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[Drama 2024] Midnight Photo Studio, 야한사진관


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The Midnight Studio: Episodes 14-15

by mistyisles


Time is running out, and our leads are learning new meanings of the saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” See, the problem with evil spirits and other supernatural forces is that they’re very hard to kill, so sometimes what seems like a victory… isn’t. But there’s another cliché that’s applicable here, and it’s both a blessing and a curse: It ain’t over ’til it’s over.



Before confirming whether Ki-joo has survived to see his 35th birthday, The Midnight Studio wrings more tears out of us by finally serving up the reunion we’ve all been waiting for. After vanishing from Bom’s arms, Ki-joo materializes at Ki-won’s old studio, where both the camera and Ki-won himself are waiting. It’s a painfully brief reunion, though: all they have time to do is exchange apologies and wishes for better luck in the next life, and then Ki-joo takes Ki-won’s final photo.

Ki-joo returns to his body in the hospital, and the story’s various threads start to tie up like we’ve already entered an epilogue. Detective Lee survives the fall from the hospital roof, but this time he’s gone too far for even his father to bail him out from legal consequences. He’s sentenced to prison, where he gets tormented by other spirits and cellmates alike, and Prosecutor Lee (currently Minister of Justice) focuses on saving his own skin — or trying to, anyway. Between Detective Lee’s confessions and Ki-joo releasing the recording of Minister Lee admitting he covered up his son’s crimes, the public quickly realizes Bom was right about him all along.


Bom and the ghosts throw Ki-joo his first-ever birthday party. His scar is actively fading, Midnight Studio guests stop coming, and even the Safe Zone no longer activates — not that there’s any need for it now, with no sign of The Evil Spirit lingering after being expelled from Detective Lee’s body. The curse, it seems, has been lifted, which means the Midnight Studio will soon close forever. While Bom and Ki-joo make up for the time they spent being unable to touch (let alone kiss!), Nam-gu prepares to depart for the afterlife. He’s been edging dangerously close to becoming an evil spirit, and he wants to leave as quickly and quietly as possible while he still can.

To that end, he asks Ki-joo for a private photo session — no alerting Na-rae or anyone else, not even Sung-ho or Bom. He does, however, ask Ki-joo to help him 1) relay a parting message to the florist not to make the same mistake he did and 2) deliver signed divorce papers and tell Na-rae he signed them before he died. He wants to free her from any lingering guilt so she can move on and live happily.


Ki-joo reluctantly agrees. But when he goes to take Nam-gu’s final photo, all the camera produces is a tiny, unsatisfying click instead of the loud sound and flash we’re used to. And then The Evil Spirit barges straight through the door. A tremendous struggle ensues, and Nam-gu loses. He turns into an evil spirit himself and melds with The Spirit into a single, malicious entity. What’s left of Nam-gu stops The Spirit from killing Ki-joo just long enough to beg Ki-joo to kill him. Since he originally died via a stabbing, stabbing him again will destroy him — permanently — and The Spirit along with him.

Ki-joo has no choice but to comply. The Spirit is finally, definitively destroyed; Nam-gu’s soul vanishes from existence; and the Midnight Studio throws Ki-joo out and disappears: doors, camera, Ki-joo’s scar, and all. He can still see ghosts, but they no longer pay him any mind. After mourning Nam-gu and fulfilling his final requests, Ki-joo sets up a normal photography studio to support his new, normal life.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/05/the-midnight-studio-episodes-14-15/

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20240505120627_the-midnight-studio-1-1-1 Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, And Lee Bom Sori Combine Forces To Undo The Curse In "The Midnight Studio"

May 05, 2024
by S Nam

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” has given viewers a sneak peek of the finale!

“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.


Joo Won previously learned the shocking truth that the person who will receive his curse is none other than Han Bom (Kwon Nara), whom he loves. After receiving the curse, Han Bom’s everyday life began to fall apart, leaving her unable to focus on her job. Seo Ki Joo also understood Han Bom’s pain and wanted to save her from the curse. Thus, Seo Ki Joo resolved to take on the impossible task of returning the camera back to the underworld where it came from.

The newly released stills depict Seo Ki Joo’s struggle to break the curse by journeying to the underworld. Viewers are curious to find out if Seo Ki Joo will be able to safely return the camera to protect Han Bom and become the sole survivor to return alive from the underworld.




Meanwhile, the evil spirits use the time in which the magical camera is no longer at the photo studio to attack. Bom, Assistant Manager Ko (Yoo In Soo), and Ji Won (Lee Bom Sori) join forces to stop the ghosts from passing through the door connecting to the afterlife, previewing a long and tense night for all involved and raising anticipation for the final episode.



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Here is the ratings for Episode 16 *Last episode*! :).



"Lovely Runner" Hits New Personal Best In Ratings

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” came to a steady close, achieving an average nationwide rating of 2.0 percent for its finale, which is the same score as its previous episode.



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The Midnight Studio: Episode 16 (Final)

by mistyisles


If there’s one message a show about helping ghosts move onto the afterlife is especially poised to deliver, it’s that endings and goodbyes will come, but “tomorrow” likely won’t. Still, The Midnight Studio has thus far taken a more optimistic approach in its delivery, and this final episode is no different. It may be time to say goodbye, but every ending is really just a new beginning.



The episode begins with a quick flash-forward to one year after Ki-joo attempts to retrace Ki-won’s footsteps and return the Midnight Studio camera to the netherworld once and for all. In this near-future, Bom is thriving as an attorney, and only living customers enter the joint law office/photo studio hoping to get their photo taken. But Bom sadly turns them away: there’s no photographer here, because Ki-joo never came back.

So what happened to him? To answer that, we jump back to ten days before the predicted black moon that will open the gate to the netherworld. When Ki-joo tells Bom his plan, she straight-up rejects it. Surely there must be another way to save her from the dead-at-35 curse! Ki-joo doesn’t disagree, per se, but they’re out of time for trying other options: the next black moon won’t occur until after her 35th birthday, so it’s now or never. Bom’s not happy about it, but Ki-joo is prepared to do this even without her blessing — and even if she threatens never to see or speak to him again — so she relents. If he insists on going, she’ll be here waiting on his return.


Thankfully, Ji-won’s collapse wasn’t cancer-related; after a short hospital visit, she’s back on her feet and rushing back into work. But Sung-ho is done watching her boss, CHIEF KIM (Han Sang-jin), take advantage of her. He possesses each of Chief Kim’s family members in turn, using their mouths to voice his own grievances.

Sung-ho carries the possession train on into the office, where Chief Kim starts attacking random employees, thinking they’ll be the next to channel his ghostly accuser. Finally, Sung-ho possesses Chief Kim himself and has him shout apologies to the entire workplace. Ji-won recognizes Sung-ho’s handiwork immediately, and the two relocate to a private staircase (sans Chief Kim), where Ji-won assures Sung-ho she’ll take better care of her health and work-life balance from now on. They exchange I love yous, and though it’s edited to look like Ji-won can hear him, I can’t help thinking it must actually feel as one-sided as the high-five Sung-ho failed to complete just a few minutes ago.


On the day of the black moon, Ki-joo takes the camera and sets out, promising to return by sunrise. Since the camera’s absence leaves Bom extra vulnerable to nefarious spirits, Sung-ho and Ji-won help her secure the Midnight Studio and prepare to defend it — and Bom — from any attack. Despite their best efforts, however, a horde of ghosts breach the doors that night, forcing Bom, Sung-ho, and Ji-won to flee. They’re only after Bom, though, so she sends the other two off in a taxi and draws the ghosts away down an alley, where she’s quickly overpowered, hoping against hope that Ki-joo can successfully return the camera before the ghosts finish her off.

Meanwhile, Ki-joo is beset by his own pack of murderous ghosts trying — and nearly succeeding — to wrest the camera away from him. The path to the netherworld forces him to jump off a cliff, scramble over boulders, traverse a long stairway, and repeatedly tumble down a steep hillside, but eventually he finds his way into the cave where the Midnight Studio camera belongs. The grim reaper who guards the cave seems both impressed that he made it this far and angry that he dared to try, and relishes the horror that breaks over Ki-joo’s face as he realizes what he should have guessed long before now: there’s no way out. Not without the camera, anyway. In other words, he can either save himself or Bom.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/05/the-midnight-studio-episode-16-final/

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