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[Drama 2023] Han River Police, 한강


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Drama: Han River Police 


Genre: action, comedy, crime

Network: Netflix, Hulu

Episodes: 6

Director: Kim Sang-Cheol 

Writer: Kim Sang-Cheol 

Release Date:  September 13, 2023- September 27, 2023

Runtime: Wednesday

Production Company:



Official site:



Han Doo-Jin (Kwon Sang Woo)  is police officer at the Han River Police Station. He is a short-tempered and full of justice type of person. His colleague, Police Officer Lee Cheon-Seok (Kim Hee Won), has the complete opposite personality from Han Doo-Jin. Working at the police station are also Do Na-Hee (Bae Da Bin)and Kim Ji-Soo (Shin Hyun Seung). The officers there work to protect citizens, who come to enjoy the Han River and its surrounding area, and solve crimes that take place there. (AsianWiki)



Kwon Sang woo as Han Doo-Jin

Kim Hee Won as Lee Cheon-Seok

 Lee Sang Yi as Go Gi-Seok

Bae Da Bin as Do Na-Hee

Shin Hyun Seung as Kim Ji-Soo 

Sung Dong Il as 

Park Ho-san as Baek-cheol











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Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Won, And Shin Hyun Seung Confirmed To Join Lee Sang Yi And Bae Da Bin In New Police Drama


Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Won, And Shin Hyun Seung Confirmed To Join Lee Sang Yi And Bae Da Bin In New Police Drama


Upcoming Disney+ drama “Han River” (literal title) has unveiled its strong cast lineup!


On March 20, “Han River” revealed the drama’s cast lineup consisting of Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Won, and Shin Hyun Seung along with Lee Sang Yi and Bae Da Bin, who were previously confirmed to star in the drama earlier in September 2022.


Helmed by director Kim Sang Chul, “Han River” is a drama that deals with the story of police officers who take care of the various incidents that occur at the Han River.

Kwon Sang Woo, who showcased his ability to take on various genres from action to comedy through films such as “The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” and “Hitman: Agent Jun” as well as the drama “Desperate Mr. X,” will transform into Han Doo Jin, a hot-tempered police officer with a strong sense of justice at Han River Police Station.

Kim Hee Won, who impressed with his unique acting in each project that he participated in, will take on the role of Lee Chun Seok who has the exact opposite personality of Han Doo Jin. Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Hee Won, who worked together in the film “The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful,” will reunite in “Han River,” raising viewers’ anticipation.


Bae Da Bin, who starred in various dramas including “Do You Like Brahms?” and “It’s Beautiful Now,” will play police officer Do Na Hee who continues to express her feelings to Han Doo Jin without giving up.


Shin Hyun Seung, who showcased stable acting skills in the dramas “Work Later, Drink Now” and “Behind Every Star,” will portray Kim Ji Soo, the youngest member of the Han River Police Station.


Last but not least, Lee Sang Yi, who captivated audiences in “Once Again,” “Youth of May,” and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” will play the role of Go Ki Seok who will add tension to the drama.


“Han River” is gearing up for its release in the second half of 2023. Stay tuned!




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August 18 2023

Teaser trailer and poster for Disney+ drama “Han River Police”


First teaser trailer and poster added for Disney+ drama series “Han River Police” starring Kwon Sang-Woo, Kim Hee-Won, & Lee Sang-Yi. The teaser trailer begins with Kwon Sang-Woo as Police Officer Han Doo-Jin stating “We’ll arrest those who committed crimes by this beautiful Han River.” The drama series is set at police station located by a popular visiting area along the Han River in Seoul.

“Han River Police” will be available to stream from September 13, 2023.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Han Doo-Jin (Kwon Sang-Woo) is police officer at the Han River Police Station. He is a short-tempered and full of justice type of person. His colleague, Police Officer Lee Cheon-Seok (Kim Hee-Won), has the complete opposite personality from Han Doo-Jin. Working at the police station are also Do Na-Hee (Bae Da-Bin) and Kim Ji-Soo (Shin Hyun-Seung). The officers there work to protect citizens, who come to enjoy the Han River and its surrounding area, and solve crimes that take place there.



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by Lily Alice, August 18, 2023
19 4


The Disney+ original series Han River Police has confirmed its release date. 

Han River Police is a comic action drama that depicts the story of the Han River Police Force tirelessly guarding the Han River and solving crimes surrounding it.

Han River Police  is set to be released on September 13th.

The revealed teaser poster shows the unique personalities and shining presence of the Han River Police Force, with Du Jin (Kwon Sang Woo) exclaiming, "Clear the way! It's the Han River Police!".

Han Du Jin (Kwon Sang Woo) is joined by Lee Chun Suk (Kim Hee Won), Do Na Hee (Bae Da Bin), the spirited youngest member Kim Ji Soo (Shin Hyun Seung), and Han River Police Chief (Sung Dong Il), each member of the Han River Police Force stands out with their distinct charm. 

Furthermore, the sharp gaze of Lee Go Ki Seok (Lee Sang Yi), who doesn't seem to fit in with the team, adds curiosity about his character. 




The accompanying teaser trailer starts with the Han River Police Force shouting "Han River!" in salute. Kwon Sang Woo is seen driving a jet ski, chasing someone down while someone declares, "We will make sure to arrest the criminals who create issues on our beautiful Han River". Kim Hee Won proudly exclaims, "We just get along so well, don't we?", showcasing perfect synergy, as they work together to maintain the safety of the Han River.

From rescuing citizens on a sinking ship to diving fearlessly into the Han River, the teaser also highlights the intense scenes of underwater action, building anticipation for the performances of the cast. 

Be seated for the premiere of Han River Police on September 13th on Disney+ and Hulu. Watch the teaser here







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Han River Police officers serve and protect in teaser and poster

by Jenzy


As we know it in dramaland and in real life, the Han River is the go-to spot for characters looking for cute dates, deep introspection, and late night ramyun vibes. It’s already a character of its own, but in the Disney+ action comedy Han River Police, we get to see a new side to Seoul’s favorite body of water — specifically the cops that work to keep crime off its streets (er, banks?).

In the drama’s first teaser, our uniformed officers stay hard at work, speeding around on boats, rescuing civilians, and training to handle any wild scenario (for example, getting their hair yanked in a terrorist simulation).



Now, who are these officers you might ask? Well to start we have the hothead Han Doo-jin, played by Kwon Sang-woo (Curtain Call). He’s the one with, for better or for worse, a dogged sense of justice. Thankfully, his even-tempered supervisor/dispatcher Lee Chun-seok, played by Kim Hee-won (Behind Your Touch, Moving) knows how to rein him in, making them a great team as seen in the teaser.

Rounding out the team we have the go-getter officer Do Na-hee, played by Bae Da-bin (It’s Beautiful Now), the police chief Sung Dong-il (Curtain Call), and rookie Kim Ji-soo, played by Shin Hyun-seung (Behind Every Star), whose main job in the teaser is to be the hot newbie. Every team needs a hot newbie.

And though we don’t know much — nay anything — about his character yet, Lee Sang-yi (Bloodhounds) is set to play the antagonizing Go Ki-seok. We’ll see how he interacts with our heroes as more promotional materials come out.

Written and directed by Kim Sang-cheol, Han River Police will premiere on Disney+ and Hulu on September 13.



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by Lily Alice, August 24, 2023


Disney+ Original Series Han River Police has unveiled character stills featuring the veteran actor Kwon Sang Woo in the role of Han River Police officer Du Jin.





Renowned for his performances in various genres ranging from action to comedy, the veteran actor now comes to play a police officer in the Disney+ series. 

Han River Police revolves around the Han River Police Force, a group tasked with safeguarding the Han River day and night. The story unfolds as they become entangled in crimes surrounding the river, culminating in a spectacular blend of comedy and action.

In the K-drama, Officer Du Jin is a character driven by a strong sense of commitment to his duty and an unwavering sense of justice, stemming from his background as a former UDT member.




Balancing a hectic schedule involving a range of tasks from cracking down on illicit activities to rescue operations, Du Jin leverages his sharp instincts and swift actions, never missing out on any peculiar incidents.  





Actor Kwon Sang Woo perfectly portrays Du Jin, steering the drama with his charismatic and attention-demanding performance.





Sharing the reason for joining the drama, he said, "The story of Han River Police, set against the backdrop of the Han River, was unique". He also added, "Expect to witness Kwon Sang Woo, clad in the uniform of the Han River Police, energetically moving like a fish in water".






Actor Kim Hee Won, who stars as Lee Chun Suk, praised him, stating, "Kwon Sang Woo is a very passionate actor. Being together with him gave positive vibes. I had fun working in this production". 

Other actors starring in Han River Police include Lee Sang YiBae Da BinShin Hyun Seung, and Sung Dong Il in the lead roles. 

Look forward to the global premiere of Han River Police on September 13th on Disney+ and Hulu









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From Kwon Sang Woo To Kim Hee Won And Sung Dong Il, Meet The “Han River Police” Team

From Kwon Sang Woo To Kim Hee Won And Sung Dong Il, Meet The “Han River Police” Team

Aug 25, 2023
by M. Kang
Upcoming Disney+ series “Han River Police” has unveiled posters of its six main characters!

“Han River” is an action-comedy drama that follows the Han River Police Team as they become embroiled in crimes surrounding the river they guard day and night.

The new character posters highlight the distinct personalities of the six characters, along with their respective goals and beliefs, through eye-catching captions and expressive faces. Each character has their unique strain of personality and leadership, which is revealed through their poster’s caption.

First, there is Du Jin, played by Kwon Sang Woo, who exhibits a strong conviction to safeguard the river. His caption reads, “Protect the river!” and “First, we go [to the scene].”





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News bites: August 26, 2023

by tccolb


Park Ho-san (Taxi Driver 2) confirmed casting for Disney+’s upcoming Han River Police, playing a former police officer who used to be close friends with Kwon Sang-woo (Curtain Call). For reasons yet unknown, he now works on a river barge. Written and directed by Kim Sang-chul, the comedy-action will be launching in just a few weeks on September 13. [Newsen]






Park Ho-san's appearance in 'Han River', what about the first acting collaboration with Kwon Sang-woo?





Disney+'s original series 'Hangang', which will be released on September 13th, is a water (water) spectacular comic action depicting the story of Team Han River Police, who guards the Han River day and night, getting caught up in crime surrounding the Han River. Park Ho-san takes on the role of Baek-cheol, a former Han River police officer who leads Doo-jin (Kwon Sang-woo) to the Han River police force. He was close friends with Doo-jin, but for some reason, he is now leading a barge on the Han River, arousing curiosity. Park Ho-san is expected to make the play more colorful as a hidden card for the production team.


Regardless of the genre, Park Ho-san, who boasts excellent acting skills across roles, is looking forward to what kind of three-dimensional character he will show through 'Hangang'. Also, the first meeting with Kwon Sang-woo, who has mastered all genres from action to comics, is a must-see point. The solid and dense acting breathing of the two further enhances the perfection of the work and is attracting attention as an anticipated work in the second half of the year. (Photo = Provided by Umake Company)




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by Lily Alice, August 30, 2023
3 1


From musicals and dramas to movies and variety shows, actor Lee Sang Yi has an array of works on his portfolio. Having debuted with the musical Grease, the actor started gaining attention with his role in Prison Playbook. From portraying gentle and warm characters in Youth of May and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha to embodying a fearless and bold boxer in Bloodhounds, he has consistently presented versatile acting in each production. Now, in Han River Police, he transforms into a villain threatening the peace of the Han River.

Disney+ original series Han River Police revolves around the Han River Police Force, a group tasked with safeguarding the Han River day and night. The story unfolds as they become entangled in crimes surrounding the river, resulting in a spectacular blend of comedy and action.

Lee Sang Yi's character, Go Gi Seok, is the nephew of Hwang Man Seok (Choi Moo Sung), the chairman of Gyeongin River Cruise. He is also the leader of their operations. 




Gi Seok is a greedy, materialistic, and two-faced character. In front of Chairman Hwang, he fears even raising his gaze, but behind his back, he doesn't hesitate to hold back his anger.




The character stills featuring Lee Sang Yi as Gi Seok, portray him sitting arrogantly in his office. Interestingly, the stills also present a counterpoint, showcasing Gi Seok's composed demeanor in the presence of Chairman Hwang, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the complexity of his character.






Lee Sang Yi expressed his affection for the character, commenting, "Ki Seok's multifaceted nature as a villain makes him appealing". 

Director Kim Sang Cheol praised the actor, saying, "Lee Sang Yi is an actor who puts a lot of thought and preparation into his character. We collaborated on set to bring this character to life".

Han River Police premiers on September 13th on Disney+ and Hulu



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News bites: August 30, 2023

by tccolb



Over on Disney+, more promos have come out for Han River Police and if the new teaser is anything to go by, it’s looking more and more like a perfect popcorn affair. Fingers-crossed! Starring Kwon Sang-woo (Curtain Call), Kim Hee-won (Behind Your Touch), and Lee Sang-yi (Bloodhounds) among others, the action-comedy will be coming to our screens on September 13.[SpoTV News]





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by Hazel Jung, September 9, 2023

The Disney+ original K-Drama Han River, is a comedy-action series that showcases the Han River Police Team, who guard the Han River day and night, solving crimes that surround the river.




The released photos capture Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Won, Bae Da Bin, Shin Hyun Seung, and Lee Sang Yi dressed suits, each with a unique charm.




Wearing sunglasses and striking playful poses, Team Han River exhibits perfect coordination, heightening expectations for the synergy they will bring to their on-screen performances. In contrast to their police uniforms and mission to maintain peace at the Han River in the series, their stylish appearance in the photoshoot adds another layer of appeal.






Han River will be available on Disney+ on September 13th.



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by Lily Alice, September 12, 2023
5 6


From the mystery-comedy Behind Your Touch to the superhero thriller Moving and the upcoming action-comedy Han River Police, Kim Hee Won stars in them all. The actor is on a streak, playing sensational characters, each different from the other, proving his versatility. 

From the caring high school teacher Choi Il Hwan in Moving to the comedic Chief of Mujin Police Station Won Jong Muk in Behind Your Touch to the impassionate police officer Lee Chun Suk in the upcoming series Han River Police, Kim Hee Won never fails to charm viewers with his dynamic performances. And it's no surprise considering the tremendous effort he invests in his roles. 

Peeling back the curtain to offer a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of his preparation process for his role as Lee Chun Suk in Han River Police, the actor shares insights into what it took to bring this character to life.




During the press conference for the Disney+ original series Han River Police, which was held at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square in Seoul on September 12th, Kim Hee Won disclosed, "In Han River Police, I had to drive a boat on the Han River constantly. So, I obtained a yacht license during the summer". He further expressed, "Many people want to get a license, but summer days can be quite scorching. I also went through the process during summer, and it was indeed challenging, given there was no shade on the Han River".

Kim Hee Won elaborated, "I dedicated a week to intensive boat-driving practice. It was hard, but upon successfully securing the license, the sense of accomplishment was immeasurable, and I'm glad I can now drive a boat".

Kim Hee Won also shared his sentiments regarding his upcoming role in Han River Police, following his involvement in the Disney+ series Moving. He expressed his gratitude by stating, "I'm genuinely thrilled because Moving received so much love and support. I had fervently hoped for Moving to succeed, and my earnest wish has been fulfilled".

He continued optimistically, "Following the success of Moving, I am excited to bring you Han River Police, and I sincerely hope for Disney+ to continue to prosper".

Han River Police premiers on September 13th on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. 



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Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Hee-won showed confidence that they would continue the popularity of ‘Moving’ with ‘Han River.’




On the morning of the 12th, a production presentation for Disney Plus' new original series 'Han River' was held at JW Marriott Dongdaemun, Jongno-gu, Seoul, with director Kim Sang-cheol and actors Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won, Lee Sang-i, Bae Da-bin, and Shin Hyun-seung in attendance.








Actor Kwon Sang-woo mentioned the Disney+ blockbuster 'Moving' at the Disney+ 'Han River' production presentation. At the Disney+ 'Han River' production presentation held at the JW Marriott Dongdaemun in Jongno, Seoul on the 12th, Kwon Sang-woo said, "Jo In-seong has the ability to fly, but I have the ability to dive."


'Han River' is a 'water spectacle comic action' that takes place as the Hangang Police Force, a team that protects the Han River day and night, gets caught up in crimes surrounding the Han River. Kwon Sang-woo played the role of Doo-jin, a character full of justice. Kwon Sang-woo, who said, "I felt strongly from the title," said, "I was interested in the topic of eradicating crimes that occurred along the Han River, which we are familiar with. It is a work that captures the beauty of the Han River and the other side of it. There are expectations that it will contain a good angle." He said why he chose this work.


Regarding the character Doo-jin, he said, "He is a just character. He is a person who participates in even the smallest things and takes the lead. He was not afraid of water, but filming underwater was not easy. I think the picture came out as good as the hard work he put in." At the same time, he also attracted attention by mentioning the recent Disney+ blockbuster 'Moving'. Kwon Sang-woo said, "Jo In-sung has the ability to fly, but I have the ability to dive. I'm thankful that 'Moving' is doing well and the number of Disney+ subscribers is increasing. I hope it does even better," drawing laughter.





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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2023] Han River Police, 한강 -Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Won & Lee Sang Yi- Wednesday

Premiere Watch: Han River Police

by missvictrix



Time slot: Wednesdays
Broadcaster: Disney+
Genre: Action, comedy, crime
Episode count: 6

Reasons to watch: I don’t know about you, but I am happy to see from the promotional photo above just how seriously all these actors are (not) taking their upcoming drama Han River Police. Leaning into the comedy just with their promotional photo shoot, the drama promises a hilarious and fresh look at crime prevention on the Han River. With an ensemble cast of Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won, Lee Sang-yi, Bae Da-bin, Shin Hyun-seung, and Sung Dong-il, they alone comprise many reasons to tune in: retribution for Kwon Sang-woo’s painfully underdeveloped role in Curtain Call? Burning need to stare at Lee Sang-yi? Lover of rising rookie Shin Hyun-seung? Girl crush on Bae Da-bin since Do You Like Brahms? Or — my personal reason — deeply in need of a reunion between House on Wheels ajusshis Kim Hee-won and Sung Dong-il.


TL;DR: A wild crew patrol the Han River and attempt to keep crime at bay





Pictures from the press conference






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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2023] Han River Police, 한강

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