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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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"Doctor Slump" starring Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye is full of inspiring quotes! [One recommended for Korean drama geeks]


A healing romance drama that gently touches the hearts of those of us who live hard.


I love Korean dramas! This is an irregular column in which a writer introduces works that he/she would like to recommend.

This time, we will introduce the synopsis and highlights of ``Doctor Slump'', a story of love and growth that begins when a man and a woman who were rivals in high school and each had a brilliant career as doctors meet again as ``neighbours'' living in the same building due to setbacks. to introduce.




All 16 episodes of “Doctor Slump”
appear: Park Hyung-sik, Park Shin-hye and others
Netflix series “Doctor Slump” is now available exclusively



In high school, popular cosmetic surgeon Yeo Jeong-woo ( Park Hyung-sik ) and anesthesiologist Nam Ha-neul ( Park Shin-hye ) were rivals competing for first place in their class . The two fall into the worst slump of their lives at the same time, and meet again for the first time in 14 years. They each went their separate ways at the most glorious times, and then met at the lowest times, and together they overcome the slump by leaning on each other.

This is the highlight!

Although the synopsis introduced that the high school rivals are reunited after 14 years, Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik , who play the main characters in this work, have also met since the popular drama "The Heirs" that aired in 2013. , this work has been a hot topic as it is the first time in about 10 years that they will be co-starring together again. This drama was more soothing than I expected.

Below, we will tell you the highlights!




Stories of rivals past and present

First, let's start with the story of the work. Nam Ha-neul ( Park Shin-hye ), a beautiful, skinny girl who tied for first place in the national mock exam, transfers to the high school of
genius high school student Yeo Jeong -woo ( Park Hyung-sik ). Since then, the two have been competing with each other to get her first place. After that, Jung-woo attended a top medical school in the country and was living a smooth life as a star cosmetic surgeon with great ability and personality, until one day, his life changes completely due to a mysterious medical accident. He is stigmatized and the people around him leave him. Furthermore, he has accumulated huge debts and is forced to sell his car and house. Meanwhile, Haneul, who has been studying hard since her student days, works as an anesthesiologist at a university hospital. However, due to her boss's increasing moral harassment and power harassment, and her isolation at the hospital, she suffers from physical and mental illness, and is diagnosed with ``depression,'' a type of burnout syndrome. While each of them is experiencing a slump in their lives, Jung-woo moves into the roof of Ha-neul's parents' house. The two are confused by their sudden reunion, but...




  • Haneul's first day at the new school. She was treated as a beautiful girl at this point, but...

  • Doctor Slump Park Hyung Sik (Jung Woo) Solo Cut

    Jung-woo, who is ranked number one in his grade, does not hide his hostility towards the transfer student, Ha-neul.

Empathize with the process of healing the heart

In this work, when Ha-neul and Jung-woo's hearts are about to break, it doesn't take on a cruel twist . The process of cuddling, relaxing, healing each other, and falling in love is carefully depicted in a way that is realistic without being overly dramatic. There are many lines that will grab your heart.

When Ha-neul asks, ``What would you like to do if you could go back to high school?'' Jung-woo replies, ``I want to hug you because you're so disappointed,'' and then goes on to say, ``You're neglecting yourself too much. You value yourself more than those around you.'' "Get through today for the sake of your future self," are the words that will be deeply ingrained not only in the hearts of Haneul but also in the hearts of viewers.
Many people can't help but sympathize with Haneul, who has been devoted to her studies since childhood, went on to higher education, and got a job despite the expectations and pressure of her family and those around her, but was burnt out due to power harassment and moral harassment due to the intense workload.

In addition, after a medical accident, Jung-woo, whose parents are doctors, was completely changed from a star doctor to being branded a criminal and living a life of darkness with no hope in sight. Instead of giving him a word of kindness, his mother ends up getting angry and telling him, ``Don't hurt his father's achievements.''
However, Ha-neul believes in him, supports him, encourages him, and sheds tears on behalf of Jung-woo, who continues to endure in loneliness, asking, ``How have you been able to endure it?'' To Jung-woo, that figure must have looked like a ray of light illuminating the darkness.

Life is ruthless, and as Jung-woo says, ``There are some things you can't do anything about,'' and one day, even the talented and hard-working couple is suddenly pushed into the abyss. That is why "slumps" and "mental disorders " have become inseparable from those of us living in modern times.

However, just having one person who believes in ``You're not wrong'' and who cares about you can save you and make you stronger. That's why you'll definitely be encouraged by the way he struggles to move forward even though he thinks he's about to fall to the bottom again!




  • Jung-woo is being investigated for a medical accident. I'm completely exhausted

  • Doctor Slump - Cut of Park Shin Hye (playing Ha Neul) being examined

    Ha-neul, who has become physically unwell, visits a psychosomatic physician. She is shocked by the diagnosis of depression

High school life filled with moe and laughter

This work is not only serious and suspenseful, but also has romantic comedy elements!
The interaction between Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik is just so cute . I can't stop grinning especially at the comedic acting between the two, who play around in uniforms and have such a different temperature ♡

Even though he is an honor student, Jung-woo is the one who shows off his fighting spirit. In order to compete with Haneul, he sometimes stuffs a large amount of powdered coffee into his mouth, and at other times pretends to be cool and extorts poverty at her feet. Also, when his girlfriend forgot her eraser, he said, ``I'll give you an eraser,'' but he only gave her a piece so small that he couldn't erase even a single letter.He was just as mean as an elementary school student (lol). The scene where she faints as soon as she realizes that she lost to Haneul in the exam is a comedy skit.
Park Hyung-sik vividly plays Jung-woo, a genius but somewhat childish.

And Park Shin Hye's acting is also amazing. Haneul, who hates to lose, is expressed with the ultimate "tsun", not only in studies but also in running races and the amount of alcohol she drinks. At school, he dismisses anyone who interferes with his studies, including not only Jung-woo but also his classmates and upperclassmen, as ``noisy'' and ``disturbing.'' Even at home, my mother and my aunts are having such a battle that they overturn the tea table, but no matter what wind blows, I won't let go of my reference books. I can't help but laugh at how hard-working he is, devoting his entire life to studying (lol).

Jung Woo and Ha Neul have been working so hard that it seems ridiculous. Please watch the main story and find out how they overcome life's slumps, what emotions they feel, and what decisions they make in the end , while sharing their own pains !



  • Ha-neul and Jung-woo have gained the strength to believe that they can withstand any misfortune that may come their way.

■Distribution site

"Doctor Slump"
All 16 episodes
Netflix series "Doctor Slump" now available exclusively

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Korean drama "Dr. Slump": Love is that even if you are clumsy and make mistakes, I still want to take care of you

by Wen Wei 2024/03/25 797 19

Not just a romantic drama, the Korean drama "Dr. Slump" vividly portrays the bond between mother and daughter: Parents in the world want you to be successful, but they also hope you are healthy and safe.


The Korean drama "Dr. Slump" starring popular actor Park Hyung-sik and Korean drama queen Park Shin-hye recently reached its finale.


Different from the previous relaxed and romantic love themes, this drama specifically uses "low points" as its title, telling how the two protagonists, who seemed to be on the winning team in life, were held up high, but then were left behind by the setbacks of reality.


Apart from the scene where the hero and heroine fall in love after supporting each other, what moved me most in the play was the process of the heroine and her mother going from complaining to each other to later reconciling their relationship.


The emotion between mother and daughter is inherently complicated and difficult to explain. As a daughter, I can particularly relate to the plot, especially the interactive relationship where the mother is sometimes close and sometimes distant. In fact, there is something more hidden. Unspoken love and unaccepted care.

Rather than being excellent, I hope you can be safe and healthy

In the play, Park Shin Hye plays Nam Ha Na, a top student. When she was a student, she was the kind of model student who always got high scores in exams and always ranked at the top of the school. However, her outstanding performance was not due to having a genius mind. On the contrary, she did everything possible to fill her life with learning. The goal is to achieve high scores and secure the top spot in the school.


The reason why she works so hard is because she wants to be the pride of her parents, so she obsessively believes that only good results can reveal the value of her existence.


Additional screenings at the same scene:Do you often deny yourself and try to prove yourself? Practice cognitive behavioral therapy and rebuild your self-belief!

Analysis of the family relationship of doctors in the trough 1

Picture|Stills from "Dr. Slump"


This reminds me of how I fell into the curse of being a good student during my past school days. I always wanted to use my grades to measure my own worth, and I preferred to be the good daughter my parents were proud of.


As everyone knows, the more you force yourself to achieve good results, the easier it is for you to have counterproductive results due to external invisible pressure. Several times I cried with unsatisfactory report cards. Fortunately, I gradually adjusted my condition with the company of my family, and I was finally able to face exams and results with a normal mind.


Additional screenings at the same scene:What to do if “Imposter Syndrome” occurs? Counseling Psychologist: When faced with compliments, use "thank you" instead of self-denial



But not everyone will be as lucky as me. Just like the heroine Ha Na in the drama, she constantly forces herself to work harder and harder in order to maintain her best performance and continue to be a model student in the eyes of her mother. Until she discovered that she was mentally ill, and suffering from depression was a warning. This made Ha Na start to face her true inner thoughts and feelings.


When Ha Na confessed to her mother that she had depression, her mother didn't believe it at first and thought it was just an excuse to avoid work. Until Ha Na broke down and explained her experience, she lived an unhappy life trying to achieve her goals. Only then did the mother finally realize that her daughter had been holding back and sent a message after her daughter left home, which read: "I prefer healthy daughters to excellent daughters."



Analysis of doctor relationship at trough 1



Picture|Stills from "Dr. Slump"


Careful care is actually the most sincere love

There is also a scene that I will never forget, which is the awkward and awkward reconciliation between Ha Na and her mother after a dispute. It truly reflects the deepest relationship between us and our families.


The play depicts Ha Na's mother taking the initiative to apologize for arbitrarily arranging a blind date for her daughter, and admitted that she had indeed ignored her daughter's feelings in the past, which made her regretful.

She said: "After becoming parents, unknowingly, our children's grades also determine the score of our lives. Thanks to you, your father and I have experienced the joy of being number one. We are very proud of our children." You, but I really didn’t expect that you would have a hard time because of this, so I’m really sorry.”

As soon as this passage came out, tears welled up in my eyes. Many times we blame our parents for placing too many expectations on ourselves, thinking that they are selfish and don't even understand themselves. But in fact, they may never realize that these "good for you" expectations will eventually become a burden to their children. The original good intentions unknowingly become the culprit of destroying the parent-child relationship.


Additional screenings at the same scene:How to live peacefully with your mother? From "I Hope Mom Can Love Herself Well", she can see the burden of the mother's role and be freed from self-restraint!


Analysis of doctor relationship at trough 2


Picture|Stills from ""Dr. Slump


I have always believed that a good parent-child relationship is based on constant interaction. That is to say, the daughter does not have to act exactly according to the mother's ideas, and the mother is certainly allowed to have the opportunity to make mistakes. After all, who isn’t a first-time parent or child? We are all on the road to learning from each other.


Ha Na's mother later checked many ways to treat depression on the Internet. When she learned that cabbage can relieve sensitive nerves, she planted cabbage on the top floor. Knowing that patients with depression need more sun exposure, she silently cleaned Ha Na's room. All the curtains inside have been replaced so that she can better receive sunlight.


Additional screenings at the same scene:Daughters grow up absorbing their mother’s emotions: Understanding my mother’s influence is the beginning of my own liberation



These seemingly insignificant actions are actually an expression of love. Although some parents may not always express their concern for their children, and they may not appear in a way that you like, but we should not easily reject the sincerity in these efforts.


Parents are not omnipotent. They can only love us in their own way, so they always love clumsily and are easily scarred by love.


As children, you need to give them time to understand themselves and give them room to make mistakes. In this way, we can avoid letting love become a weapon that hurts others, and allow both people to gently embrace each other who needs to be loved.


Analysis of Doctor Relationship at Trough 3

Picture|Stills from "Dr. Slump"





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Ten Asia

[TEN Photo] Park Shin-hye ‘Beautiful Smile’

Article entered 2024.03.31. 10:46 PM Original text of article
[Ten Asia = Reporter Jo Joon-won]
Actress Park Shin-hye is leaving for the United Arab Emirates through Incheon International Airport to attend the 'Dubai Friends' event on the afternoon of the 31st.

'Dubai Friends' is a concept of public relations ambassadors who film a global campaign for the Dubai Government Tourism Office, and thanks to the popularity of JTBC's 'Doctor Slump', the two actors are going to Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the invitation of state guests.




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In the news

Park Hyung-sik ‘The epitome of a handsome man’ [Photo & HD]

Entered 2024.03.31. 10:03 PM

 Original text of article




[Incheon Airport (Yeongjongdo) = Newsen Reporter Ji Soo-jin]


Actor Park Hyung-sik (PARKHYUNGSIK) was invited by the Dubai Tourism Board through Incheon Airport Terminal 1 in Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon on the afternoon of March 31st and went to Dubai for the 'Dubai Friends' global campaign filming schedule. I am leaving the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Slump, starring actors Park Hyeong-sik and Park Shin-hye, has become the world's most-watched content among non-English language series.




reporter profile

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Top10 Miniseries Viewerships For 2024


1 #QueenofTears 4.13M
2 #KnightFlower 3.338M
3 #MarryMyHusband 2.938M
4 #DoctorSlump  1.984M
5 #WonderfulWorld 1.919M
6 #FlexXCop 1.907M 
7 #CaptivatingTheKing 1.81M
8 #Hide 1.289M
9 #QueenofDivorce 1.19M
10 #TheEscapeoftheseven 0.770M

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“Doctor Slump” Park Hyung Sik, what did he learn from the work? “I want to protect and love myself.”

MYDAILY |April 8, 2024 19:21

r.580x0Photo = SLL, High Zium Studio


Actor Park Hyung Sik shared his thoughts on appearing in the drama ``Doctor Slump.''

The JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama "Doctor Slump" (screenplay: Baek Sun-woo, director: Oh Hyun-jung), which ended airing amid positive reviews in South Korea, is about Nam Ha-neul (Park), who falls into the biggest slump of his life for various reasons. This is a romantic comedy that depicts the story of CPR between Shin-hye and Yeo Jung-woo (Park Hyung-sik) in response to their ``bad lives''. The sight of Yeo Jung Woo overcoming misfortune and growing even more warmed the hearts of viewers.

The growth story of Yeo Jung Woo, who falls into the worst slump of his life, tries to overcome repeated misfortunes and start a new life until he regains his true self and happiness, deeply moved the hearts of viewers. The story with Nam Ha-neul, who taught me how to overcome slumps and how to overcome pain and sadness and feel happiness, left a deep impression on me.

Above all, Park Hyung Sik's acting skills shined in each scene. In each episode, Yeo Jung-woo's emotional changes, which are clearly contrasted, were shown with delicate and deep acting skills, eliciting sympathy. Park Hyung-sik was praised for turning his expectations into reality with the strong vitality he injected into the character of Yeo Jung-woo.

Park Hyung Sik captivated viewers with his warm energy, comfort, and excitement. All eyes are on his future activities and what kind of character he will play in the next work.

--Please tell us why you decided to appear in "Doctor Slump" and what your impressions were when you first read the script.

Park Hyung-sik: I sympathized with and became interested in the subject matter of slump and burnout. When I read it, I thought it was good that it depicted such a subject in a deep and warm way. It was also interesting to see how all the characters had their own charms.

――Yeo Jung Woo is a person who was living a smooth life but fell into a trap and fell down in an instant. Please tell us about the process of creating the character of Yeo Jung Woo. Also, was there anything you particularly focused on when acting?

Park Hyung-sik: First, I thought about how to portray the perfect Jung-woo, who was born smart and had a heart for others. Jung Woo has always had a cheerful and cheerful personality, and before his medical accident, he had lived a smooth life, and I believed that he would continue to do so.

In such a situation, I was worried about how to portray Jung-woo, who was suddenly faced with a crisis due to a medical accident, and how he would overcome this crisis. I talked a lot with the director and scriptwriter and got to know more about Jung Woo. Jungwoo was a bigger and more wonderful person than I expected. He was able to love and protect himself, and even though he was deeply hurt, he acted as if nothing had happened so as not to worry Ha-neul, and I felt that Jung-woo's ``big heart'' was amazing as he hides his pain and smiles. I did.

--What was the chemistry between the actors and the atmosphere on set?

Park Hyungsik: It was just perfect. The filming set was full of consideration and passion from all the cast and production staff. We all got together and read the script together, discussed with the director what parts we needed to revise, and we all laughed at the occasional ad-libs. It was always full of positive energy, and it was fun because I couldn't predict what kind of ad-libbing and chemistry would emerge in each scene. I was surprised by the passion and sense of my fellow actors and seniors, and I learned a lot from them. (Park) Shin-hye and Yoon Park-hyung have grown even more, and I was happy to be able to meet them and work with them for the first time in a while.

――Was there anything that left an impression on you during filming?

Park Hyung Sik: I still remember the scene in Busan where we filmed the scene (episode 14) where Jung Woo confessed his pain, saying, ``I can't forgive you easily,'' while sitting on a bench with senior Jang Hye Jin. I am. During the filming, my senior expressed his heartfelt support to me and told me what he felt was his sincere support, and I will never forget the gratitude and emotion I felt at that moment. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Jang Hye Jin and tell him that I love him.

--What was the most impressive reaction from viewers?

Park Hyung-sik: I've seen comments that the straightforward expressions of the characters are good. I also liked the unpretentious appearance of the characters, so their reactions were the most impressive.





--The comical and realistic so-called "acting that uses the body" attracted attention. I think Park Hyung-sik's natural ability to improvise movements was another highlight of this work.

Park Hyungsik: It wasn't like I was preparing for this scene (lol). I used to watch a lot of comedy movies with Jackie Chan and Jim Carrey. I've always loved their work because it always made me laugh, and I think the ideas and improvisations that suddenly come out are a result of that influence.

――What meaning does this work have for Park Hyung-sik? Also, what do you want viewers to feel through this work?

Park Hyung-sik: This work was a healing work for me as well, and I think it will remain in my memory for a long time. Anyone can experience a slump or burnout, and it should never be hidden, so I hope that we can live in a society where it is normal for emotional wounds to be treated at the hospital, just as you would go to the hospital if you were injured. I am. When overcoming emotional scars, I think it's most important to know how to protect yourself and love yourself. I would be happy if many people could sympathize with this work and find comfort in it.





――If there was anything you would like to say to Yeo Jung Woo, who has overcome the crisis, what would it be?

Park Hyungsik: Jungwoo, it must have been really difficult. There are many people around you who care about you and love you, so don't worry and do what you want to do to the best of your ability. May you always be happy and keep a warm heart as you move forward.

--Finally, please give a message to the viewers who have loved "Doctor Slump" and Yeo Jung Woo.

Park Hyung Sik: Thank you to everyone who has loved 'Doctor Slump' and Yeo Jung Woo. I acted with the desire to bring good meaning, laughter, empathy, and healing to everyone, and I worked hard with the desire to convey that feeling properly. I'm really sad to have to say my final goodbyes like this, but I'm grateful for the attention and love I received from so many people. I hope there is always a lot of hope and good health for all the viewers every day! thank you very much.


Original article distribution date and time: March 18, 2024 09:24 Reporter: Park So-young





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Herald POP

Park Shin-hye, the beauty  .....

Article entered 2024.04.08. 6:01 AM Original text of article
Park Shin-hye Channel

[Herald POP = Reporter Kim Na-yul]
Actress Park Shin-hye boasted of her beauty.

In her last 7 days, Park Shin-hye posted her latest photos on her own channel. Along with her photo, Park Shin-hye wrote, "Good night."

In her photo, Park Shin-hye boasts a sophisticated beauty with her distinct features. Park Shin-hye is staring at her camera with a faint smile. We can't take our eyes off Park Shin-hye's still beautiful looks.

 She also appeared in JTBC's new drama 'Doctor Slump'.




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