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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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Park Hyung Sik appears in Oggi June issue! His holiday that captivates people all over the world is...




Park Hyung-sik will be the first guest on the irregular series ``Off-boyfriend,'' which will start in the June issue of Oggi, which will be released on April 26th. ``Off-Kare'' is an irregular series with a holiday theme. The portrait and interview filled with Hyunsik's charm are a must-see.




The first guest of the irregular series [Off-Kare], which takes pictures of Asian stars, is Park Hyung-sik!

Asian stars are taking the world by storm in movies, music, and sports. The irregular series ``Off-Kare'', which takes photos of these people on their ``holidays,'' will start in the June issue of ``Oggi'' (released April 26th).

The first guest is Park Hyung-sik, who played the role of Yeo Jung-woo in the worldwide hit drama "Doctor Slump" (currently available exclusively on Netflix). He is extremely popular as an actor and singer from South Korea, and his official Instagram has over 13 million followers! Park Hyung Sik, who is also known as the "Prince" due to his sweet mask and height of 183 cm, makes his first appearance on "Oggi".

A portrait that makes you feel like you're next to me...

The setting of the new shoot is ``a holiday where you stay at home and do whatever you want.'' It's been a long time since I finally got a day off after filming movies and dramas. I want to spend my time at home freely without making any plans today. Sleep without worrying about the time, eat whatever you want to your heart's content, immerse yourself in your favorite games... Park Hyung Sik enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of his day off while wearing casual outfits. It's a series that makes you feel like you're right next to me.


In my private life, I have a “non-dramatic” holiday! ?

Park Hyung-sik is from the same generation as the Oggi generation, who are working in their 30s. The interview also includes a message for readers. In addition, we take a close look at Park Hyung Sik's charms, such as how he spends his holidays and what he values in his work. Please take a look at Park Hyung Sik's "holiday" in the June issue of "Oggi", which will be released on April 26th.

We will also give away signed instax checks!

The web version of "Oggi", Oggi.jp, also has a giveaway project (scheduled to be released on April 26th) with an autographed check. In addition, a previously unreleased interview with Oggi will be published on sister media ``WEBDomani''. There is plenty of content to read, including episodes during filming, so be sure to check it out along with the magazine project!

Park Hyung Sik just opened his first official fan club in Japan last month. The fan meeting "PARK HYUNG SIK 2024 SIKcret JAPAN" will be held on April 27th, 28th (Osaka), and April 30th (Tokyo). This is also worth paying attention to.

Oggi June 2024 issue Oggi June issue will be released on April 26, 2024!

I also want to read it

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Park Hyeong-sik, excitement ❤️Purify your eyes in the morning with a heart~ (Departure) [News & TV


Actor Park Hyung-sik is leaving for Tokyo, Japan through Gimpo International Airport in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the morning of April 26th for an overseas fan meeting schedule.







copyrightⓒ Newsen.

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In the news

Park Hyung-sik ‘Handsomeness written in his palm’ [Photo & HD]

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[Gimpo Airport = Newsen Reporter Ji Soo-jin] Actor Park Hyung-sik (PARK HYUNG SIK) departed for Japan on the morning of April 26th to attend the Japan visit event commemorating the opening of the official Japanese fan club 'SIKcret JAPAN' via the international flight at Gimpo International Airport in Banghwa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. I'm doing it.
Ji Soo-jin sszz801@newsen.com



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LIFESTYLE interview


[Park Hyung Sik Interview] Interesting real face of the man loved all over the world

Park Hyung-sik leaning on the sofa


Popular Korean actor Park Hyung-sik appears for the first time in the June issue of sister publication Oggi! Oggi's unreleased interviews will be released all at once ♡ [Oggi/Domani linked project]


What is Park Hyung Sik's ideal day off?

The June issue of Oggi, which is currently on sale, features a special feature on Park Hyung-sik. He appeared as the memorable first guest of "Off-Kare," an irregular series that takes pictures of Asian stars who are active all over the world, with the theme of "holidays."

The theme of this shoot is ``Holidays spent staying at home and doing whatever you like.''
In this article, we will publish interviews that could not be published in the magazine!

--For the June issue of Oggi, we took photos with the theme of "holidays." What is your ideal schedule for holidays?

First, wake up early and do some light exercise. After that, I want to take golf lessons and have a delicious dinner while chatting with friends. When I get home, I sleep in a fluffy bed! If you can manage this schedule, it will be an ideal day. If you have a day off, I think you should make the most of it. But in reality, I end up lying in bed all the time (lol). (Editor: Do you spend a lot of time playing games?) Yes. I like to play around.

--How do you usually spend your short breaks between work?

When I'm filming a project, I can't get enough sleep. That's why I'm trying to rest as much as possible in my free time. However, if I find it really painful, I take precautions such as taking vitamin injections and just trying to get more sleep.

――You just finished your fan meeting in Japan for the first time in 7 years. How was it?

Time passed really quickly. I felt very sad and disappointed that it had to end like this. I could feel the regret from the fans as well, and I realized that we both felt the same way. I came to Japan for the first time in seven years, and I was truly grateful and moved by the fact that so many people took their precious time to fill the venue. There will be an event to commemorate the opening of the Japanese fan club in April. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to meet everyone again.

--Your fans were really looking forward to your first visit to Japan in seven years. Is there anything you always bring with you when you go abroad? For example, many people bring familiar foods with them, but did you bring anything from Korea?

(in fluent Japanese) Japan is fine! The food in Japan is so delicious that I don't really miss Korean food while I'm in Japan.

--That's right! What kind of food did you eat in Japan?

(in Japanese) Sukiyaki, yakiniku, bento, and teppanyaki.

--What was the most delicious?

(in Japanese) It's difficult because everything is delicious... (lol) But my favorite is Japanese ramen. There are many types such as tonkotsu, salt, miso, etc. I haven't been able to eat it yet during my stay, but my schedule finally ends today so I have to eat it! Also, the food at convenience stores in Japan is really delicious. The things I often buy are rice balls, cream bread, and ice cream! (smile


--The worldwide hit Netflix drama series "Doctor Slump" (currently distributed exclusively on Netflix) is also very popular in Japan. The role of Yeo Jeong Woo has a lot of charm, but was there anything in particular that you were conscious of while playing the role?

Is it popular in Japan too? really? (in Japanese) Good! I tried my best to portray Jung Woo as bright and positive. He is a person who is considerate and considerate of those around him, even when he himself is in a difficult situation. He tried to put his heart into it and convey it as much as possible. It must not be easy to have a mindset like Jung Woo. Even though I am in a very difficult situation, I think first about the people who were caught up in what happened to Haneul and Jungwoo. , I learned a lot through Jung Woo.


--Please tell us three key words that are essential for understanding Park Hyung-sik.

Three? I wonder what? What do you think it is? (Thinking for a while) Spicy food, ``Doctor Slump'', SIKcret (name of the fan club)!


--What is your favorite food?

I really like to eat, and I'm not picky, so most things are delicious. I can relieve stress by eating spicy food. It feels like going to a sauna because you can sweat and feel refreshed (lol). However, it doesn't necessarily have to be spicy, and I also love non-spicy foods.


--What do you want to achieve in your 30s and what are your future plans?

I haven't decided on any goals that I need to achieve, but now that my Japanese fan club has opened, I would like to continue to release albums in Japan, appear in dramas and movies, and be able to shoot films in Japan. I think it's nice. Also, I would like to appear in a great production in Korea and show everyone my wonderful side.


--When you feel down, how do you pick yourself up?

I don't tend to feel depressed to begin with, but if I do, I try to meet up with friends or avoid being alone. I think this is the most important thing. If you're alone when you're feeling down, you might end up thinking about more things and getting depressed, so meet up with friends to laugh and comfort you. But I'm generally very positive!




(Park Hyung-sik) / Born November 16, 1991. AB type. 183cm. An actor and singer from Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. His excellent performance as Yeo Jung Woo in the worldwide hit drama Netflix series ``Doctor Slump'' (currently available exclusively on Netflix) has become a hot topic. His official Instagram ( @phs1116 ) has over 13 million followers and is currently the most popular person.

Photography/YUJI TAKEUCHI (BALLPARK) Stylist/LEE YOON KYUNG & JUNG SOL LI Hair/LIM JUNG HO Makeup/LEE JI YOUNG Composition/Reina Sasaki, Akiko Okano


<Behind-the-scenes filming of him off-duty>
1: At the beginning of the interview, he greeted the editorial department by saying, ``Thank you for taking the time to interview me,'' and he politely bowed and said, ``Thank you very much to me.'' Mr. Hyungsik is polite and answers the questions.
2: When I was signing my signature on my instax, the staff applauded and said, ``Wow! That's a real signature!'' ``Your handwriting is so good!'' I said, ``I'm just writing my signature (lol).'' (In Japanese) Reaction It's the best I've ever had! Thank you," he said with a big smile. Such autographed instax photos are being given away at Oggi Official X!
3: During the filming, Hyunsik is a reliable and cute person who leads the shooting while enlivening it. When a wonderful cut was met with applause, they clapped along with me, and they got really excited about the prop game. I prepared Hyungsik's favorite food, pizza, as a photo prop, and when I handed him the box while he was standing by for the photo shoot, he got excited and said, "It's really pizza!" "It's delicious!" he said, taking a bite.


In the June issue of Oggi, you can enjoy beautiful photos that look like scenes from a movie. Please check it out in the magazine! For information on this magazine, check out the article on Oggi.jp.




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🌟 Are you looking forward to summer, sun and fun? 🌟

Then come and explore the world of drama, and its real-life locations. Click the link below to join the excitement now!

Let's dive in and solve the clues together! 🕵️♂️ 

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Park Hyeong-sik'Hand heart like a gift on a warm spring day' [Photo & HD]
  2024-04-26 19:35:09


[Gimpo Airport = Newsen Reporter Ji Soo-jin]

Actor Park Hyung-sik (PARK HYUNG SIK) departed for Japan on the morning of April 26th to attend the Japan visit event commemorating the opening of the official Japanese fan club 'SIKcret JAPAN' via the international flight at Gimpo International Airport in Banghwa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. I'm doing it.

copyrightⓒ Newsen. 




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