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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] The Knockout 狂飙


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credit :iQIYI



Title: 狂飙 / Kuang Biao
English title: The Knockout
Also known as: Punch Out
Genre: Procedural, crime

Director: Xu Ji Zhou
Screenwriter: Zhu Jun Yi (朱俊懿), Xu Ji Zhou

Episodes: 39
Broadcast network: CCTV, iQiyi
Broadcast period: 2023-Jan-14 to 2023-Feb-02


Main Cast
Zhang Yi as An Xin
Zhang Song Wen as Gao Qiqiang
Li Yi Tong as Meng Yu
Zhang Zhi Jian as Meng Dehai
Wu Gang as Xu Zhong

Supporting Cast


Ni Da Hong as Uncle Tai
Han Tong Sheng as Li Youtian
Li Jian Yi as Ji Ze
Shi Zhao Qi as An Changlin
Yue Xiu Qing as Madame Xu
Zhao Da as Guo Shanfeng
Shen Dan Ping as Aunt Cui
Shu Yao Xuan as Huang Lao
Song Jia Teng as Ma Zi
Li Jian as Li Xiang
Gao Ye as Chen Shuting
Wang Xiao as Yang Jian
Jia Bing as Xu Jiang
Hao Ping as Cao Chuang
Su Xiao Ding as Gao Qisheng
Lin Jia Chuan as Tang Xiaolong
Chen Ru Na as Li Hongwei
Bao Da Zhi as Zhao Lidong
Ling Zhuo as Lu Han
Yue Yang (岳阳) as Gao Xiaochen
Xu Jia Le as Xiao Chen (2006)
Tao Bao (淘宝) as Xiao Chen (2000)
Ning Xiao Zhi as Guo Wenjian
Sun Yan as Tang Xiaohu
Cui Zhi Gang as Gong Kaijiang
Qu Shan Shan as Cheng Cheng
Wang Pei Lu as Feng Luzi
Wang Hong as Li Qing
Zheng Jia Bin as Secretary Wang
Feng Bing as Lao Mo
Zhao Zi Chong as Zhang Biao
Su Mao Yang as Zhang Daqing
Kang Fu Zhen as Lu Song
Qin Ge (秦戈) as Ma Tao
Zhao Long Hao as Jiang Tian
Qin Yan as He Liming
Huo Qing as Zhou Zhihe
Zhang Chao as Li Mu
Zhan Jing Yi as Fang Ning
Kang Ai Shi as Wang Zheng
Chao Kun as Luo Tuo
Long Ni as Gao Qilan
Wang Yi Qin as Zhang Xiaoqing
Cheng Jin Ming as Huang Yao
Shan Xin Tong (单欣童) as Huang Yao (2006)
Chu Ling Yan (褚灵艳) as Huang Yao (2000)
Tang Ben as Yang Youzhu
Guo Jia Hao as Sun Xu
Yu Mo Fan as Shi Wei
Liu Ruo Qing as Jiang Chao
Ye Fu Sheng (叶福生) as Lu Tao
He Tie Hong as Li Shan
Tang Bei Ping as Shi Lei
Jiang Hao Yan as Guo Zhen
Ye Qi Shan as Tan Siyan
Liu Yan Qing (刘彦卿) as Wang Shuai
Meng Yu (孟宇) as Lao Zhou
Han Pu Jun as Zhong A'si
Bian Yuan as Wang Li
Zhang Bo Nan as Captain Li
Wang Zhi Peng as Pi Hu Zi
Chen Hao Tian (陈浩天) as A Tai
Cao Yang (曹阳) as Yang Jian's mother
Luo Er Yang as Bai Jiangbo
Wei Zhen as Liu Jinsheng
Li Lu Qi as little policeman
Huang Xiao Hang (黄晓航) as Guo Zi



An Xin, a front-line criminal police officer in Jinghai City, is constantly in a struggle with the black and evil forces, and is never able to bring the criminals to justice. After the national political and legal team education and rectification work, Linjiang Province sent a steering group to Jinghai, combined with the public prosecution, law and justice departments, to clear the corrupt elements within the political and legal team. This crushed the protectionistic measures the black and evil forces have planted in the system, and in one fell swoop, he managed to eradicate the strong group that has been cooped up in Jinghai for many years.


credit: MDL | Dramawiki




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Hi  @Wuzetian.   You really got @SC2019 to get this Thread up.  :hwaiting2:


I have already finished watching "The Knockout" and do not need this thread anymore.   But since you got this done. I shall try to contribute to it.   


First of all, I wish Soompi Viewers will try to be more Adventurous.   There are a lot of good Dramas out there, apart from the usual "Idol Dramas".   Or from your favourite actors/ actresses. Do give them & yourselves a try.


"The Knockout" - Introduction :

It is just a commercial Drama.   But all the materials came from "Real Society Reality".  It exposes a lot of Social Truths:

- Illegal Violence

- Collusions between Government Officials and Businessmen

- Officials involved with Gangsters.

- Entertainment Industry

- Usury

- Murders

- Underground Casinos

- Corruption in Political and Legal Systems

- The Inside Story of the Real Estate Industry

- Business Tycoons Stained With Blood

- Missing Persons

- Accidental Deaths

- The Truth about Charity

- Black Box Operation


After I have finished Watching It, I quietly wish that:

May the Spirit of the Rule of Law penetrates into every corner of Society.  

May the Society we live in be free from Evil.

May the Society we live in be Peaceful and Beautiful.


One Caution Though:

The first few, in fact First 3 Episodes can be quite "Confusing" as they seek to set up the Story.  But once you get through them, they sail beautifully till the Final Episode.


But most important of all, "Justice" gets Served.  So... go ahead and watch it!


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Lol...I thought you requested for it...And thanks again to @SC2019 for setting up for us!


Nice To Meet You Nicolas Cage GIF by Nordisk Film Finland


I haven't seen much of knockout's info yet but will post from time to time. 


Btw how did you manage to find this page? Is there a certain time after the page been established only can find? Coz I couldn't find via soompi here nor Google earlier...



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On 2/25/2023 at 11:47 PM, Wuzetian said:


I haven't seen much of knockout's info yet but will post from time to time. 


Btw how did you manage to find this page? Is there a certain time after the page been established only can find? Coz I couldn't find via soompi here nor Google earlier...




@Wuzetian  I was visiting to see what dramas Soompi Viewers are watching, when I   saw that this Thread was Up.   As mentioned, I've already finished the entire drama.   So I don't need this Thread anymore.  I am just doing you all a Service.


Nobody has dropped by yet. What a shame. IMO "Knockout" is one of the Best C-Dramas of 2023 so far.   I expect it to Win a lot of Awards.   The last few episodes are a bit rushed.   Cannot blame them.  As they have to fit into the "40 Eps Regulation".  But it still Dazzles.


Whether a TV series is good or not, is inseparable from the Plot and the Performance of the actors.  And on this Note,  "Knockout" has not disappoint.


My personal favourite Actor/ Character is  Actor Chang Yi / An Xin (in the drama).



"The Knockout" - In The Beginning (Ep 2)

The Story began in the city of  Jing Hai.


At the beginning, Fish-monger, Gao Qiqiang was injured by the local market ruffians - the 2 Tang brothers, in a fight.  Gao was detained in the Police Station. He showed helplessness and disappointment for not being able to spend the Chinese New Year with his younger siblings.  


With the help of An Xin, he was able to eat dumplings made by his younger sister.   And can "hear" the Spring Festival Gala show on TV.  No TV is allowed in the Detention Room.  So he could only listen to the "sound" from the TV Room next door.  This offers Gao Qiqiang some comfort.  Although his hands were handcuffed, he made a CNY Toast to An Xin to express his gratitude.


This series of operations immediately touched my Heart.  Because such things can really happen. This kind of sadness and pain can only be known by those who have experienced it.


When Gao was released the next day, An Xin gave him a lift and accompanied him back to the Market.  The Tang brothers continued to bully him.  But with the presence and support of An Xin, Gao managed to remain safe.  Even "Respected" and "Feared".  Based on his Reputation of being a Friend of An Xin, who is  the Nephew of the Big Shot - the Executive Deputy Director of  Jinghai Municipal Public Security Bureau. Innocent An Xin was not aware of being used.


Slowly Gao Qi Qiang began to take advantage of An Xin's Friendship and  Protection and  acquire a Greed For Power and Wealth.   That was how he descended into a Life of Gangsterism.


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How Good Is "The Knockout" ?

It has made iQiyi earns 2 billion !   It has been aired for less than two months.  But has already broken various historical records of iQiyi.   That is how good it is.


Who is the Worst Person in "The Knockout" ?

Gao Qi Sheng (EP 3) :

There are a lot.  But to me, the Worst is Gao Qi Qiang's younger brother Gao Qi Sheng.   He is the reason Gao Qi Qiang chooses the Dark Route.  Because Qi Sheng needs a  lot of Money to start his PHS Mobile Phone Business.


U-educated but has a decadent character:  Extremely Sensitive, Revengeful and Unrepentant right till the very end.  His Greed is unsatiable:  more money, more power.   He will do anything for that: gun-making, drug-trafficking.  In the end, he is also the one who brings Gao Qi Qiang down.




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Gao Qi Qiang (Ep 4 & 5):

Gao Qi Qiang's misfortune is his own fault.   At important forks in his life, he made wrong choices. His parents died early.  He brought up his younger brother and sister.  Sent them for further education in the universities.   But he also spoils them too much.


To find the Money for his brother's PHS Mobile Phone Shop, he sought to join the 2 Tang brothers to undertake a "Murder Job".


Gao Qi Qiang approached the targeted victim -Xu Lei alone.  He told the 2 brothers that he want to try.  But he saw Xu Lei and his friend being electrocuted to death instead.   His death was accidental - due to electric shock.  


But Gao Qi Qiang chose to abandon his conscience.   He did not report to the police.  He did not tell the truth to the 2 Tang brothers. But chose to split the reward money with the 2 Tang brothers. Thus they assume that he has killed Xu Lei.  And began to be in awe of him.  Xu Lei is the son of Xu Jiang - the Biggest Gangster Leader of Jing Hai City at that time.


Officer An Xin ate many meals with him.  GQQ had many opportunities to tell the truth.  But he betrayed An Xin's friendship and chose to stand on the opposite side of justice.


So from that moment onwards, he is destined to embark on a road of no return.


It became a struggle between Good and Evil.   Between the political and legal workers represented by Officer An Xin.   And the evil forces represented by Gao Qi Qiang and his "umbrellas".




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@Wuzetian Thanks for the invite. I just finished watching the whole EP. It took me almost a week to complete. :D But worth watching it.


The script was excellent and the actors are fantastic, especially the villain role, Gao Qi Qiang, this character role is so rich and complex whereby only the actor Zhang Song Wen is able to portray well, he is a phenomenal actor.


At the end of the drama, it is said that the dark and evil forces can be eradicated because of An xin's persistence, but in fact, it is mainly because the “dark and evil forces” have encountered more powerful officials to clean them up, and they have nothing to do with An xin's cannon fodder. This drama seems to be promoting a story of evil and injustice from the beginning to the end, but in fact it explicits a story about whoever has the most powerful and who is justified. The "law" is just a decoration in China. Look at the current President in China, Mr xi jinping. The Chinese high growth, high corruption model has come with high risks growth and enormous inequality. Many viewers commented the ending was too idealistic, far from the realistic, but i am sure with the hit drama in play, there will be hope for people in China, even though Corruption is the biggest obstacles in China and it takes time to remove them. Look at our An xin from black hair turn into white hair...Lol:D

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I view it differently.  Even if there are "more powerful officials" to clean the mess up, they would Not be able to proceed so smoothly without the vital information from An Xin.  They would be groping in the dark.  To me, it is a Group Effort. 


-  An Xin provide the vital points and assistance.

- While the "provincial education rectification resident steering group" provides the "Authority" to get things done.


No one.  No country can provide a "Nirvana".  It will always be a Better, or Worse situation.  Because Human Beings are "Flawed".  The Law is just a Societal Guide - a Deterrent.  Not a "Panacea".  If you do this and get caught, this the punishment.  That is all.


In any Country, whether "Advanced",  "Developing or "Under-Developed, corruption and inequality is inevitable.  But when it is China, people tends to be more Sarcastic and Critical.


The play unfolds the plot during the 20 years of Grand Social Changes, using a double-line cross-narrative technique.


One tells the story of the Provincial Education Rectification Resident Steering Group going to Jinghai City to carry out supervision and investigation, thoroughly investigating the local "protective umbrella".


The other uses "Flashbacks" to review the largest underworld and powerful group in Jinghai from the perspective of An Xin.  The process of making a fortune and the grievances and hatreds between him and Gao Qi Qiang.


The Production Team selected 3 Time Points in 2000, 2006 and 2021 to form a Three-Act Structure.  Centering on core events such as homicides, land acquisition disputes, and handling of cases by the steering group.


An Xin and Gao Qi Qiang met at a young age.  Then gradually drifted away. Finally parted ways.


An Xin is an idealist who maintains a society ruled by Law.  He has been beaten repeatedly by the harsh reality, injured many times, lost his father in the line of duty, teacher, comrade-in-arms and lover, and squeezed out and marginalised.  But he never change his Original Intention.  He lives to see "the Clouds part ways to reveal the Sun".


Gao Qi Qiang on the other hand, with one wrong step, slipped into the abyss of crime and became a gangster.


What I Like About "The Knockout"

As a theme of Anti-Crime and Evil, it does not stop at telling a thrilling black-and-white contest.  But goes deeper into the exploration of human nature and reflection on reality.  


It not only praises Justice, but also conducts an objective and in-depth analysis of evil.


The story uses a lot of spaces to tell how the humble and industrious Gao Qi Qiang degenerates step by step into the Black Boss who overshadows the sky in Jinghai City.


Based on the Monologue of the Anti-Crime Supervisory Commissioner, Xu Zhong in Ep 5, he pointed out sharply:


"If market administrators like Tang Xiao Long and Tang Xiao Hu who dominate one side are the fuse, it is better to say that there are indeed some unfair distributions in our society.  Causing the grassroots people to feel that it is impossible to get rich without relying on illegal means.  So some people who take risks appear.  The evil forces and their protective umbrellas were not formed overnight".


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@Wuzetian , No it's not boring, just that i got work to do and the china drama with 39 EP was pretty long for me. To be frank, I don't usually watch Chinese drama unless it was recommended by someone.  I watched Korean dramas and foreign good movies a lot.


I chose "The knockout" and "The three body" because of good reviews by the netizens. I watched some other good old Chinese drama, but I forgot the names, Lol:D


@hush puppy Yes, I agree with you that any revolutionary changes must be in a group with an ongoing effort, the drama using An xin as a main representative to point out the severe injustice of the society. Using the contrast role, An Xin vs Gao Qi Qiang is a vivid comparison. I like this part.


20 hours ago, hush puppy said:

Based on the Monologue of the Anti-Crime Supervisory Commissioner, Xu Zhong in Ep 5, he pointed out sharply:


"If market administrators like Tang Xiao Long and Tang Xiao Hu who dominate one side are the fuse, it is better to say that there are indeed some unfair distributions in our society.  Causing the grassroots people to feel that it is impossible to get rich without relying on illegal means.  So some people who take risks appear.  The evil forces and their protective umbrellas were not formed overnight".


Yes, the above is exactly i like what Xu Zhong's highlighted, very sharp , it hits the nail on the head...Now I found another like minded people in this forum :)


Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It reflected in many countries and systems. As the saying goes, "Power corrupts people." When the intention is to reach a certain social status and higher level, it often reveals a "nature" that has never been shown before-perhaps the spirited spirit in the period of decline, the common enemy when fighting with peers, may be involved in a certain degree of control, gradually make those behaviors that used to be righteous indignation-this is not only frustrating, but also cruel human nature.


Those who have power are more likely to materialize and use subordinates to help them achieve their goals. Powerful people often need to control and manipulate the overall situation, and then lead many subordinates in the same right direction. In order to achieve performance, he needs to influence people or motivate morale by using manipulation technique. Behind this, there must be a huge price to pay. All these had displayed clearly in the drama.


@Wuzetian, Yes you should start watching this drama...it was good.:)





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  • 2 weeks later...

watching it atm, but no subs on youtube after ep 3, so not sure what to do... 

very compelling, interesting, well written, superbly acted drama, wow.

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