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[Drama 2023] Between Him and Her/Man and Woman, 남과 여 - Lee Seol & Lee Dong Hae


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December 19 2023

Trailer for Channel A drama “Between Him and Her”



Trailer added for Channel A drama series “Between Him and Her” starring Lee Dong-Hae and Lee Seol. The drama series is based on webcomic “Namgwa Yeo” by Hyeo No. The trailer begins with Jung Hyun-Sung (Lee Dong-Hae) and Han Sung-Ok (Lee Seol) meeting face to face by the elevator at a motel. They are in a relationship together, but they are both accompanied by another person. Voices in the trailer states (0:01) Lee Dong-Hae “Where did it go wrong?,” (0:16) Lee Dong-Hae “7 years of dating. As comfortable as it is familiar and as boring as it is comfortable,” (0:57) Lee Seol “What am I to you. I am just telling you to think about me at least once.”

“Between Him and Her” will first air December 26, 2023 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Han Sung-Ok (Lee Seol) works as a jewelry designer and her boyfriend is Jung Hyun-Sung (Lee Dong-Hae). They have dated for the past 7 years, but the passion in their relationship has cooled for both of them. One night, Han Sung-Ok and Jung Hyun-Sung come face to face with each other in front of a motel elevator. They are both accompanied by another person.



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News bites: December 19, 2023

by tccolb



As we head into premiere week for Channel A’s romance Between Him and Her, the promos have been ramping up with another teaser, where Donghae (Oh! Young-shim) and Lee Seol’s (D.P. 2) relationship enters a very rocky season. Launching next week on December 26, the series is written and directed by Park Sang-min (Class of Lies), with PD Lee Yoo-yeon co-directing. [Sports Kyunghyang]




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Super Junior’s Donghae And Lee Seol Worry Their Romance Has Lost Its Spark In “Between Him And Her”

Dec 24, 2023
by E. Cha

Channel A has unveiled a new poster for its upcoming drama “Between Him and Her”!

Based on a popular webtoon, “Between Him and Her” is a realistic romance drama about the love and boredom that coexist for long-term couples. Super Junior’s Donghae will star as Jung Hyun Sung, a fashion designer who has been in a stable relationship with his girlfriend Han Sung Ok (Lee Seol) for seven years.

However, things take a shocking turn on the night of their seventh anniversary, when the couple unexpectedly runs into one another in front of a motel elevator—and each of them is with someone else.

In the newly released poster, Jung Hyun Sung and Han Sung Ok are seemingly about to cross the street, with Sung Ok already stepping off the curb as her boyfriend follows her. However, even though they are holding hands, something in their hollow gazes suggests that their blissful honeymoon phase ended long ago.

The caption also hints that the spark in their relationship is gone, with the couple worrying, “What do we do if there comes a moment when we get bored of each other?”

Meanwhile, the green light at the crosswalk is down to only three bars, suggesting that the couple—who once believed their love for each other would last forever—doesn’t have much time left.



“Between Him and Her” premieres on December 26 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. In the meantime, check out a teaser for the drama here!



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Premiere Watch: Between Him and Her

by missvictrix


Time slot: Tuesdays
Broadcaster: Channel A
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episode count: 10

Reasons to watch: Promising a realistic look at modern love and dating, this webtoon adaptation stars Donghae and Lee Seol as a long-dating couple that get bored with each other and catch the other cheating on the same night. Noted for being a no-holds-barred sort of story, we’ll navigate this couple’s relationship troubles and those of their friends in a mockumentary style fashion. Will they discover their relationship is worth saving? Or will our couple pack their bags and move on after seven years together? Either way, it’s between him and her.


TL;DR: A realistic drama (oxymoron much?) about love and dating




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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2023] Between Him and Her/Man and Woman, 남과 여 - Lee Seol & Lee Dong Hae-Tue

'Man and Woman' Lee Seol, after breaking up with Lee Dong-hae, meets Kim Hyun-mok Unexpected multi-faceted relationship ‘stimulating interest’




An unexpected multi-faceted relationship unfolds in ‘Man and Woman’. In the 4th episode of Channel A's Tuesday drama 'Man and Woman' (written by Park Sang-min/directed by Lee Yu-yeon, Park Sang-min/planned by Channel A/produced by Studio Goat, The Great Show), which will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 16th (tomorrow), Han Seong-ok (played by Lee Seol) ) A three-way confrontation between Kim Hyeong-seop (played by Kim Hyun-mok) and Kim Geon-yeop (played by Yeon Je-hyung) is depicted.

Today (15th), a day before the 4th broadcast, the images of Hyeong-seop and Geon-yeop who visited Seong-ok were revealed. Hyeong-seop finds out that Seong-ok canceled the photo he took with Hyun-seong on his SNS account while pressing the ‘Like’ button. Hyeong-seop, who was hesitant to meet separately with Seong-ok because of her friend Hyeon-seong, eventually decides to contact her.


On the other hand, Geon-yeop, who offered Seong-ok a job as a jewelry designer at his company, visits Seong-ok, saying he has good news. Seong-ok, Hyeong-seop, and Geon-yeop, who happen to get together, head to a chicken restaurant together, and Hyeong-seop loses confidence when he sees Geon-yeop, who looks perfect to everyone.

It raises expectations for the main broadcast to find out what Hyeong-seop's true feelings are hiding from everyone and what kind of good news Geon-yeop will deliver to Seong-ok.


The production team of ‘Man and Woman’ said, “In episode 4, a multi-faceted relationship beyond a love triangle unfolds. “Please look forward to and watch the interesting story of the four people surrounding Seong-ok: her ex-boyfriend Hyeon-seong, her friend Hyeong-seop, and her junior Geon-yeop.”


The exciting multi-faceted relationship between Lee Seol, Kim Hyun-mok, and Yeon Je-hyung, who broke up with Lee Dong-hae, can be seen in episode 4 of Channel A's Tuesday drama 'Man and Woman', which will air at 10:30 pm on the 16th (tomorrow).





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Actor Lee Mi-do makes a special appearance as the head of Lee Seol's company in Channel A's Tuesday drama 'Men and Women'!




Lee Mi-do made a special appearance on ‘Man and Woman’. In Channel A's Tuesday drama 'Man and Woman' (written by Park Sang-min/directed by Lee Yu-yeon, Park Sang-min/planned by Channel A/produced by Studio Goat, The Great Show), Lee Mi-do, who made a special appearance as the head of the marketing team at the company where Seong-ok (played by Lee Seol) worked, is realistic. The character was portrayed more attractively and captured the attention of viewers.


When she saw Seong-ok, a member of the marketing team, directly modifying the design, she not only looked at him with an absurd expression and sarcastically, but also gave advice to 'stay within the boundaries of the work you are responsible for' and showed her strong force as a team leader. .


Afterwards, when Seong-ok did not come to work after taking her annual leave, she expressed her concerns about her intention to change jobs through her fellow employee Hye-jin (played by Kang Yoon-jeong). Moreover, after Seong-ok returns to her company, she personally serves her coffee and tries to recommend her as her team leader, realistically portraying the image of an obnoxious boss who is worried that her employee will quit the company. It brought laughter.

But in the end, Seong-ok decided to leave the company, and when she told her manager, ‘She was grateful for the time,’ she replied, “Mr. Seong-ok, you will do well wherever you go. She also gave a heartwarming ending with her response, “If I’ve ever made you feel sad, forget it all.”


Lee Mi-do further enriched the play with realistic life acting and lively facial expressions. Even though it was her special appearance, anticipation is growing as to what kind of role she will return to in the future, as she showed off her delightful presence with her signature charisma and sly appearance. Meanwhile, from episode 5 of Channel A’s ‘Man and Woman’, it airs every Friday at 11:10 p.m.




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‘Man and Woman’ Will Choi Won-myeong, deep in thought, reunite with his first love, Baek Soo-hee?




In ‘Man and Woman’, actor Choi Won-myeong falls into deep thoughts after meeting his first love, Baek Soo-hee.

In the 5th episode of Channel A's Friday drama 'Man and Woman', which will be aired on the 26th, the secret story of an older and younger couple, Ahn Si-hoo (played by Choi Won-myeong) and Yoon Yu-ju (played by Baek Soo-hee), will be revealed.


Earlier, Sihoo had an awkward greeting with his first love, Yuju, whom he met by chance on the street. In particular, Yuju stared blankly at Sihu's back after greeting her warmly and turning around for a long time, raising interest as to what story might be hidden between the two.Among these, the images of Sihu and Yuju, who create a somewhat desolate and lonely atmosphere, were revealed.


According to ‘Men and Women’, Sihu, who used to enjoy meeting different women every day, shows a cold attitude after encountering Yuju. Si-hoo then recalls fond memories of her first love, Yu-ju, while talking to a woman she met at a bar.

Meanwhile, Yuju arrives at her house and looks exhausted as she suffers from her boyfriend's obsession. Yuju, who is starting to get tired of her boyfriend's constant questions, ends up saying something shocking. Attention will be paid to whether this will cause Yuju to break up with her boyfriend and find her Sihu's arms.


The production team of ‘Man and Woman’ said, “The story of Sihu and Yuju begins in earnest from the 5th broadcast. “It will become more interesting as the hidden narrative of the two people who feel affectionate feelings for each other is gradually revealed,” he said. “Please watch until the end to find out what shocking words Yuju said to her boyfriend and whether they will be able to reunite once again.” “As a new older and younger couple has appeared, please show a lot of interest and watch the 5th broadcast.”



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  • partyon changed the title to [Drama 2023] Between Him and Her/Man and Woman, 남과 여 - Lee Seol & Lee Dong Hae

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