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[Upcoming Drama 2024] Good Partner, 굿파트너- Jang Na Ra & Nam Ji hyun - Premieres in 2024


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Drama: Good Partner

Hangul: 굿파트너

Genre:office, law 



Director: Kim Ga Ram

Writer: Choi Yoo Na

Release Date:


Production Company:



Official site:



“Good Partner” is an office and law drama about star lawyer Cha Eun Kyung, for whom divorce is her calling, and rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri, who is new to divorce.



Jang Na Ra as Cha Eun-Kyeong

Nam Ji Hyun as Han Yoo ri

Kim Joon Han as Jung Woo Jin

Pyo Ji Hoon as Jeon Eun Ho



Character descriptions









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20240116080535_Good-Partner-1.jpg?s=900xJang Nara And Nam Ji Hyun’s New Drama “Good Partner” Confirms Characters And More Details

Jan 16, 2024
by S. Nam

SBS’s upcoming drama “Good Partner” has unveiled its cast lineup!

“Good Partner” is an office and law drama about star lawyer Cha Eun Kyung, for whom divorce is her calling, and rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri, who is new to divorce. The drama will be penned by divorce specialist lawyer Choi Yu Na of the relatable Instagram cartoon “Marriage Red” (literal title), and the drama will be helmed by director Kim Ga Ram of “Nevertheless,” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” and “Vampire Detective.”

Jang Nara will be playing Cha Eun Kyung, a straightforward and prickly veteran lawyer in her 17th year who every acknowledges. Although dubbed the “Nation’s Divorce Lawyer,” she clashes with rookie lawyer Han Yu Ra, who is her opposite, when she herself becomes at risk of divorce and faces a big transformation.

Regarding her upcoming drama, Jang Nara shared, “The script was really interesting. I’m very happy to work together with a great director and scriptwriter as well as actress Nam Ji Hyun, whom I’ve wanted to act together with.”

Nam Ji Hyun will be playing rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri who is new to divorce. Han Yu Ri constantly clashes with Cha Eun Kyung, who works for the benefit of the company foremost and believes one must dutifully represent event the clients who committed wrongdoings in order to be a true lawyer. Nam Ji Hyun remarked, “This is a project that made me think of human life in diverse directions. I will work hard, so please send lots of support.”

Kim Jun Han will be playing the role of Jung Woo Jin, who is Cha Eun Kyung’s junior colleague and team leader of law firm Daejeong’s Divorce Team 2. Whenever Cha Eun Kyung explodes, he pulls the break, and he has gentle charisma. However, he also faces a change along with Cha Eun Kyung’s divorce crisis. Kim Jun Han shared, “Each and every case is a living reality while also greatly dramatic. Please show lots of anticipation and love.”

Block B’s P.O will be starring as the optimistic lawyer Jeon Eun Ho. After receiving the order to stop the frequent loss of newcomers on the divorce team, he becomes in charge of looking after Han Yu Ri. P.O remarked, “I will be playing the role of a lawyer that is completely different from roles I’ve taken on in the past. Please show lots of interest and support.”




“Good Partner” is slated to air in 2024.



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January 16 2024

Jang Na-Ra, Nam Ji-Hyun cast in SBS drama series “Good Partner”


Jang Na-Ra, Nam Ji-Hyun, Kim Joon-Han, & Pyo Ji-Hoon are cast in SBS drama series “Good Partner.” The law themed drama series is set at Law Firm Daejung and all four announced cast members will play lawyers there. Jang Na-Ra and Nam Ji-Hyun will play lead characters who often clash at work due to their personality differences. Filming for the drama series is expected to begin soon.

“Good Partner” will air sometime later this year in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Cha Eun-Kyeong (Jang Na-Ra) is a 17 year veteran star lawyer at Law Firm Daejung. Her speciality is in the field of divorce law. While working on divorce cases, she soon faces a crisis with her own potential divorce. At her law firm, she works alongside rookie lawyer Han Yoo-Ri (Nam Ji-Hyun). They are completely different from each other. Han Yoo-Ri doesn’t tolerate injustice, while Cha Eun-Kyeong believes that the interests of the law firm and her clients come first no matter what. Due to their differences in values and experience, they have disagreements on everything. While working through their differences, they both experience a big change in their lives. They also work with lawyers Jung Woo-Jin (Kim Joon-Han) and lawyer Jeon Eun-Ho (Pyo Ji-Hoon) at Law Firm Daejung.



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by lo_ve, January 16, 2024


SBS released the cast lineup for the upcoming SBS law office K-drama Good Partner. 

On January 16, SBS confirmed that Jang Na Ra, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Joon Han, and BLOCK B's P.O will be leading the upcoming K-drama Good Partner. They will be working together to showcase a K-drama about divorce lawyers. 

Good Partner will be the next work of director Kim Ga Ram who is known for also creating the K-dramas Nevertheless, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, Vampire Detective, and more.

The K-drama will depict the stories of divorce lawyers in South Korea. It will showcase their work, own struggles and even their love life. 

Good Partner will premiere within the year. The upcoming K-drama will exclusively premiere on SBS. 




Jang Na Ra will give life to the character named Cha Eun Kyung. She is a star lawyer who is known for divorce cases. She's a 17 year veteran lawyer who has a straightforward and irritable personality.  She is labeled as the national divorce lawyer but she is also on the verge of divorcing. She will face a new challenge after meeting the new lawyer named Han Yu Ri. 

The character Han Yu Ri will be portrayed by actress Nam Ji Hyun. She is a new lawyer who is also new to divorce cases. She is the total opposite of Cha Eun Kyung. 

Kim Joon Han will portray the role of Jung Woo Jin. He is a divorce lawyer and Cha Eun Kyung's junior. He is part of the second team of the law firm Daejeong. He does not hesitate to criticize Cha Eun Kyung. 

Lastly, P.O will play the character named Jeon Eun Ho, the optimist lawyer. He will also be the mentor of Han Yu Ri in the firm. 



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Jang Nara and Nam Ji-hyun become each other’s Good Partner

by lovepark

goodpartner_cast-1.jpgJang Nara, Nam Ji-hyun

The streak of bad husbands continues for Jang Nara (My Happy Ending) as she joins SBS’s legal drama Good Partner. The show centers around divorce attorney Cha Eun-kyung (Jang Nara) who isn’t just good at her job but sees it as her calling. After working for 17 years, Eun-kyung may be the “national divorce attorney,” but no title can prevent her own impending separation from her husband.

Enter her complete opposite, rookie attorney Han Yuri played by Nam Ji-hyun (High Cookie). Yuri is the quintessential young pup who can’t stand injustice, but her ideologies put her at odds with Eun-kyung who believes the firm’s profit comes first and an attorney’s role is to serve their client no matter what crimes they commit. Despite their differences, Yuri builds a relationship with Eun-kyung, and as they clash, she grows as a person.

Besides our leading ladies, Kim Joon-han (Anna) has also been cast as attorney Jung Woo-jin, the leader of the second divorce team at the firm. He is Eun-kyung’s trusted junior, and at work, he acts as her brakes whenever she charges forward recklessly. Both kind-hearted and cool-headed, Woo-jin has kept a respectful distance with Eun-kyung throughout the years, but the news of her upcoming divorce causes a shift in him.

Also joining the show is Pyo Ji-hoon (Yumi’s Cells 2) who will be playing attorney Jeon Eun-ho. Since all the newbies on the divorce team at the firm tend to run away, Eun-ho is in charge of stopping them. His latest target is Yuri, but as he gets to know her better, his outlook on work and life broadens.

Directed by Kim Ga-ram (Nevertheless) with scripts penned by Choi Yoo-na (a practicing attorney and writer of ongoing webcomic Marriage Red), SBS’s Good Partner is set to premiere later this year.




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News bites: January 20, 2024

by tccolb


In more casting news, Ji Seung-hyun (The Goryeo-Khitan War) and Han Jae-yi (Mask Girl) have joined SBS’s Good Partner, with the former playing Jang Nara’s (My Happy Ending) latest troublesome husband and the latter as Jang’s secretary. The legal series also stars Nam Ji-hyun (High Cookie), Kim Joon-han (Anna), and Pyo Ji-hoon (Mouse). [News1]





Ji Seung-hyeon of 'Goryeo Khitan War', husband of Jang Nara's next film 'Good Partner'


Actors Ji Seung-hyun and Han Jae-yi continue their trending activities in ‘Good Partner’. On the 18th, SBS' new drama 'Good Partner' (written by Choi Yu-na/directed by Kim Ga-ram/planned/produced by Studio & New and Studio S) announced the appearance of Ji Seung-hyun and Han Jae-i.

Above all, it is written by Choi Yu-na, a divorce lawyer who is well-known to the public through the divorce sympathy Instatoon (Instagram webtoon) 'Marriage Red', and thus completes a 'true' human court office drama with 200% empathy. Here, director Kim Garam of 'Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency' and 'Vampire Detective' directs, raising expectations.


The fact that it is the next work of Ji Seung-hyun, who updated his life's character by receiving rave reviews for his role as 'General Yang-gyu' in 'Goryeo Khitan War', also attracts attention. Ji Seung-hyeon plays the role of Kim Ji-sang, Cha Eun-kyung's family-oriented husband and a dangerous man, raising expectations for a unique acting transformation. As a medical consulting internist at Daejeong Law Firm, he is willing to devote himself to 'Cha Eun-kyung's care' for his bulldozer-like wife Cha Eun-kyung's dreams and a happy family, but a crisis comes to the exhausted and irritated couple's relationship and it begins to falter.


Ji Seung-hyun stimulates anticipation by portraying Kim Ji-sang's dangerously shaking appearance in a variety of ways. Ji Seung-hyun said, "I am happy to be able to work with good actors and staff in a good work. The reason I chose 'Good Partner' is because I can show an acting that is 180 degrees different from what I showed in 'Goryeo Khitan War.' “I decided to join. I hope you will watch with interest,” he said.


Han Jae-yi, who immediately emerged as a rising actor by showing off her presence in 'Mask Girl', continues her trend by transforming into Choi Sara-ra, Cha Eun-kyung's secretary of 10 years. He joined the company as a secretary and rose to the position of head of the office, where he assists with legal documents. She has the tenacity that even the cool-headed Cha Eun-kyung recognized. Using admiration and jealousy as the driving force to advance towards her goal, she crosses an irreversible line and faces a catastrophe. Expectations are high on how Han Jae-yi, wearing a new mask called Sara Choi, will capture the hearts of viewers. Han Jae-i said, “I am happy and happy to be able to participate in a work called ‘Good Partner.’ Please show a lot of love for my transformation into Sara Choi.”



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