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[drama Japan 2007] Kira Kira Kenshui

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title: きらきら研修医

* Title (romaji): Kirakira Kenshui

* Also known as:

* Format: Renzoku

* Genre: Hospital / Human drama

* Episodes:

* Viewership ratings:

* Broadcast network: TBS

* Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-11 to 2007-Mar-??

* Air time: Thursday 22:00

* Theme song: CHU-LIP~Otsuka Ai


Adapted from a popular blog, this drama follows the comical struggles and growth of an intern doctor, Usako, played by Konishi Manami in her first lead role. While Wentz Eiji stars as a male nursing aide to Usako, who falls in love with her.

Intern doctor, Usako meet an ill child on the way to the very first day of her work. Hastily, she takes the child to her hospital, however the hospital is too crowded and Usako falls into a panic. Confused, Usako is unable to do anything helpful. Right then, Mikako (Ryo), a beautiful doctor appears and does a quick and appropriate treatment.

Usako is relieved with the situation, however she suddenly realizes that she is late to work. She hurriedly runs to her trainer doctor, Itabashi (Terajima Susumu - appears in episode 1 only), in the pediatrics department, and gets yelled at. To make matters worse, she is even looked down from patients (kids) as a layperson. Usako offers her arm for an injection practice for a nurse trainee, gets suspected of having affair with her boss… There seems to be no peaceful days for her.

One day, she gets high fever of 40 degrees (Celsius), and is forced to overcome various troubles with a high fever. Will she be able to fulfill her duty and become a proper doctor?! Challenging days for the doctor intern Usako have only started!


* Konishi Manami as Oda Usako

* Wentz Eiji as Tachioka Ken

* Namase Katsuhisa as Kawai Makai

* Papaya Suzuki (パパイヤ鈴木) as Mukai Takashi

* Ryo as Kinoshita Mikako

* Kato Masaya as Yamazaki Hidehiko

* Harada Yoshio as Mayuminora Ryuhei

* Matsushima Hatsune as Haruyama Natsuhime

* Terajima Susumu

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Guest r/-inbow

Kirakira Kenshuui (Sparking Doctor-in-Training)

Synopsis: The main character is Oda Usako, who is a new graduate from medical school who is in training in a local hospital. She's a bit of a klutz and causes some problems but she works with all her might and does her best!!! - rough trans from official site


Notable Actors: Konishi Manami, Eiji Wentz

Yao: What are they trying to do here? It's everything I hate: an episodic GANBARU! drama with the girl who sucked from Orange Days and a WaT member. I mean can I be real here? It's like they wanted to make a less sexist N's Aoi except they didn't have enough money for a reject JE member.

Veronica: Eiji Wentz is an example of Mixed Race Gone Wrong. I am at the other end of the spectrum, so I don't associate with flawed hybrids like him. And why is he so damn earnest?

credits: chou scandy @ blogspot.

LOLOL. the ratings for this drama pretty much sucks too.

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Guest asianrice

I watched episode 1 yesterday, because the ratings are really low, but it didn't drop (actually went up to 11% lol). So I thought it was simply an underrated drama. Watched it, hated it.

I think it was the main girl's bad acting that turned me off the most. She's adorable and I've seen her in other dramas (and loved her), but maybe this type just isn't for her. She totally goes over the top with the character, making it seem fake and painful to watch.

The plot isn't really well put together. To be more frank, I found it foolish. What's up with "love potion" and everyone thinking there was a relationship between her and the old doctor? Far fetched much? Sounds like something a beginner would think up and write in a fanfic. Plain random. And the pregnancy thing... what? I can see that there could've possibly been some comical situations done with this, but they solved it all in one conversation.. why on earth did they even add it in?

The whole thing's just not very realistic. I can just go on and on about the flaws.

I'm so saddened that Kato Masaya even considered being in this dorama, he's so talented..

My rant's over.

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