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[Current Drama 2024] Tarot, 타로-DEX-Tuesday


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Drama: Tarot


Genre: horror, mystery, thriller

Network: U+ Mobile TV

Episodes: 7

Director: Ashbun

Writer: Kyung Min Sun

Release Date: June 14, 2024

Runtime: Tuesday

Production Company:



Official site:




“Tarot” is a horror drama that deals with seven mystery thrillers. The plot kicks off as the main characters each receive different tarot cards.




Cho Yeo Jung as [Santa`s Visit] Ji Woo

Park Ha Sun as [Rent Mom]

DEX as [Abandon Me]

Go Kyu Pil as [Late Night Taxi]

Seo Ji Hoon as [One Person Storage]

Lee Joo Bin as [One Person Storage]

Kim Sung Tae as [Couple Manager]

Ham Eun Jung as [Couple Manager]

Oh Yu Jin as [Phishing]


Character descriptions






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  • larus changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2024] Tarot, 타로-
by lo_ve, January 12, 2024
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Another K-drama has been offered to DEX

On January 12, media outlet OSEN shared that DEX will be having his first-ever leading role in the upcoming K-drama Tarot. This will possibly be his second upcoming K-drama since his debut. 

DEX's agency responded to the casting reports. According to the agency, DEX is positively reviewing the casting offer.

Tarot is a horror genre K-drama that revolves around seven mystery thrillers. The story will begin as the main character receives a tarot card. 

The upcoming K-drama will be released through U+ Mobile TV. Other notable K-dramas that were aired through the platform were High Cookie, Night Has Come, and more. 

There is no information yet on who will join the cast of the upcoming K-drama Tarot. The premiere date of the K-drama is also not yet been revealed. 


2024 is the year that DEX will also venture into acting. 

DEX became known to the public through the Netflix original program Single’s Inferno Season 2. He participated and became one of the most famous participants of the season. After becoming a participant, he is now part of the main hosts of the recently ended Single’s Inferno Season 3

Aside from the program, he also participated in several variety shows and made more people fall for his charms. He was included in the cast of Adventure by Accident Season 2, Zombieverse, The Art of Eating, Men on Fire, and more. 

He will also be the new member of The Zone: Survival Mission Season 3. He will join Yoo Jae Suk and Girls Generation's Kwon Yu Ri. He will also replace Lee Kwang Soo who was part of the first two seasons. 

DEX is also reviewing the offer to star in the upcoming K-drama i Shopping with Yeom Jung Ah, Won Jin Ah, and Kang Ji Yong. He will play a supporting role in the series. 



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  • larus changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2024] Tarot, 타로-DEX- Premieres in 2024

20240112081956_Dex-1.jpg?s=900x600&e=tDex In Talks To Star In New Thriller Horror Drama

Jan 12, 2024
by M. Lim

“Single’s Inferno 2” star Dex may be taking on the lead role in an upcoming thriller drama!

On January 12, OSEN reported that Dex has been cast in the lead role for the U+Mobile TV original series “Tarot.”

In response to the report, a representative from Dex’s agency shared, “Dex is very positively reviewing the offer to play the lead in the drama ‘Tarot.’”

“Tarot” is a horror drama that deals with seven mystery thrillers. The plot kicks off as the main characters each receive different tarot cards.

Currently, Dex is filming for the webtoon-based drama “i Shopping.” “i Shopping” is an action thriller that depicts the survival and revenge story of an abandoned adopted child. Dex is set to star as Soo Ha, the closest friend of the lead character Se Hee.





DEX Courted to Lead New Spine-Chilling Drama Series, “Tarot”

Get ready for an exciting ride! The “Single’s Inferno” star, DEX (Kim Jin Young), has received a compelling offer for the lead role in the new heart-stopping horror drama series, “Tarot.” Want to know more about DEX’s upcoming project? Please keep reading to learn about this exciting news!

DEX or Kim Jin Young, “Single’s Inferno” star, has received an offer for a captivating lead role in the thrilling horror series “Tarot.” On January 12, OSEN disclosed this exciting news, which instantly ignited excitement among Kdrama fans. If DEX accepts the role, this potential role will mark his second upcoming drama. 

He is currently in the process of filming his debut drama series, “i Shopping,” based on the popular Webtoon. In this drama series, he works with famous actors like Yum Jung Ah, Won Jin Ah, and Kang Ji Yong.

Following the revelation, DEX’s agency verified that he is currently in the process of evaluating the offer. This role is a remarkable opportunity for DEX to showcase his exceptional talent and versatility, making it a promising prospect.


“Tarot” is a highly anticipated horror drama with seven intriguing and mysterious stories. The series kicks off with the protagonist receives a compelling tarot card. This captivating premise promises to keep viewers engaged and on the edge of their seats.


The upcoming thriller horror series, “Tarot,” will be available for streaming on U+ Mobile TV. The anticipation surrounding the cast and premiere date of “Tarot” is remarkably high. Fans are eagerly waiting for the big reveal and are excited to see DEX’s performance in this gripping series. If DEX accepts the lead role, he will portray the main character who leads the entire episode. 


DEX rose to fame through his appearance in Season 2 of Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno,” which skyrocketed his popularity. This led to him becoming one of the main hosts for Season 3, solidifying his place in the industry. Not only that, but DEX also mesmerized audiences in other shows such as “Adventure by Accident” Season 2, “Zombieverse,” “The Art of Eating,” and “Men on Fire.”

Excitingly, DEX will now be joining the cast of “The Zone: Survival Mission” Season 3. He will star alongside Yoo Jae Suk and Girls Generation’s Kwon Yu Ri. DEX’s magnetic charisma will captivate audiences as he steps into the role once held by Lee Kwang Soo.


In conclusion, DEX’s journey to fame is reaching new heights as he is currently being eyed for the lead role in the heart-stopping horror series, “Tarot.” With his exceptional talent and growing recognition, it is no surprise that DEX is attracting such exciting offers. As we eagerly await news of his decision and the outcome of this opportunity, one thing is certain – DEX’s star is on the rise, and his fans can look forward to more thrilling projects in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on DEX’s journey as he continues to mesmerize audiences with his remarkable performances. Exciting times lie ahead for this rising star!



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by lo_ve, January 15, 2024
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Cho Yeo Jung will reportedly lead the upcoming U+ Mobile TV K-drama Tarot.

On January 15, media outlet Herald Pop released an exclusive report stating that Cho Yeo Jung will be making a special cameo appearance in the upcoming K-drama Tarot. The media outlet shared that Cho Yeo Jung will reportedly appear in the series because of her relationship with the producer of the tvN K-drama High Class who is also the same producer of Tarot.

Cho Yeo Jung's side hasn't responded to the reports of her cameo appearance. 

If Cho Yeo Jung confirms her special cameo appearance, this will be her comeback to the small screen after two years. She was last seen in the 2022 K-drama Behind Every Star wherein she also made a special appearance. 

Cho Yeo Jung hasn't led a K-drama for three years. The actress has been focusing on appearing in several movies. 

The actress is set to lead the upcoming movie Interview with Jung Sung Il. The film is scheduled to premiere this year. She is also expected to lead the upcoming thriller mystery film The Hidden Face with Song Seung Heon and Park Ji Hyun.

Cho Yeo Jung is known for leading the works Cheat On Me, if You Can, Woman of 9.9 Billion, Beautiful World, Parasite, and more. 


Tarot is a horror genre K-drama that will showcase seven mystery thrillers. The story will revolve around the main characters receiving a different tarot card each. 

Just last week, TV personality DEX received the offer to lead the upcoming K-drama. There is no confirmation yet on his casting as well as other leads that will join him. 

Tarot will exclusively premiere on U+ Mobile TV. Other K-dramas that also aired on the platform were  High CookieNight Has Come, and more. 




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Jo Yeo Jeong, Park Ha Sun, Dex, And More Confirmed For New Horror Omniverse Drama

Jan 16, 2024
by M. Lim

The upcoming omniverse series “Tarot” has officially revealed its cast lineup!

“Tarot” unfolds as a series of seven omniverse horror episodes delving into mysterious events that could be part of anyone’s everyday life, all centered around the theme of tarot cards. The plot kicks off as the main characters each receive different tarot cards, and in that moment, find their destinies cursed by the twisted tarot cards.

On January 16, LG U+’s STUDIO X+U confirmed that Jo Yeo Jeong, Park Ha Sun, Dex, Go Kyu Pil, Seo Ji Hoon, Lee Joo Bin, Kim Sung Tae, T-ara’s Eunjung, and Oh Yu Jin will play the lead roles in their respective episodes.

The seven episodes include “Santa’s Visit,” “Single Locker,” “Phishing,” “Please Throw It Away,” “Late-Night Taxi,” “Rent Mom,” and “Couple Manager,” promising an engaging exploration of various horror scenarios within the omniverse.

Jo Yeo Jeong will make a special appearance as the lead character Ji Woo in the “Santa’s Visit” episode, while Park Ha Sun will take on the lead role in the “Rent Mom” episode. Dex will star in the “Please Throw It Away” episode.

Go Kyu Pil is set to appear in the “Late-Night Taxi” episode, while Seo Ji Hoon and Lee Joo Bin will headline the “Single Locker” episode. Kim Sung Tae and T-ara’s Eunjung will be featured in the “Couple Manager” episode, and finally, Oh Yu Jin will star in the “Phishing” episode.


The production team commented, “As each episode explores different themes of horror, you can anticipate a diverse range of charms, spanning from intense horror to the thrill of mystery. We ask for your high expectations and interest.”



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News bites: January 18, 2024

by tccolb



LG’s U+ Mobile TV is working on a new mystery-horror called Tarot, lining up an ensemble cast with Jo Yeo-jung (Behind Every Star), Park Ha-sun (The Veil), Go Kyu-pil (Song of the Bandits), and Seo Ji-hoon (My Lovely Liar) among other talents. Bringing together seven different stories in an omnibus style, the series is currently filming with directing by PD Choi Byung-gil and Kyung Min-sun writing. [News1]



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Taking a look at Studio X+U’s 2024 K-Content lineup

by tccolb

Continuing the climb into the K-content big leagues, LG’s production company Studio X+U came out with a new video announcement showcasing their… er… “non-fungible condensed entertainment lineup” (to use their words) for 2024. Although the broadcaster is not yet confirmed for some of the shows, presumably most will be releasing on LG’s own platform, U+ Mobile TV.


Drama: Tarot
Release date: TBA
Need to know: Entwining an ensemble cast into a dark web of seven tales surrounding the title’s mysterious tarot cards, the omnibus style horror series stars Jo Yeo-jung, Park Ha-sun, Dex (a.k.a. Kim Jin-young), Go Kyu-pil, Seo Ji-hoon, Lee Joo-bin, and Ham Eun-jung among others. With PD Choi Byung-gil (High Class, Angry Mom) at the helm and scripts by Kyung Min-sun, the fantasy has notably been selected for the short form competition at the Cannes International Series Festival this April.




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News bites: April 10, 2024

by tccolb



LG’s Studio X+U released a promo video for their mystery-horror Tarot, with Jo Yeo-jung (Behind Every Star) presenting a brief synopsis along with footage from her segment in the omnibus style story. The clip is from the Cannes International Series Festival, which ran from April 4 until today. [Newsen]




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News bites: May 22, 2024

by tccolb




LG also dropped a new poster for the omnibus-style horror Tarot, which has yet to confirm an air date for the series. In the meantime, a film cut combining three of the episodes will be releasing in South Korean theaters this June. Written by Kyung Min-sun with PD Choi Byung-gil (High Class) directing, the film version will contain the segments starring Jo Yeo-jung (Behind Every Star), YouTuber/celebrity personality Dex, and Go Kyu-pil (Frankly Speaking). [MBC]



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20240527161810_dex3.jpg?s=900x600&e=tDex Transforms Into A Delivery Rider In New Thriller “Tarot”

May 27, 2024
by J Lee

LG U+’s STUDIO X+U has released new stills for the upcoming mystery thriller “Tarot” ahead of its premiere!

“Tarot” unfolds as a series of seven omniverse horror episodes delving into mysterious events that could be part of anyone’s everyday life, all centered around the theme of tarot cards. The plot kicks off as the main characters each receive different tarot cards, and in that moment, find their destinies cursed by the twisted tarot cards.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Dex had been cast for the series alongside Jo Yeo Jeong, Park Ha Sun, Go Kyu Pil, Seo Ji Hoon, Lee Joo Bin, Kim Sung Tae, T-ara’s Eunjung, and Oh Yu Jin, each of whom will play the lead roles in their respective episodes.

The seven episodes include “Santa’s Visit,” “Single Locker,” “Phishing,” “Please Throw It Away,” “Late-Night Taxi,” “Rent Mom,” and “Couple Manager,” promising an engaging exploration of various horror scenarios within the omniverse.

Notably, the drama marks Dex’s first acting project where he will portray Dong In, a veteran delivery rider nicknamed “Delivery King” in the “Please Throw It Away” episode.

In the newly released stills, Dex fully embodies the character as he visits a spooky place for delivery. His bewildered expression suggests he witnessed something he wasn’t supposed to see, raising viewers’ curiosity as to what will happen to Dong In in the series.









“Tarot” is set to premiere the episodes starring Dex, Jo Yeo Jeong, and Go Gyu Pil first as a film on June 14 before releasing the full series later in the year.



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Jo Yeo-jeong, Dex, and Ko Gyu-pil's 'Tarot', a good example of crossover... A proud entry ticket




The drama ‘Tarot’ is a film depicting the cruel mystery of fate that leaves one trapped in the curse of tarot cards twisted by a momentary choice. Although it was produced as a series, it utilizes the structure of ‘Tarot’, which consists of 7 episodes, and among them, the episodes of Jo Yeo-jeong, Dex, and Ko Gyu-pil are produced as a movie and presented to the audience. Therefore, since the news of its theatrical release was announced, interest and expectations for ‘Tarot’, a crossover project between the movie and the series, have been soaring day by day. As proof of this, ‘Taro’ has continued to gain traction since the main poster was released, ranking first in search terms for upcoming movies.






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Tarot traps Jo Yeo-jung and Go Kyu-pil in a cruel fate

by tccolb


LG’s Studio X+U has been gearing up for Tarot’s upcoming theater release, coming out with a new poster and video teaser for the mystery-horror’s film version starring Jo Yeo-jung (Behind Every Star), Go Kyu-pil (Frankly Speaking), and YouTuber/celebrity personality Dex (a.k.a. Kim Jin-young).

Out of the seven episodes in the omnibus-style series, Jo Yeo-jung’s segment Santa’s Visit was first featured at the Cannes International Series Festival this past April. The theater edit adds Go Kyu-pil’s Late Night Taxi and Dex’s Abandon Me into the mix, all connected of course by the terrible fate that befalls them through our story’s suspicious tarot cards.

We thus begin the teaser with each of our leads encountering said cards as they go about their everyday life. Dong-in (Dex) is told that his High Priestess card will bring great fortune, while Kyung-rae (Go Kyu-pil) scoffs to hear that The Fool card indicates he’ll be a freewheeling womanizer. Elsewhere, Ji-woo (Jo Yeo-jung) holds The Wheel of Fortune and reads that it could bring her opportunities and good luck.


This then begins our characters’ slip into the cursed trap as Dong-in’s friend calls him about a not-so-pleasant woman who might be looking for Dong-in. It’s unclear if she is the customer on Dong-in’s next delivery order, but he’s taken aback by her odd behavior and request to take out the trash.

We then cut to Kyung-rae who is eerily taken off course at night when his strange taxi driver Lee Moon-shik (Big Bet) decides to detour into a dark forest. Although the driver claims that he needs to make a quick stopover, we also overhear an unsettling phone call about blood.

Anxious about leaving her daughter at home alone, single mom Ji-woo keeps checking her phone at work. But as we watch a last video call with her daughter, Ji-woo soon realizes that something is off. As the horror ramps up in the final sequence, the teaser comes to a close on a text screen addressing the audience, creepily asking, “Would you like to try changing your fate?”

On the production side, Tarot has PD Choi Byung-gil (High Class) at the helm with scripts penned by Kyung Min-sun. In theaters, the film cut releases on June 14 next week. But we’ll have to wait a little longer for the full series, which is expected to launch on LG’s U+ Mobile TV later this year.







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Dex Is A Delivery Man Who Receives A Strange Request In Upcoming Omnibus Horror Drama

Dex Is A Delivery Man Who Receives A Strange Request In Upcoming Omnibus Horror Drama "Tarot"

STUDIO X+U’s upcoming thriller drama “Tarot” has released new stills featruing Dex!


“Tarot” unfolds as a series of seven omnibus horror episodes delving into mysterious events that could be part of anyone’s everyday life, all centered around the theme of tarot cards. The plot kicks off as the main characters each receive different tarot cards, and in that moment, find their destinies cursed by the twisted tarot cards.

Dex, who has shown outstanding performances in various fields, is ready to impress viewers with his new transformation. Dex will play his first lead role Dong In in “Please Throw It Away” (literal translation), which is the third episode of “Tarot.”


The episode contains a bizarre horror story that happens to a veteran rider who is referred to as the Delivery King. Dong In, who is ambitious to start his own delivery company with the money he has been saving, accidentally encounters a fate-changing situation at the place where he goes to make a delivery.


The newly released still captures Dong In finding a mysterious tarot card in an unmanned storage locker after receiving a delivery call.




More images feature Dong In receiving an absurd order from a customer in the middle of the night to throw away trash on their behalf. Viewers are curious to find out what kind of eerie situation Dong In will face after receiving suspicious trash.




“Tarot” is set to premiere the episodes starring Dex, Jo Yeo Jeong, and Go Kyu Pil first as a film on June 14 before releasing the full series later in the year.



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"Dropping the name Dex"…Kim Jin Young ventures into acting with 'Tarot'

Posted by Alec06





"In acting, I felt I needed to work as Kim Jin Young, not Dex."


Creator and media personality Dex is stepping into the public eye as actor Kim Jin Young. He has taken the plunge into the film industry with 'Tarot.' "I am grateful for the first opportunity. I did my best not to disappoint," he said.


Director Choi Byung Gil was the first to reach out. After seeing Dex’s sincerity on shows like 'Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2,' 'Single's Inferno,' and 'Adventure by Accident,' he saw potential.


"The production company didn't know Dex well. I assured them that he could be trusted," said Director Choi.


Kim Jin Young seized the opportunity without hesitation. Despite it being his first acting role, first film, and first lead role, he faced it without fear. "I wanted to express the arrogance and audacity of youth," he said.




The film 'Tarot' held a special press conference on the 12th at CGV Yongsan I'Park Mall in Yongsan, Seoul. Actors Jo Yeo Jeong, Kim Jin Young (Dex), Go Gyu Pil, and Director Choi Byung Gil attended.


'Tarot' is a cruel fate mystery. It tells the story of people living their daily lives who suddenly face ominous destinies foretold by tarot cards. The film is an omnibus format consisting of seven episodes, with three episodes bundled into the movie.


The episodes include Jo Yeo Jeong’s 'Santa’s Visit,' Kim Jin Young’s 'Throw Away,' and Go Gyu Pil’s 'Going Home.' Director Choi said, "We filmed it like a documentary."


Through the film, the director wanted to convey messages about the city and reality. "I wanted to talk about a mother’s maternal love, the burden of the head of a family, and a strong-willed youth. These characters represent our city's population," he explained.


Kim Jin Young stars in the episode 'Throw Away,' which serves as the film’s finale. It portrays the horror faced by a veteran delivery rider called Dong In (played by Kim Jin Young), also known as the Delivery King.





Kim Jin Young expressed, "I was frustrated with the director. He placed my episode at the end. I felt embarrassed that my acting would be shown after Jo Yeo Jeong and Go Gyu Pil’s stable performances."


Contrary to his concerns, Director Choi expressed satisfaction. "He did very well overall. I had a good feeling from the start," he said, "I think he will shine even more as an actor."


From the beginning, 'Tarot' felt like destiny for Kim Jin Young. He had received several offers from other production companies before 'Tarot,' but he turned them down because he didn't feel they were right for him.


'Tarot' was the only project he decided to join without hesitation after reading the script. "Meeting Dong In felt like destiny. There were many similarities between us, so I thought I could synchronize with the character," he recalled.


He aimed to immerse himself in the character, putting a lot of effort into image training. "I tried to overlay myself on Dong In. I wanted to express him as Kim Jin Young," he explained.




He set clear goals for his acting. "Dong In is a character who lives each day diligently. I wanted to blend arrogance and audacity from youth into him," he said, "It was a challenge to balance without overdoing it."


Kim Jin Young also referred to documentaries to experience the character’s life indirectly. "I looked at how delivery workers actually work and what challenges they face," he shared.


He proposed ad-libs as well. For example, in a scene where he talks to the snack shop owner, his script only had the lines 'Thank you, thank you.' On set, he improvised and created new dialogue.

"I felt that the director was very generous," he said, "I wanted to express more with the bright energy on set, and he readily agreed."


How did his senior actors evaluate his acting? Jo Yeo Jeong starred in 'Santa’s Visit,' and Go Gyu Pil led 'Going Home.' Go Gyu Pil said, "He did so well for his first time, it was surprising."

Kim Jin Young has built his recognition in various entertainment shows under the name Dex. However, as an actor, he is using his real name, Kim Jin Young. This choice reflects his clear value system.



more https://www.allkpop.com/article/2024/06/dropping-the-name-dexkim-jin-young-ventures-into-acting-with-tarot


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by Lily Alice, June 13, 2024
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Star YouTuber DEX shared his thoughts on debuting as an actor with Tarot. 

Recently, a press conference for the upcoming mystery-horror miniseries Tarot was held in Yongsan, Seoul. Director Ashbun, along with actors Cho Yeo JungGo Gyu Pil, and DEXattended. 

Tarot follows individuals trapped in the curse of mysterious tarot cards. Before being released as a series, three episodes of Tarot will be presented as a movie to the audience. 



During the press conference, regarding using his real name, Kim Jin Young, for his acting career, Dex explained, "I didn't have any huge concerns. I thought it was only natural. I believe variety shows and acting are different fields." He added, "I decided to use my real name with a new mindset, passion, and conviction. I think I need to work harder to make that name known. The biggest reason was to clearly distinguish between variety shows and acting."

Previously, Dex mentioned he was curious about "how much criticism I might receive." He explained, "I don't think I'm afraid of critiques. Since I work in front of many people, I'm not scared of harsh criticism but rather welcome it because it can help me improve and show a better version of myself."

He continued, "I will humbly accept negative feedback, and if you can praise me for just one thing I've done well, it will give me the confidence to show an even better version of myself."





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