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&&two Graphics...


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Long time no see! :)

-___-"...just got lectured by step brother on how it was disrspectful not to pick up the cards the my little nephew threw everywhere. I was going to pick them up. After my homework. I guess I prioritize finishing what I start first. I don't like making people disappointed...feels like sh!t. But anyways....

Here they are.





Credits;;Stock photos, err, different sites for textures XD...

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Guest MiSs L.E

i love the feeling when i look at the day dreaming one.. so soft and beautiful~

and i agree with kath! the fairytale one is so interesting and i love the pictures you used!

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Ooh. Beautiful graphics! I love the first one. And the 2nd one is so unique. :] I remember youu! I don`t think you remember me. hahaa. :ph34r: I randomly commented your threads here & there longgg time ago. x]

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