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[Drama 2024] Midnight Photo Studio, 야한사진관


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Here is the ratings for Episode 3! :).


“Wedding Impossible” Remains No. 1 In Ratings + “Nothing Uncovered” Joins Fierce Race

“Wedding Impossible” Remains No. 1 In Ratings + “Nothing Uncovered” Joins Fierce Race

Meanwhile, episode 3 of ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” earned an average nationwide rating of 2.3 percent, seeing a small dip from its previous episode’s rating of 2.5 percent.



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Bom is so strong.

I wonder if her circle is connected to the  circle drawn by Kijoo's uncle. I thought it was his brother.

Mr. Baek was a righteous police officer. 









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Here is the ratings for Episode 4! :).


“Wedding Impossible” Remains On Top As “The Midnight Studio” Enjoys Small Boost In Ratings

“Wedding Impossible” Remains On Top As “The Midnight Studio” Enjoys Small Boost In Ratings

Meanwhile, episode 4 of ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” earned an average nationwide rating of 2.48 percent, enjoying a small boost from its previous episode’s rating of 2.35 percent and nearing its personal best score from episode 2.



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The Midnight Studio: Episodes 3-4

by mistyisles


Our hero has led a most extraordinary life, but our heroine turns out to possess a gift even he’s never seen before. This draws the two closer together, even as learning more about her puts him in a sticky position: torn between his duty and doing right by someone he’s starting to care about.



Bom’s forcefield saves Ki-joo from the evil spirits that are trying to kill him and steal the magic camera, but she remains blind to the supernatural activity happening around her. She thinks he kidnapped the living orphan twin and has reported him to the police for it. At the police station, Ki-joo quickly realizes that the forcefield generates whenever he gets close to Bom (methinks it has something to do with the scar that wraps around her wrist, but for now it’s a mystery). Since there are a bunch of not-so-friendly ghosts hanging around, Ki-joo tries to stick to her side, to the point that he spills the truth about the Midnight Studio in desperate hope that she’ll believe him and he won’t have to spend the night in a cell. She doesn’t, and in the cell he stays.

He’s out by the next day, and tries again to convince Bom that he can see ghosts. For reasons even he doesn’t understand, she’s a walking ghost repellent, so he requests her protection for the 100 days that remain until the curse inevitably catches up to him. But though a visit to the studio convinces her he’s telling the truth, she’s not keen on becoming his personal “Safe Zone.”


She does, however, help out when the next Midnight Studio guest gets the team into a pickle. This ghost was a local priest, and his final request is for Ki-joo to take care of an embarrassing video he left on his laptop. Trouble is, he can’t remember his password, and once he does he’s ashamed to admit it, and Ki-joo gets caught trying to sneak the laptop out of his office.

At the police station (again), Ki-joo calls Bom for help. Finally, she convinces the priest to tell Ki-joo the password. Turns out, the password and video aren’t lewd; the priest was just too shy to share his love for K-pop girl group Aespa while he was still alive (lol). Thanks to Ki-joo and Bom, he leads the whole police station — officers, ghosts, fellow priests, detainees, and all — in a massive dance party.


Bom explains to Ki-joo over drinks (well, she drinks; Ki-joo can’t afford to have his wits inhibited) that she denied his request for protection because of the incident that got her fired from her job as a prosecutor. She let a man go free, only for him to turn up murdered soon after, and has blamed herself for his death ever since. To make matters worse, her verbally abusive ex-boss, PROSECUTOR LEE HYUN-OH (Yoo Sung-joo), made sure no one else would hire her. Hence her current unemployment. And her reluctance to become responsible for anyone else’s safety.

All this time, Grandma Geum-soon has believed that Bom quit, throwing away all of Geum-soon’s sacrifices and savings on Bom’s behalf. So when an acquaintance lets slip what really happened, Geum-soon is overcome with guilt. She brings Bom inside to live with her again and even offers to let her work the food truck. Then she buys an expensive gift box and marches over to Prosecutor Lee’s office, intending to beg for Bom’s job back. After being coldly turned away, Geum-soon slips while getting on the bus and falls to the ground. At first, it seems like she’ll bounce back, but no — her time has come.


Geum-soon visits the Midnight Studio, but asks Ki-joo not to tell Bom she’s there. Though reluctant, Ki-joo honors her request. He comes to Bom’s rescue when she dissolves into tears in the middle of the road, tries to comfort her by explaining that only those with lingering regrets brave the perilous journey to reach the Midnight Studio after death, and helps her make funeral arrangements. But he keeps quiet about the fact that Geum-soon’s spirit is currently bossing him and his assistants around and poring over her ledgers to see whether the funeral attendees’ gifts measure up to the gifts she gave in life.

It doesn’t take Bom long to catch on. When she does, she tries to convince Geum-soon to at least come with her to Jeju and view the flowers — something they kept putting off until “next year.” But Geum-soon only scolds her for abandoning her post at the funeral parlor and missing out on monetary gifts from the network she worked so hard to build. She (intentionally) comes across as wanting to cash in on her life savings, but really she wants to make sure Bom will have plenty of financial and emotional support now that she’s gone. To Ki-joo, Geum-soon explains that Bom saw her parents die in a car accident as a kid. She wants Bom to move on without the burden of another goodbye.


MORE https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/03/the-midnight-studio-episodes-3-4/

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20240324084919_the-midnight-studio-kwon-Kwon Nara Is Terrified To See Ghosts At Every Corner In “The Midnight Studio”

Mar 24, 2024
by S. Nam

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” has unveiled new stills ahead of the upcoming episode!

“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.


Previously, viewers were shocked to see that following So Geum Soon’s (Kim Young Ok’s) passing and Han Bom’s visit to the photo studio, Han Bom could still see ghosts. In addition to Manager Ko (Yoo In Soo), Han Bom could even see ghosts roaming the streets, delivering great shock to Seo Ki Joo. Although Seo Ki Joo lived his whole life in fear of ghosts, the preview of the upcoming episode depicted Han Bom calmly accepting her new fate and even expressing concern for the ghosts.

The newly released stills portray Han Bom living a new life that is out of the ordinary. No matter where she goes, she faces more ghosts than she expects, and they are often filled with rage. In particular, there are even more ghosts at the hospitals where many have lost their lives. Feeling their intense energy, Han Bom is stricken with fear. Not to mention, Han Bom also has a difficult time walking home as angry ghosts can pop up at any moment.












Despite being a “safe zone” for Seo Ki Joo and repelling ghosts, Han Bom’s abilities seem to not be working in the upcoming episode, raising anticipation for what will happen to the duo.

The next episode of “The Midnight Studio” will air on March 25 at 10 p.m. KST.



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Here is the ratings for Episode 5! :).



"Nothing Uncovered" Ratings See Small Ups And Downs + "Wedding Impossible" Remains No. 1

Monday-Tuesday dramas continue to see small ups and downs in ratings.


Episode 5 of ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” earned an average nationwide rating of 2.29, also seeing a small dip from its previous episode’s rating of 2.48 percent.



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Joo Won And Kwon Nara Become Each Other's Safe Zones In Special Poster For

Joo Won And Kwon Nara Become Each Other's Safe Zones In Special Poster For "The Midnight Studio"


ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” has shared a special new poster!


“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.


Since meeting Han Bom, Seo Ki Joo’s life has turned upside down. In addition to being able to open the photo studio’s door to the afterlife that only Ki Joo can open, Han Bom became a “safe zone” for Ki Joo by being able to nullify the ghosts’ abilities. In a recent turn of events, Han Bom also gained the ability to see ghosts like Ki Joo.


The newly released safe zone poster depicts a heart-fluttering scene of Seo Ki Joo and Han Bom facing each other. Between them, there is the text, “We have to stay close to be safe,” referring to how the duo is safe when close together. Viewers are curious to find out if Seo Ki Joo and Han Bom will protect each other from the ghosts under the safe zone.




“The Midnight Studio” will not air a new episode as usual on March 26 but instead broadcast a recap episode featuring episodes 1 to 5. The next episode of “The Midnight Studio” will air on April 1 at 10 p.m. KST.



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The Midnight Studio: Episode 5

by mistyisles


We only get one episode this week, but The Midnight Studio uses that episode to dig deeper into our characters and their understanding of each other, add a new player to the mix, and drop more hints about a mystery in our ghost-seeing photographer’s past. As it turns out, the ability to see and interact with ghosts is both more and less fun than it sounds — and it certainly doesn’t give you all the answers.



Until Bom, Ki-joo has never seen or heard of someone still seeing ghosts after leaving the Midnight Studio. After checking Bom over and finding nothing (else) unusual, he sends her off with a kit of ghost-repelling supplies and his phone number in case of emergency. But he and Bom have very different interpretations of what constitutes an emergency, and soon she’s calling him at all hours of the day with questions ranging from “Is it okay to feed a hungry baby ghost?” to “Can I give this ghost the Midnight Studio address?”

At first, Bom’s ghost encounters are cute and sweet, if a little sad. But then she visits a potential client in the hospital, only to discover the woman she’s talking to has already passed. The scene quickly turns gruesome, as other ghosts in the emergency room have died violent deaths, and they crowd threateningly around her demanding help she has no way to give. Bom runs home in tears and lines the doorway with salt and red beans, just in case her mysterious “Safe Zone” forcefield doesn’t work.


Someone does come through her door that night, but it’s not a ghost — it’s her friend, KIM JI-WON (Lee Bom-sori), who cut her globe-trotting adventures short to be with Bom after Geum-soon’s passing. Unbeknownst to Bom (or anyone else, for that matter), Ji-won was previously diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and given one year to live. That’s why she quit her job and left to see the world.

But, in a wonderful stroke of luck, Ji-won’s most recent tests baffle her doctor — the cancer is shrinking! He calls it a miracle, but in the moment Ji-won can only wail in frustration at having cut professional ties and drained her bank account. Now that she’s no longer dying, she’ll have to start all over again. Fortunately, Bom is more than happy to have Ji-won move in with her, and Ji-won lands a marketing job easily enough. It happens to be at Sung-ho’s old workplace — the very office in which he died of a heart attack from overwork, and which he still haunts, scaring away new recruits who dare to sit at “his” desk.


Between being chased by menacing ghosts and Ji-won laughing at the notion of seeing ghosts, Bom starts to understand what Ki-joo has dealt with every day of his life. So when he trudges home covered in salt after a demeaning encounter with a bereaved family, she offers comfort in the form of head pats and a sweet “you’ve worked hard today.” She wonders aloud if she was made to share his ability so he’d have someone to understand his burden. But the frightening ghost encounters keep coming, and after Ki-joo has to rescue her from a particularly nasty spirit, Bom admits tearfully that she can’t handle living like this.

Fortunately, Ki-joo and his assistants have found a possible solution: one of his ancestors wrote about a person who retained the gift just like Bom did. After that person took another photo with a second ghost, their sight went back to normal. So Ki-joo tracks down a lingering ghost and convinces him to take a photo with Bom. Once it’s done, she tells Ki-joo she wants to act as his Safe Zone after all, but this time he’s the one to say it’s too dangerous. He doesn’t want to endanger her anymore, so he plans to move out of both the rooftop room and her life.


The next morning, Bom ventures cautiously outside. With no ghosts in sight, she skips off to enjoy her day. And we jump to meet a person who can only be the next Midnight Studio guest: a young deliveryman (cameo by Seo Ji-hoon!), who’s clearly beloved by his colleagues and about to celebrate his long-awaited graduation. Sure enough, a dark spirit creeps into his truck. It causes him to fall asleep at the wheel and steers his truck toward a crowd of people at an intersection, one of whom is Bom. Just in time, the man wakes up and swerves — straight into one of the more horrific K-drama car wrecks I’ve seen in a while.

Bom and the other bystanders rush over to try and help the survivors, but there aren’t any. There are, however, multiple ghosts emerging from the wreckage. And she can still see them. As Bom starts to panic, Ki-joo arrives on the scene and covers her eyes.



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Top 5 K-Dramas On Viki In March

Mar 29, 2024
by S Kim

The air is definitely getting warmer, and looks like spring is finally here! While waiting for the flowers to bloom, check out these top 5 Viki K-dramas that will also warm your hearts like the coming spring.

In no particular order.


The Midnight Studio


“The Midnight Studio” tells the thrilling yet mysterious story about a prickly photographer Seo Ki Joo (Joo Won), who runs a professional photo studio that only exists for the deceased, and passionate lawyer Han Bom (Kwon Nara) as they cross life and death with the night guests.



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EVENT: Scrap That Ending - My OTP Should Have Ended Up Together (instead)!



Which kdramas ended up with the "wrong" couple in the end? Why should YOUR OTP have gotten a happy ending instead?



Your Event Organizers


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Photo] ‘Hot Photo Studio’ Kwon Nara, showing off her flawless and unrivaled aura


Actress Kwon Nara, who is playing a passionate role in the drama 'Hot Photo Studio', showed off her unrivaled aura. On the 27th, Kwon Nara released the magazine GQ Korea pictorial on the 26th through her SNS.









Netizens who saw this responded, “She’s a goddess,” “How long will she be pretty?”, and “Who blows bubble gum so pretty?”





[Episode 6 Preview] Crisis at the photo studio?! |Midnight photo studio





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닝닝 (NINGNING) - Count On Me MV (part 1)




양다일(Yang DaIl) - 그 시절의 너에게 야한(夜限) 사진관 OST Part.2 | The Midnight Studio OST Part.2




일레인(Elaine) - I Wonder Why (OSTpart 3)



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Here is the ratings for Episode 6! :).



"Wedding Impossible" Sees Boost In Ratings Ahead Of Finale

The fierce battle for Monday-Tuesday ratings continues!


ENA”s “The Midnight Studio” recorded an average nationwide rating of 2.2 percent, maintaining similar ratings from the previous episode’s score.



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Joo Won looks real.. haggard here LoL. The ginger hair doesn't really complement him either LoL.

    I feel like I've seen Na Ra play this character too many times already. And Bom need to practise some restraint LoL. It's gettin' kinda pitiful how she keep throwing herself onto Ki Joo. Although it's reciprocated as Ki Joo's showin' jealousy ... still LoL. Bom need to play hard to get too.

    Am confused though.. it shows as usual LoL Ki Joo had a childhood connection with Bom but it showed she came through the "Door of Death"? And her name was Jang Soo? Like so many questions LoL.

    I love the bff Ji Won & the way she handled her illness and the staying to the adage , "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over". She's such an inspiration. WhoA Det. Baek has some real superpower ha. His story with his wife though..

    Deputy Go kinda irks me with the way he acts like a nosy aunt or unhinged busybody LoL tsk.

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The Midnight Studio: Episodes 6-7

by mistyisles


Another day, another ghost (or twenty) for our hero to help gain closure and move onto the afterlife. But some ghosts’ loose ends don’t tie up as nicely as others, and to make matters even more complicated, sparks are starting to fly between our ghost photographer and his persistent, ghost-seeing landlord. With a curse on his heels, however, he’s not exactly eager to admit his budding feelings.



A wider perspective on the car wreck that ended last week’s episode reveals that the evil spirit who hijacked the deliveryman’s truck was actually aiming for Ki-joo. Looks like the curse is slowly but surely catching up to him. After the Safe Zone activates and the ghosts vanish (temporarily), Ki-joo collapses in Bom’s arms. He’s feverish from phantom energy because he forcefully opened the Gate of the Dead to try fixing Bom’s ghost vision with a second photo. Bom lugs him home on her back, but there’s no time for him to rest: the wreck claimed upwards of 25 lives, which means he has a long line of patrons waiting to have their final memories photographed.

Our poor deliveryman, So-myung, trudges in after the others have departed, uncertain if he has a right to be there. His story is heartbreaking (even without Seo Ji-hoon’s soulful eyes) — after being abandoned as a baby, he grew up in an orphanage and was bullied into dropping out of high school. Eventually, he decided to take another stab at education, hoping that a university diploma would give him some sense of validation at last. Now, having died days before graduation, he fears no one will know or care that he ever existed. Plus, he’s convinced the wreck was entirely his own fault, and the weight of guilt is crushing him.


Ki-joo bribes convinces the university president to award So-myung a posthumous honorary degree, but then news breaks about the car wreck, naming So-myung as the sole responsible party. Just like that, the honorary degree is withdrawn, and So-myung’s guilt floods back in. But Ki-joo and his friends refuse to give up. They track down So-myung’s co-workers, who are being pressured into silence, and Bom opens a lawsuit against the delivery company for overworking its contracted drivers. With the drivers’ support, she negotiates both the clearing of So-myung’s name and improved conditions for all the company’s workers moving forward. Best of all, So-myung’s co-workers get to see him off at the Midnight Studio, giving him tangible proof that he has, in fact, left his mark on the world — one that’s even more meaningful and enduring than a diploma.

In between getting justice for So-myung, Ki-joo finally figures out that the Safe Zone only activates when he and Bom are close together (within 40 centimeters, to be exact). Bom also figures out that she’s catching feelings, but Ki-joo rebuffs her advances, knowing he has less than 90 days left.


Embarrassed and insulted that he won’t even give her a chance (she doesn’t know about the curse), Bom keeps trying. While having him pinky swear to always say “see you tomorrow” instead of “goodbye,” she plants a kiss on him. It doesn’t change his mind, but it does make it harder for him to ignore his feelings for her — especially when the next Midnight Studio guest turns out to be handsome, charming, and a local hero.

His name is CHOI HOON (cameo by Choi Tae-joon), and in life he volunteered at a suicide prevention center. When a longtime client called him from a bridge, he raced over to stop her from jumping… and she intentionally pushed him to his death. He explains how he had talked this woman down countless times over the past few years, as well as cheered her on through highs and lows as she slowly found new sources of joy in life. Most recently, he comforted her when her boyfriend dumped her, assuring her that she still had him to talk to and that was all she needed.


If that last part sounds a bit off, that’s because it is. When Ki-joo meets the woman in question, she reveals that Hoon had been stalking her. When he saved her at the bridge, she saw his shoes — the same ones he sent her over and over because she kept throwing them out — and realized that her stalker and her friendly call center volunteer were one and the same. She didn’t mean to kill him, per se; she just wanted him away from her.

When it’s time to take Hoon’s photo, Ki-joo confronts him. He won’t be granting Hoon’s wish for a final conversation with his victim, and he advises Hoon to get this photo over with and leave quietly. In response, Hoon turns full-on evil spirit. He attacks Ki-joo and fights his way past Nam-gu to escape the studio. Ki-joo frantically calls Bom to warn her, but when he finally reaches her, it isn’t her he’s talking to. Hoon has possessed her and walked her up to the very top of a bridge, and threatens to throw her off.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/04/the-midnight-studio-episodes-6-7/

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20240408091250_kwon-nara-joo-won-2-1-1.jJoo Won And Kwon Nara Lean In Close As They Grow Fonder In "The Midnight Studio"

Apr 08, 2024
by S Nam

ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” has unveiled new stills ahead of the upcoming episode!

“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.


The newly released stills capture Seo Ki Joo and Han Bom getting affectionate, with Ki Joo first closing the distance between them. In the stills, Ki Joo is at Han Bom’s house. Although normally tense due to the ghosts, Ki Joo appears comfortable next to his “safe zone” Bom. As Ki Joo leans on Bom’s shoulder, Bom also appears nervous.



More stills depict the two together at the photo studio, and Ki Joo once again closes the distance between the two. Seo Ki Joo leans in for a kiss, creating a heart-fluttering atmosphere.






On the flip side, tense stills preview a problem at Ki Joo’s photo studio, which is closed off with police tape. In addition to the police, Ki Joo appears shocked while Assistant Manager Ko (Yoo In Soo) holds tightly onto his bag, conveying his anxiousness and raising curiosity for what will unfold in the upcoming episode.










The next episode of “The Midnight Studio” will air on April 8 at 10 p.m. KST.



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EVENT: Noona Romances with the BEST Chemistry



Noona romances - love them or hate them - do let us know which couples with an age gap had the best chemistry. :glasses:


Your Event Organizers

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