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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] The Youth Memories / Where Dreams Begin

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Credit: Tencent



Title :  The Youth Memories

Also Known As :  Where Dreams Begin

Director : Fu Ning

Screenwriter: Xu Bing, Zhou He Yang
Producer: Yang Xiao Pei, Cao Xue Feng (曹雪峰), Huang Jie (黄杰), Li Li Ming, Ma Jun, Zhao Xiao Bo, Ren Qiang, Chen Yao (陈瑶), Zhu Kai

Genres : Romance, Life, Youth

Episodes : 38

Broadcast network: CCTV, Tencent
Broadcast period: 2023-Jun-01 to 2023-Jun-18




Main Cast
Xiao Zhan as Xiao Chunsheng
Li Qin as Tong Xiaomei
Ai Meng (艾檬) as young Tong Xiaomei
Liu Rui Lin as Ye Guohua
Cao Fei Ran as He Hongling
Zhao Xin as Ye Fang
Cui Hang as Chen Hongjun

Supporting Cast


Zhang Ling Xin as Xiao Yanqiu
Lu Nuo as Qi Tian
Liu Jia as Mother Ye
Wu Gang as Xiao Yanpei
You Xian Chao as Guo Heizi
Gao Yuan as Zhao Xiaohui
Wu Yue Yang (吴岳阳) as Xiao Liu
Xue Wei (薛伟) as Xiang Dong
Li Dong Hao (李东浩) as Qi Zi
Cui Zi Hao (崔自豪) as Ping Gai
Gao Dong Ping as Liang Dong
Liu Xiao Na (刘小娜) as Mother Tong
Mu Li Yan as Mother He
Wang Gang as Father Ye
Cheng Cong (程聪) as young Father Ye
Wang Ya Jun as Mother Chen
Zhang Hao Yue as Li Shangyou
Tang Xin Chen (唐鑫辰) as Lao Si
Zeng Hong Sheng as Father Tong
Liu Chao as Duan Lei
Li Fei Yang as Qian A'mao
Tang Zhen Chao as Meng Jinzhu
Wang Lu as Platoon Leader Guo
Yuan Shuai as Li Dongzheng
Bai Wei as Zhan Jun
Jia Yu Meng as Team Leader Huang
Wan Yu Han (万雨涵) as Chen Can
Xian Li (弦莉) as Hao Mengmeng
Chen Man Yuan (陈曼媛) as Cui Lili
Feng Li as Factory Chief Liu
Sun De Yuan as Xiang Nan
Qian Bo as Jin Huailiang
Shi Peng (师鹏) as Jia Hui
Huang Shuo Wen as Jia Tao
Zhao Kai (赵凯) as Lao Guan
Wang Xin Feng (王鑫峰) as Tian Gua
Li Xue Song (李雪松) as Da Yong
Ji Peng as Xiao Qi
Bian Yi Ming as Chen Tao
Chen Zhi Yu (陈志宇) as Xiao Guo
Dong Rui Rui as Liu Chun
Lian Yi Ming as Team Leader Gao
Liu Jian Guo (刘建国) as Lao Song
Ma He as Xia Ming
Liu Huan as Brother Huan
Zhang Xi Lin as Chief Ma
Qiao Da Wei as Chief Qiao
Li Si Shan (李嗣嶦) as Librarian Li
Zhou Xiao Li as Team Leader Xue
Li Xiao Hong as Chen Tao's mother
Yan Shi Kui as Assistant Chief Xu
Zheng Qing Wen as Gu Lin
Pu Sha Sha (浦莎莎) as Yuan Fang
Zhang Xi Qian as Grandpa Chen
Yang Nian Sheng as Grandpa Liu
Zhao Gui Xiang as Grandpa Ge
Cheng Guo Dong as Grandpa Cheng
Tian Mu Tong as Lian Fang
Wang Kai as Xiong Jun
Sun Shuai Hang as Chief Qin
Li Jin Zhe as Zheng Bin
Wang Yi Sheng as Tang Fei
Shi Yun Guang (史云光) as Teacher Fan
Xia Wei Guo (夏卫国) as Director Wang
Song Chu Yan as Doctor Song
Wang Gang as Doctor Wang
Bao Dan as Doctor Bao
Li Mu Zi as Doctor Li
Zhang Hao Tian as Doctor Zhang
Wang Zi Han as Doctor Wang
Tian Jing Feng as Doctor Chen
Xuan Yi as Head Nurse Li
Luo Yu Tian as Nurse Li
Chen Bao Zhu as Nurse Jiang
Wang Dan Ni as Nurse Feng
Zhu Li (朱莉) as Nurse Wang
Ji Yuan (纪原) as Uncle Li
Yan Jun (闫军) as Uncle Liu
Yu Qing Hui as Uncle Niu
Ding Yong (丁勇) as Da Liu
Zhang Bo (张波) as Lao Wu
Wang Su Qing (王素清) as Sister Hong
Tian Jin Rui (田锦瑞) as Quan Zi
He Xuan (鹤轩) as Monitor Zhao
Wang Qin Yu (王钦妤) as Teacher Chen
Zhang Kun (张坤) as Manager Xu
Guo Jin Lu as Xiao Beibei
Jia Xiao Han as Qi Miao
Ma Xin Yue (马心悦) as infant Qi Miao
Song Zhao Dong (宋照东) as Jie Fang
Han Wen Xuan (韩文轩) as Xiao Bao
Kai Tian Ce (开天策) as Hei Dou
Zhang Xi (张玺) as Cao Biao
Zhang Shi Yong (张世勇) as Lao Lin
Li Shu Ping (李书萍) as Lao Cai
Shi Li Jie as Secretary Ye
Wang Guang Wei (王广蔚) as Team Leader Tao
Wang Pei Zhi (王培芝) as Bing Dao Wang




Set in Beijing in the 1970s, this drama tells an inspirational story of how a group of young people grew up, chased their dreams and struggled in their life. (source: WeTv)




Don't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately. Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam. Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, etc. should be reported to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.  PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!


For any Issues and Abuse
Please report to @SC2019

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama] The Youth Memories / Where Dreams Begin, premiered June 1, starring Xiao Zhan & Li Qin

I dont understand why the book was banned. Although I don know if all western books were

banned during the Cultural Revolution. :unsure:


The library scene was the  perfect start to the first episode. 








The skating scene between XCS and HHL was so beautiful. ( ep 2)

So, many problems because of the hat...   :D ep 2.




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Im not sure who the narrator is...  :unsure:


ep 3

The love triangle.. XCS, Honglin and Guohua....

I dont like it when HL told GH that she wanted to skate..  she did it to make XCS jealous... 







Hongjun and Feng...   a new couple.. ?  liked their quiet interaction about HJ's glasses. 



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The hand cream..I like the packaging ...  :D



ep 4

Chunsheng is so honest with HL and he explained his family situation to her.

I think she loves him too, but again she made tricks about the tickets for the movie '' The Flower Girl''.

GH is sensible and the friendship between him and XCS is so strong. 


I like the bookmark CS made for Tong. That was nice.



My fav scene is when XCS talks about the library girl. Im glad Tong heard it .  






Tong is a smart and strong girl.

During that conversation she quietly accepted that XCS had a crush on the other girl, and

CS was a little confused.  ep 5



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Chunsheng is always kind and polite but he can also be so cold-blooded.



QiTian was arrested for smuggling...I assume Mr. Li set it up. 

GH is so persistent in trying to get HL to join the army. 



like XCS in that blue striped t-shirt...


Chunsheng, pull yourself together...   :rolleyes:

Only Tong told XCS that he still couldnt join the army.

GH is a little annoying with the obsessive love for HL.

XCS and Tong are the only ones who are sincere and selfless.  ep 8




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It was a successful plan...:D




Finally more scenes between XCS and Xiaomei...  I liked the scene in the restaurant. 

Xiaomei put a piece of meat on CS' plate. He was a little surprised. 


HL is very ambitious and she uses GH and every opportunity she gets. 



Xiao Zhan during Where Dreams Begin wrap up dinner : r/XiaoZhanWorld



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ep 12


QiTian is a good guy. I think he already likes Yanqji. 







Tong read CS' letters with quiet enjoyment. 

Im glad she saw the bookmark on Chunsheng's desk. 



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I like how their (Tian and Yanqui) relationship develops slowly and naturally. 

They shared lunch in the courtyard of the factory, then he gave her his earned money and finally he

settled the matter with the factory director and the wages for the workers.  :approves:





Every time I feel sorry for Chunsheng when HL doesnt want to introduce him as her boyfriend. 

Although I understand why she cant do that.   



The competition for the Elite Squad...

Lei and CS shared first place and QA was second. I laughed at how surprised everyone was.  :D

Meng was third. He was disappointed. 


However, GH didnt include the five- kilometer race in the competition, even though XCS requested it. 

But, Lei and XCS raced privately and Chunsheng won. 




He was so proud....:wub:









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Finally everyone showed their true colors. 

GH is a coward and he should have told the truth right away on the train when the soldiers

called him a hero.

Fang is the only one who doubts that her brother is a hero.



Love the egg scene..  :wub:






those  were such  emotional scenes...  



Everything during the train scene between XCS and Xiaomei was perfect...


-the way he looked at her when he saw her approaching,

-the silence while they ate the oranges with their heads down, and

- then his soft cry...

Xiaomei - '' You are a true hero''....Finally CS heard those words.



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Xiaomei is such a strong FL.  

First, she tightly protected the electromagnet box and then she tightly held XCS and protected him.  ep 24









The ''Titanic'' scene...  



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I liked how XCS was a little insecure and innocent when he was around Xiaomei.  

I smiled because of that scenes. 

The confession was a bit clumsy but honest.   :D





New Poster..   :fullofhearts:






Liked the whispering scene in the restaurant....ep 24



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nice illustrations...   




that was so funny...  I only noticed later that Xiaomei pushed that thug away...    :hwaiting:




The beautiful train scene... :wub:



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I laughed a lot when Chunsheng dropped the bags on the floor and then he saluted

when Xiaomei's father welcomed him.   :lol:





Yep, Chunsheng is a natural leader..    






so lively scene..   



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Finally, XCS found out that XM is the library girl...   0:58...the smile...  :wub:


The re-enactment event...



I absolutely love all their talks...  



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some sweet scenes for the smart couple...  :fullofhearts:



The Caption is beautiful...    :D




XCS and XM, fighting...    :hwaiting:


3 hours ago, Don Yu said:

Hey, which episodes are Li Qin Awesome/very good acting in? Please let me know.

The FL has more scenes from ep 18 onwards.


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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] The Youth Memories / Where Dreams Begin

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