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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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“Very exciting and thoughtful”: Doctor Slump


This review contains minor spoilers.


Written by Baek Seon-woo and directed by Oh Hyun-jong (The One and Only) Netflix’s latest sensation, Doctor Slump (닥터슬럼프) has captivated audiences with its mix of medical drama and fun enemies-to-lovers storyline.


Starring Park Shin-hye as Nam Ha-neul and Park Hyung-sik  as Yeo Jeong-woo, the South Korean romantic comedy has received a warm reception on Netflix and topped the streamer’s non-English language TV shows for several consecutive weeks. It also achieved a 7.5/10 rating on IMDb , which has earned it a large following.


Like most K-dramas, Doctor Slump has a total of 16 episodes, lasting approximately 50 minutes.

The plot of Doctor Slump

Doctor Slump delves into the lives of Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo, two bold and highly competitive doctors, as they struggle with delicate professional and personal tribulations. They have been rivals for as long as they can remember, but when fate reunites them several years after the academy, their feelings begin to transform.


Overall, Doctor Slump goes back and forth between the past and present to show how the peculiar relationship between Yeo Jeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul came about. Specifically, the medical drama explores the outstanding student stage of the protagonists and the current stage of their lives.

In high school, Yeo Jeong-woo was the top student in his class by a wide margin. However, his comfortable routine changes when the brilliant Nam Ha-neul moves to Seoul and joins his academic group.


Since “there can’t be two suns in the sky”, the youngsters, almost immediately, become bitter rivals who constantly compete to be the best student in the school and even in the nation.



In the present, both protagonists are established in their health careers and each is at a heavy crossroads. Nam Ha-neul, “The pride of Busan”, is an accomplished anesthesiologist and does only two things on a daily basis: studying and working inordinately hard at a prestigious hospital.

Soon, Nam Ha-neul has to deal with an existential crisis and an acute depressive condition resulting from job burnout and abusive treatment by her superiors.

Meanwhile, Yeo Jeong-woo leads a life of luxury and comfort, he has become an acclaimed doctor and has his own plastic surgery clinic. However, his world goes into a tailspin when he is involved in a botched operation and is accused of negligence, and perhaps even murder.

Beset by sharp public scrutiny and nearly bankrupt, Yeo Jeong-woo finds it necessary to move into a modest annex, located just above Nam Ha-neul’s house. To their surprise, and after 14 years of estrangement, their paths cross randomly, just at the most challenging and bitter moments of their lives.

From enemies to lovers

20240523-Picture-Credits-IMDb-Doctor-SluNetflix’s Doctor Slump is the perfect fiction for fans of classic tropes such as “enemies to lovers”, “forced proximity”, “roommates” and “love that transcends all obstacles”. In the tradition of Korean romance stories, Doctor Slump is at its best when it explores the line between hate and love.

As the plot progresses we witness the beautiful reconnection and transformation between the protagonists from school rivals to neighbors, friends, and eventually lovers. Little by little, the former contenders realize that there is much more to each other than meets the eye.

Forced to share living quarters, they begin to discover each other, to respect each other and to feel mutual admiration and approval. Of course, it is not a bed of roses.

In this sense, the conversion from enemies to lovers blossoms slowly on the screen and this is appreciated. Rather than making use of outlandish gestures, screenwriter Baek Seon-woo (My Roommate Is a Gumiho), ensures that the show is replete with small moments of connection that make Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo more receptive to each other; when romantic attraction finally emerges, it feels genuine and deserved thanks to the story’s escalating progression.

The cast

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about Doctor Slump is the actors, who give us a lot of funny, dramatic and endearing scenes. Although some performances may stand out more than others, it is fair to say that the South Korean series has a skilled and charismatic main cast.

At a glance, it’s easy to see that Park Hyung-shik and Park Shin-hye are at ease with each other and excel both as juvenile rivals and as adults in love; not surprisingly, the fiery chemistry between the leads keeps viewers hooked and wanting more.

Throughout the series, Nam Ha-neul’s family plays a decisively important role. Kong Wol-seon (Jang Hye-jin), the attentive and meddlesome mother; Kong Tae-seon (Hyun Bong-sik), the doting uncle; and Nam Ba Da (Yoon Sang-hyeon), the lazy brother, each and every one is there through thick and thin and make it clear that the bonds between them are unbreakable.

In Doctor Slump, the family dynamic feels quite organic and the actors are especially adept at combining camaraderie, warmth and comedy. As a viewer, you want to go on the journey with these likable characters because it’s so easy to tune in and empathize with them.


Netflix’s Doctor Slump skillfully and tenderly conveys the idea that things won’t always be rosy and that setbacks are a natural part of life. Unlike other medical shows that focus on patient care, Doctor Slump underscores the fact that medical personnel are also vulnerable, imperfect and susceptible to pain.

Beyond the conventional romantic narrative, Doctor Slump tackles sensitive issues such as the mental health of doctors and healthcare workers in general, the impact of overweening ambition, toxic workplace culture, and the weight of personal and family expectations.

At its core, the Korean drama reminds us that life doesn’t always go according to plan and that that’s perfectly fine. It also invites us to reconnect with our inner child and enjoy the little things that may seem silly at first glance, but are actually moments worth cherishing.

Will there be a second season of Dr. Slump?

A second season has not yet been announced. However, given the favorable statistics of the first season (television audiences, IMDb ratings, and critical acclaim), a second season could be on the horizon.

Our verdict

If you like Korean series and medical fiction, Doctor Slump might be just the content you are looking for.


Honestly, it’s not a series without slips. But the combination of medical drama, slow-burn romance, goofy comedy and even the presence of a murder mystery make it a very exciting and thoughtful choice.


While it’s hard to avoid the feeling that Doctor Slump could have ha fewer episodes (12 episodes would have been perfect), the show does manage to maintain the light humor, energy and doses of hope all the way to the end.


Whether it’s the simplicity of its premise, the charisma of its cast, the filming locations, the meditations on mental health, or the light-hearted tone, add Doctor Slump to your list of Korean series streaming on Netflix.


Images: JTBC / IMDb





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[Park Shin-hye]
Nam Ha-neul, Alabyu so anesthesia ♥


2024.03.18. 18:45  5,619 reads

In those days under the wide open window
, the girl we liked, Sky




Even while walking down the street



Even if both hands are injured

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The story of Dr. Slump during a recent interview (Interview date: March 24)


Q2. What was the most difficult time during filming?



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<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 3 Synopsis and Behind-the-scenes Story... They hug each other as cherry blossoms fall, and laugh out loud with cherry blossom petals on their faces = Behind-the-scenes story and synopsis

2024/04/18 08:24comment
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 3 Synopsis and Behind-the-scenes Story... They hug each other as cherry blossoms fall, and laugh out loud with cherry blossom petals on their faces = Behind-the-scenes story and synopsis
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 3 Synopsis and Behind-the-scenes Story... They hug each other as cherry blossoms fall, and laugh out loud with cherry blossom petals on their faces = Behind-the-scenes story and synopsis
*Contains plot and spoilers.

Korean drama "Doctor Slump" spoilers, cast, viewership, relationships, impressions

*Wowkorea page has a making-of video.

Video from 4:17 to the end.
This time, the two are shooting outdoors.
The director explains Jungwoo's feelings, and he understands, "Oh, it feels like Ha-neul is pretending to cry." Then the shooting begins. "What, why are you crying? It's my turn to flick you next. Hey, Ha-neul," Jungwoo is confused. Then the cut is made and Park Hyung-sik smiles . And the director explains the next scene. This is the scene where Ha-neul, who was crying, smiles. "When you cry, it makes me want to cry too. I want to cry too!!" Jungwoo shouts. During the break in filming, Park Hyung Sik said with a laugh, "It's easier to create emotions with Shin Hye. I've done a lot of scenes where I hold back my feelings and shed tears, but this is the first time I've had a scene where I explode." Then came the scene where the two embrace. When the cut was called and they separated, the two looked at each other and burst out laughing. There were cherry blossom petals on each other's faces. Park Hyung Sik had a petal on his lip. After that, they filmed another scene of them embracing each other as the cherry blossoms fluttered down.

●Reactions of Korean netizens●
"Beautiful cherry blossom scene"
"Park Shin Hye's tears"
"Professionalism is visible"
"Filming looks fun"
"Park Hyung Sik is cheerful"

●Synopsis● Episode 3 of
" Doctor Slump " (viewership rating 5.1%) depicted Jung Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye) feeling regret after waking up from their drunkenness.

 "I wanted to make sure we never get involved for the rest of our lives," said Jungwoo, remembering the time when he and Ha-Neul competed in their school days. He recalled the night before when they drank together and cried in each other's arms. "This is bad, this is bad," he said in pain.

 Ha-Neul, too, was flustered as the memory of the night before came back to her and tried to avoid Jungwoo. "I drank a little too much yesterday. You know that alcohol paralyzes the frontal lobe and makes it hard to make rational decisions, right?" she said, trying to explain herself. Jungwoo agreed, saying, "I know that. It wasn't our fault yesterday. It was my frontal lobe that was at fault." She held out her hand, saying, "From now on, we'll control our frontal lobes better, be careful about drinking, and not touch each other. I promise!" Jungwoo tried to put his hand on hers

 as he said, "Yes, I promise," but Jungwoo pulled his hand away, saying, "We agreed not to touch." The two awkwardly said, "Get out of here," and showed signs of being overly conscious of each other, saying, "Then get out of here too."

The making of "Dr. Slump"


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On 3/4/2023 at 1:35 PM, larus said:
by lo_ve, November 30, 2022
91 80


"The Heirs" actors Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik are in talks to reunite in a new medical K-drama.

On November 30th, media outlet Ten Asia shared that Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik will pair up for the upcoming medical K-drama titled "Doctor Slump" (literal translation). 

Both of their agencies responded to the casting reports. According to Park Shin Hye's agency Salt Entertainment, the actress is positively considering the casting offer. Park Hyung Sik's side also commented and revealed that the idol actor is also reviewing the k-drama positively. 

"Doctor Slump" is a romantic comedy series that will tell the stories of doctors who are currently experiencing slumps. The K-drama will showcase how they will resuscitate and return to their lives. 

Park Shin Hye received the offer to play the role of Nam Ha Neul. Park Hyung Sik got the offer to star as Yeo Jeong Woo. 

If ever Park Hyung Sik decided to star in the series, this will be his first ever doctor character since his debut. Meanwhile, this will be the second time that Park Shin Hye will star in a medical series.

There are no official details yet on the broadcast date of "Doctor Slump."




If Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik confirm their casting, this will be their reunion after 10 years. The two worked together as classmates in the 2013 hit series "The Heirs." 

This will possibly be the comeback of Park Shin Hye in the K-drama world after getting married and giving birth. She last starred in the 2021 K-drama "Sisyphus: The Myth." 2022 was a remarkable year for the actress as she got married in January and gave birth to her first son in May. 

Meanwhile, if Park Hyung Sik confirms his casting, this will be his second upcoming k-drama. He will also lead the upcoming series "Youth, Climb the Barrier" with Jeon So Nee, Yoon Jong Seok, Pyo Ye Jin, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Jung Shi Woo. He last starred in the 2022 Disney+ series "Soundtrack #1." 






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Park Hyungsik from Doctor Slump music team's IG at Ryeowook's wedding today. Hyungsik said that ost. are so good. 








cr:  the owners

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