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Kim Doyoung: A Talented South Korean Singer

Hana Min

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Kim Doyoung is a talented South Korean singer in the popular K-pop boy groups NCT U and NCT 127, managed by SM Entertainment. Let's learn more about him and his early life.


Where He's From:
Kim Doyoung hails from a place called Guri, which is located in Gyeonggi, South Korea. It's a beautiful part of the country known for its rich culture and history.


His School Days:
Just like all of us, Doyoung had to go to school. He started his educational journey at Topyeong Elementary School. It's where he began to learn important things and made friends.

When he got a bit older, he attended Guri Middle School. Middle school can be a fun time for many students, filled with new experiences and challenges.


High School Adventures:
After finishing middle school, Doyoung continued his education at Topyeong High School. High school is an exciting time for teenagers as they prepare for their future. However, Doyoung decided to follow a different path and later dropped out of high school.


Kim Doyoung is not just a talented singer, but he's also a person who made choices in life. Even though he dropped out of high school, he pursued his dreams in the world of music and became a part of NCT U and NCT 127. This shows that following your passion and working hard to achieve your goals is essential, just like Kim Doyoung did.

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