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[Drama 2023] EVILLIVE/Biography of a Villain, 악인전기


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by Lily Alice, November 7, 2023
ENA's Evilive scored 1.38% for episode 8, a decent improvement from episode 7's rating of 0.96%. The K-drama now enters its finale week. 

When and where to watch the K-drama Evilive?

Episode 9 of Evilive will air on November 12 (Sunday). The K-drama is not streaming on any global OTT platform. 



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Evilive: Episodes 7-8

by solstices

It’s time for our morally questionable duo to take their enemies down, but the scoundrels won’t go down without a fight. Faced with pressure from all sides and a desperate desire to come out on top, our anti-hero is beginning to realize that he has to be evil to live.



If Dong-soo dipped his toes into evil last week, then this week he’s taken the plunge. Consumed by grief and possessed by rage, Dong-soo pummels one of the arsonist gang’s lackeys, throttling him till he’s gasping for air. Then he shoves him into a pool, staring unflinchingly at the sinking man while Do-young smirks. Just as I think the lackey’s a goner, Dong-soo orders the gang to haul him up, and Do-young orders the wheezing man to round up everyone involved in the arson.

Do-young’s strategy is to divide and conquer, and his men stage a takeover of Shinnam Ferry’s delivery trucks. When morning dawns, CEO Kim’s illegally smuggled goods are strewn all over the street, right on the doorstep of Chairman Moon’s law firm. CEO Kim is taken in for questioning, and Dong-soo marches the arsonist gangsters into the police station to confess their crimes. Dressed in a spiffy new suit courtesy of Do-young, ace attorney Dong-soo nudges CEO Kim towards exposing Chairman Moon’s role in the arson.

Before he can be implicated any more, Chairman Moon washes his hands of CEO Kim. Under the false pretense of transferring CEO Kim out of jail and into the hospital, Chairman Moon has the remaining smuggled goods sold off at half price — this way, CEO Kim will go down for attempting to tamper with evidence, and he can get rid of him.


Dong-soo figures this out and goes to warn CEO Kim, conveniently catching a murderous gangster in the act. For all his fruit knife-wielding bravado, Dong-soo is sorely overpowered, and he almost gets choked to death until Do-young saves him in the nick of time. Dong-soo may have needed rescuing, but Do-young’s impressed by his willingness to brandish a weapon.

Stinging from the betrayal, CEO Kim exposes Chairman Moon’s fiery instigation, and the reporters have a field day with his crimes. The incident that etched Dong-soo’s name onto Chairman Moon’s blacklist is brought back into the public eye, and it turns out Dong-soo was a whistleblower for Chairman Moon’s illicit lover, who had been instructed to embezzle company money for Chairman Moon’s political funds. Dong-soo finally gets his rightful recognition, with the media championing him as an exemplar of justice. Bolstered by the public validation, he even dares to defy Do-young’s orders — asserting that he knows better with regards to the virtual casino’s operations — much to Do-young’s ire.

Unfortunately, our hero’s victory doesn’t last long — Chairman Moon weasels out of prison, leveraging upon his extensive connections to rise above the law. When Je-yi’s body washes ashore, smart cop Chul-jin starts to link Dong-soo to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the Yoosung gang, closing in on his connection to Do-young. Then Chairman Moon counterattacks by smearing Dong-soo’s name through the mud yet again, and it’s the last straw. Dong-soo approaches Do-young with a proposal: get rid of Chairman Moon once and for all.


Except it turns out that Chairman Moon has made Do-young the exact same offer, wanting to eliminate the Dong-soo-shaped thorn in his side. Claiming he can’t choose no matter how he racks his brains, Do-young locks them both in a cargo container. Two men, one knife. Only one can survive — and it’s Dong-soo who emerges victorious, with blood on his hands and determination in his gaze.



more https://www.dramabeans.com/2023/11/evilive-episodes-7-8/

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Here are ratings for Episode's 9 and 10! *The last episodes.* :).


“Twinkling Watermelon” Continues Tight Ratings Battle With “The Matchmakers” Ahead Of Finale

“Twinkling Watermelon” Continues Tight Ratings Battle With “The Matchmakers” Ahead Of Finale


The fierce battle for ratings continues among Monday evening dramas!


ENA’s “Evillive” came to a quiet close, earning an average nationwide rating of 1.4 percent for its finale. With its final episode, the drama enjoyed a jump in ratings from the second to last episode’s score of 0.7 percent.



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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2023] EVILLIVE/Biography of a Villain, 악인전기
by Lily Alice, November 14, 2023

ENA's Evilive concluded with a nationwide viewership of 1.41%. The K-drama commenced with a rating of 0.28%, its lowest of all time. The second episode scored 0.94%, seeing a significant improvement. However, the third episode's rating fell to 0.85%, preceded by the K-drama's highest rating of 1.66% for episode 4. 

Throughout its run, Monday episodes of the K-drama scored higher viewership than the Sunday episodes. 




When and where to watch the K-drama Evilive?

Evilive is not available to stream on any global OTT platform

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Evilive: Episodes 9-10 (Final)

by solstices


Our anti-hero is past the point of no return, doubling down on his convictions in order to justify his descent into darkness. Alas, evil comes at a cost, and it’s time for him to pay the price.



With Chairman Moon missing and CEO Kim behind bars, Do-young is officially inaugurated as the new president of Shinnam Ferry. Loyal sidekick Oh-jae shows a rare moment of concern for Dong-soo, to which Do-young points out that apart from a rare handful of exceptions, most people tend to change after their first kill.

As usual, Do-young is right. Tormented by nightmares of Mom’s death and Chairman Moon’s murder, Dong-soo ends up throwing out his old legal books. All that talk of justice and morality only serves to reinforce his hypocrisy. To Do-young, Dong-soo confesses that he once thought Chairman Moon was the problem, but now he realizes it was him all along — trying to stay righteous and ethical in a corrupt world only brought him misfortune and suffering. Now, he’s sick of living like that.


Dong-soo is officially a changed man, and the newfound assurance in his gaze reflects the worth he now sees in himself. Per Do-young’s instructions, Dong-soo opens a law firm to represent the gamers who lost money to the online casino. It’s basically a follow-up scam, but Dong-soo lies to Beom-jae that he’s wrapped up the business with Do-young.

Of course, he hasn’t — he plans to get his fair share from the casino business, given that it was originally his idea. Dong-soo contacts a rival gang leader to get rid of Do-young, but Do-young instantly finds out about the covert meeting, having put a tail on Dong-soo.

In return, Dong-soo finds himself uninvited from a VIP event he organized, and at the same time, the police get a tip-off. They head straight for Beom-jae’s house — and there, they find Chairman Moon’s corpse. Realizing Dong-soo murdered Chairman Moon, Beom-jae resolves to take the fall. All this while, Beom-jae has been carrying the guilt of introducing Dong-soo and Do-young to each other, and he feels like everything is his fault.


At a loss, Dong-soo approaches Chul-jin for help. Coming clean about his and Beom-jae’s involvement in Do-young’s previous murders, Dong-soo admits that he killed Chairman Moon under Do-young’s coercion. Before he turns himself in, he wants Chul-jin to apprehend Do-young first — and he can do that using the corpse at the bottom of Do-young’s backyard pond. Claiming that Do-young plans to move the body that night, Dong-soo convinces Chul-jin to catch him red-handed.

Meanwhile, Do-young orders Oh-jae to get rid of the rival gang members they’ve been using — but the ambush fails, an entire car crashes on top of Do-young’s gang, and the rival gang leader finishes Oh-jae off.


Do-young’s call to Oh-jae goes unanswered, and he realizes things have gone awry just in time to fend off the masked attackers lying in wait within his house. Do-young puts up a good fight despite being outnumbered, but that’s exactly when Chul-jin walks in on him.

The slew of dead bodies are enough to charge Do-young with murder, and Chul-jin calls for backup — but that’s when one last gangster emerges from the woodwork and fatally stabs Chul-jin. Realizing they’ve both been played by Dong-soo, Do-young makes a hasty escape right as the police cars pull up.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2023/11/evilive-episodes-9-10-final

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