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[Drama 2023] EVILLIVE/Biography of a Villain, 악인전기


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12+ K-Dramas To Look Forward To In October

Oct 6, 2023
by D. Kim

Get ready, K-drama fans—a big month is ahead! Several highly anticipated dramas are hitting the air in October.

Here are dramas to look out for this month:




Cast: Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Young Kwang, Shin Jae Ha, etc.

Premiere Date: October 14

Broadcast Details: Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 p.m. KST on ENA

“Evilive” is a noir drama that tells the story of a poor lawyer who meets an absolute villain and transforms into an elite villain. Shin Ha Kyun plays Han Dong Soo, a poor lawyer who crosses the line and becomes evil, Kim Young Kwang stars as Seo Do Young, the No. 2 man of a gang, and Shin Jae Ha plays Han Dong Soo’s half-brother Han Beom Jae.




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by Lily Alice, October 10, 2023
9 4


Genie TV's upcoming original series Evilive is a noir crime drama that tells the story of a lawyer who turns into a villain after meeting a wicked criminal.  

In EviliveShin Ha Kyun takes on the role of Han Dong Soo, a lawyer who makes a living by working at the detention center. Actor Kim Young Kwang portrays Seo Do Young, the second-in-command of a criminal organization. 

The tempestuous tale of Evilive unfolds when Han Dong Soo receives an irresistible offer from Seo Do Young, who is now imprisoned.

The stills depict the beginning of the dangerous relationship between Han Dong Soo and Seo Do Young. The two lock eyes, engaging in a tension-filled battle of wits. Han Dong Soo maintains a stoic expression, suppressing his emotions in response to Seo Do Young's words. In contrast, Seo Do Young wears an inscrutable expression, displaying a relaxed attitude, adding to the subtle tension in their first meeting. 







Their confrontation with each other in prison is a crucial scene. Han Dong Soo finds himself strangely provoked by Seo Do Young's actions as he grapples with the absolute villain. Meanwhile, Seo Do Young feels a peculiar sense of kinship and interest in Han Dong Soo, who has walked a different path from elite lawyers. As this encounter becomes a pivotal moment where Han Dong Soo crosses a line he should not, it sparks curiosity about the proposals and dialogues exchanged between them.

The production team of Evilive stated, "Starting with their first encounter in prison, the dangerous and complex relationship between Han Dong Soo and Seo Do Young will intensify the tension in the drama. The power and synergy of the two actors, Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Young Kwang, were extraordinary".

Evilive premieres on October 14. 





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Premiere Watch: Evilive

by missvictrix


Time slot: Saturday-Sunday
Broadcaster: ENA
Genre: Crime, noir, thriller
Episode count: 10

Reasons to watch: ENA and Genie TV bring their A-game to the Saturday-Sunday slot with dark noir Evilive and a super duper exciting lineup of Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-ha. Yeah, I wish this was a slice-of-life healing drama instead, but we have to take what we get: Kim Young-kwang is a powerful crime boss about to be released from prison, and Shin Ha-kyun is a lawyer who gets pulled into his web. Don’t let that sexy gaze fool you: the premise is based on evil and villainy — and the drama’s promotions have crafted a pitch-perfect taste of what that’s going to look like. Don’t say they didn’t warn you.


TL;DR: Sexy-but-terribly-evil Kim Young-kwang brings Shin Ha-kyun to the dark side



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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2023] EVILLIVE/Biography of a Villain, 악인전기- Shin ha Kyung, Kim Young Kwang, Shin Jae Ha- Sat&Sun@22:30KST


“Evilive” Announces Change In Broadcast Schedule

Oct 18, 2023
by S. Kim

ENA’s new drama “Evilive” will now air on Sundays and Mondays!

On October 18, ENA announced, “We changed the broadcasting schedule of ‘Evilive,’ which has been receiving reviews as a well-made crime noir [drama] with a well-harmonized storyline, production, and acting after the first and second episodes, by taking into consideration various viewing patterns in order to reach more viewers. We will try to captivate the hearts of each and every viewer by attempting a new pattern of a Sunday-Monday drama, which intends to accompany [viewers] at the end and beginning of the week.”

“Evilive” is a noir drama that tells the story of a poor lawyer who meets an absolute villain and transforms into an elite villain. Director Kim Jung Min who helmed the dramas “Bad Guys” and “Remarriage & Desires” is in charge of production. Shin Ha Kyun plays the role of Han Dong Soo, a poor lawyer who crosses the line and becomes evil, Kim Young Kwang stars as Seo Do Young, a former baseball player and the No. 2 man of a gang, and Shin Jae Ha plays Han Dong Soo’s half-brother Han Beom Jae, who becomes embroiled in an incident along with his older brother Dong Soo.

Starting with episode 3 on October 22, ENA’s “Evilive” will air every Sunday and Monday at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned



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Evilive: Episodes 1-2

by quirkycase

Who’s ready for villain curious Shin Ha-kyun, villain extraordinaire Kim Young-kwang, and spunky in-over-his-head Shin Jae-ha? When a down on his luck lawyer meets a ruthless gangster offering a large sum of money for a shady job, it leads him down a darker path than he’d bargained for. But it might just save his family. All he has to do is leave his conscience at the door.



While I was excited by the cast and promises of noir, I wasn’t sure if this would be another run-of-the-mill crime drama, so my hopes weren’t too high. However, I ended up pleasantly surprised with a drama that might just bring something unique to the table. It’s part crime thriller and part character study, as a desperate man’s descent into darkness is facilitated by someone already in the depths. This first week gives us a good sense of our characters and their motivations, making it much easier to feel invested in where the story is headed. The pace felt just right, letting us get acquainted without rushing but still maintaining a steady sense of tension. Given the short episode count, I’m crossing my fingers it will maintain quality all the way through.

The premiere episode drops us right into the action. HAN DONG-SOO (Shin Ha-kyun) and HAN BEOM-JAE (Shin Jae-ha) sneak around a house and slip through a door, narrowing avoiding being spotted. A woman enters the hallway and isn’t so lucky. A man walks up and shoots her multiple times. She dies on the floor near where Dong-soo and Beom-jae lie hiding under the bed.


After that intense opening, we jump back to see how they got themselves in that little predicament. Dong-soo is a disgraced lawyer with a lot on his plate. He’s just started working again after a three-year probation he got for having a conscience; rich, powerful bosses don’t like when you confront them about bad behavior, apparently. Now Dong-soo is so desperate for clients, he goes traveling around to prisons pitching his services to inmates like a salesman. Even so he’s barely getting by, and as the main breadwinner for his family, that’s bad news for everyone.

His mother (Gil Hae-yeon) has Alzheimer’s and can no longer recognize him, although she still remembers Beom-jae, her husband’s mistress’s son whom she raised. Despite their struggles, the family seems happy and loving. Dong-joo and his wife JUNG HYE-YOUNG (Choi Jung-in) adore Beom-jae’s daughter MIN-HEE and pitch in to help take care of her.

The brothers are close, and Beom-jae even helps Dong-soo source new clients, although his information isn’t always reliable. But this time, he swears, he’s got a good one. A rich gangster high up in the Yoosung gang got wind of Dong-soo through prison gossip and has requested his services. Dong-soo is hesitant since the gangster already has a powerful law firm (his old employer) representing him, and he’s only weeks away from finishing out his drunk driving sentence. Still, Dong-soo can’t pass up work.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2023/10/evilive-episodes-1-2/

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by Lily Alice, October 24, 2023
4 9


The ENA drama Evilive scored an average nationwide rating of 0.85% for episode 3 on October 22. The K-drama premiered with a viewership of 0.28% for episode 1 and climbed to 0.94% for episode 2. Evilive is struggling to increase its viewership numbers, but since it is only in its second week of airing, it is too quick to predict how the upcoming episodes will perform. 




When and where to watch the K-drama Evilive?

Episode 4 of Evilive will air on October 23 (Monday). The K-drama is not streaming on any global OTT platform. 





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Evilive: Episodes 3-4

by quirkycase


It’s not so easy convincing a murderous gangster to let you roam freely once you know all his business. Our lawyer quickly finds the only way to keep himself and his family alive is to make himself useful; however, that means diving further into the criminal underworld than he’d like. Meanwhile, said murderous gangster isn’t happy with his homecoming and starts whipping his gang into shape.




While I was hoping this week would dig into Dong-soo’s descent into eeevil, he only takes baby steps to the dark side. He spends most of the time trying to find a way out of his predicament without getting killed. I guess you don’t just go from conscientious lawyer to gangster’s right-hand man overnight. Although, Do-young’s carrot-and-stick approach is proving pretty effective at getting Dong-soo to cross those ethical lines.

Rewinding slightly, we see that Do-young didn’t get stabbed in prison; he managed to catch the blade with his hand before it went into his gut. Hence his ability to go on a shooting rampage after taking a breather. Now, after killing Je-yi, it’s time to take care of her co-conspirator who helpfully shows up to celebrate Do-young’s supposed death. Do-young pulls Dong-soo and Beom-jae out from under the bed and has them watch while he casually shoots the traitor dead.

Dong-soo knows what comes next and quickly proves his worth by convincing Do-young to let them live – they aren’t a danger if Do-young makes them his accomplices. Next thing you know, Dong-soo and Beom-jae are disposing of bodies and cleaning up bloodstains while Do-young goes out and creates an alibi at Dong-soo’s direction.


Beom-jae could barely keep it together while they were at Je-yi’s house, but later it’s Dong-soo who has the crisis of conscience. He goes so far as to make a trip to the police station with video evidence, but right when he’s about to go in, Do-young calls to say he’s with Min-hee. With his family’s safety on the line, Dong-soo instead gives the evidence to Do-young who has declared himself Dong-soo’s newest “friend.” Dong-soo isn’t keen on friendship with a side of terror, but you don’t tell someone like Do-young you don’t want to be his friend.

While Do-young has fun cleaning house (i.e., getting rid of the traitors) and being generally menacing, Dong-soo and Beom-jae come up with a plan. A bad plan. Dong-soo will agree to work with Do-young on the condition he’s allowed access to his full business operations. He and Beom-jae can then find and anonymously report Do-young’s illegal gambling den.

The first part goes well. Do-young agrees to let Dong-soo in on his full operation – Dong-soo argues it’s necessary to know what’s going on behind the scenes if he’s going to keep Do-young out of trouble – and sets him up for a trip to the remote island where his gambling den is. Beom-jae follows Dong-soo via a tracker, and after he confirms the location, calls in an anonymous tip. Dong-soo acts way too shifty on the island, but he does manage to get out while the raid is going on.

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the plan doesn’t go as expected. Even after the raid, there’s no news of the gambling den or any arrests. Then, Dong-soo gets the dreaded call from his new pal Do-young. Dong-soo and Beom-jae are brought to the punishment warehouse. Because Do-young isn’t stupid, he assumes they had something to do with the report. The price for that, apparently, is slicing off fingers. Beom-jae’s, specifically. Before he can bring the blade all the way down, Dong-soo grabs it with his bare hands.

In a bout of desperate bravery, Dong-soo berates Do-young for his gangster ways. He’s no businessman if the best he can do is chop people’s fingers off after he loses money. He needs to run a real business like online gambling – it’s more lucrative and less susceptible to raids. While Do-young mulls that over, his minions bring in the man who reported the gambling den. It turns out the brothers weren’t the only ones who leaked the location that day.

However, Do-young suspects his boss of masterminding the report, especially when the boss uses the snafu to scold Do-young for being off his game and takes him off the gambling enterprise. This gives Do-young more reason to consider Dong-soo’s online gambling idea. He digs deeper into Dong-soo’s background and reckons he can stoke Dong-soo’s sense of injustice at his probation and dangle revenge against Chairman Moon (the rich boss who fired him and got his license suspended) to get him to agree to setup the operation.



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The warm visuals are a bonus, Shin Jae-ha... Camera ON/OFF mode charm





Shin Jae-ha’s filming site for ‘Biography of a Bad Man’ was revealed.


A behind-the-scenes cut of Shin Jae-ha, who is continuing his breathtaking development as Han Beom-jae, the half-brother of Han Dong-soo (played by Shin Ha-gyun), who entered the world of evil, and who helps him in the Genie TV original drama 'Biography of the Wicked', which aired on the 29th. It attracts attention.




‘Bad Person Biography’ side, “Shin Ha-kyun’s darkening accelerates, the 6th episode unfolds.”







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Here are ratings for Episode's 5 and 6! :).



“The Matchmakers” Premieres To No. 1 Ratings

“The Matchmakers” Premieres To No. 1 Ratings

Finally, ENA’s “Evilive,” which changed its broadcasting schedule from Saturday-Sunday to Sunday-Monday starting from October 22, aired its sixth episode last night and garnered an average nationwide rating of 1.3 percent. This is a 0.3 percent increase from its previous episode’s rating of 1.0 percent.



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The ENA drama Evilive scored 0.95% for episode 5, dropping from its highest rating of 1.66%. Evilive is halfway through its run. Hopefully, the drama will garner better domestic ratings with upcoming episodes. 




When and where to watch the K-drama Evilive?

Episode 6 of Evilive will air on October 30 (Monday). The K-drama is currently not streaming on any global OTT platform. 



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Evilive: Episodes 5-6

by solstices

Our evil-not-evil protagonist spearheads a lucrative venture for the newly-minted big boss, dipping his toes into uncharted waters that may yield as much risk as reward. While their schemes may yield immeasurable profit, bartering one’s morals away may eventually incur an unforeseen cost.




In the wake of Dong-soo’s successful trial, Do-young follows up with another tempting offer. Set up the online casino for him, and Dong-soo will receive enough to clear his family’s entire debt. It’s too good of a deal to refuse. Pairing up with a programmer ex-client of Dong-soo’s, Beom-jae draws up a plan, though he’s not without his reservations. Still, he can’t say no to his hyung.

In contrast, Dong-soo gives his sales pitch with a touch less desperation than he is wont to display in front of his prison clients, and his newfound self-assurance satisfies Do-young. In accordance with Dong-soo’s suggestions, the gang sets up a PC bang for virtual hwatu card games. By farming game currency through pilfered personal accounts and reselling them to casino users at a premium, they’re all set to capitalize on the accessible and addictive nature of online gambling.


In the midst of all this, however, there’s discontent brewing in Do-young’s gang. The former number two is bitter that Do-young had him replaced with the brand-new right-hand man KWON OH-JAE (Bae Nara, yay!!), and the green-eyed monster of jealousy has him ratting out Do-young’s machinations. Namely, the scheme that restrained Attorney Moon from his trial and framed him for a crime.

I have to admit my attention span wanes terribly once the grumpy old men start twiddling thumbs and talking politics, so here’s the gist: Chairman Moon is less than enthused by his son’s wayward behavior, especially since the party has just replaced Attorney Moon with the rival candidate Park Chung-ho. Also, since baddies of a feather flock together, Chairman Moon is in cahoots with the Shinnam Ferry CEO — and gambling house owner — KIM JAE-YEOL (Joo Jin-mo), who’s incurred Do-young’s ire by being a condescending, betraying prick. Do-young can’t wait to oust CEO Kim with his virtual casino, while also asserting the Yoosung gang’s turf to their rivals.


It’s opening day, and our masterminds gather round the main computers to monitor the situation. Except the server goes unresponsive for a few torturous moments, sending shivers of nervous anxiety down our brothers’ spines. Do-young glares. Dong-soo gulps. Then the phone calls start flooding in. Turns out the server crashed from the massive influx of users — in other words, the casino is a massive success!

There’s just one last thing Dong-soo needs to guarantee — the ability to get off scot-free in the event of a crackdown. Never fear, because Dong-soo’s exploited every advantage of the online servers. The gang wipes the evidence clean in five minutes flat, leaving the cops dumbfounded and empty-handed.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2023/10/evilive-episodes-5-6/

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by Lily Alice, November 1, 2023

The ENA crime drama Evilive achieved 1.27%(nationwide) and 1.31% (metropolitan) for episode 6, rising from its previous episode's nationwide rating of 0.95%. Evilive has four more episodes left in its run. Hopefully, the K-drama's viewership will improve with upcoming episodes. 




When and where to watch the K-drama Evilive?

Episode 7 of Evilive will air on November 5 (Sunday). The K-drama is not streaming on any global OTT platform. 



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'Biography of a Bad Man' Shin Ha-kyun, stained with evil, his eyes have changed.






In ‘Biography of a Wicked Man’, actor Shin Ha-kyun runs for revenge. On the 4th, Genie TV’s original drama ‘Bad Person Biography’ released stills. The latest episode of ‘Biography of a Villain’ showed Han Dong-soo (played by Shin Ha-gyun) transformed into a villain. Dongsu, who had been living a life of goodness, crossed the line by pressing the ‘switch of evil’.

Dongsu tried to live a good and normal life, but various situations made him evil. Seo Do-young (played by Kim Young-kwang) unleashed Dong-su's suppressed desire for revenge, and his mother's death became an opportunity for change. Dongsu decided to take revenge on those who caused his mother's death and trampled on and ignored him. The sight of Dong-su taking off his awkward-looking glasses and resuming smoking cigarettes that he had quit for several years made me look forward to his change.

In the still cut from episode 7, Dongsu's eyes are a mixture of anger and sadness. He was then captured strangling someone and punching in anger. Little by little, he has revealed his suppressed desires and is now committing violence without hesitation.


The production team of ‘Biography of a Villain’ said, “The second act of Dong-su, who became a villain, begins. “After going through a series of events, Dong-su’s darkening has accelerated, and Dong-su, who has come to see reality from a different perspective than before, seeks to work with Do-young,” he said. “Shin Ha-gyun will bring out Dong-su’s evil side and show an even more intense performance.” Is expected. “Please look forward to episode 7 when we will see how Dong-su, who was a lawyer for a living, turned into an elite villain,” he said.


Episode 7 of ‘Biography of the Wicked’ will be released on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA at 10 PM on the 5th.




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Here are ratings for Episode's 7 and 8! :).


“Twinkling Watermelon” And “The Matchmakers” Continue Fierce Ratings Battle

“Twinkling Watermelon” And “The Matchmakers” Continue Fierce Ratings Battle


ENA’s “Evilive,” which changed its broadcasting schedule from Saturday-Sunday to Sunday-Monday starting from October 22, garnered an average nationwide rating of 1.4 percent, also seeing a slight increase from its previous episode’s score of 1.3 percent.



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by Lily Alice, November 6, 2023
The ENA crime drama Evilive scored 0.96% for episode 7, a slight decline from its previous episode's viewership of 1.27%. The Sunday episodes of the K-drama usually score lower than the Monday episodes. Evilive is currently in its penultimate week. 

When and where to watch the K-drama Evilive?

Episode 8 of Evilive will air on November 6 (Monday). The K-drama is currently not streaming on any global OTT platform. 



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