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[Drama 2024] Midnight Photo Studio, 야한사진관


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Here is the ratings for Episode 8! :).



"Lovely Runner" Premieres To Promising Start


ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” achieved an average nationwide rating of 2.2 percent, seeing a 0.4 percent increase from its previous episode’s rating of 1.8 percent.



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Here is the ratings for Episode 9! :).



"Nothing Uncovered" Ratings Rise To All-Time High + "The Midnight Studio" Wraps Up 1st Half On Boost

Both KBS 2TV’s “Nothing Uncovered” and ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” enjoyed increases in viewership last night!


Meanwhile, “The Midnight Studio” also climbed to an average nationwide rating of 2.1 percent as it wrapped up the first half of its own run.





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The Midnight Studio: Episodes 8-9

by mistyisles


It doesn’t always take ghostly encounters to realize that people aren’t always as they seem, but dealing with ghosts (not to mention being a ghost!) certainly makes it easier to discover other people’s well-kept secrets. Long-awaited answers about the past emerge this week, bringing joy to some and heartbreak to others. But one especially terrible secret is catching up to our photographer very quickly, leaving death and destruction in its wake.



Having successfully lured Ki-joo to the bridge by possessing Bom and threatening to throw her off, ghost-turned-evil-spirit Hoon proudly admits that he enjoyed being people’s one and only lifeline. Also, he didn’t just stalk his victim, Hyun-joo — he manipulated her boyfriend into thinking she was cheating so he’d break up with her.

Ki-joo inches closer until he’s able to knock Bom off-balance and pull her into his arms, activating the Safe Zone and expelling Hoon from her body. While Nam-gu fights Hoon off and tosses him back into the river, Ki-joo comforts Bom. She doesn’t remember anything that happened while she was possessed, and is immensely relieved to hear she didn’t hurt anyone.

Ki-joo’s only physical injury from the ordeal is a deep scratch on his elbow, but he’s far more concerned about Bom’s safety than anything else. Theoretically, throwing Hoon back into the river (the same thing that killed him originally) should destroy him, and the team helps Hyun-joo clear her name and return to a happier life. But Ki-joo isn’t taking any more chances. He accompanies Bom to work and holds her hand as they walk down the street to keep other ghosts away.


Then, since Ji-won is working late, he offers to stand guard outside her door all night. That quickly gets amended to him sitting beside her bed (because Safe Zone) until Bom realizes he’s feverish again — this time because Hoon never passed on through the Gate of the Dead like he was supposed to. So Bom lets Ki-joo rest his head on her shoulder, watching over him instead of the other way around. Unbeknownst to them, Hoon does ultimately emerge from the river, only to be absorbed by the evil spirit that has been working its way ever closer to Ki-joo and the Midnight Studio (and killing all the neighborhood cats in its path).

Traditionally, the Midnight Studio photographer takes his funeral photo 50 days prior to his 35th birthday. When the day arrives, Ki-joo asks Bom to take his photo, though he doesn’t tell her why. At his awkward attempts to pose, Bom joins him on the couch for practice. He stares in open admiration while she chatters obliviously, and then he confesses his feelings and leans in for a kiss. (Many more kisses later, they do eventually get the photo taken.)


Around the time Hoon’s case gets wrapped up, Nam-gu’s killer — the criminal who got away — is spotted again. Nam-gu joins the chase and helps his old partner catch and cuff the guy. Then he goes home to see his wife as the news breaks that his killer has finally been brought to justice. To his utter shock, he discovers that she had been planning to divorce him, seemingly because of an (at least emotional) affair with the local florist.

Enraged, Nam-gu makes a mess of the flower shop. He’s seconds away from killing the florist when Ki-joo arrives and calms him down. Ki-joo acknowledges the legitimacy of Nam-gu’s anger but warns that acting on it will turn him into an evil spirit, and advises Nam-gu to think carefully about what he really wants.


Also around this same time, Ji-won reveals (without knowing it’s a reveal) that she was in fact Sung-ho’s online girlfriend. She thinks he ghosted her on the night he, well, became a ghost, and the only way he can think to begin making it up to her is to follow her around like a good-luck fairy: holding the bus when she’s running late, delivering helpful files and insider tips to make her job easier, that sort of thing.


Now that Bom and Ki-joo are officially (if secretly) dating, he surprises her with a spontaneous camping trip. They leave Sung-ho in charge of the Midnight Studio and drive to the ocean… or, at least, that’s the plan. But this is Ki-joo’s first time behind the wheel, so a two-hour trip turns into five hours, and that’s just how long it took the car to run out of gas. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, they decide to make the best of it and pitch their tent under the stars.

Based on their conversation that night, Ki-joo finally puts the pieces of his life together: Bom was that 12-year-old ghost who disappeared! Following the accident that killed her parents, she was in a coma for two months — during which time her soul hung out at the Midnight Studio. The Safe Zone is the result of a protective salt circle he drew around the two of them. Now, Ki-joo holds Bom tightly and thanks her for saving him many times over. They agree that they must have been fated to meet each other at just the right time.


While Ki-joo and Bom are bickering over the right way to cook ramyun and sharing kisses in the rain, however, Sung-ho is left to deal with a direct attack from the cat-murdering evil spirit. It ransacks the outer studio, but fortunately it can’t breach the doors into the actual Midnight Studio, so Sung-ho is shaken but unhurt.

more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/04/the-midnight-studio-episodes-8-9/

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Joo Won Gets Attacked By A Great Evil Spirit While Kwon Nara Is Not Around In "The Midnight Studio"

Apr 15, 2024
by S Kim

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” has unveiled new stills ahead of tonight’s episode!

“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.


The newly released stills preview Seo Ki Joo caught in imminent danger. He is being attacked by a vicious criminal, who is covered in blood and holding a wrench.


The still image below reveals that what is inside the body of the vicious criminal is the great evil spirit (played by Lee Hyun Geol) that raided the photo studio the previous night.



In a situation where there is no Han Bom, who acts as a safe zone for Ki Joo, viewers are left curious to find out whether Ki Joo will be able to survive the night safely.

The next episode of “The Midnight Studio” will air on April 15 at 10 p.m. KST.



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Here is the ratings for Episode 10! :).



"Lovely Runner" Achieves Its Highest Ratings Yet

Episode 10 of ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” earned an average nationwide rating of 2.1 percent, maintaining the same score as its previous episode’s rating.



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Here is the ratings for Episode 11! :).



"Nothing Uncovered" And "Lovely Runner" Are Neck-And-Neck In Fierce Ratings Battle


ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” earned an average nationwide rating of 2.1 percent, also maintaining the same score as its previous episode’s rating.



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"The Midnight Studio" Star Joo Won To Hold Exclusive Live Interview With Viki

Apr 18, 2024
by S Kim

Enjoying “The Midnight Studio” so far? Viki has got you covered with an exciting live interview!

On April 18 at 7 p.m. PDT (April 19 at 11 a.m. KST), Rakuten Viki will be holding an Instagram Live broadcast with “The Midnight Studio” star Joo Won who plays Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio in the drama. The actor will not only answer questions from viewers all around the globe, but he will also play exciting games!


Previously, many stars including Moon Sang Min and Kim Do Wan from “Wedding Impossible,” Bae In Hyuk and Lee Se Young from “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,” Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun from “My Happy Ending,” and more joined Viki for exclusive live interviews.

Don’t miss out, and join the exclusive live interview with Joo Won on Viki’s Instagram here!



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The Midnight Studio: Episodes 10-11

by mistyisles


With his grim fate looming ever nearer, our photographer has to make a choice: accept what seems inevitable, or fight for the chance to live against all odds. And if that weren’t difficult enough to wrestle with, he and his loved ones also have to face painful truths about their pasts — many of which are far more intertwined than anyone might have guessed.



Now that Yoon-chul has found his way to The Midnight Studio, we get his full backstory — at least, what he knows of it. Desperate to help fund his sister’s upcoming wedding, he’d reluctantly agreed to act as lookout while two accomplices robbed a vacation home. When they didn’t reemerge, he ventured inside and found them dead on the floor. Despite having been at the crime scene for less than five minutes (not nearly enough time for him to have murdered both men), Yoon-chul was arrested and indicted in record time.

This was the case that rookie prosecutor Bom was pressured to close quickly and without question. That didn’t sit right with her, though, so she posted the whole story online in hopes that her fellow prosecutors would not unjustly punish someone who had yet to be proven guilty. As we’ve already seen, her higher-up, Prosecutor Lee, demanded she apologize and retract her post, and she walked out instead.


Given everything he’s been through, Yoon-chul carries a ton of pent-up resentment. Multiple times, the team has to work together to talk him down from killing someone and bring him back to his right mind — all while battling their own inner demons. For Bom, that means facing Prosecutor Lee again and reopening some of her past trauma (plus, she’s still angry and hurt that Ki-joo didn’t tell her about the curse).

For Ki-joo, it means confronting the truth that his uncle Ki-won is dead, since it was Ki-won who led Yoon-chul to the Midnight Studio from the netherworld. Ki-joo insists he’s fine and that he expected this, but when he’s alone, he breaks down. If Ki-won couldn’t escape the curse, what chance does he have?


See, for most of his life, Ki-joo has been resigned to his eventual fate. As he explains to Bom, he focused more on securing a less excruciating death than on finding a way to survive. But when the cat-killing spirit (which is actually many spirits in one entity) catches up to him and all seems lost, all he can think about is wanting to see Bom one last time. And when Bom shows up in the nick of time to rescue him with the power of the Safe Zone, Ki-joo promises that from now on, he’ll fight for his own life with everything he has.

With little time before Yoon-chul needs to pass through the Gate of the Dead, the team puts pressure on Prosecutor Lee and a detective who helped smooth over Yoon-chul’s murder. They trick the two into admitting their complicity while the ghosts record the conversation, and then Ki-joo swoops in to spook Prosecutor Lee with the evidence — and with some ghostly activity, courtesy of his assistants and Yoon-chul.


Then Ki-joo does what he does best: convinces Yoon-chul’s sister to meet Yoon-chul one last time at the Midnight Studio. She brings their mother, too, and the three resolve their respective feelings of guilt in a tearful send-off. Just before his final photo, Yoon-chul thanks Bom for everything she’s done for him, and she promises to make Prosecutor Lee apologize to him, one way or another.

Also seeking some semblance of closure this week is Nam-gu, who watches as his wife, JIN NA-RAE (Han Groo), packs up their home and moves back in with her mother. He’s saddened to see her handling everything on her own, only to realize she’d been doing just that during their entire marriage. He was so committed to his job that she rarely saw him — and when they did get time together, he was always falling asleep — and she didn’t dare call him when he was out for fear of endangering him. The florist, on the other hand, was attentive, reliable, and made her feel less alone. It may not excuse her affair, but Nam-gu certainly didn’t uphold his end of their wedding vows, either.


Na-rae is slowly picking up on the signs that Nam-gu’s ghost is lingering around her. And elsewhere, Ji-won also connects the dots between the random people helping her lately and the infamous office ghost, whom she has finally learned was the guy who (she thought) stood her up. The next time Sung-ho possesses someone to give her an extra hand, she uses a talisman to (temporarily) trap him in the person’s body so she can finally get some concrete answers — and ask him for that date they never got to go on.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Prosecutor Lee continues. Our team knows he orchestrated the vacation home murders, but not why. Eventually, Nam-gu finds a connection: one of the murdered thieves once caused a fatal car wreck, and Prosecutor Lee helped him avoid the full consequences. And wouldn’t you know it — the victims were a couple and their 12-year-old daughter, the latter of whom was in a coma for two months following the accident.

That’s right: Prosecutor Lee wrecked Bom’s life twice over (at least). Though stricken by the revelation, she insists on accompanying Ki-joo to scope out the tunnel where the accident occurred. She doesn’t trust his driving (honestly, same), he might need the Safe Zone, and anyway, she figures revisiting the scene might trigger some buried memories of what actually happened there. She’s right, but she’s not prepared for the intensity of the resulting flashbacks — or for what they reveal to her. The person who pulled her from the wreckage was Ki-won, and while he was trying to call for help, another car (or perhaps the same one?) mowed him down.


This week was heavy on the emotions, so I’m grateful for the few moments of levity it gave us. Like Bom asking for a more personal nickname than “Safe Zone” and Ki-joo oh-so-proudly amending it to “Safe Person!” Which I think is just the sweetest thing, even if she didn’t seem to appreciate it quite as much as I did. But that, I think, is one of the most beautiful things about their relationship: they really are each other’s safe place, no matter what. Regardless of how much they’re struggling individually or as a couple, they’re always there for each other to offer words of support and to help keep the literal and figurative demons at bay.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/04/the-midnight-studio-episodes-10-11/

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Joo Won And Kwon Nara Predict Their Forthcoming Parting In

Joo Won And Kwon Nara Predict Their Forthcoming Parting In "The Midnight Studio"

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” has unveiled new stills ahead of tonight’s episode!


“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.


The newly released stills feature Ki Joo and Bom going on a date at an amusement park. As opposed to the romantic atmosphere, the eyes of the two who are looking at each other are filled with sadness.




Viewers can guess the reason for their sadness from the teaser clip for episode 12. The teaser previews Ki Joo being taken to a hospital in an ambulance. Then, a shocking scene follows where Ki Joo’s hand passes through Bom’s body when he tries to reach her. Ki Joo appears before Bom as a ghost and apologizes, “I promised not to make you cry anymore. I’m sorry,” tugging at viewers’ heartstrings.




More still images below capture Ki Joo discovering an unexpected object in a place that appears to be somebody’s house while investigating Kim Sung Soo. The item turns out to be a flyer looking for his missing uncle Ki Won, raising curiosity as to whose house Ki Joo finds the flyer in.






The production team remarked, “In tonight’s (April 22) episode, unpredictable developments will unfold as the identity of the real culprit will be revealed and Ki Joo will go back and forth between life and death. Please stay tuned to see whether Ki Joo and Bom’s safe zone romance will end like this. It will be an episode that viewers absolutely must not miss.”


Episode 12 of “The Midnight Studio” will air on April 22 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!



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Here is the ratings for Episode 12! :).



"Lovely Runner" Takes No. 1 In Ratings Despite Dips Across The Board

Meanwhile, episode 12 of ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” achieved an average nationwide rating of 1.4 percent, seeing a slight dip from its previous episode’s rating of 2.1 percent.



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EP 12 thots



Wah, didnt expect the police guy character to be evil! I thought he is just a side character...now the tunnel accident makes sense as to why that old prosecutor is involved! 


I hope Ki Joo survives...he seemed like his soul came out to meet Bom while he is in coma and struggling to survive. 


Ji Won and Sung Ho date is so cute. Hope they can meet each other before he leaves.


We still have 4 ep to go! Ki Joo's 2 sidekicks cant be leaving so soon right?


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Here is the ratings for Episode 13! :).



"Nothing Uncovered" Ratings Return To All-Time High


Lastly, episode 13 of ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” achieved an average nationwide rating of 2.3 percent, seeing a 0.9 percent increase from its previous episode’s rating of 1.4 percent.



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Watch: "The Midnight Studio" Star Joo Won Plays Fun Games And Answers Fan Questions In Live Interview With Viki

Apr 24, 2024
by S Kim

"The Midnight Studio” star Joo Won has joined global OTT platform Rakuten Viki for an exclusive live event!

Previously on April 19, Joo Won, who takes on the role of photographer Seo Ki Joo in “The Midnight Studio” who runs a professional photo studio that only exists for the deceased, joined an exciting live broadcast hosted by Rakuten Viki.



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The Midnight Studio: Episodes 12-13

by mistyisles


Our photographer and his team are slowly but steadily unraveling the truth about their respective and shared pasts, but an ancient evil is just as steadily catching up to them. Can he find a way to save himself and his loved ones before time runs out, or is it time for yet another painful goodbye?



Picking back up with Bom’s resurfaced memories of the tunnel crash that killed her parents, we now know that Ki-won happened on the scene while searching for something he called “Death’s Pass.” He told her about it as a distraction, and gave her the Midnight Studio camera to hold, hoping it would keep her alive while he went to call for help. Unfortunately, the perpetrators of the original crash — who would later become the murdered vacation home thieves — returned to retrieve a dropped cell phone, and deliberately mowed Ki-won down to eliminate him as a witness to their hit-and-run.

These details help fill in the gaps of what happened, but they don’t move our team much closer to proving it happened or that Prosecutor Lee covered it up. So while Bom tries to remember the two months she spent as a ghost living with teenage Ki-joo, we spend the better part of an episode with the ghost assistants and their respective relationships.


Sung-ho agonizes over what to text Ji-won for so long that she gets impatient and goes on a blind date with some other guy hoping it’ll provoke Sung-ho to intervene, which is exactly what happens. The two finally go on their first official (honestly adorable) date, wherein Sung-ho works around his ten-minute possession limit by changing hosts repeatedly without regard for gender or any particular age. Of course, the timer interrupts their attempt at a kiss, and then they run into Bom and Ki-joo and Ji-won learns all about the Midnight Studio at last.

As for Nam-gu, Na-rae feels so hounded by his lingering presence that she begs his soul to move on and leave her be. She pleads her case — she was so lonely that she even lied about liking flowers in hopes he’d see them everywhere, think of her, and pick up the phone — but promises she’ll live in guilt and misery if he’ll just leave. Through tears, knowing she can’t hear him, Nam-gu promises to do so.


Before he leaves, though, the team has a mystery to solve. Nam-gu tracks down the sole witness to the vacation home murders, who subsequently vanishes again, only to turn up dead in a bathtub. Which belongs to a third person involved in the tunnel crash: the driver, then a drunk teenager who knew his father, Prosecutor Lee, could get him out of any trouble his joyride might cause. Today, we and the Midnight Studio team know him as Detective Lee.

All that time he spent snooping around the studio? Far from coincidence. Not only did he kill Bom’s parents and Ki-won, but he set the whole vacation home murder scenario up to keep his ex-friends from spilling about the tunnel crash. To make matters worse, he now carries The Evil Spirit (you know the one) around on his back.

Ki-joo learns all this in the worst possible way: alone and unarmed in Detective Lee’s apartment, with Detective Lee and The Spirit blocking his exit. He puts up a desperate fight, and he does make it to his Ferris wheel date with Bom… but flows right through her when she goes to hug him. Oof, all he can do is apologize for breaking his promise not to make her cry, while she processes what this means.


There is one sliver of hope, however: Ki-joo isn’t dead yet. He’s hospitalized with a severe stab wound, but as long as his body remains alive, he’s only a temporary ghost (just like twelve-year-old Bom after the tunnel crash). With one week remaining to his 35th birthday, he and the (actual) ghosts head out to find a way to destroy The Spirit while Bom stays behind to protect his body with the Safe Zone.

But Detective Lee is not so easily deterred. He plants the murder witness’s corpse on Bom’s property and has her arrested. Several times, The Spirit spurs him on to attempt to kill her, but another detective unknowingly interrupts each time. Meanwhile, Ji-won and the ghosts take advantage of the opportunity to move Ki-joo’s body to the VIP ward. It’s only a matter of time before Detective Lee finds the new room, but the switch does keep him busy searching long enough for our team’s ghost network to dig up black box footage of Detective Lee moving the corpse, and for Bom to convince the other detective to reexamine additional evidence that points straight to Detective Lee.

So when Detective Lee forces his way into the VIP ward, the cops are ready to ambush and arrest him. But with an ancient evil spirit attached to him, it’s all too easy for Detective Lee to grab Bom as a hostage and take her up to the rooftop. The police manage to shoot him in the shoulder, forcing him away from Bom, but before anyone can stop him, he grabs her again and dives off the roof.



more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/04/the-midnight-studio-episodes-12-13/

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20240429114004_kwon-nara-joo-won.jpg?s=9"The Midnight Studio" Director Teases Climactic Final 3 Episodes With Dramatic Plot Twists

Apr 29, 2024
by M Lim

The director of “The Midnight Studio” has spilled the beans on what’s in store for viewers in the last three episodes!

“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.

As we edge closer to the grand finale, director Song Hyun Wook hinted that the remaining three episodes will be the most entertaining yet, bringing the most dramatic plot twists of the entire series.


The director particularly picked the final photo of Han Bom and her grandmother So Geum Soon (Kim Young Ok) in Episode 4 as his most memorable scene from the entire series. He remarked, “The heartfelt performances and commitment shown by Kwon Nara and Kim Young Ok as they approach their inevitable parting, coupled with the poignant expressions of Joo Won, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk while capturing their final photograph, remain vivid in my memory. Their performances were so wonderful that I can’t forget them.”


Director Song also emphasized that the primary focus of the upcoming three episodes lies in whether Seo Ki Joo can break his family’s century-old curse and find happiness with Han Bom. The series has hinted at Seo Ki Joo facing significant trials and betrayals.

One of the most notable hints was provided in the preview for Episode 14, where the previously thought-to-be-gone evil spirit reappears, and Baek Nam Goo (Eum Moon Suk) transforms into an evil spirit, attacking Seo Ki Joo. Additionally, pre-released footage revealed that Kijoo’s fate has been transferred to Han Bom. The struggle of Seo Ki Joo and Han Bom against the persistent curse is anticipated to be the focal point of the remaining storyline.







The culmination of Assistant Manager Ko (Yoo In Soo) and Baek Nam Goo’s story is yet another compelling aspect to watch. Assistant Manager Ko finally breaks free from his single status after a successful first date with Kim Ji Won (Lee Bom So Ri). However, there is a complex romance between the living and the dead, and the longer a ghost wanders, the higher the chance of them turning into an evil spirit.

Director Song commented, “Their future relationship, how long Assistant Manager Ko can stay by Ji Won’s side, and whether Ji Won’s cancer will worsen are all key points in their story to come.”





On the other hand, Baek Nam Goo is preparing to depart from this world. He has come to realize that his beloved wife Jin Na Rae (Han Groo), suffered from loneliness and struggled while he was occupied with work throughout their marriage. Despite marrying her with the intention of bringing her happiness, he now acknowledges that his constant absence left her waiting and feeling isolated. Consequently, he has resolved to bid farewell to this world.

The director teased, “How will Nam Goo say goodbye to his wife? Will he be able to take the last picture and depart safely as he desires?” Additionally, he revealed, “An unforgettable scene involving Nam Goo will unfold in Episode 14, airing today on April 29. Stay tuned for it. We’ve been working on the post-production even until recently to enhance the quality until the final episode.”





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Here is the ratings for Episode 14! :).



"Lovely Runner" Ratings Soar To New Personal Best

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” garnered an average nationwide rating of 1.6 percent, also seeing a dip from its previous episode’s score of 2.3 percent.




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Top 5 K-Dramas On Viki In April

Apr 30, 2024
by S Kim

April has been another month filled with diverse K-dramas that kept us on the edge of our seats. Here’s a recap of the top five K-dramas that were the most-watched on Viki this past month so you don’t miss out!

In no particular order.


The Midnight Studio


“The Midnight Studio” tells the thrilling yet mysterious story about a prickly photographer Seo Ki Joo (Joo Won), who runs a professional photo studio that only exists for the deceased, and passionate lawyer Han Bom (Kwon Nara) as they cross life and death with the night guests.



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Here is the ratings for Episode 15! :).



"Lovely Runner" Maintains No. 1 Ratings + "Nothing Uncovered" And "The Midnight Studio" See Slight Rises

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” scored an average nationwide rating of 2.0 percent. This is also an increase from the average rating of 1.6 percent achieved by the previous episode.



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