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[Upcoming Drama 2024] The Judge from Hell, 지옥에서 온 판사- Park Shin Hye & Kim Jae Young- Premieres in 2024


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In The Judge Who Came from Hell, she will show off his conflicting charms by playing the role of court officer Won-kyung Choi. “The script is really fun. I read it all up to episode 4 without even knowing where my lines were,” she said. “Won-kyung asks questions and only does his own thing, making others angry. Judge ‘Kang Bit-na’ (Park Shin-hye) and practical officer ‘Goo Man-do’. “If you look at (Kim In-kwon)’s reaction, there will be points that make you laugh,” she said. “It reminded me a lot of my time at work,” she said, adding, “In real life, you would never be able to chew on your boss’s words and slam the door and leave. It’s fun to act. I think it’s the best fit for the role I’ve played so far.”


full article: n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/003/0012446624

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Support from the writer on the set of The #JudgeFromHell



foodtainment IG Updated


드라마 "지옥에서온판사" 촬영 서포트를 위한 준비중이에요~^^♡
상세후기는 곧 올리겠습니다!!

#조이수 작가님
#박신혜 배우님
#김재영 배우님
#김인권 배우님

#분식차#간식차#연예인서포트#커피차#조공#역조공#연예인선물#회사간식#떡볶이푸드트럭#분식케이터링#케이터링#연예인서포트 #분식#촬영장서포트 #떡모 #떡모푸드트럭



We are preparing to support the filming of the drama “The Judge from Hell”~^^♡
I will post a detailed review soon!!







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Some fans saw Shinhye filming with a red Porsche car 🔥


We're riding a shiny red bike You can see a red car at first glance in the video uploaded before ㅋㅋㅋ






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드라마 "지옥에서 온 판사" 촬영 서포트 현장!!
조이수 작가님께서 지옥에서 온 판사 촬영팀을 응원하기 위해 떡모를 촬영장으로 보내주셨습니다!!^^♡


늦은 밤 야식으로 떡모세트를 든든한 양으로 주문 해 주셨구요~👍👍👍

현장에 도착하자마자 바로 배식 준비
촬영장소와 너무나 가깝게 있어 마이크에 소리에 잡힌다고 정말 조심스럽게 준비했구요~
조명없이 거의 대부분을 어둡게 준비를 했답니다!!😅😅😅

원래는 밤 1시에 드시기로 했는데 12시30분으로 급하게 야식시간을 당겨졌구요~
스텝들 미리 와서 기다리고 계셨네요!!

감독님과 배우님들 모두 나와서
📸📸📸단체 인증샷 찍으셨구요~
바로 야식시간을 가졌습니다!!🎶🎶🎶

각 팀별로 폭풍주문으로 인해 빠르게 야식시간을 가졌구요~
모든 분들 떡모 분식 주문하는데 15분도 채 걸리지 않았답니다!!🥰🥰🥰

다들 옹기종기 모여 맛잇게 드셨구요~🤭🤭🤭
다들 너무 맛있게 잘 먹었다면서 다시 촬영장으로 가셨답니다!!

모든 서포트 무사히 잘 마치고 떡모도 주변 정리 후 촬영에 방해되지 않도록 조심히 철수했습니다!!😘😘

떡모 많이 사랑 해 주셔서 정말 감사드리고 주문 해 주신 조이수 작가님 다시 한 번 감사드립니다!!




Filming support site for the drama “The Judge from Hell”!!
Writer Jo Yi-soo sent rice cake hats to the filming set to cheer on the Judge from Hell filming team!!^^♡

Thank you!!🤗🤗🤗

For a late night snack, we ordered a hearty rice cake set~👍👍👍

Prepare food immediately upon arrival at the site
It has begun!!
Because it was so close to the filming location, I prepared very carefully to ensure that the sound would be picked up by the microphone.
We prepared it to be dark most of the time without any lights!!😅😅😅

Originally, I was planning to eat it at 1pm, but the late night snack time was quickly pushed back to 12:30pm.
The staff came in advance and were waiting!!

The director and actors all came out
📸📸📸You took a group proof photo~
It was time for a late-night snack!!🎶🎶🎶







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April 24 #ParkShinHye Schedule 
#JudgeFromHell scheduled to be filmed 

 Advertisement shooting scheduled 

Dubai Friends filming scheduled 

Planned to attend the 2024 #AsiaTourinTaipei 




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EVENT: Scrap That Ending - My OTP Should Have Ended Up Together (instead)!



Which kdramas ended up with the "wrong" couple in the end? Why should YOUR OTP have gotten a happy ending instead?



Your Event Organizers


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Kim In-kwon confirmed to appear in ‘The Judge from Hell’… Working with Park Shin-hye and Kim Jae-young




Actor Kim In-kwon continues his hard work with SBS' 'Judge from Hell'. On the 6th, IOK Company announced that Kim In-kwon was cast in the new SBS drama 'The Judge from Hell' (written by Jo Yi-soo/directed by Park Jin-pyo/production Studio S).

'Judge from Hell' is about Kang Bit-na (played by Park Shin-hye), a 'devil from hell' who entered the body of a judge, and meets Han Ha-on (played by Jae-young Kim), a detective who is more humane than anyone else in a reality that is more hellish than hell, and punishes criminals and becomes a true judge. It is a romantic fantasy about the coexistence of good and evil.


Kim In-kwon plays Kang Bit-na's helper in the play, Gu Man-do, a pleasant and humane devil from hell and a working officer of the 18th Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Court.


Kim In-kwon's appearance in 'The Judge from Hell' is recognized for various works such as the dramas 'Cruel Intern', 'Cleaning Up', 'Yeonmo', 'Queen Iron Man', and the movies 'The Method: Jaechaui' and 'Jangsari: Forgotten Heroes'. It is expected to be an opportunity to get a new glimpse of his scene-stealing performance. Meanwhile, Kim In-kwon is about to release his next works with global OTT, including the Netflix series 'Parasite: The Gray'.






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Kim Hye-hwa cast in SBS' 'The Judge from Hell', working with Park Shin-hye

Entered 2024.04.02. 2:35 PM
 Original text of article
Hyehwa Kim, provided by JPool Entertainment
Actress Kim Hye-hwa appears in SBS' new drama 'The Judge from Hell'.

'The Judge from Hell', which is scheduled to air this year, follows Park Shin-hye (Kang Bit-na), a 'devil from hell' who entered the body of a judge, and meets Kim Jae-young (Han Han-on), a detective who is more humane than anyone else, in a reality that is more hellish than hell, and punishes criminals to find the true truth. It is a romantic fantasy story about the coexistence of good and evil, where one becomes a judge.

In the play, Kim Hye-hwa plays Kim So-young, the leader of her powerful team, who started her public career as a police officer and rose to the position of inspector through her own abilities. Kim So-young is a character who has clear merits and demerits and has extremely rational judgment. Kim Hye-hwa plans to show off her charismatic side through this role.

Kim Hye-hwa has received a lot of love by clearly revealing her own charm in various works such as 'Lace', 'Mine', 'The Witch is Alive', 'Beopjjeon', and 'Sangwon'. In particular, she received favorable reviews for realistically depicting her worries about work and childcare as a legendary working mother through the recently concluded drama 'Cruel Intern'. Artist Hye Kim, who has proven her true worth in each of her works, is focusing attention on what kind of unique side she will show through 'The Judge from Hell'.

Photo = JPool Entertainment

Reporter Hwang So-young (hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr)



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#지옥에서온판사 Child psychological advisory counselor’s blog


From the dating violence story I saw in the casting article for actress Shin Hye, to child psychological consultation... Since it was a judge's story, I thought it would deal with social issues, but I heard the script was fun so I was looking forward to it even more...






google translate




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Park Shin-hye cast in upcoming SBS TV series 'The Judge from Hell'

우재연  / 2023-12-29 10:32:21
TV series-cast
▲ Park Shin-hye (L) and Kim Jae-young are shown in these photos provided by S.A.L.T. Entertainment and Management S, respectively. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


TV series-cast

Park Shin-hye cast in upcoming SBS TV series 'The Judge from Hell'

SEOUL, Dec. 29 (Yonhap) -- Park Shin-hye has been cast in the new fantasy romance "The Judge from Hell," set to air on SBS next year, the network said Friday.

Park will play an ice-cold devil-turned-judge hailed from hell, with a mission to hold evil men to account. "Reflection of You" actor Kim Jae-young will play a sharp detective who puts priority on victims' wellbeing.

The details about the broadcasting schedule have yet to be determined.



(C) Yonhap News Agency. All Rights Reserved

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