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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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Drama ‘Doctor Slump’ Park Hyeong-sik and Park Shin-hye leave for the ‘Dubai Friends’ global campaign [News N TV]

Article entered 2024.03.31. 11:53 PM Original text of article
[Incheon Airport (Yeongjongdo) = Newsen Reporter Kim Ki-tae]
Actor Park Hyung-sik (PARKHYUNGSIK) was invited by the Dubai Tourism Office through Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1 in Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon on the afternoon of March 31 and departed for Dubai for the 'Dubai Friends' global campaign filming schedule. I'm doing it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Slump, starring actors Park Hyeong-sik and Park Shin-hye, has become the world's most-watched content among non-English language series.


Kim Ki-tae teddy@newsen.com



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❝ you’re smiling. you seem to be enduring it. but i know you’re actually struggling.

but during these hard times, if you had someone who could comfort you, would it help you get a little better? ❞



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Ten Asia

[TEN Photo] Park Shin-hye ‘Fluttering long hair’

Entered 2024.03.31. 10:43 PM

 Original text of article








Reporter Jo Jun-won


[Ten Asia = Reporter Jo Joon-won]


Actress Park Shin-hye is leaving for the United Arab Emirates through Incheon International Airport to attend the 'Dubai Friends' event on the afternoon of the 31st.



'Dubai Friends' is a concept of public relations ambassadors who film a global campaign for the Dubai Government Tourism Office, and thanks to the popularity of JTBC's 'Doctor Slump', the two actors are going to Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the invitation of state guests.





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sports trends

‘Doctor Slump’ Oh Dong-min “I had an acquaintance who was a villain model. Thanks to you, I worked hard” [Sukyeong X Interview]

Article entered 2024.04.02. 5:02 PM Original text of article
Actor Oh Dong-min, who appeared in the JTBC drama 'Doctor Slump', poses before an interview with 'Sports Kyunghyang'. Photo by Senior Reporter Jeong Ji-yoon


Actor Oh Dong-min's role as Min Kyeong-min in the JTBC drama 'Dr. Slump' may not be as intense as other dramas in terms of his evil deeds, but his sense of reality was quite specific. It is said that a significant number of viewers experienced 'trauma' after seeing his appearance as the drama was broadcast, recalling the people around him.

The reason is because Oh Dong-min's acting is so realistic. In 'Doctor Slump', which deals with the process of two friends growing up after overcoming their respective hardships, Oh Dong-min appears as a character who gives trials to Park Shin-hye, who plays Nam Ha-neul, and Park Hyeong-sik, who plays Yeo Jung-woo. Nam Ha-neul is presented with ‘gaslighting’ and ‘estrangement’, and Yeo Jeong-woo is presented with ‘betrayal’.

“If you look at the drama real-time chat room on a portal site, you can see that the swearing increases every time I appear. (Laughs) There was cursing, but as Kyung-min’s story appeared in the last episode, some people felt sympathy for me, so the cursing decreased. There is no grave without excuses, but I approached it with the thought of hating sin but not people. “When there was an ordeal, Ha-neul and Jung-woo made the choice to overcome it, but Kyung-min made the wrong choice of blaming others.”



Actor Oh Dong-min, who appeared in the JTBC drama 'Doctor Slump', poses before an interview with 'Sports Kyunghyang'. Photo by Senior Reporter Jeong Ji-yoon

In the play, Gyeong-min is Ha-neul's senior anesthesiologist, and on the outside he pretends to be helpful, but on the inside, he steals the paper author's position and gossips about Ha-neul inside the hospital. Ultimately, during this process, Haneul experiences symptoms of ‘burnout’. Jeong-woo, who met as a tutor and student, harbors a desire for revenge due to the trauma of not being able to see Gyeong-min's sick father on his deathbed because his mother did not allow him to visit Gyeong-min's sick father during live-in tutoring. In the end, Jungwoo is blamed for a medical accident that will cost him an astronomical amount of money in a lawsuit. However, in the last episode, he dies after committing evil acts that lead to a car accident.

“As an actor, I am very grateful that the character has a narrative. Functionally, Kyungmin’s turnaround was important. At first, they feel like good friends and brothers, but when their true identities are revealed, they become the source of evil deeds. He acted with the idea that it would be nice to have an ambiguous appearance before his evil appearance was revealed. “I hoped that Kyeong-min’s wrong choice would reveal Ha-neul and Jung-woo’s philanthropic side.”

Of course, since he is also a human being, it was not easy to portray a villain as an actor. He mainly recalled feelings of inferiority, extreme reactions to accepting trials, and feelings of anxiety. He tried to express the character at a point that anyone could relate to. At this point, Oh Dong-min ironically expressed ‘gratitude’ to one person.


A scene from actor Oh Dong-min, who played the role of Min Kyung-min in the JTBC drama 'Doctor Slump'. Photo JTBC


“It reminded me of an acquaintance from when I was young. Actually, it may have been a bad relationship for me, but it helped me in terms of acting. Anyway, what he actually did resembled Kyungmin's. If you sometimes ask, ‘Where are people like that in real life?’, I would like to tell you that there are. I hypnotized myself. ‘Thank you for being a model. “I need to work harder to express it more properly.”

Oh Dong-min, who loved appearing in front of others since he was young, lived with his vague dream of acting buried in his mind as he entered adolescence. The reason he entered the Department of Public Administration at Sungkyunkwan University was because he wanted to ‘work for the country.’ However, he could not give up his dream of becoming an actor. He rekindled his passion by joining a theater club. He appeared in various shorts, independent films and worked on military issues. After appearing in the drama 'Bad Guy', he felt his limitations and focused more on acting.


Actor Oh Dong-min, who appeared in the JTBC drama 'Doctor Slump', poses before an interview with 'Sports Kyunghyang'. Photo by Senior Reporter Jeong Ji-yoon

“I was happy to hear that I would be acting in media (TV or movies), but I think I went there without knowing what acting was. I was arrogant and mistaken that I knew everything. I think I have made over 100 independent films. “I’m trying to learn about acting by doing as much as possible.”

Of course, like the characters in the play, he also had a 'slump'. For him, alleviating greed was the main direction. What was important for him was how to alleviate the difficult parts when his desire to do well and his actual acting did not match. There is no distinction between roles. He said that if he could just keep acting, he would be happy.

“Thank you for swearing so passionately. Ultimately, I think the work talks about hope and love. “I think I’ve been criticized for delivering that, so I’m just grateful.”

Reporter Ha Kyung-heon azimae@kyunghyang.com

Reporter Ha Kyung-heon azimae@kyunghyang.com




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🩵 Dr. Slump Making Blu-ray pre-order in progress 🩵


 Pre-order closed D-1️⃣


Blame that has left will not come back ‼️


If you are curious about additional videos such as Jung Woo Ha-neul's unreleased making-of 📹 , deleted scenes ✂️ , commentary 👩‍❤️‍👨 , Mudaki 💋 , etc. ⁉️ don't hesitate and participate in the pre-payment ‼️

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[Advertising Information]

"Forbes selection,
If it's appearance, it's appearance, if it's singing, it's singing, if it's dancing, it's dancing.
“Who is the hexagonal celebrity who is good at everything?”

💝 We are releasing Park Hyung-sik’s 💝

🎉#박형식 Forbes advertisement 🎉



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Actress Park Shin-hye ( #ParkShinHye )’s outfit information for ‘Doctor Slump Episode 12’ 💎

ITEM: Rising Star Kyoto Opal Hungry Hoop 925 Silver EarringsE034-05H
PRICE: 79,800 won







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Posted by A-Nish   24 hours ago

8 Unforgettable Quotes from K-Drama ‘Doctor Slump’


After nearly two months, ‘Doctor Slump’ starring Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye has finally ended. Fans had a fun time watching this drama. After a successful run, its last episode came out in mid-March. The show started in Januay, this year and swiftly became a fafavoritete.


‘Doctor Slump’ is a romantic comedy about Nam Haneul and Yeo Jeong Woo, former high school rivals who fall into a career slump. Despite their initial animosity, they end up living together at Ha Neul’s house after both quitting their jobs as doctors. As they navigate their newfound living situation, their relationship evolves from hate to love amidst comedic circumstances.


The show is heartwarming at times and also realistic, portraying hardships, struggles, and finding comfort in adversity. The lead couple's chemistry is undeniable, keeping everyone hooked. Not only that, but the supporting cast also adds to the bliss of the drama. As we bid farewell to the show, let's revisit some of the most fun and memorable quotes that capture the essence of the drama. Here we go!







“I’m the type who saves their most favourite food and eats it last. And that’s what I did with my happiness as well.” – Nam Haneul



“But the warmth she gave me that day was so comforting, it helped me forget all the pain in that moment.” – Yeo Jeong Woo






“Reality was different from the movies. We wanted to turn the tide of the trial with crucial evidence, but that was nothing but a pipe dream.” – Nam Haneul




“I believe beauty is a verb, not a noun. Because I could change beauty with my fingertips.” – Bin Dae Yeong





“To me, you’re like my anxiety medication. My life is so bitter and salty. But you’re so sweet. If felt like I was eating candy in a salt pond.” – Yeo Jeong Woo





“Just like how the rain would eventually stop, we wanted to stop thinking that this sadness would last forever.” – Nam Haneul




“We learned to be in pain for a moment and to cherish memories for a while. In the end, we were able to escape our slumps.” – Yeo Jeong Woo







Did you watch ‘Doctor Slump’? What was your favorite quote from the show?






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