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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 5 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes...Drunk acting and the scent of ginseng filling the air on set = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis

2024/04/20 10:42comment
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 5 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes...Drunk acting and the scent of ginseng filling the air on set = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 5 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes...Drunk acting and the scent of ginseng filling the air on set = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis
*Contains plot and spoilers.

Korean drama "Doctor Slump" spoilers plot, cast, viewership, relationship chart, impressions

*Wowkorea page has a making-of video.

Video from 2:16 to 5:03.
This time, it continues from the outdoor scene.
Daesung continues to act as if he is opening the lid with all his might. Filming continues after that. Jungwoo and Bada come and gather around the table. They toast together. After the afternoon filming is over, everyone takes a commemorative photo. Then, after dark, filming resumes again. Jang Hye-jin acts drunk and Park Hyung- sik laughs when the cut is called. They discuss how to use the ginseng prop before filming. Looking at Daesung's appearance, Jang Hye-jin says, "He looks like Pirates of the Caribbean." Park Shin-hye also says, "Johnny Depp." Bada and Daesung act drunk and laugh when the cut is called. "It's just ginseng, but the scent is so strong," says Park Shin-hye. Hyun Bonsik then said, "I smell too." He laughed and said, "Bongsik, you definitely smell." Then, the last scene to be shot was the one where Jungwoo answers the phone, and the day's filming was over.

Next was the scene with Ha-neul and Jungwoo.
It was a scene at a bar, and Park Hyungsik was told that it had changed from the previous scene, and he frantically searched for it, saying, "What's changed!?" but couldn't figure it out. However, when he was shown a photo of the previous scene, he seemed to realize, "Ah! It's true." Then, Park Hyungsik and Park Shin Hye rehearsed their lines together. It was an important scene where Jungwoo confesses his feelings.

●Reactions from Korean netizens●
"I can't stop laughing"
"Good at drunk acting"
"Taesung's character is the best"
"His mother is impressive"

●Synopsis● Episode 5 of
" Doctor Slump " (viewership rating 3.7%) depicted Ha-neul (Park Shin Hye) and Jungwoo (Park Hyungsik) as they began to realize that their feelings for each other had changed.

 When Ha-neul met Jung-woo at Hwa-bong, she realized that her feelings had changed and said, "To be honest, I was a little nervous." Jung-woo was also happy to hear that Ha-neul's blind date didn't go well. The two were confused by the sudden emotions that had blossomed, saying, "We've been... recently... why?"

 Ha-neul wondered, "How did you really get here?" and was surprised by his answer, "Well, I thought you'd come crying when you came home." Jung-woo was so flustered that he couldn't answer Ha-neul's question, "But why did you come to pick me up? Is it possible for even friends to come all the way here?" He looked at a tourist pamphlet at the station and made a string of excuses, saying, "I came to sightsee. It's true that I was worried about you, but I came all the way to Seoul Station, so I came to eat some delicious food and sightsee." Ha-neul went for a bike ride with Jung-woo and muttered to herself, "I would have been nervous without even knowing that we were here to sightsee."

The making of "Dr. Slump"



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Actress Park Shin Hye's official schedule for June 2024

- SBS drama shooting [ The Judge From Hell ]
- shooting commercials



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Guess the K-Drama!


Hello future/ budding Sherlocks and Poirots!  :heythere:


Get ready to put on your thinking caps for we, the EO Team is back with a new event!  :yay:


Guess the K-dramas from their brief plot outlines and find out how well you know your K-dramas! Are you just one step away from being the next 'Walking K-Drama Encyclopedia! :coolshades:



re: Your friendly neighbourhood EO Team


@confusedheart @partyon @agenth and @Sleepy Owl

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I promised to at least express myself whenever I was hurt or offended. I know it won't change anything, but I thought I'd express myself for my own sake. ~ Doctor Slump EP 16Image



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Park Shin-Hye’s Fashion As Nam Ha-Neul In The K-Drama ‘Doctor Slump’ Episodes 1-4

updated 3 months ago6.2kViews


‘Doctor Slump’ is dominating in the ratings game as the show, led by Park Shin-Hye and Park Hyung-Sik, masterfully navigates the enemies-to-lovers trope. The JTBC K-drama is halfway into its 16-episode run, and fans can’t wait to see more of the main leads’ adorable bickering as they head towards a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, fashionistas can’t get enough of Park Shin-Hye‘s outfits as she showcases her effortlessly gorgeous style. Here’s a rundown of some of her best ensembles from episodes 1 to 4.


Park Shin-Hye’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Doctor Slump’ Episodes 1-4


Look #1

Shin-Hye is casually cozy in a light gray zip-up sweatshirt from Lookast


Better Zip-Up Sweatshirt


  1. Better Zip-Up Sweatshirt


Look #2

She’s comfy yet polished in a soft green knit vest by Joy Gryson worn over a white button-down shirt and paired with chocolate brown trousers. 


Side Strap Knit Vest


  1. Side Strap Knit Vest



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아마도 하늘이랑 정우 마지막씬 찍었던 날... 인가🤔🤔
촬영 끝나고 노을밑에서 찰칵찰칵


"Probably filmed the last scene with Ha Neul and Jeong Woo. The day...is it? After filming, took a quick snap under the sunset."










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