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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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I want to try it once 🙈💘


The two from a Korean drama spending a romantic time together on a rooftop at night.

◆ Doctor Slump





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2024.05.28 16:00

Park Shin Hye finishes Asia tour... "Meeting is a miracle"

Park Shin Hye


[What is the point of this article?]

◆ Park Shin Hye successfully completed her Asia tour

◆ At the event, Park Shin Hye communicated with fans by singing the OST from her starring drama and answering their stories.

After finishing her Asia tour, Park Shin Hye said, "I'm truly grateful. I want everyone to be happy."



[Korean Entertainment News]


Park Shin Hye has happily concluded her 2024 Asia Tour "Memory of Angel".


Park Shin Hye's "2024 Asia Tour - Memory of Angel", which kicked off in Seoul last year, was held in four locations in total, including Bangkok, Taipei, and Tokyo.


Park Shin Hye appeared on stage after greeting the audience in various languages, and took fans on a fun journey through time, talking about her filmography, including her debut film, "Stairway to Heaven," "You're Beautiful," "The Heirs," "Pinocchio," and "Dr. Slump." In between talks about her filmography, she sang the drama OSTs live with her band, adding to the meaning behind the talk.

Not only that, Park Shin Hye also read the pre-prepared messages from fans, empathized deeply with them, gave sincere replies, and even made eye contact with fans sitting in the audience, communicating with them in a more personal way.


In the second half of the fan meeting, she performed singer Choi Yuri's "Forest" and DO's "Miracle" as songs she wanted to share with her fans. When asked why she chose these songs, she said, "The moment I heard these songs, I thought of our fans. I think there are times in our lives when we feel tired and exhausted, but at times like those, I prepared this song with the feeling that I want to become your forest, just like the lyrics of the song."


She also said, "It's a miracle that I've been loved by everyone since my face became known to this day. I prepared this song because I thought that meeting my fans was not a coincidence, but a fateful, miraculous encounter," and heated up the audience.


Finally, Park Shin Hye concluded the 2024 Asia Tour by saying, "It's really sad that time is passing. I'll try my best to make this feeling of nostalgia come true as soon as possible." She continued, "I'm so grateful and happy to be able to meet you all like this," and "I'm truly grateful to all of you who always give me your generous support and love. I hope you'll all be as happy as I am," expressing her love for her fans, filling the venue with emotion.



Park Shin Hye
A report from Park Shin Hye's first fan meeting in Japan in about 5 years!



Photo courtesy of SALT Entertainment

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<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 4 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... Everyone gathers in front of the rooftop, Jang Hye-jin grills meat = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis

2024/04/19 11:17comment
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 4 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... Everyone gathers in front of the rooftop, Jang Hye-jin grills meat = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 4 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... Everyone gathers in front of the rooftop, Jang Hye-jin grills meat = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis

*Contains plot and spoilers.

Korean drama "Doctor Slump" spoilers, cast, viewership, relationship chart, impressions

*Wowkorea page has a making-of video.

From the beginning of the video to 2:16.
This time, the two are shooting outdoors. Park Shin Hye
is checking the movement line in front of the rooftop . Jang Hye Jin, who plays the mother, also appears. And Yoon Sang Hyun, who plays the younger brother Bada, and others are also gathered. Daesung also has ginseng. For natural acting, a puche is also prepared. The younger brother says, "Mom grills meat, Daesung brings ginseng, and sister waters the cabbage. Don't do weird things." Daesung can't open the ginseng lid, so Jung Woo opens the lid. When the cut is called, laughter breaks out, and Park Hyung Sik is praised by everyone, saying, "He's a talented man after all." When the rehearsal is over and they are about to start shooting, the director checks, "Is Daesung tired?" It looks like he used force to open the lid.


 ●Reactions of Korean netizens

 "Everyone looks like they're having fun" 

"The lid won't open" 

"I can't stop watching the making of" 

"I'm looking forward to it" 


●Synopsis● Episode 4 of " Doctor Slump " (viewership rating 6.7%) depicted Jung-woo (Park Hyung-sik) who misunderstood that he was Ha-neul's (Park Shin-hye) first love.  Wol-sung (Jang Hye-jin) thought that Ha-neul had gone to Sokcho alone and panicked, "What if she has bad thoughts?" At that time, when Ha-neul returned with Jung-woo, Bada (Yoon Sang-hyun) was surprised and asked, "You two went to Sokcho together?" Hong-ran (Gong Sung-ha) pointed at Jung-woo and said, "So this is your first love who moved to the rooftop?"  Jung-woo was surprised and asked, "Am I your first love?" and Ha-neul waved her hand and said, "No, no." Ha-Neul firmly tells Hong-Ran and her family, "I'm not your first love, I'm just a friend. What's on the news isn't everything, the case has not yet come to an end, and most importantly, I'll handle it myself. I can decide whether or not he's someone I can be friends with."  However, Jung-Woo, who doesn't know this, misunderstands and says, "Something's gotten weird in the atmosphere. We were just enemies... Am I really Ha-Neul's first love?"



The making of "Dr. Slump"







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Park Shin-hye, "I'm thankful and happy to be able to meet my fans"
A happy ending to the 2024 Asia Tour!

2024 Asia Tour ‘Memory of Angel’ successfully completed! 'Bangkok → Tokyo'
- “Thank you for always giving me your generous support and love” Thoughts on the 2024 Asia Tour

[Photo: Salt Entertainment]





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