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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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Favorite Romance K-Dramas You Should Watch in 2024

Jun 18, 2024 2:05 pm

Dive into the delightful realm of K-drama romance in 2024, where a treasure trove of captivating stories awaits. From the tear-jerking allure of Queen of Tears to the whimsical charm of Doctor Slump, these series promise to transport you through intricate love stories and unforgettable moments that will keep you enchanted episode after episode. Discover why these dramas are a must-watch as they weave tales of love, growth, and resilience, making them essential additions to your binge-watching list this year.

One of our particular favs is Doctor Slump, starring Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik. Originally premiering in January 2024 on Netflix, the show follows two doctors in the depths of their professional burnouts — when they unexpectedly reconnect. As they navigate this reunion, old rivalries may resurface, yet it also holds the potential to kindle a new flame of romance between them.


ICYMI, Park Shin-hye is a K-drama darling, starring in nearly every popular drama in the 2010s — from The Heirs, The Doctors, Pinocchio, You’re Beautiful and so much more.

Her role in Doctor Slump marked the first K-drama that the Korean actress has starred in in three years, since getting married and giving birth to a child. During an online press conference in January 2024, Park Shine-hye revealed why she decided to return to acting with Doctor Slump.


“I empathized with my character Ha-neul very much because I have a lot of friends who have been burnt out or depressed,” she explained. “When Ha-neul becomes depressed, she thinks that there needs to be this grand solution to her depression and that she can only overcome her burnt-out-ness through that. But I think that happiness isn’t far away, and it doesn’t rely on some big answer. I wanted to tell viewers this through playing Ha-neul.”

Park Hyung-sik is in nearly every fan-favorite Korean dramas there, which has coined his nickname as the King of K-Dramas.” He’s starred in The Heirs, The High Society, Soundtrack #1 and of course, Strong Girl Bong Soon — which is probably what he’s best known for.


‘Doctor Slump’


‘Doctor Slump’

Where to stream: Netflix




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The shocking act of an anesthesiology professor that made even incumbent doctors angry⁉️🔥 | Doctor Slump Episodes 1-2 Review



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If you become a doctor by taking first place in the country, but a patient dies during surgery...!?? | Doctor Slump Real Doctor Review



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<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 11 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... Park Hyung-sik runs to catch a falling plate = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis

2024/04/26 11:32comment
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 11 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... Park Hyung-sik runs to catch a falling plate = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 11 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... Park Hyung-sik runs to catch a falling plate = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis


*Contains plot and spoilers.

Korean drama "Doctor Slump" spoilers: plot, cast, viewership, relationships, impressions

*Wowkorea page has making-of videos.

Video from 2:26 to 4:57.
This time, the scene with Ha-neul and Jung-woo continues.
Jung-woo wakes up and meets Wol-sung outside the window, and is flustered. "No, mother, it's not that. This is not it," he ad-libbed during rehearsal, and the staff laughed. Then Ha-neul says, "Let's keep our relationship a secret for a while," and Park Hyung-sik laughs during rehearsal, saying, "I've been betrayed."
After that, filming begins, and he acts with the expression, "Because we didn't do anything, we just slept together! Mom saw me... I'm sure she misunderstood..." but Park Shin-hye says, "Please do it again." "Because mom knows that I like Ha-neul, and I'm in a position where I'm thought to have brought another woman home..." Jung-woo says. When the cut was made, Park Shin Hye said that she had been thinking about the iPad under the futon. The
scene shifted to one where a plate falls as Ha-Neul closes the door and leaves. Park Hyung Sik's acting was superb as he tries to pick up the plate.

Next was Hong Ran and Dae Young's scene.
After buying underwear, Dae Young drops it on the street and the two pick it up. The director gives them advice on the details of their movements. Dae Young says, "Let's hurry up."

●Reactions from Korean netizens●
"I can't wait until the next episode"
"I want to see what happens next"
"I love Jang Hye Jin's acting"
"I always look forward to the making of videos"

●Synopsis● Episode 11 of
" Doctor Slump " (viewership rating 5.7%) depicted Jung Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and Ha-Neul (Park Shin Hye) who have begun dating in secret.

 "I had a hard time coming to the attic room without my family knowing," Ha-Neul said, to which Jung Woo asked, "By the way, we should keep our relationship a secret, right?" Ha-neul said, "I'll tell everyone that I'm dating you honestly. I think everyone will be happy. I love you so much...especially my mother." Jung-woo, who seemed to be in a good mood, laughed and said, "Mom, no, your cooking is the best."

 However, the next morning, Wol-sung (Jang Hye-jin) saw the two of them lying in bed through the open window of the attic, and his plan went awry. Jung-woo tried to reveal who was under the covers, but Ha-neul pinched him, and he missed the chance to explain.

 After Wol-sung left in a panic, Ha-neul said, "Jung-woo, let's keep our relationship a secret for a while. We were just sleeping together, and if we show ourselves like this, people will suspect us. Then they'll start to talk, and I can't stand it." "So, what about my image? I know we're getting along well, but is it okay if people think that I'm bringing another woman in and doing this? I don't want her to hate me..." Jung-woo trembled, and as expected, Wol-sung hated him.

The making of "Dr. Slump"



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