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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] Never Give Up 今日宜加油


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credit: iQIYI


Title: 今日宜加油 / Jin Ri Yi Jia You
English title: Never Give Up
Genre: Workplace, comedy

Director: Wu Qiang, Yu Zhong Zhong
Screenwriter: Xu Peng Peng, He Wen Jun, Liu Sha Sha (刘莎莎), Wan Zi Yi (万紫颐)
Producer: Yang Bei, Feng Le, Yu Fei, He Mai
Executive Producer: Wang Xiao Hui, Ji Jun Hong (吉俊洪), Di Shu Wei (翟书玮), Zhang Qiu Chen (张秋晨)
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: 2023-Feb-21 to 2023-Mar-10

Note:  Adapted from the webtoon "Gaus Jeonja" (가우스전자) by Kwak Baek Soo (곽백수).)


Main Cast
Zheng Kai as Li Tianran, deputy team leader of Planning Department 3
Chen Yu Qi as Fan Sisi, team leader of Planning Department 3
Wang He Di as Bai Mashuai, new intern of Planning Department 3


Planning Department 3
Zhang Shao Gang as Yu Qimiao, head of Planning Department 3
Cheng Zi as Wu Yimei, chief of Planning Department 3
Wu Ya Heng as Yao Siwen (Simon), director of Planning Department 3
Liang Chao as Ji Wawa, team leader of Planning Department 3
Zhong Li Li as Jiang Mei
Zhang Yue Chi as Wu Mingshi


Gaofa Group
Shi Yu as Hao Youqian, Chairman of Gaofa Group
Yuan Wen Kang as Zheng Zhenghao, Vice Chairman of Gaofa Group
Kang Kang as Cui Hualang, Zheng Zhenghao's secretary
Wu Ming Jing as Zhou Xiami, Operations Department. Fan Sisi's previous dorm mate and Li Tianran's university junior
Lin Yo Wei as Lin Shigong, Director of Sales Department
Cao Zheng as Hua Dabing, Head of Advertising Department
Zhao Zheng Yang as Wei Changbin, Head of Planning Department 1
He Wen Jun as Gao Defen, member of Planning Department 1
Liu Yi Wen (刘诣文) as Nan Baihe, member of Planning Department 1
Wu Ya Yao (吴雅瑶) as Song Xiaoguai, member of Planning Department 1
Xiu Rui as Head of Planning Department 2
Wang Fei as Secretary of Planning Department 2
Zhao Si as Xiao Xitong, member of Advertising Department
Hu Dan (胡丹) as Zhen Xingyun, member of Advertising Department
Chang Yi Ran (常依然) as Zhi Shuang, member of Administration Department
Yao Jin Yu (姚瑾瑜) as Du Qian, member of Public Relations Department
Peng Yi Hang (彭乙航) as Zheng Qiguai, receptionist



Louis Fan as Bai Zhaoyi, Chairman of Feima Group. Bai Mashuai's father
Zhao Zi Qi as Madame Yu, Yu Qimiao's wife
Fan Tian Tian as Madame Ji
Xu Yu Lan as Ji Wawa's mother
Qiao Zi Tong as Ji Wawa's son
Yu Wei Ni as Yu Qimiao's daughter
Chen Wei Xu as Director Sun
Zhu Yun Er as Xiao Qian
Huang Xin as Lao Zhao
Guo Qiu Cheng as Father Fan
Hao Wen Ting as Mother Fan
Rui Wei Hang as Xiao Huang
Dai Le Le as Jennifer, director of Da Ma's Operations Department
Li Zhi Mo as Xiang Yu, Jennifer's daughter
Zhang Qing Qing as Deliveryman
Ning Xiao Hua as Landlord
Li Hong Lei as Doctor
Li Fei (李飞) as Xiao Tang, potential rentee
Liu Qi as Xiao Ba, potential rentee
Sun Peng as Xiao Sha, potential rentee
Tan Li Min as Director Wei
Dang Hui as Manager Liu
Xu Yi Biao (计一彪) as Bald head
Yan Yi Min as Manager Zhang


Jerry Huang as Lou Mingxiu, boss of Ming Xiu Coffee. Former member of Planning Department 3
Yang Xu Wen as Jia Fang, negotiator (ep 9)
Yang Chao Yue as Wu Yimei (new) (ep 12)
Sandrine Pinna as Wang Wuliu, property agent (ep 19)



The third planning department of Gaofa Electronics Group is a brainstorming department responsible for innovation. It has successfully proposed the "Gaosi 3s" cross-generation model, which has become the main product of the group for ten years and has established Gaosi Electronics as a leader in the industry. It has become a highly prized department, but since then, they have been stagnant, and they ran out of ideas. Now it's been rendered to a useless department!


The third planning department has the most "talented" elites (office workers) in Gaosi Electronics: there is Li Tian Ran, the only person in the entire workplace who is convinced that the third planning department can rebuild their glory; Fan Si Si, a young lady who has a secret double life; there is a Bai Ma Shuai who is richer than you but works harder than you, and just loves to work; there is also a delicate yet tough Wu Zheng Xing, a half-retired boss Cui Hua Lang, and director, who is also a rocker, director Yu. Although they are ordinary, they are also struggling to rebuild the glory of the third department and their respective career prospects.


credit: MDL | Dramawiki



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Planning Department 3....the best performance...  :D



If I understood correctly, Bai Mashuai (Dylan's character) means '' Beautiful White Horse''...   :unsure:






Love the trio...the scene was so hilarious...

Ms. Wu tried to send them a smile as a gift.   :D





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New Poster






ep 26

Looks like there will be some romance between Sisi and Tianran...

They were ''caught'' by her parents...:lol:







Bai Mashuai..


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ep 28

Sisi and Tianran already look like a married couple...the sharing box was cute and the perfect solution...



Bai - '' my small goal is to earn 100 million first''

Defen - '' Goodbay''...   :D



The negotiation....

Ms. Wu - '' Eight million''..   

Bai Ma was so impressed..   





Bai is now a regular employee...   :approves:








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ep 32..

Finally, Sisi and Tianran started an office romance.  :D


My fav are the scenes between Bai and Jiangmei...He is so kind and nice to her.

JM found out that Bai is the heir of the Feomi Group...it was hilarious when the Chairman came 

unannounced to Bai's apartment.  :lol:



still cuts








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ep 36


Planning Department 3 VS Director Zheng...  :D

The chair cushions...Sisi was the only one who doubted the director's good intentions... She was right...






They won...     :approves:





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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] Never Give Up 今日宜加油

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