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[Drama 2023-2024] Goryeo-Khitan War , 고려거란전쟁 -Choi Soo-Jong & Kim Dong Joon


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Kim Dong Jun Dishes On Playing The Role Of A King For His Upcoming Historical Drama

Oct 18, 2023

Actor Kim Dong Jun has talked about his upcoming drama “Goryeo-Khitan War” (working title)!

“Goryeo-Khitan War” tells the story of King Hyun Jong, whose tolerant leadership united Goryeo to win the war against Khitan, and his political mentor and commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army Kang Gam Chan (Choi Soo Jong).

Kim Dong Jun plays Hyun Jong, the eighth ruler of Goryeo and the monarch who helped establish the foundation of the Goryeo dynasty. After becoming King at the age of 19, Hyun Jong experienced a difficult start to his reign when his kingdom was invaded by 400,000 Khitan troops, but with the help of his political mentor General Kang Gam Chan, he repelled the invasion and led Goryeo to victory.

On playing the role of Hyun Jong, the eighth emperor of Goryeo, Kim Dong Jun commented, “Hyun Jong becomes the eighth emperor of Goryeo at a young age, but he goes through many twists and turns as he grows up. I felt a lot of pressure because emperor Hyun Jong is not covered much in the media. However, this will be an opportunity to explore Hyun Jong’s life [story] of becoming a true king and also learn the stories of General Kang Gam Chan and other hidden heroes.”

He continued, “The more I worked on the drama, the more I wanted to emulate the upright behavior of King Hyun Jong, who makes bold choices. I want to show the viewers how Hyun Jong, who gets crowned emperor at a young age, goes through numerous incidents and becomes a true king who truly cares about Goryeo and its people.”



Citing “life and death,” “growth,” and “the weight of the crown” as key words that represent Hyun Jong, Kim Dong Jun shared, “As the saying goes, ‘The one who wishes to wear the crown must bear its weight,’ I hope you will watch the growth and change of young King Hyun Jong as he overcomes numerous hardships in an attempt to protect Goryeo.”


Kim Dong Jun concluded, “The cast members and the production team of ‘Goryeo-Khitan War’ are working hard filming the drama. We are doing our best to make it an emotional drama that will touch the hearts of viewers, so I would appreciate it if you could support us.”





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News bites: October 21, 2023

by tccolb



The promos continue on KBS as well, with a new poster and video teaser for the grand sageuk The Goryeo-Khitan War. With the weight of the nation on the backs of Kim Dong-joon (More Than Friends), Choi Su-jong (My Only One), and Ji Seung-hyun (My Dearest), the momentous battle begins on November 11. [News1 (1), (2)]





Kang Gam-chan Choi Su-jong → Hyeonjong Kim Dong-jun 'Goryeo Khitan War' 13-member alliance poster released



The determined appearance of 13 leading figures of the Goryeo Khitan War, including Choi Soo-jong and Kim Dong-jun, was revealed. KBS 2TV's new historical drama 'Goryeo Khitan War' (written by Lee Jeong-woo/directed by Jeon Woo-seong and Kim Han-sol) released a group poster featuring the 13 main characters who will lead the play on the 17th.


'Goryeo Khitan War' is a work that tells the story of Emperor Hyeonjong of Goryeo, who united Goryeo with tolerant leadership and led the war against the Khitans to victory, and Gang Gam-chan, his political mentor and commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army.


The released group poster includes Kim Dong-jun, who plays the role of King Hyeonjong, the 8th emperor of Goryeo, Ji Seung-hyeon (playing Yang Gyu), Lee Won-jong (playing Kang Jo), Kim Jun-bae (playing So Bae-ap), Kim Hyuk (playing Ya Yul Yong-seo), Lee Sia (playing Queen Wonjeong), Lee Jae-yong (as Park Jin), Jo Seung-yeon (as Kim Eun-bu), Lee Jae-yong (as Park Jin), Jo Hee-bong (as Eugene), Joo Seok-tae (as Choi Ji-il), Ha Seung-ri (as Won-seong), Han Jae-young (as Ji Chae-moon), Choi Soo-jong (as Kang Gam-chan) It contains a determined look.


Kim Dong-jun, sitting on the throne with the backdrop of Gaegyeong Palace, which restored peace after overcoming a fierce war, exudes a solemn pose. Ji Seung-hyeon, dressed in armor as if he had engaged in a fierce battle with the Khitan army, attracts attention with his bloody appearance. Lee Won-jong also transformed into a charismatic and loyal military commander of Goryeo.


Here, Choi Soo-jong, a 'historical drama master' equipped with heavy armor, exudes the determination of General Kang Gam-chan with his enthusiastic eyes, overwhelming the atmosphere. The production team of 'Goryeo Khitan War' said, "The group poster contains the characteristics of the 13 main characters of the play and their intertwined character relationships," and added, "The passionate performances of the actors, regardless of the main supporting roles, who perfectly immerse themselves in the characters, make the play airtight." “I’ll fill it up so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, 'Goryeo Khitan War' will be broadcast for the first time on November 11 at 9:25 PM.



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'Goryeo Khitan War' Lee Won-jong "I am deeply moved by the acting chemistry with Choi Soo-jong"




Actor Lee Won-jong expressed his feelings about participating in the 'Goryeo Khitan War'. Lee Won-jong will play the role of Kang Do, who ended the chaos within the imperial family and established Wang Sun (Kim Dong-jun) as emperor in KBS2's new epic historical drama 'Goryeo Khitan War', a special project commemorating the 50th anniversary of KBS Public Broadcasting, which will be broadcast for the first time on the 11th of next month.


Gang Jo causes a coup, giving the Khitan a justification for a second invasion. Accordingly, he struggles to protect Goryeo as an honest loyalist, including heading directly to the battlefield to repel the Khitan. Lee Won-jong said, “It was fascinating to depict the growth process of Hyeonjong, the 8th emperor of Goryeo, as he became a true emperor, along with the war. I am very excited to appear in a historical drama for the first time in a long time.”


In addition, about the character emphasized, he said, "He is a confident and upright loyalist. He appeals the emperor's wrong rule several times, but laments that it does not change, and causes a coup. He is not swayed by personal emotions and firmly achieves what he wants. “I tried to include it,” he said. He also selected tightly closed lips, a head that does not bow, and confidence as the main keywords to express the character. He expressed his confidence, saying, “You will see on a grand scale a page of the history of Goryeo, where prosperity blooms through the sacrifices of countless people and the changes of Emperor Hyeonjong, who goes through growing pains to protect the country.”


Lee Won-jong, who defined the 'Goryeo Khitan War' as the Blue Dragon Train, said, "You will be able to feel the rapid development, thrill of tension, and nail-biting tension at the same time." At the same time, he encouraged viewers to watch the drama by saying, "The atmosphere on set is more lively than any other work. I am especially thrilled to be working with senior Choi Soo-jong for the first time in a long time. I will greet you soon with a good work, so please look forward to it and show your interest."


'Goryeo Khitan War' is a work that tells the story of Emperor Hyeonjong of Goryeo, who united Goryeo with tolerant leadership and led the war against the Khitans to victory, and Gang Gam-chan, his political mentor and commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army. It will be broadcast for the first time at 9:25 pm on the 11th of next month.



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'Goryeo Khitan War' Baek Seong-hyeon and Lee Min-young, transformation into King Mokjong and Empress Cheonchu... Intense charisma [N cut]




Baek Seong-hyeon, Lee Min-young, and Jeong Gong-hwan of 'Goryeo Khitan War' unfold the epic story of a family caught up in the vortex of history.


On the 30th, KBS Public Broadcasting's 50th Anniversary Special Project KBS 2TV's new historical drama 'Goryeo Khitan War' (written by Lee Jeong-woo/directed by Jeon Woo-seong and Kim Han-sol) features Baek Seong-hyeon as Mokjong, Lee Min-young as Empress Cheonchu, and Jeong Gong-hwan as Kim Chi-yang transform into their respective characters. A still cut was released.


'Goryeo Khitan War' is a work that tells the story of Goryeo emperor Hyeonjong (played by Kim Dong-jun), who united Goryeo with tolerant leadership and led the war against the Khitans to victory, and Kang Gam-chan (played by Choi Soo-jong), his political mentor and commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army.


Baek Seong-hyeon plays Mokjong, the 7th emperor of Goryeo in the play. Lee Min-young plays Empress Dowager Cheonchu, King Gyeongjong's third wife and Mokjong's mother. Mokjong was a loving son who obeyed his mother, but his mother's desires threw the imperial family into chaos. Empress Dowager Cheonchu rules over Goryeo on behalf of King Mokjong and controls her court. Having hoped to become the mother of two emperors, she becomes obsessed with her desire to make the son she had with Miss Kimchi the next emperor.


In the play, Jeong Gong-hwan transforms into Kim Chi-yang, a tattooist who seeks to devour Goryeo by taking advantage of Empress Cheonchu's love. Using Empress Cheonchu to seize all of her power, he devises a plan to turn Goryeo into the Kim clan's country. Baek Sung-hyeon, Lee Min-young, and Jeong Gong-hwan plan to open the spectacular opening of the 'Goryeo Khitan War' with an exciting Goryeo imperial story.
The released still cuts show Baek Seong-hyeon as the two-faced Mokjong, Lee Min-young, a Goryeo woman obsessed with desire, and Jeong Gong-hwan, a man of fortune trying to devour Goryeo.
Baek Seong-hyeon's cool, sunken eyes, as he stares somewhere with his topknots open in her bed, contain secret concerns about her son, who cannot disobey the will of his mother, Empress Cheonchu. It raises curiosity about what secrets are hidden within his turbulent inner self and about the narrative he embraces.
Lee Min-young also exudes the charisma of the Empress Dowager with a venomous appearance. The sharp eyes that seem to see right through Baek Seong-hyeon, along with a faint smile, capture her attention by revealing not only her extreme love for her son, but also her desire and anger for power.
Jeong Gong-hwan, who is obsessed with the desire for power, has an unknown and meaningful face that foreshadows that there is a hidden secret, and stimulates curiosity about where he is looking.
The production team said, "Baek Seong-hyeon, Lee Min-young, and Jeong Gong-hwan are responsible for the early narrative of the 'Goryeo Khitan War'." They added, "Through Mokjong, who has the duality of a strong army under the sway of his mother Empress Cheonchu and a wise monarch, personal privacy and emotional expression are free." “I tried to capture the characteristics of the Goryeo Dynasty without distortion,” he said. He continued, "Please look forward to the performances of these people, who are heavily armed with attractive characters, including Empress Cheonchu, who wants to become the mother of two emperors, and Kim Chi-yang, who is obsessed with her desire for power and tries to steal the Empress Dowager's heart."
Meanwhile, 'Goryeo Khitan War' will be broadcast for the first time on November 11 at 9:25 PM.


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9+ New K-Dramas To Watch In November 2023

Nov 1, 2023
by D. Kim

As the year gears up to come to a close, various K-dramas are now just beginning this month!

Here are some new K-dramas to check out in November:

“Goryeo-Khitan War”


Cast: Kim Dong Jun, Choi Soo Jong, Ji Seung Hyun, Lee Won Jong, Lee Min Young, Kim Joon Bae, Kim Hyuk, Lee Shi Ah, Lee Jae Yong, Jo Seung Yeon, Jo Hee Bong, Joo Suk Tae, Ha Seung Ri, Lee Ji Hoon, Baek Sung Hyun, etc.

Premiere Date: November 11

Broadcast Details: Saturdays and Sundays at 9:25 p.m. KST on KBS2

“Goryeo-Khitan War” tells the story of King Hyun Jong (Kim Dong Jun), whose tolerant leadership united Goryeo to win the war against Khitan, and his political mentor and commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army Kang Gam Chan (Choi Soo Jong).



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‘Goryeo Khitan War’ Choi Soo-jong, general charisma → smiles ‘widely’ when resting





Choi Soo-jong’s script reading for ‘Goryeo Khitan War’ was revealed. KBS 2TV’s new epic historical drama ‘Goryeo Khitan War’, a special project for the 50th anniversary of KBS Public Broadcasting, revealed a filming site where strong teamwork stands out.


A week before the first broadcast, 'Goryeo Khitan War' Kim Dong-jun (as Hyeonjong), Ji Seung-hyeon (as Yang Gyu), Lee Won-jong (as Kang Jo), Baek Seong-hyeon (as Mokjong), Lee Min-yeong (as Empress Dowager Cheonchu), Lee Ji-hoon (as Jang Yeon-woo), Lee Pung-un (as Jang Yeon-woo) Behind-the-scenes cuts of top actors such as Hyeong-gan (playing the role of Hyeong-gan) and Choi Soo-jong (playing the role of Kang Gam-chan) were released.

Choi Soo-jong, who perfectly wore heavy armor and historical drama makeup, is showing off his unexpected charm that is different from his charismatic appearance in the play when it is time for a break. In addition, he set an example for his professionalism by showing his passion for reviewing scripts anytime and anywhere.


Kim Dong-jun, who plays the role of King Hyeonjong, the 8th emperor of Goryeo, sits on the throne and reads the script, immersing himself in the character.
Ji Seung-hyun, Lee Ji-hoon, and Lee Pung-woon, who dressed up as Yang Gyu's character, showed off their perfect teamwork with bright smiles without any signs of fatigue despite the long filming in the sweltering heat.
Meanwhile, ‘Goryeo Khitan War’ will be broadcast for the first time on November 11 at 9:25 pm.
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Choi Soo-jong returns to a historical drama after 10 years with ‘Goryeo Khitan War’




The first broadcast of KBS' new epic drama 'Goryeo Khitan War' is scheduled to air tomorrow.

Actor Choi Soo-jong is raising expectations for his role as General Kang Gam-chan. Let’s take a look at what kind of work it is.

["No matter what comes, I will stop it. I will definitely annihilate the enemy."] Choi Soo-jong, a trustworthy actor, returned to a historical drama 10 years after the drama 'The Great King's Dream'.

The return work is 'Goryeo Khitan War', which is set against the backdrop of the Yuyao War in which the Khitans invaded Goryeo. It is a historical drama that tells the story of Emperor Hyeonjong of Goryeo and his political mentor and commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army, Gang Gam-chan.

At the production presentation yesterday, Soo-jong Choi revealed the reason why he decided to appear, saying that he was greedy for the role of General Kang Gam-chan, and singer and actor Dong-jun Kim, who plays the role of Hyeon-jong, said that he was discharged from the military this year and is at the most passionate time, and that he is making history with a good drama. He said he would announce it.

With the main actors' will and confidence standing out, the drama 'Goryeo Khitan War' will premiere tomorrow at 9:25 p.m.






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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2023] Goryeo-Khitan War , 고려거란전쟁 -Choi Soo-Jong & Kim Dong Joon - Sat& Sun@21:20KST

'Goryeo Khitan War' Lee Min-young and Baek Seong-hyeon face off over imperial successor... Face to face at a moment's notice




'Goryeo Khitan War' Baek Sung-hyun and Lee Min-young face a sharp confrontation. The 7th emperor of Goryeo, Mokjong (played by Baek Seong-hyeon), will be featured in KBS 2TV's new epic drama 'Goryeo Khitan War' (written by Lee Jeong-woo/directed by Jeon Woo-seong, Kim Han-sol/produced by Monster Union and Vive Studios), a special project for the 50th anniversary of KBS Public Broadcasting, which airs on the afternoon of the 11th. and his mother, Empress Dowager Cheonchu (played by Lee Min-young), clash over the nomination of the imperial successor.


The released still shows Empress Dowager Cheonchu breaking her law and sitting on her dragon statue instead of Mokjong. She is deep in her thoughts, her hard eyes shining as if she has made a decision.


On either side of her are the courtiers, including Empress Dowager Cheonchu's man, Kim Chi-yang (played by Gong Jeong-hwan), civil servant Yu-jin (Jo Hee-bong), Choi Hang (Kim Jeong-hak), and military officials Ha Gong-jin (Lee Do-guk) and Yu Bang (Jeong Ho-bin), all wearing official uniforms. It catches the eye.


After hearing the news that Empress Dowager Cheonchu had summoned the magistrates to Jeongjeon, King Mokjong appears at Jeongjeon with an angry face. While the cold atmosphere towards each other is felt, Kim Chi-yang, who is watching, makes a meaningful expression towards Empress Cheonchu. In particular, on this day's broadcast, Mokjong and Empress Dowager Cheonchu, who had always regarded each other as special, were said to be in conflict over the successor to the imperial family, adding to curiosity. The cool atmosphere between the two people, without an inch of compromise, creates breathtaking tension.


Meanwhile, KBS 2TV's historical drama 'Goryeo Khitan War' will be broadcast for the first time at 9:25 pm on the 11th.







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Highlights for the 1st and 2nd episodes of the weekend drama ‘Goryeo Khitan War’, featuring Kim Dong-jun, Choi Soo-jong, and Ji Seung-hyeon, ‘The Story of Goryeo Emperor Hyojong and General Kang Gam-chan’




Episodes 1 and 2 of the KBS2 weekend drama <Goryeo Khitan War (directed by Jeon Woo-sung, director Kim Han-sol, writer Lee Jeong-woo)> will air today at 9:25 pm on the 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun).


The drama <Goryeo-Khitan War>, which has a total of 32 episodes, is the story of Emperor Hyeonjong of Goryeo, who brought Goryeo together through tolerant leadership and led the war against the Khitan to victory, and Gang Gam-chan, his political mentor and commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army.


The cast includes Kim Dong-jun (as Hyeonjong), Choi Soo-jong (as Kang Gam-chan), Ji Seung-hyeon (as Yang Gyu), Lee Won-jong, Kim San-ho, Kim Jeong-hak, Kim Jun-bae, Kim Hyuk, Ryu Seong-hyun, Park Yoo-seung, Yoon Bok-in, Lee Sia, Lee Jae-yong, Lee Ji-hoon, and Lee Cheol-min.


Ahead of today's first broadcast, drama information, official video, episode information, timeline, characters, broadcast time, related albums (OST), character relationships, as well as several episodes, Lee Sia, Seo Hee, production costs, Netflix, ott, Viewers are very interested in the plot and ending, dramas similar to this drama, and filming locations and sets.


Actor Kim Dong-jun played the role of a monk in ‘Goryeo Khitan War.’ KBS2's new epic drama 'Goryeo Khitan War', a special project for the 50th anniversary of KBS Public Broadcasting, unfolds an epic story of inevitable fate from the first episode, including spectacular war scenes and the chase and chase of Wang Sun (Kim Dong-jun), who is caught up in the whirlpool of history. .


Kim Dong-jun makes his first appearance in the first episode as Wang Sun, the only remaining dragon son of Goryeo and a Buddhist monk who was kicked out of the palace by his aunt Empress Dowager Cheonchu (played by Lee Min-young), and is expected to continue the exciting plot.


The still released ahead of the first broadcast captures attention by showing Wang Sun (played by Kim Dong-jun) wearing a monk's robe with short-cut hair.


In particular, Wang Soon sits down with a face filled with fear and sadness, as if she is faced with a shocking truth, and soon tears are falling thickly. It stimulates curiosity as to why Wang Soon, who was waiting for the day to return to Gaegyeong, shed tears so desperately and what happened to him.


Meanwhile, Wang Sun falls into great confusion while living as a monk, believing only in the promise of Goryeo's 7th emperor Mokjong (played by Baek Seong-hyeon). Wang Sun's shaking eyes and venomous gaze, whose mind became complicated after encountering an unexpected person, doubled the pity of the viewers. Attention is focused on the first broadcast to see what happened that shocked Wang Soon, who was waiting for the day to return to Gaegyeong, and whether he will be able to overcome this crisis safely.


The production crew said, “In episode 1, Wang Shun is in desperate danger due to Empress Dowager Chenqiu’s desire to become the mother of two emperors. She said, “Please look forward to the development that will thrill the home theater from the beginning of the play.”


Planning intention for the drama ‘Goryeo Khitan War’




“Now is the time to recreate the exciting history of victory.”


The Goryeo-Khitan War was a 26-year war between the Khitan Empire, the most powerful nation of the time, and the new nation of Goryeo. Goryeo did not give in to six Khitan invasions, and finally put an end to the war by annihilating the Khitan army with Gang Gam-chan's Battle of Gwiju. It was literally an exhilarating victory.


However, the reason we want to cover the Goryeo Khitan War is not just to reflect on a pleasant history. This is to show what Goryeo actually achieved after overcoming the war. Korea today, 2023. What path should we take? Goryeo clearly shows the answer. “Now is the time to publicize the origins of KOREA”


When you learn about a country's history, anyone can look at that country with new eyes. As they discover what they have in common, they come to understand and respect that country. Consideration. KOREA. Now is the time to show KOREA to the world. The world will find out what kind of people we are through this drama.


▣ Drama ‘Goryeo Khitan War’ episode information


Episode 1: In 1009 AD, the Goryeo Dynasty was embroiled in turmoil over the succession issue. Wang Sun, a Buddhist monk who was consecrated by Empress Dowager Cheonchu and lived as a monk, suffers from death threats.


▣ Characters from the drama ‘Goryeo Khitan War’




Hyeonjong. A 19-year-old young emperor who carries the curse of fate. He repelled the Khitan invasion and achieved prosperity for Goryeo. While Empress Dowager Cheonchu's son, Mokjong, was unable to have an heir due to his addiction to sodomy, Daekyangwongun, the last Yongsan grandson, was first in line to succeed.


One day, when Empress Dowager Cheonchu was under threat, a vassal named Gang Jo led his soldiers in a revolt. Daeyangwongun, who had been living the life of a monk, ascended to the throne of emperor overnight. 400,000 Khitan troops invaded against the young emperor.


When his subjects told him that he had to leave Mongjin and his people in order to win, King Hyeonjong fled, leaving Gaegyeong behind. He suffers from threats from local nobles. “Koryo cannot defeat the Khitans unless they unite.” In this way, Hyeonjong realized the responsibilities that the emperor of Goryeo had to fulfill.





Kang Gam-chan. A stubborn old civil servant in his 70s. Lead the final battle that determines the fate of Goryeo to victory! When news reached the young emperor that 400,000 Khitan troops were invading, he was frightened and did not know what to do. Gang Gam-chan spoke to the emperor in a sharp voice.

“You can surrender at any time. Now is the time to find a way to win somehow.”

Even while cleaning up the miserable remains of the war, stubborn subjects always rebuked the emperor. However, King Hyeonjong cared very much for this stubborn subject, and entrusted the large Khitan army that had invaded again into the hands of Gang Gam-chan.

“Even if my limbs are torn apart, I will definitely win...” Gang Gam-chan, at the age of 70, prepares for the decisive battle by donning armor.





Yanggyu. The Wolf of Heunghwajin. A Goryeo hero who rescued 30,000 Goryeo prisoners! The first place the Khitan army encountered when they crossed the Yalu River and reached Goryeo. Heunghwajin. Yang-gyu heads to Heunghwajin with the heavy responsibility of being the provincial prosecutor of Seobuk-myeon. And 400,000 Khitan troops surrounded Heunghwajin and fought for several nights. However, the corpses of the Khitan army piled up under the walls, and the Khitan army was unable to capture this small castle.


In the end, the Khitan army gave up Heunghwajin and marched south. Yang Gyu, who had been waiting with bated breath like a wolf, leads the Goryeo elite soldiers and runs towards the enemy camp again. He “never stops fighting until he is told not to.” Yang Gyu finally finds the Khitan emperor and rushes towards him.




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Premiere Watch: The Goryeo-Khitan War

by missvictrix



Time slot: Saturday-Sunday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Sageuk
Episode count: 32

Reasons to watch: KBS’s 50th anniversary drama The Goryeo-Khitan War is about to land, and with it the portrayal of an important and storied time in Korean history: the warfront of Goryeo during the Khitan invasions. By the looks of the production, KBS has spared no expense to tell the sweeping story of this trilogy novel adaptation. With the scripts written by Lee Jung-woo (King of Tears, Lee Bang-won), the drama also boasts a huge ensemble cast led by sageuk mainstay Choi Su-jong as General Kang Gam-chan, and Kim Dong-joon, who plays the King Hyeonjong.

TL;DR: Make way for a long-running epic sageuk!




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Here are the ratings for Episode 2! :).


“Korea-Khitan War” Ratings Rise For 2nd Episode As “Castaway Diva” Wraps Up 1st Half On Surge

“Korea-Khitan War” Ratings Rise For 2nd Episode As “Castaway Diva” Wraps Up 1st Half On Surge


KBS 2TV’s new drama “Korea-Khitan War” is on the rise!


On November 12, the historical drama starring ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun enjoyed a significant rise in viewership for its second episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest broadcast of “Korea-Khitan War” earned an average nationwide rating of 6.8 percent.



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The Goryeo-Khitan War: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

by alathe


Palace intrigue! War! Multiple protagonists! The promise of ten years’ worth of political development! The Goryeo-Khitan War a is full of lofty ambitions, and already it’s off to a jam-packed start. There are plenty of things to look forward to here. But this good, old-fashioned sageuk is let down a little by its old-fashioned social mores.

Editor’s note: This is an Episode 1 review only. For a place to chat about the entire drama, visit the Drama Hangout.


We open in the ugly thick of battle. Shields meet spiked wagons in intricately-choreographed chaos, while cavalry advances. The ambitious Khitan Empire has invaded its neighbor, Goryeo, and for now, things look bleak. As attackers burst through the front line, the desperate Goryeo troops scatter. Behind the lines, their commander is implored to execute the deserters, and fast. But COMMANDER GANG GAM-CHAN (Choi Su-jong) is silent. As soldiers peel back in awe, he approaches the shield wall. Goryeo, he murmurs, will not die. Goryeo will win. He repeats it, louder. Folks, you can argue it’s cheesy, but I’m on board — we’re dealing with all the conventions of a heroic epic! The soldiers rally, forming behind him in preparation for charge.

But enough of sound and fury — we move, as is the way of these things, a decade into the past! Goryeo’s devil-may-care, hard-partying ruler, KING MOKJONG (Baek Sung-hyun), has made the palace a haven for dancing and decadence. He’s gloriously unconcerned about the lurking threat of invasion — after all, what are ministers for? He’d much rather canoodle with his lover, YOO HAENG-GAN (Lee Poong-woon) — a man whose silent, calculating glances suggest a wealth of political ambition.


There’s one responsibility our king can’t evade: the messy business of naming an heir. His mother, the formidable DOWAGER QUEEN CHEONCHU (Lee Min-young) tells him as much, with a mixture of fondness and venom. Our wayward queen is betting on her younger son, whom King Mokjong cannot bring himself to regard as a brother. After all, the child in question was fathered by the queen’s lover, and thus not of the Wang line. But one person is. PRINCE DAERYANGWON (Kim Dong-joon), child of Cheonchu’s sister, was banished to a monastery years ago — and King Mokjong’s only leverage is to threaten to bring him back. At this, there’s murder in his mother’s eyes.

What a convenient pivot to introduce our second protagonist, Prince Daeryangwon himself! That said, it’s not immediately obvious we’re dealing with royalty. The guy we see is a disaffected youngster in a monk’s garb… shamelessly downing wine. Across from him, a small boy observes with an air of profound moral judgement. Our royal rebel has a habit of sneaking out of the monastery… and it’s about to bite him. Soon, the world’s least convincing monk is set upon by a group of nearby ne’er-do-wells — who, as it turns out, aren’t your run-of-the-mill thugs, but hired assassins. However, the quick-thinking kid warns the higher-ups at the monastery, and our hero is narrowly rescued.


The kid receives a brutal whipping in Prince Daeryangwon’s stead. After all, no one at the monastery would dare hit a royal. Our noble hero hems, haws, and almost apologizes, much to his tiny friend’s annoyance. But Prince Daeryangwon is caught up in recollection of the one time he was whipped… by the dowager queen. Oof.

As a child, he’d flat-out refused to leave the palace — at which point, his once-loving aunt turned vicious. The only person who showed him kindness was King Mokjong. Wiping his tears, his cousin promised that one day he would ensure his return. These days, Prince Daeryangwon doubts if he’d even remember. In actual fact, with a succession crisis now in full force, King Mokjong can afford to think of little else. He’s almost about to pull the trigger on calling him back… until Haeng-gan breaks down in tears. Appoint an heir, he says, and you’ll be powerless. The court will rally behind him. I’d rather die than watch that happen.


Meanwhile, far from the palace and its labyrinthine politics, trouble is brewing at the border. Temporary Government Officer of the Northwest, KANG JO (Lee Won-jong) finds himself adjudicating a skirmish between a Goryeo soldier and some Khitan scouts. All signs point to imminent invasion. Whilst his allies insist there’d be little justification for this, the governor is not so optimistic. Power, he declares, is its own justification. (Nice line!) At the end of the day, the winners make the rules. Meanwhile, there’s little expectation of aid from the palace; both king and dowager queen, they say, are too wrapped up in their respective lovers to govern.

Perhaps. But Dowager Queen Cheonchu is a skilled multi-tasker — she has plenty of time to plot a good murder or two! Soon, her court ladies and a bevy of armed assassins make a beeline for Prince Daeryangwon’s monastery. In the meantime, she makes waves at the court by sitting on the king’s own throne. Our nation, she informs a room full of scandalized ministers, is in catastrophe. Time and again, the king refuses to appoint an heir. And so, she won’t budge from this seat until one is named. At this, King Mokjong bursts onto the scene, demanding an end to this power play. The rightful heir, he declares, can be no-one but Prince Daeryangwon. The dowager queen’s eyes flash. Nobody knows, she says, if he is alive or dead. Tell me, your majesty — if he is dead, who else could ascend the throne but my son?


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2023/11/the-goryeo-khitan-war-episode-1-first-impressions/

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What is a hungry snowman's dinner? Iceburger. :D







On 11/14/2023 at 9:03 AM, tulip06 said:

In pre-Joseon sageuk, I’ve always heard the king addressed as Peyya. Here, he is Sangsang Peyya. Anyone able to say the exact translation? 


Am not watching this drama, but I can have a listen to it if you give me an example (episode, time stamp) where this is used. :kiss_wink:


In the meanwhile:

My Corner of Soompi


Come chat with other Soompiers on the My Corner of Soompi thread. :kiss_wink:

What have you been up to lately? How are you counting down to the New Year?

Season 7 Nbc GIF by The Office


Your Event Organizers


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Here are the ratings for Episode 3! :).



“My Dearest” Finale Achieves Highest Ratings Of Its Entire Run

“My Dearest” Finale Achieves Highest Ratings Of Its Entire Run

KBS’s new historical drama “Korea-Khitan War,” which airs in the same time slot as “Castaway Diva,” scored an average nationwide rating of 5.2 percent for its third episode.



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Here are the ratings for Episode 4! :).


“Perfect Marriage Revenge,” “Castaway Diva,” And “Korea-Khitan War” All Rise To Their Highest Ratings Yet

“Perfect Marriage Revenge,” “Castaway Diva,” And “Korea-Khitan War” All Rise To Their Highest Ratings Yet


Despite facing stiff competition from “Castaway Diva,” which airs in the same time slot, KBS’s new historical drama “Korea-Khitan War” jumped to a nationwide average of 7.0 percent for its fourth episode—marking its highest ratings yet.



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