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[Drama 2024] Queen of Divorce/Great Problem Solver, 끝내주는 해결사


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Here is the ratings for Episode 11! :).


“Queen Of Divorce” Ratings Remain Steady Ahead Of Finale

“Queen Of Divorce” Ratings Remain Steady Ahead Of Finale

Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young’s “Queen of Divorce” is running toward its finale on stable ratings!


According to Nielsen Korea, the second to last episode of JTBC’s “Queen of Divorce” garnered an average nationwide viewership rating of 4.2 percent. This is a 0.8 percent decrease from its previous episode’s rating of 5.0 percent.


The final episode of “Queen of Divorce” will air on March 7 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!



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“Queen Of Divorce” Stars Say Goodbye And Thank Viewers Ahead Of Tonight’s Finale

Mar 7, 2024

The stars of JTBC’s “Queen of Divorce” have shared their thoughts ahead of tonight’s series finale!

“Queen of Divorce” follows the story of Sara Kim (Lee Ji Ah), Korea’s greatest divorce problem solver, and eccentric lawyer Dong Ki Joon (Kang Ki Young) as they fearlessly bring justice to “bad spouses” with their solutions.


Actress Lee Ji Ah commented, “I’m very grateful that I was entrusted with such a vibrant character. I took on the role with the hope that it would bring excitement and relief to viewers. I would also like to thank my co-stars Kang Ki Young and Oh Min Seok as well as the Solution Team members and the viewers who cheered us on wholeheartedly.queen-of-divorce-1.jpg

Kang Ki Young, who plays legal advisor Dong Ki Joon of Solution, commented, “We started filming a while ago, but it feels like time has passed so quickly that we’re already saying goodbye.” He added, “I would like to thank everyone who worked with me on the drama for their hard work. To the viewers who loved ‘Queen of Divorce,’ I sincerely thank you and wish you all happiness. Be happy!”queen-of-divorce-2.jpg


Oh Min Seok, who plays Sara Kim’s villainous ex-husband No Yul Sung, shared, “It feels like last year started with ‘Queen of Divorce’ and ended with ‘Queen of Divorce.’ I received a lot of love from many people, and personally, the drama seems to have had a significant impact on my life. It’s a pity to bid farewell to the drama, but I will work harder to meet you again in a different form.”queen-of-divorce-3.jpg


In a previously released teaser for the drama’s final episode, Sara Kim and Dong Ki Joon were seen visiting No Yul Sung’s secretary. Viewers can’t wait to find out what choice Secretary Baek, who has been working as Noh Yul Sung’s subordinate and helping him with various evil deeds, will make.

The final episode of “Queen of Divorce” will air on March 7 at 8:50 p.m. KST.



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Here is the ratings for Episode 12! *Last Episode* :).


“Queen Of Divorce” Ends On All-Time Ratings High

“Queen Of Divorce” Ends On All-Time Ratings High

JTBC’s “Queen of Divorce” ended on a high note!


On March 7, the beloved drama starring Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young returned to its all-time high in viewership for its series finale.


According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of “Queen of Divorce” scored an average nationwide rating of 5.8 percent, matching its personal record from its third episode.




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Queen of Divorce: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

by Unit


Our final hour sets out to prove one thing: some people will never change, whether it’s our Solution team making one questionable move after another, or the bad guys relying on stale tricks to outwit the heroes, or me returning each week despite knowing I won’t get anything different. It’s one packed finale of kidnapping, spy activities, broken alliances, the final face-off between good and evil, and other tropes fitting for the closing week of what has been a pretty average show.



The week kicks off with the reveal of how Sara’s mom died. Apparently, Mom tried to make a deal with Yool-seong: she won’t tell the prosecution about his (alleged) role in his mistress’s death if he helps Sara get out of prison. Yool-seong took Mom to the rooftop to scare her, but she lost her footing and fell down. It wasn’t intentional, but Mom did die at Yool-seong’s hands. (And I did not need that long closeup shot of her bleeding out head.)

In the present, the show surprises us with a ta-da: Driver did not die from last week’s car crash! Yool-seong starts to suspect that Sara is aware of his connection with Driver, but she deflects his suspicion — and intentionally accuses Chairwoman Cha of masterminding her mom’s death. Yool-seong goes along with Sara’s accusation, and this is enough to RickRoll'D the chairwoman off to the point where she begins to look into the case herself.

Sara also spreads rumors that Yool-seong is trying to take over Chayul behind his mom’s back, and when Cha learns that Yool-seong was behind Driver’s near-death, she confronts her son with the assumption that he’s about to frame her for Sara’s mom’s death. Chairwoman Cha uses her police connections to hurl Yool-seong’s RickRoll'D to the station for questioning. And while this doesn’t lead anywhere, it’s a warning for him not to mess with her. “Always bear in mind that there are parents who can eat their own children,” Cha says, and she will not be getting that World’s Best Mom mug.


To get even with mommy dearest, Yool-seong has Driver kidnapped from the hospital. Bom and Dae-ki chase after the kidnappers, but Bom ends up getting injured — and once again, the show uses kidnapping as an effective tool for romance. Cue: Dae-ki and Bom in a slo-mo princess carry scene. Not to be left out of the romance, Driver ends up getting showered with Yool-seong’s love languages: acts of violence, words of affirming threats, quality time in confinement, and the likes.

Driver is so touched by Yool-seong’s sentiments that he goes after Chairwoman Cha. He makes her admit that she ordered the hit on Yool-seong’s mistress — and with a recording of the conversation, Yool-seong now has leverage on his mom. Proving that he learned nothing from his ordeal, Driver blackmails Cha again for 2 million dollars, and I think he died of a lack of that specific amount in his former life. Driver gets his money and flees abroad as promised, but as a parting gift, he tells Yool-seong that Sara is digging into him.


A paranoid Yool-seong bugs Sara’s room and his mom’s office, but thanks to Ki-joon’s timely bug sweeper gift, Sara is able to detect the bugs before she slips up. Sara informs Chairwoman Cha about the bug, and next thing you know, Cha is confronting her son and dishing out slaps. Earlier on, Sara bugged Yool-seong’s office for the inevitable showdown between mother and son. But since we’re in an episode of botched Spy Kids, the bug is discovered before Yool-seong can implicate himself as the mastermind behind Sara’s mom’s death. K-drama lesson 101: never plant a bug under a flowerpot when you have a violent mother-in-law who can use anything as a weapon.


Now that Yool-seong and Chairwoman Cha know that Sara tried to come in between them, they plan to beat her at her own game. But speaking of beating at a game, Driver loses a whooping 1.3 million dollars at a casino, and continues his unbeaten streak of being the most stupid character in this show. Thanks to Korea’s strict anti-gambling laws, the prosecution is hot on Driver’s trail, and they link the 2 million dollar transfer in his account to Chayul.


Knowing that Yool-seong and Chairwoman Cha are on to her, Sara puts an end to the show by calling the cops on them. Yool-seong is arrested for instigating his mistress’s murder, but he calmly throws his mom under the bus for being the mastermind. LMAO! I swear, classy Chairwoman Cha sitting in a cell is a sight for sore eyes. Yool-seong further pins Sara’s mom’s death on Cha because someone has to be on the outside to help mommy dearest with her trial and work on the Chayul law school project. It’s all for the good of the family, right? Looool.

Yool-seong sounds so convincing, and Chairwoman Cha reels from the emotional shock of going down for her son’s crime to actualize her lifelong dream of building Chayul town via the law school project. But Yool-seong has no plans of helping his mom with her trial, so he announces that Chayul will cut all ties with the chairwoman. Same script he played with his assemblyman father-in-law! Never change, Yool-seong, never change.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/03/queen-of-divorce-episodes-11-12-final/


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6 Moments In Episodes 11-12 Of “Queen Of Divorce” That Made The Ending Satisfying

Mar 13, 2024
by javeria

Last week, episodes 11 and 12 of “Queen of Divorce” aired, concluding the show. Regardless of the drama, viewers always wish for certain aspects to be different, and “Queen of Divorce” is no exception. However, instead of focusing on what could have been, here’s a look at six moments that tied the story together, providing a satisfying ending.

Dong Ki Joon and Sara Kim


Considering the genre of “Queen of Divorce” and the poster featuring Dong Ki Joon (Kang Ki Young) and Sara Kim (Lee Ji Ah), both made it evident that these two characters were destined to be together. Despite that, seeing Sara Kim and Ki Joon finally get their happy ending was satisfying.

Sure, life is never perfect. Ki Joon and Sara Kim will face problems in the future. But knowing their history and how they have yearned for each other throughout the years is proof that despite everything, at the end of the day, they will have each other and be fine.

Dong Ki Joon and Noh Seo Yun


When getting together with a new man, single mothers often worry about how well their child is going to adjust. Also, consider the fact that Chairwoman Cha already tried to fill Noh Seo Yun’s (Jung Min Joon’s) heart with hatred for his mother by saying that she abandoned him for another man. In the last episode, we learned that Seo Yun cut the photo of him and his mother because he felt abandoned. So it was quite natural for Sara Kim to be scared of telling him about her relationship with Ki Joon. In fact, Seo Yun is one of the reasons why in the earlier episodes she rejected Ki Joon’s advances.

However, the first time Seo Yun and Ki Joon meet, it’s evident that they are going to get along well. A young boy like Seo Yun, who has rarely received any positive attention from his father, and an affectionate and kind man like Ki Joon would make a really good father-son pair.

Kwon Dae Gi and Kang Bom

Unlike Ki Joon and Sara Kim, Kwon Dae Gi (Lee Tae Gu) and Kang Bom’s (Seo Hye Won’s) romantic relationship was not implied from the beginning. Instead, it slowly built up, and we got hints about their eventual romantic ending. The audience would have definitely liked it better if there were more romantic scenes between the pair. However, seeing them getting married on screen was a well-deserved ending.

Noh Yul Sung’s and Sara Kim’s relationships with people

One noticeable detail, added intentionally or unintentionally, was how the people around Sara Kim and Noh Yul Sung (Oh Min Suk) helped them reach their final ending. Due to the nature of these relationships, the result was completely opposite.

To explain further, we saw Park Jong Il (Nam Jin Bok), originally an ally of Noh Yul Sung, and Park Na Yeon (Seo Yoon Ah) sitting in CEO Son Jang Mi’s (Kim Sun Young’s) restaurant. And this is the exact conversation that gave Sara Kim the evidence to take down Yul Sung.

Na Yeon is the woman whom Sara Kim helped in episode 1, returning Sara Kim’s kindness. On the other hand, Jong Il, who was on Noh Yul Sung’s side, unknowingly became the catalyst for his demise.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1647936wpp/6-moments-in-episodes-11-12-of-queen-of-divorce-that-made-the-ending-satisfying

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Top 5 K-Dramas On Viki In March

Mar 29, 2024
by S Kim

The air is definitely getting warmer, and looks like spring is finally here! While waiting for the flowers to bloom, check out these top 5 Viki K-dramas that will also warm your hearts like the coming spring.

In no particular order.


Queen of Divorce

5 Major Revelations In Episodes 9 And 10 Of

“Queen of Divorce” follows the story of Sara Kim (Lee Ji Ah), Korea’s greatest divorce problem solver, and eccentric lawyer Dong Ki Joon (Kang Ki Young) as they fearlessly bring justice to “bad spouses” with their solutions.



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