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[Drama 2023] Live Your Own Life/Hyo Shim’s Independent Life, 효심이네


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Live Your Own Life: Episodes 50-51 (Final/Drama Highlights)

by Unit

In our final week, the Lee family rallies round their patron saint of self-sacrifice as she recovers from her donor surgery. And now that their dad has shamelessly accepted Hyo-shim’s liver, the family cuts him out of their life for good. Hyo-shim eventually crumbles under the weight of her self-sacrificing ways, and disappears from the hospital. Tae-ho tracks her down to Jeju Island, and she apologizes for choosing her family over him. That’s fine with Tae-ho, as long as they can get married now. But when he wakes up the next morning, Hyo-shim has disappeared again! She leaves a letter behind stating that she doesn’t have the confidence to build a family of her own, and she’s leaving to find out for herself what true independence means. After 50 episodes! But better late than never, I guess. Ironically, Hyo-shim’s disappearance kinda proves her father right. To gain independence from the Lee family, you have to ghost them! Lol.

Time skip to a year later, and Hyo-joon has passed his bar exams and opened a law firm with Mi-rim. But Mi-rim finally lands a role in a drama, and Hyo-joon becomes manager/babysitter/cheerleading husband. Ga-on’s dad meets a nice widowed PD in the course of managing Ga-on’s singing career, and there’s prospects for a second chance at love for them. Tae-ho finds Hyo-shim thanks to a random TV program, and he drives all the way to Busan for another tearful reunion. Tae-hee and Hyo-do briefly reunite during Tae-ho and Hyo-shim’s wedding preparations, and they mend fences and play catch up. Tae-hee flew in from Paris where she’s learning how to make pastries, and Hyo-do has transitioned from jobless bum to owning two chicken restaurants — which I still find very unbelievable, by the way. Almost as unbelievable as the success of Hyo-shim’s mom’s cafe.


Checking in with the Taesan folks, Sook-hyang and Mr. Yeom are sentenced to 15 and 20 years in prison respectively. Chairman Kang is released after a year, and Tae-min comes to pick him up. I love that their father-son bond did not change. Tae-min becomes the new chairman of Taesan Group, and this is his own happily ever after. As for Hyo-shim and Tae-ho, they finally get married and jet off to England for the next two years. Yes. We had another two-year time skip, and during this period, Hyo-do somehow went to Paris, presumably to be with Tae-hee. By the time Hyo-shim returns to Korea, she’s the proud owner of a Master’s degree in Sports Marketing, and the expectant mom of twins! It’s a happy family reunion for everyone, and they all live happily ever after. The end.



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I was expecting HS to skip town again after TH found her. But then they would have to extend it. I am used to kumbaya endings so this ending is fine, nothing surprising. They cannot seem to avoid the ‘blood’ is not always your family as in the landlady’s case in the midst of ‘it’s family’. Why not?

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Top 5 K-Dramas On Viki In March

Mar 29, 2024
by S Kim

The air is definitely getting warmer, and looks like spring is finally here! While waiting for the flowers to bloom, check out these top 5 Viki K-dramas that will also warm your hearts like the coming spring.

In no particular order.


Live Your Own Life

Ha Jun And Uee Go On A Cute Ice Skating Date In

“Live Your Own Life” is a drama starring Uee as Lee Hyo Shim, a warmhearted personal trainer and self-sacrificing daughter who has always put her family’s needs before her own—until she finally makes up her mind to break free from her leech-like family and pursue her own happiness. Ha Jun stars as Kang Tae Ho, the director of the planning division of a conglomerate group, while Go Joo Won plays his cousin and ultimate rival Kang Tae Min.



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