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Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] Butterflied Lover 风月变


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Title: 风月变 / Feng Yue Bian

English title: Butterflied Lover
Genre: Wuxia Romance

Director: Zeng Qing Jie
Screenwriter: Zhao Lin
Producer: Du Hao

Broadcast network: Mango TV
Broadcast period: Jul 12 - 27, 2023



Lu Xiao Yu as Tang Qianyue (voiced by He Wen Xiao)
Zhao Yi Qin as Ling Changfeng (voiced by Shi Ze Kun)
Deng Kai as Ling Changjin (voiced by Yun Wei Yi)
Wu Ri Li Ge as Bao Zhu (voiced by Zhang Hui Lin)
Hu Dan Dan as Si Xiaonian
Yang Ze as Yan Wuming
Wang Ruo Lin as Grand Commandant (voiced by A Xiong (阿熊))
Li Man as Yuan Popo (voiced by Li Jia Si (李佳思))
Zhou Ti Shun as Jin Ming, guard (voiced by Chen Jin Wen)
Shen Zhao Cheng as Kun Qing (voiced by Xu Kai)
Li Hua as He Xi (voiced by Li Hao Jia)
Wang Jin Qiang as Sang Qi (voiced by Qing Lin Hao)
Jia Nan Hai Lin (嘉男海林) as Guard Lu (voiced by Lu Yang)
Wang Yuan (王渊) as Aunt Hong
Wan Xiang (万翔) as Chef Liu
Gao Tian as Lv Luo
Hu Dong Qing as Empress Dowager
Wan Pei Lin (万霈麟) as silver hairpin butterfly slave
Zou Zi Xin (邹子欣) as Xiao Die
He Zi Jie (何子杰) as Young Master Yi Lan
Liu Ze Yu as Mister Tian
Bao Lei (包蕾) as old kite lady
Yan Ya Ying (鄢亚英) as noodle stall owner
Li Fa Guang as candied haws vendor
Wang Jin (王瑾) as rouge stall owner
Li Ming Ru (李明儒) as jewelry stall owner
Li Kang Sheng (李抗生) as Kongming Lantern stall owner
Lai Chang Fu as Royal Physician Xun
Su Yi Wen (苏奕文) as Xiao Long Bao
Huang Yao Hong (黄耀鸿) as Little Emperor
Xu Xin Rui (徐歆蕊) as Si Si
Xian Xin Yu (咸馨雨) as female guard
Huang Fei (黄飞) as woman B
Xue Yu Chen as butterfly slave
Wang Hui Lin (王慧琳) as butterfly slave
Liang Man Ru (梁曼如) as buttefly slave
Liu Qian (刘倩) as butterfly slave
Ruan Jia Ying (阮嘉影) as butterfly slave
Ji Feng Yuan (纪沣原) as butterfly slave
Chen Bing (陈冰) as butterfly slave
Sun Lin Xiang (孙麟翔) as butterfly slave
Wang Sheng Tao (王笙涛) as butterfly slave
Wang Huan (王焕) as butterfly slave
Cai Heng Hui (蔡恒辉) as butterfly slave



Inspired by the romance of Liang Shang Bo and Zhu Ying Tai, the story revolves around two lovers who will overcome all obstacles to remain together. Ling Chang Feng is an honourable general and has been in a passionate marriage with his wife for the past 3 years. However, a strange disturbance hits their city on their third anniversary, and "madmen" run wild in the town, attacking innocent citizens violently. Ling Chang Feng leaves his wife behind to protect the people, but when he returns, finds that his wife has been infected by this phenomenon. He refuses to reveal this, as he knows that anyone who turns mad will be killed. He keeps her by his side in secret while trying to solve the cause of this frightful phenomenon.


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





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