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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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re: Your friendly neighbourhood EO team :innocent:


@confusedheart @partyon @agenth and @Sleepy Owl

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I saw it while searching for an article saying that the cafe building was being converted into a wheat noodle shop.
I thought it was an important place to look at even changing the building.
It must have been the building where the main characters lived.








via @GJWiJu

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2023.06.27 11:30

 The second half of 2023 ☆ Introducing the hottest Korean dramas ♪



It's fast, and we're in the second half of 2023!


In the second half of 2023, there will be so many highly anticipated titles that you won't even have time to be surprised at how quickly time flies!


Therefore, in this issue of " Core Women's Dayori ", we would like to introduce the highly anticipated works that are scheduled to start broadcasting in the second half of 2023, and we would like to introduce the works that we would especially like to pay attention to! ^^


★ "Dr. Slump"


(Photo source: each affiliated office)


Original title: 닥터슬럼프

Broadcast start date: Second half of 2023 (planned)

Broadcaster: jtbc

Main Cast: Park Hyung Sik , Park Shin Hye , Yoon Park , Gong Sung Ha, etc.

Distribution: Netflix (planned)


A romantic comedy depicting the revival of the "failed life" of Yeo Jung-woo (Park Hyung-sik) and Nam Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye), who have lived a life of ups and downs, but suddenly hit the brakes. " Dr. Slump "! The chemistry between Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye, who will be co-starring for the first time in 10 years since the drama " The Heirs"
, is expected.

There is no doubt that you will be healed by the story that shows how people who have fallen into crisis can get out of life crisis and live positively again!

After the broadcast in Korea, it will be released on Netflix, so please look forward to it♪





 Read articles related to the drama "Dr. Slump"






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In the second half of this year, the actor will star in the JTBC drama #DoctorSlump.


PHS: also,  please look forward to my work DoctorSlump which is  being filmed. 

Please  look forward to it everyone.....



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2023.07.05 /2023.07.07 /Seri NishitaniKorean drama

5 popular Korean dramas to be distributed simultaneously on Netflix in the second half of 2023! The honeymoon with JTBC continues

Netflix has a lot of Korean dramas.

One of the attractions is that you can enjoy the works currently being broadcast in Korea in real time.

In 2023, a number of notable works will be distributed simultaneously on Netflix, and Korean drama fans will be entertained.

Among them, JTBC's work has a wide range. Until last year, tvN was somewhat prominent, but this year seems to be the year of the former.

Honeymoon between JTBC and Netflix

It's unclear if Netflix and JTBC have a "special relationship."


However, JTBC has released four works, ... , At the moment, the remaining three works are refraining from distribution.

On the other hand, tvN has one product each that has been delivered, is being delivered, and is scheduled to be delivered, and ENA has only one product that is scheduled to be released in September. The honeymoon between Netflix and JTBC continues.

However, it cannot be said that the number of works handled by Netflix = hits are directly linked. The probability of winning a drama will inevitably increase, but whether or not it will win support from viewers is another story. You never know until you open the lid.

Whether JTBC will win or whether tvN or ENA will win unexpectedly, we will introduce the notable works that will be distributed simultaneously in Japan in the second half of the year.



Dr. Slump (JTBC)

It is a cardiopulmonary resuscitation story of a 'ruined life' drawn by Yeo Jung-woo and Nam Ha-neul, who were only running on the upward curve of life, but the brakes were applied on the way.

Park Hyung-sik will play Yeo Jung-woo, a star plastic surgeon who falls into the worst slump of his life, and Park Shin-hye will play Nam Ha-neul, an anesthesiologist who has been called a genius since childhood.

Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik, who co-starred in the blockbuster drama "The Heirs" (SBS/2013) starring Lee Min-ho, are working together for the first time in about 10 years, raising expectations for their chemistry. there is


Park Shin Hye & Park Hyung Sik  Starring in Slump
“Dr. Slump” starring Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik (Photo courtesy of ⓒ TOPSTAR NEWS)

- Starring: Park Hyung-sik, Park Shin-hye, Yoon Bak, Gong Sung-ha, etc.
- Scheduled delivery date: Second half of 2023. No specific dates have been announced at this time.





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