This drama is one of my favorites.

I remember staying up till 10 to watch in on tv -_______-;;

but yeah. i recommend it to really anyone :]

i found it kind of sad though cus i always thought it was kind of a comedy drama until the last episode.

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Guest lucky_moon

For those who want to watch the drama.. It'll air today on KBS World..

15:25 Tue, 15:15 Wed & Thu.. The repeat for the Eps will be on Sat at 20:25 because before the first Ep they'll show the Final Ep for Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang & on Sun double Ep2 back up at 18: 40 ..

The drama will be under the name (My Beloved) ,All the time GMT.. :)

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just finished watching it.....yes i know 5 years later.... honestly i wasnt expecting anything from this drama and it was really by sheer boredom I started to watch it.... but after the 1st 2 eps I was hooked.... Im not going to say this is for everyone.... but I think everyone can agree that Rain did a good job for his debut role... again im not a huge fan of dramatic/sad/soppy dramas but this one was done well and even though the some of the script was predictable and outrageous you simply didnt care. I know some people didnt enjoy the ending but i thought it was done well since it made you think. anyways this one will have to go down as one of my fav kdramas so far

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Guest msbonbon

I just finished watching it and oh gawd..i was bawling on the last ep.. T_T i cried so hard my eyes hurt now :'( i think that this drama was awesome and it was so worth it watching it til the end..rain was so cute being a father and he really made me believe it..plus bori is so cute..during the end where she was writing to rain i was bawling at that part..<3

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Guest bbly

When I started to get interested in Rain, I hesitated which drama to watch. I was hesitating between ALTK and Full House because Sang-doo seemed to my like a teenage comedy because of the title and I was convinced that I will never watch this one. Then I read somewhere that one shouldn't get mislead by the title and that it's actually very sad. I gave it a chance and watched the 1st episode. I liked it so much that I watched the 2nd episode just right after. And I fell in love with this drama so much that I finished it within 5 days. I can't remember crying so much in my life while watching a movie/drama!

Afterwards I watched ALTK and Full House, but for me Sang-doo will be always my N° 1. But funnily I watched it only once, because I am just too emotional and even start to cry when listening to the OST and thinking of the heart-breaking scenes. I have watched both ALTK (although sad as well) and Full House at least 3 times, but Sang-doo I just can't.

Rain was amazing, really extraordinary. And until today I think that this is his best performance in a drama. When you watch it, you don't see Rain, but Sang-doo who comes alive through Rain.

I really hope that Rain will do another drama soon!

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hehe, my all-time favorite drama!!

and no, it's not because Rain was in it. XD

I love how everything flows in this story.

It's very sad and very heart-warming. :D

I probably re-watched the whole movie like 6 times. Lol.

can't watch it anymore T___T

because somehow can't find my DVD anymore. :D

I still have disc 5 though. Lol.

I just re-watch that once in a while. Lol.

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I finished watching this drama atlast.  Whenever i start this drama, i get interrupted due to some RL activiites.  But this time i really wanted to finish this off and did so in 2 days.  Although GHJ's character is the same as one in  BISCUIT TEACHER STAR CANDY with GY. i like this one so very much.  I cried a lot coz of Rain's acting.  Out of all the Rain's dramas, i like  this the most.  He was so cute and adorable in this drama. And not to miss GHJ, she is my alltime favourite actress.  Previously i used to like Rain's FH, but this drama beat it.  Even though its been 10 years it aired, it is one of the evergreen dramas and i am going to add it as one of my evergreen dramas list.  I hope rain take some good project in the coming year and would like to see him on screen as CHA SANG DOO character. Rain fighting!!!!!!!

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