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[Upcoming Drama 2024] The Judge from Hell, 지옥에서 온 판사- Park Shin Hye & Kim Jae Young- Premieres in 2024


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#지옥에서온판사 #TheJudgeFromHell Eyewitness account of filming


[The day I go is market day. I went to see the place where Seonjae's brother went. It was closed to film a drama. I heard the title of the drama is "The Judge from Hell"... I think Park Shin-hye and Kim Jae-young will appear...]


Cr. https://m.cafe.naver.com/ca-fe/web/cafe





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👤 : Filmed at a real estate next to a tteokbokki restaurant in Complex 6. Looking at the vehicle, it looks like a #TheJudgeFromHell . This's what stars Park Shin-hye.

👤 : It's definitely fun bcs it stars Park Shin-hye~ I also really enjoyed Dr. Slump, so I'm looking forward to it


Cr. https://m.cafe.naver.com/ca-fe/web/cafe




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17 Most Anticipated Upcoming Korean Romance Dramas in the 2nd Half of 2024 (July-December):


8. The Judge From Hell (SBS): #ParkShinHye #KimJaeYoung


We are waiting for you with excitement, we are ready to watch you too






cr: the owners

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Park Shin Hye's new fantasy drama "The Judge from Hell" will be released on Disney+ in 2024, in which she becomes a real demon to judge prisoners!

Park Shin Hye and Kim Jae Young star in Disney+'s new fantasy drama "Judge from Hell", playing cruel judges who are incarnations of real demons and bring criminals to justice without mercy!


2 JUL 20241/Plot content of "Judge from Hell"


1/Plot content of "Judge from Hell"

"Judge from Hell" tells the story of "Kang Kwang Na" ( played by Park Shin Hye ) who is an elite judge in the real world. She has outstanding beauty but her true identity is a real demon from hell. She came to the world with a mission - to bring justice to the world. People who caused the death of others without any remorse were sent to prison, so she was always cruel and merciless to the prisoners, doing whatever it took to get them the punishment they deserved. However, such a vicious person met "Han Do-win" (played by Kim Jae-young), who has a completely opposite personality. This detective from the Major Crime Unit of Lufeng Police Station has a gentle and lively personality, and he is kind-hearted and gives priority to the victim's position. . How will the two spark love after they meet and bring about changes in each other's mood?



Photo courtesy of Instagram @ssinz7

2/The actor’s role in "The Judge from Hell"

Park Shin Hye plays "Kang Kwang Na"

"Kang Kwang Na", played by Park Shin Hye in "Judge from Hell", has a strong, vicious and independent character. When she first met "Han Do Win", she just wanted to take advantage of him, but after getting acquainted, she gradually came under his influence.

The 33-year-old Park Shin Hye became a sensation at the age of 11 when she played the childhood version of the heroine in the classic Korean drama "Stairway to Heaven" and won the "Child Actor Award" at the "SBS Drama Awards". Since then, he has continued to shoot different works without stopping, including popular and well-received works such as "It Turns Out to Be Beautiful", "The Heirs", and "Doctors". It was not until she announced her marriage and pregnancy in 2021 that she took a break from the film and television industry. However, she announced her return shortly after giving birth to a son, and then filmed "The Underestimating Doctor" and this work. Park Shin Hye's image this time is different from her previous weak image in front of the screen, which makes people look forward to her performance.


Kim Jae-young plays "Han Do-on"

"Han Do-on", played by Kim Jae-young, is a detective with a friendly personality and keen insight, but he has unknown pain deep in his heart, so he was also changed after meeting "Kang Kwang-na".

Kim Jae-young, who is two years older than Park Shin-hye, first started his career as a model, and later gradually moved to the entertainment industry. He has appeared in "The Man Who Lived for 100 Days" in the past, and in recent years, he has appeared in "Your Reflection" and "The Moon". Starring "Water, Metal, Fire, Wood, and Earth", he is a popular actor who is gradually becoming known.



3/"Judge from Hell" release date

"Judge from Hell" will be released exclusively on Disney+ this year, but there is no specific date.


Photo courtesy of Instagram @darealkjy



Photo courtesy of Instagram @ssinz7



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Posted (edited)

I am missing attorney woo

Kim Myung-min's portrayal of Woo Young-woo stands out for its depth and authenticity, capturing the complexities of a principled lawyer navigating a challenging legal landscape. His performance, coupled with strong supporting performances and a well-crafted script, ensures that "Attorney Woo" remains engaging and thought-provoking throughout its episodes. But this drama lacks in technology. By the do you know from where you can get latest tech and innovations updates 👇

https://thegeekinsights.com/See Updates

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My Daily

'Actress, Not Mom' Park Shin-hye's Time "The Moments of Acting in Front of the Camera Are Fun" [★Photoshoot]

Entered 2024.07.04. 9:10 AM
Original article

You can forget about your mother Park Shin-hye for a moment.

Actress Park Shin-hye is showing off a different charm in front of the camera with her original appearance.

On the 4th, Park Shin-hye's agency Salt Entertainment released Park Shin-hye's pictorial cover for the July issue of Hong Kong fashion magazine 'VOGUE Hong Kong'.

In the revealed pictorial, Park Shin-hye is staring at the camera with deep eyes, radiating a captivating and elegant charm. She also catches the eye by striking various and sensual poses that make her gorgeously shining jewelry stand out. It is said that Park Shin-hye drew admiration from the on-site staff by creating a highly complete pictorial with her beautiful facial features and luxurious appearance.



In the interview that followed, when asked about her acting career, Park Shin Hye answered honestly, “When I miss the moments of acting in front of the camera or when it’s fun, I think, ‘I love this job,’ ‘I’m enjoying doing this. ’”

When asked to introduce her upcoming new drama, “Judge from Hell,” she introduced her role as “Kang Bit Na,” saying, “The character I play, Kang Bit Na, is a ‘devil’ who came from hell to complete her mission of killing and sending to hell those who have not been forgiven, even after causing others to die.” She raised expectations for her new drama by saying, “It’s different from the roles I’ve played so far, I like flashy things, and my personality itself is different, so I found it appealing.”

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye has confirmed her role as Kang Bit Na in the new SBS drama “Judge from Hell” and is currently filming.



Reporter Nam Hye-yeon (whice1@mydaily.co.kr)



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#지옥에서온판사 Set item production company blog

It's called a wave board. What kind of scene does it appear in? 🧐




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Lee Min Ho's Partner in The Heirs, Park Shin Hye Comeback as a Devil in The Judge from Hell? Here's Her Response!

Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho's Co-Star in The Heirs, Becomes a Devil in The Judge from Hell (Instagram@ssinz7@actorleeminho)Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho's Co-Star in The Heirs, Becomes a Devil in The Judge from Hell (Instagram@ssinz7@actorleeminho)



KPOPCHART.NET- South Korean female artist Park Shin Hye recently became the cover model for VOGUE Hong Kong magazine .

Released by Salt Entertainment on Thursday, July 4, Park Shin Hye adds a special touch to the July issue of VOGUE Hong Kong by decorating three types of print covers as well as a digital cover.


In between filming, Lee Min Ho's co-star in the drama The Heirs expressed her happiness at being able to work in the field she loves, namely acting.


Park Shin Hye also recalled how her acting career was in the past.


Having starred in many dramas and films with various characters, the artist who also played a role in the drama Doctor Slump gave a little leak about his latest project The Judge from Hell .



"My role, Kang Bit Na, does not reflect the cause of other people's deaths, and goes from hell to complete the mission of killing those who have not been forgiven and sending them to hell," he explained.

Playing the role of a devil, he added, "The expression is different from the roles I've played so far, I like flashy things, and my own personality is different, so I found it interesting.”

Often playing the role of a protagonist and a gentle girl, Park Shin Hye's appearance as a different character is certainly highly anticipated by fans.


Park Shin Hye on the Cover of VOGUE Hong Kong Magazine

Park Shin Hye on the Cover of VOGUE Hong Kong Magazine (VOGUE instagram@ssinz7)



Some of the dramas that the woman born in 1990 has starred in with other famous actors include, The Heirs with Lee Min Ho, Doctor Slump with Park Hyun Sik, Memories of The Alhambra acting with Hyun Bin , and the dramas  The Doctors and Sisyphus: The Myth.

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