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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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Park Hyung-sik ‘Showing off his chic puppy charm’ [Photo & HD]

Article entered 2024.03.31. 10:14 PM Original text of article

[Incheon Airport (Yeongjongdo) = Newsen Reporter Ji Soo-jin]
Actor Park Hyeong-sik (PARKHYUNGSIK) was invited by the Dubai Tourism Board through Incheon Airport Terminal 1 in Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon on the afternoon of March 31st and went to Dubai for the 'Dubai Friends' global campaign filming schedule. I am leaving the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Slump, starring actors Park Hyeong-sik and Park Shin-hye, has become the world's most-watched content among non-English language series.
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 In the news

Park Shin-hye ‘Ball heart full of cuteness’ [Photo & HD]

Entered 2024.03.31. 10:55 PM
 Original text of article

[Incheon Airport (Yeongjongdo) = Newsen Reporter Ji Soo-jin]


Actors Park Hyung-sik (PARKHYUNGSIK) and Park Shin-hye (PARKSHINHYE) were invited by Dubai Tourism Board through Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal 1 in Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon on the afternoon of March 31 to participate in the 'Dubai Friends' global campaign. I am leaving for Dubai for a filming schedule.

Meanwhile, Dr. Slump, starring actors Park Hyeong-sik and Park Shin-hye, has become the world's most-watched content among non-English language series.




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Top10 miniseries ratings for 2024

1 #QueenofTears 20.732% 
2 #KnightFlower 18.4%
3 #MarryMyHusband 11.95%
4 #WonderfulWorld 11.4%
5 #FlexXCop 11% 
6 #DoctorSlump 8.173%
7 #CaptivatingTheKing 7.8%
8 #Hide 5.98%
9 #QueenofDivorce 5.8% 
10 #TheEscapeoftheseven 4.4%



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An interview with the beloved nobleman Park Hyung Sik that will make your pure heart burst

Netflix “Doctor Slump” explodes in popularity! We get closer to Park Hyung-sik, a super popular Korean star whose momentum continues to grow with the launch of his official Japanese fan club. Approaching the charm of 100% purity!


Park Hyung-sik captured the hearts of viewers in the Korean drama "Doctor Slump" currently available on Netflix. A ``romantic comedy'' with a beautiful look that looks like something out of a girls' manga, an outstanding style, 100% honest sensitivity and friendliness, a sudden expression of sadness, and a character that you can't help but love. It is no wonder that he is called "The Noble Prince of Japan".

He made his debut as a member of the male idol group ZE:A and is also an actor in ``Hwarang'', where he played the role of a lonely king's love, and ``Strong Woman Do Bong-soon'', where he played the role of an eccentric tsundere CEO. ” He demonstrated his ability. With a wide range of drawers ranging from "cool" to "cute" and a good personality that exudes grace, what makes a naturally "lovable" character that easily slips into people's hearts?


park hyung sik park hyung sik


Only when you love yourself can you be considerate of those around you.

――Your latest work ``Doctor Slump'' was a work that fully displayed Hyunsik's charm. How did you feel about playing the role of Yeo Jung Woo?

I think I was able to put in 100% of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to show. I think his personality probably fits well with the romantic comedy genre. Also, when I read the script, I felt that the scriptwriter had fully understood me before writing the script. It seems like he tried to bring out a lot of what I was good at and what I had. I believe that the synergistic effect of these factors brought about the character of Yeo Jung-woo.

--Wasn't there a lot of improvisation?

Yes, there were a lot. In terms of scenes from high school, the script only briefly says, ``Jung Woo collapses in shock after seeing his exam ranking.'' So, while talking with the director and trying out various things during rehearsals, I thought about how I could express that "shock" as much as possible. The expression on his face, the way he falls... I did a lot of ad-libbing to expand on those parts.

--I was laughing out loud while watching it (lol)

Good! (lol)



--While Jung Woo appears to be bright and positive, he actually hides emotional scars. His expressions not only in the funny parts, but also in the dark parts, were very impressive. Did he ever take this into consideration when acting?



I talked a lot with the director about that part. He seems to be living a cheerful and smooth life, but when he gets involved in a big incident, the serious side of him comes to the fore. In that case, I worried about whether the gap between light and shadow would become too large, and whether there was any middle ground, especially when it came to expressing slump states. At that time, the director said this. "The character Jung Woo is able to love and protect himself. He is also a stronger and more solid person than I imagined. So even when he is having a hard time, he doesn't show it to others, he puts other people first. I think he's a man with such great abilities. When I heard that, I wondered if there was such a person. But as I was playing Jung Woo, I realized that. On the surface, he is very cheerful and often plays around, but I think Jung-woo has a more mature and mature side than anyone else. I learned a lot from Jungwoo.

--When I was watching, I thought that Jeongwoo resembled Hyunsik a lot. You can love yourself and you can love others.

Thank you (teru). indeed. I personally think that ``loving yourself'' is very important. I believe that only when you can love yourself can you be considerate of those around you. I think we are similar in that way.

park hyung sik park hyung sik




I love challenges. I want to try everything

--This drama felt like a kind of "youth story" about hurt adults. Hyungsik, what do you think youth is like?

When it's okay to fail enough. I think that time when you can continue to take on challenges is called "youth."


Even now! (Laughs) It's youth!

--You're the type of person who isn't afraid of failure.

yes. I love challenges. I want to try everything. So, I really want to try food that I haven't eaten before, and when I see a country or place I've never been to, I get itchy both physically and mentally. I'm the type of person who doesn't just want to go, I want to explore such places.

――As expected, you seem to be similar to Jungwoo. Are there any other works that have been turning points in your acting career?

The basic premise is that I have love for all the works I have appeared in. On top of that, I think that ``Strong Woman Do Bong Soon'' was the turning point for the general public. Through this work, everyone has come to know about it. However, I personally think of it as ``Why are we family? Our love diary''. Although it is a long drama with a total of 53 episodes, I was able to learn a lot and grow while working with great seniors, including senior Yoo Dong-geun who plays the father. It was a turning point for me as an actor, and it was a work that laid the foundation for me. I feel that the experiences and emotions I had at that time are connected to ``Strong Woman Do Bong-soon'' and this time's ``Doctor Slump.''



--This was truly a masterpiece.

I myself shed a lot of tears while acting, and was also moved. This is also a work that made me think about family again.

Park Hyung Sik
The first fan meeting in Japan in about seven years, held in March of this year, was sold out immediately and excited about 7,000 people.

-- Speaking of Hyunsik, I'm not only interested in dramas, but also his music activities and activities as a musical actor.



The same goes for music, and I also want to do musicals. Especially for musicals, when you stand on stage after a long period of preparation, you feel like you're breathing with the audience live, and the emotions that arise there are so shocking that words can't express them.

--At the fan meeting the other day, you sang the line "Darkness Spreads" from "Elisabeth" at the request of a fan. At that moment, I felt like the role of Thoth had come to me.

It's the same with singing and acting, but I'm the type of person who gets into it from an emotional standpoint. The other day, when I sang the song "Elisabeth," the feelings of Thoth within me came back to me, and the lyrics suddenly came to mind. So maybe it was like a switch was turned on. Even during filming, the moment I hear the voice "cue", I feel like I can feel the emotion of the role.

--Is it the type that can be turned on and off?

When I have to concentrate, such as on set or on stage, when I have to perform my role, I concentrate all my attention and get absorbed in it. And as soon as the shooting is over, I go back to myself (laughs).

--In "Doctor Slump," Ha-neul was the hard-working type who studied hard even when she was sleeping, and Jung-woo was the genius type who got good grades without showing much effort. But when Hyung-sik-san hears what you've just said, Is Jung Woo nearby?

I'm not a genius, but I'm not the type of person who only studies and works like Haneul. He's the type of person who always does his best.



🔗 https://elle.com/jp/culture/movie-tv/a60450078/park-hyungsik-interview-240415/ 
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park hyung sik park hyung sik


So many people say, "You look like a dog" (lol)

――This time, you took a photo with a beagle puppy, and Hyungsik also said that he looks like a cute puppy. Do you think so yourself?

I don't think of myself that way, but a lot of people tell me that I look like a dog (lol). When I think about it, I'm the youngest in my family, and I was also the youngest when I debuted with ZE:A. Because I was in the position of the youngest child for a long time, my friendliness may have come naturally.

--It has been decided that a fan meeting will be held in April to commemorate the launch of the Japanese fan club. We will be actively working in Japan in the future, but is there anything you would like to try in Japan?

I would like to appear in a Japanese production. I would love to have such an opportunity, and I would also like to release an album.

--Do you have any favorite Japanese works?

Of course, there are many! I burst into tears while watching the movie ``Tonight, Even if This Love Disappears from the World'' on a plane (lol). I also love anime. Especially “Rurouni Kenshin”! I used to practice Kendo myself, so I also watched the live-action movie. I watched the action scenes in great detail, and they were so amazing that I wanted to try them out too. I also like “The Solitary Gourmet.” Even though it's just a depiction of eating while walking around, it's very interesting and looks delicious. Although it is simple and quiet, it has a delicate and rich sensibility.


--I'm looking forward to the day when we can see Hyunsik in a Japanese work.

thank you. I will do my best!

Park Hyung Sik



Park Hyung Sik challenges an emoji interview!

Park Hyung Sik appears in ELLE's popular video series "AS EMOJI"! Using emojis, she answered questions such as "What do you look like when you're singing and when you're acting?" "What's your charm point?" "What do you want to do next time you come to Japan?" Don't miss Park Hyung Sik, who expresses his personality with charm.


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