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[Upcoming Drama 2024] Gangnam B-Side, 강남 비-사이드-Jo Woo Jin, Ji Chang Woo & Ha Yun Kyung- Premiers in second half 2024


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Drama:Gangnam B-Side/former titme Bulk

Hangul:강남 비-사이드




Director: Park Noo Ri


Release Date:second half 2024


Production Company:


Official site:


“Gangnam B-Side” is a crime series in which an elite detective who has been demoted, a prosecutor, and a mysterious broker team up to pursue dark forces against the backdrop of Gangnam at night.




Jo Woo Jin as Kang Dong Woo

Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gil Ho

Ha Yun Kyung as Min Seo Jin




Character descriptions



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Ji Chang Wook Joins Ha Yun Kyung And Jo Woo Jin In Talks For New Crime Drama

Nov 14, 2023
by S. Kim

Ji Chang Wook may star in a new crime drama!

On November 14, OSEN reported that Ji Chang Wook is positively reviewing the offer to star in the new drama “Bulk” (literal title).

In response to the report, Ji Chang Wook’s agency Spring Company shared, “The actor received an offer [to star in the drama ‘Bulk’] and is positively reviewing the offer.”

“Bulk” is a crime series in which a police officer, a fixer who is a part of the field’s mainstream, and a prosecutor team up to pursue dark forces against the backdrop of Gangnam at night. The drama is helmed by director Park Noo Ri of “Money,” and actors Jo Woo Jin and Ha Yun Kyung are in talks to star as a prosecutor and a veteran detective, respectively. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo was previously in talks to play the fixer, but it was revealed in March that he eventually turned down the offer.

“Bulk” is scheduled to kick off production by the end of this month and film for the next six months.



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by lo_ve, November 15, 2023
72 69


Ji Chang Wook will reportedly lead his fourth upcoming K-drama!

On November 14, media outlets reported that Ji Chang Wook will be leading another upcoming K-drama. Reports stated that Ji Chang Wook will be working with Ha Yoon Kyung and Jo Woo Jin for the new K-drama Bulk

Ji Chang Wook's agency Spring Company shared their side of the same day through the media outlet MK Sports. According to them, "Ji Chang Wook did receive the offer to lead Bulk. He is positively reviewing the new series."

Bulk will revolve around a police officer, a fixer, and a prosecutor who will team up to pursue the dark forces against the backdrop of Gangnam at night.

The upcoming K-drama will be directed by Park Noo Ri and it will be produced by Men's Pictures, the same producers of the movie Hunt

Ji Chang Wook received the offer to play the role of the fixer. Meanwhile, Jo Woo Jin will reportedly star as the prosecutor and Ha Yoon Kyung will play the role of the police officer. 

Bulk will begin its production starting at the end of this month. There is no confirmation yet on the release date of the upcoming K-drama. 



Aside from Bulk, it was recently reported that Ji Chang Wook will also lead the upcoming K-drama Sculpture City with EXO's Doh Kyung Soo

Ji Chang Wook will also greet viewers soon with the upcoming JTBC K-drama Welcome to Samdalri with Shin Hye Sun. The series will premiere next month. 

The actor is also expected to return to the historical genre with the 2024 K-drama Queen Woo with Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Mu Yeol, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Park Ji Hwan.



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20240229025425_gangnam-b-side.jpg?s=900xJo Woo Jin, Ji Chang Wook, And Ha Yun Kyung’s Upcoming Crime Series “Gangnam B-Side” Confirms Details

Feb 29, 2024
by S. Nam

Disney+’s “Gangnam B-Side” (previously known as “Bulk”) has shared more details on the upcoming drama starring Ji Chang Wook, Ha Yun Kyung, and Jo Woo Jin!

“Gangnam B-Side” is a crime series in which an elite detective who has been demoted, a prosecutor, and a mysterious broker team up to pursue dark forces against the backdrop of Gangnam at night. The drama will be helmed by director Park Noo Ri of “Money,” and notably, this marks the reunion of Ji Chang Wook and Jo Woo Jin since they starred in the thriller “Hard Hit” together.

Jo Woo Jin will be playing the elite detective Kang Dong Woo who becomes demoted overnight. Due to his personality of pushing for something he becomes fixated on, he falls deeply into an unexpected incident, raising anticipation for Jo Woo Jin’s acting transformation.

Ji Chang Wook will be taking on the role of the mysterious broker Yoon Gil Ho who has control over the Gangnam area. In order to survive, Yoon Gil Ho is a character who has lived at the bottom of the darkest side of the extravagant city. To perfectly portray his character, Ji Chang Wook will make a drastic transformation.

Ha Yun Kyung, who previously impressed in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and “Hospital Playlist,” will transform into junior prosecutor Min Seo Jin who has moved forward with only promotion in mind at the public prosecutors’ office without a single connection as someone who graduated from a national university in the countryside.

“Gangnam B-Side” is slated to premiere in the second half of 2024.



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by lo_ve, February 29, 2024


Ji Chang Wook, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Jo Woo Jin are officially the main leads of the upcoming Disney+ K-drama Gangnam B-Side.

It was officially confirmed on February 29 that Ji Chang Wook, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Jo Woo Jin will be working together to lead the K-drama about the happenings in the Gangnam area at night. 

Gangnam B-Side will tell the story of a detective who returns to service after his daughter's friend becomes the woman who goes missing in the Gangnam area. The detective will team up with the prosecutor and a broker to take down a cartel in Gangnam.

The upcoming K-drama will be the collaboration work of director Park Noo Ri (Money) and writer Jo Won Gyu (Argon)

According to reports, Gangnam B-Side will premiere in the second half of 2024. It will have a total of 8 episodes. 



Ji Chang Wook will portray the role of Yoon Gil Ho. He is the mysterious broker who is dominating the Gangnam area. He works in the darkest place behind the colorful city to survive. This will be one of the upcoming K-dramas of Ji Chang Wook. The top actor is also expected to lead the new series Queen Woo and Sculpture City

Ha Yoo Kyung will portray the role of Min Seo Jin. She is a public prosecutor who came from a provincial university. She got in at the prosecutor's office even without connections. The actress recently made a special appearance in the Disney+ K-drama Flex X Cop. She will also star in the upcoming series The Frog

Lastly, Jo Woo Jin will portray the role of Kang Dong Woo. He is a detective who got demoted overnight because of an incident. He is known for his personality and is persistent with everything that he does. Aside from Gangnam B-Side, Jo Woo Jin will also star in The Good Man with Lee Dong Wook, Lee Sung Kyung, Ryu Hye Young, Oh Na Ra, and Yoo Jae Myung.



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Ji-Chang-Wook’s Next Disney Plus K-Drama Gangnam B-Side Reveals Release Date Window & Cast

By Varsha Narayanan


On Thursday, February 29, 2024, Disney Plus announced its upcoming K-drama Gangnam B-Side. It features popular stars Ji Chang-Wook, Jo Woo-Jin and Ha Yoon-Kyung. The drama is scheduled to release in the second half of 2024, raising anticipation among fans. It follows the story of three individuals – a demoted elite detective, a mysterious broker and a prosecutor. The three will collaborate to bring down a drug cartel in Gangnam.

Park Noo-Ri, known for directing the popular 2019 Korean movie Money, helms the series. Given the stellar cast and the interesting storyline, it promises to leave viewers on the edge of their seats. The crime drama has no release date as of yet, but it has already managed to capture fans’ attention.


Gangnam B-Side Cast: Ji Chang-Wook, Ha Yoon-Kyung & Jo Woo-Jin confirmed

Gangnam B-Side is an upcoming Disney Plus crime drama, led by Ji Chang-Wook, Ha Yoon-Kyung and Jo Woo-Jin. They portray three individuals, each with their own personal journeys, coming together to disclose a prominent drug cartel in Gangnam. The eagerly awaited collaboration between the three stars includes intense drama as they investigate the organization. A local news report revealed more about the characters.

Jo Woo-Jin plays Kang Dong-Woo, a detective who got demoted overnight. Even though he was an elite graduate of the police academy, unfortunate circumstances led him to a demotion. However, his personality is to go all out if he sets his mind to an issue. Meanwhile, he finds himself drawn to an unexpected series of events and meets other characters. Jo Woo-Jin is popular for his role in many successful dramas like Narco-Saints, Happiness, and Mr. Sunshine.

Ji Chang-Wook returns to Disney Plus once again with another crime K-drama after his role in the popular series The Worst of Evil. The actor plays mysterious broker Yoon Gil-Ho, who controls the Gangnam area. He lives a lowkey life away from the spotlight. The actor was last seen in the JTBC romance drama Welcome to Samdalri. He reunites with Jo Woo-Jin three years after they worked together on the 2021 thriller Hard Hit.


Meanwhile, Ha Yoon-Kyung plays Min Seo-Jin, a prosecutor who reached the top ranks after graduating from a local university. She received a promotion to work at the prosecutor’s office without any connections. She comes across Yoon Gil-Ho and Kang Dong-Woo as the trio collaborate to investigate and close the drug cartel in Gangnam. Ha Yoon-Kyung is popular for her appearances in dramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo and See You in My 19th Life.

Stay tuned for more updates about Disney Plus K-drama Gangnam B-Side.




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