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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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Beyond the Low | Korean handsome man Park Hyung-sik appears on the digital cover of Vogue Man Hong Kong holding Montblanc items to share his wise outlook on life

Popular Korean sportsman Park Hyung-sik exudes masculine charm in every move and every move he makes. He recently appeared on the digital cover of Vogue Man Hong Kong with long hair! Show off your cool side with a range of Montblanc fashion items .


22 MAY 2024




This time on the digital cover of Vogue Man Hong Kong, he not only performs various handsome looks for us, but also wears various stylish styles from Montblanc, exuding fashionable charm! In the two covers, he is holding two leather capsules launched by Montblanc's Meisterstück series, paying tribute to Meisterstück, a writing cultural classic, and celebrating its centenary. By the way, this series draws inspiration from the design of classic fountain pens over the past hundred years, introducing new design details, such as coral color and the outline of the Mont Blanc mountain range, perfectly combining brand heritage with modern design, presenting the uniqueness of Meisterstück aesthetics.



Meisterstück Document Case, Montblanc. Shirt, trousers, tie, Fendi. Slip-on, Loro Piana.


Park Hyung-sik is very busy this year. After filming "Dr. Slump" at the beginning of the year, he has been holding many fan meetings non-stop while preparing for the upcoming filming of a new drama. "Dr. Slump" is about the reunion of two doctors who know the subtleties of life, and profiles the process of facing and overcoming low points: "When I saw the script of "Dr.Slump ", I discovered that many people in society have concerns about the workplace and life. Tired. Looking back at my school days, I was very interested in learning, but many students were distracted by academic problems and committed suicide. Therefore, I can also relate to the theme of low points in life, using a lighter comedy approach to deal with this heavy topic. The subject matter makes it easier for the audience to absorb and digest. The script reflects the screenwriter's concern for this social issue, and at the same time exudes warmth and brilliance. My character Jeong woo  has a positive personality and his conversation is full of humor, which makes it easy for me to get involved. After reading the script, I decided to participate in this series. When I first started shooting this series, I thought the scene would have a romantic comedy atmosphere. However, on the first day of filming, the atmosphere was a bit solemn and not like that. The dramas I usually shoot are particularly challenging in terms of expressing the emotions of the characters. Although it is difficult to perform, overall I also enjoyed the whole filming process. The weather was very hot when filming this drama. Wearing autumn clothes in the play made me feel a little stuffy."








Meisterstück Messenger, Montblanc. Striped cotton shirt, shirt, striped cotton trousers, Giorgio Armani.


Park Hyung Sik has excellent innate conditions and is often described by fans and the media as an almost perfect male god. In reality, he actually feels that he is just a very ordinary person. "I have always focused on work, and I also love eating and playing. I am usually very free-spirited, and like most people, I like sports and music. These hobbies are also very helpful to my career. My advantage is that I never The ability to dig into trivial matters prevents me from unnecessary worries and stress. This ability is very helpful for my career. My shortcoming is that I tend to procrastinate and always finish the work last, instead of finishing the work. The stall manager takes his time. Also, I am a forgetful person. I will remember what happened today and the details, but I may forget it a week later.”




Silk top, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

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Meisterstück Messenger, Montblanc. Blazer, trousers, Dior. Loafers, Bottega Veneta.


Being able to engage in work that you like and live a lifestyle of your own choice is an ideal life for many people. The ideal life in Park Hyung-sik's eyes also includes the tireless pursuit and study of oneself: "The ideal life is of course not just about having one's own interests and hobbies, but also about pursuing more meaningful things and missions. Some people can participate in the process of artistic creation. As long as the goal is achieved, it will bring real satisfaction. Different forms of art provide a platform for expressing and reflecting on one's own heart. The process of reaching a certain level of achievement in artistic creation is of course bumpy, but this journey can lead to success. I feel extremely satisfied. My life seems ordinary, but I can also find satisfaction through my hard work.”



Striped cotton shirt, leather tie, leather apron skirt, trousers, loafers, Bottega Veneta.



Meisterstück 100 Years Collection Mini Bag, Montblanc. Wool cardigan, top, trousers, Loro Piana.



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My love for you is so excessive and sparkling🥰


Jungwoo took out the ring..

"Be my family.. no, my lover.. my friend.. even my wife too..

I want you to be everyone in my life"  🩷🌸🩷





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The final appearance of the SLL booth at the 'Busan Content Market (BCM)'

held at BEXCO, Busan for 3 days from today 🎈


From the sight of BCM 2024 today.





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🚨 07 days 16 hours 16 minutes before the fan vote closes 🚨

Park Hyung-sik ♥ Park Shin-hye Current vote count: 1,051 votes
The goal is only 30,000 votes 💡

There are 28,949 votes left until the advertisement runs.
Even if you are in 3rd place, it will be difficult to proceed with advertising if you do not receive more than 30,000 votes 😭



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I don't have a girlfriend
My ideal type is someone with big eyes and long hair.
Thinks of me more than myself
that kind of person? (= Namhaneul) ^^ Don’t you have a girlfriend?







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Korean male god Park Hyung-sik | Both an idol and an actor, he exudes mature charm in a low-key manner

Do you know this Korean male god? He seems to be cold, but he has a contrasting cuteness in the Korean drama "The Heirs". Earlier, he starred with Park Shin Hye in "Dr. Slump" once again aroused the topic. Let's get to know this long-term man. Leg man!


22 MAY 2024



Starring in the Korean drama "Dr. Slump"

As an actor, Park Hyung-sik starred in "Dr. Slump", which was hailed as "the most anticipated Korean drama of the year" by Korean netizens. The story tells the story of Nam Ha-na (Park Shin-hye), an anesthesiologist who is known as a "genius" but overly exploited by medical professors. ) and plastic surgeon Yu Jung-woo (played by Park Hyung-sik) who was involved in a medical accident incident.


The two protagonists were once rivals in high school, but due to their respective experiences, they fell into a low point in life, resigned their positions as doctors, and unexpectedly became neighbors. A series of stories developed. Park Hyung-sik has always been very firm about acting . He believes that being an actor has no end point and no standard answer. It is enough to just continue to be yourself.



Photo courtesy of instagram @phs1116



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