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[Drama 2023] Mean to Be - 하늘의 인연 - Mon to Fri 7:50 - 8:30 KST


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Mean To Be


Meant To Be


Network: MBC

Episodes: 122

Genre: romance, drama, revenge

Airdate: april 17th to october 20th 2023

Airtime: 7:50 - 8:30 KST


Directed by Kim Jin Hyung

Written by Yeo Jeong Mi

oficial page:







A work depicting the lives of two women, Lee Hae In and Kang Se Na, who were placed in different destinies in childhood.




Jeon Hye Yeon as Lee Hae In

The daughter of Soon Young Lee and Chi Hwan Kang, who saved her life through Soon Young's sacrifice. She grew up trusting and relying on her adoptive father, Lee Chang. She is also friendly. She is popular and confident, and at the decisive moment, she has a strong and bold side like a contestant.
Her birth mother was lost within a few days of her birth and she was left in an orphanage where she was raised until the age of 8. Her artistic sense is excellent. Haein's life is completely destroyed due to Lee Chang and Jung Im's sudden accident.





Jung Woo Yeon as Kang Se Na

Although Lee Chang is her biological father, she was born and grew up as the daughter of Chi Hwan and is loved unconditionally. She is Shine Cosmetics exclusive model, with an upper-class background and striking looks, she stands out wherever she goes and becomes the center of attention. She looks glamorous, provocative and charismatic, but she doesn't have the 'fighting spirit' that Chi Hwan has, and she disappoints her father. Her goal is to become her dad's full and safe successor.

Se Na and Jin Woo grew up like siblings. Her first love is Jin Woo, but when she sees Jin Woo dealing with Hae In, she is jelous and with all her might, she chooses to drive Hae In to the edge of the cliff.





Seo Han Gyeo as Ha Jin Woo

He is the owner of Seonju Fashion. He is majoring in business administration, but he is trying to direct a play. He was known for his excellent learning ability and was superior in everything. He has a great artistic sense, and he has everything he can't do, such as music and art. He was a loving and affectionate parent more than any other couple and was able to develop a stable inner world and rich sensitivity. He met Hae In at the nursery school and made beautiful memories with her.




Jin Ju Hyun as Moon Do Hyeon

He is observant and perceptive. He is as talkative as he thinks a lot, but He has his own far-reaching aspirations and castle behind his quietness. He has a ferocious fighting spirit to achieve the goals he has set for himself. He lived while experiencing the difference between heaven and earth in his status with his whole body. He lives in a doghouse on one side of the mansion and runs when called. A mother who works as a housekeeper, and an uncle who works as a driver. He likes Se Na, but there was no way he could rise in status like Jin Woo. He passed the bar examination and became a prosecutor. 



Support cast


Kim Yu Seon as Kang Chi Hwan (Lee hae In's biological father, Kang Se Na's father)

He believe that money and power are stronger than the law. He want to stand above the law. In order not to be swayed or destroyed by money and power anymore. He had to become a strong man who grabbed them with both hands. He can't be satisfied and he is hasty, reckless, mean, and greedy.
He fully learns the social structure of the weak meat and uses it thoroughly.




Ko Eun Mi as Jeon Mi Gang (Kang Chi Hwan's wife)

She has a noble and seductive appearance with a strong self-esteem and narcissistic personality. Growing up in abundance thanks to his wealthy father, she knows nothing of the darkness or difficulties of the world. There is no mercy for those who disobey or betray her. There is no choice but to kneel. 





Choo Eun Sook as Na Jeong Im (Lee Hae In's adoptive mother)

She has a smart and warm heart. She wants to live a normal life, dreaming of a future, but the harsh reality made her live a heartless and tight-fisted life. As a child, she grew up under a tyrannical stepmother but she never lost her self-esteem. She fall in the trap of Chi Hwan. In order to pay off the debt to him, she became his secretary and for her success, she relentlessly endured Chi Hwan's evil deeds.
She is a person who shows extreme maternity to Hae In.





Lee Hoon as Yoon I Chang (Lee Hae In's adoptive father)


He is a theater director. Mi Kang's former love and Jeong Im's current husband. He has the unique pride and perseverance of an artist. He is mysterious because he has many secrets, and he is strong because he has endured so much pain. Due to Kang Chi Hwan's trick, he was framed as a drug offender and sent to prison. After being released from prison, while wandering around the world as a taxi driver, he meets Jeong Im and Hae In.





Jo Mi Ryung as Chae Yeong Eun (Ha Jin Woo's mother)

She is Mi Kang's friend. She is a former announcer who was introduced by Mi Kang and remarried Ha Yun Mo, the heir to the Seonju Group. A person who graduated from a prestigious university. After her marriage, her relationship reversed, and she coyly attacked Mi Kang. 





Byun Woo Min as Ha Yoon Mo (Ha Jin Woo's father, Seon Joo Fashion owner)

Chairman of Seonju Fashion. He was born into a royal family.
She is always relaxed and has high self-esteem because she is rich in everything, including property, academic background, and personal connections. In his family, he was a husband and father full of love and affection. After passionate love with his wife, he decided to marry and lived happily ever after than any other family. 
However, after losing her wife who saved Jin Woo from being swept away by the current, Yun Mo loses everything to her.



Jung Han Yong as Jeon Sang Cheol

Chairman of Moojeong Construction. He became rich in real estate and even established a construction company. He likes things that are thorough and certain. His own word is law. The only person who can move Chairman Jeon is his only daughter, Mi Kang. 









Chart relationship

강치환(김유석)은 옛연인 이순영(심이영) 사이에 딸 이해인(전혜연)이 있다.  전미경(고은미)는 강치환(김유석)과 부부사이이며 딸로 강세나(정우연)이 있다.  강세나(정유연)과 이해인(전혜연)은 경쟁관계이고, 강세나(정유연)가 사랑하는 하진우(서한결)는 이해인(전혜연)을 사랑한다. 문도현(진주형)은 강세나(정유연)를 사랑한다. 이순영(심이영)의 은인인 나정임(조은숙)과 윤이창(이훈)은 부부이고 이해인(전혜연) 그들 부부의 딸로 살고 있다. 윤이창(이훈)과 전미강(고은미)는 옛연인 사이이고, 그들 사이의 딸은 강세나(정우연)이다. 전미강(고은미)의 친부는 전상철(정한용)이다. 나숙자(박혜진)은 나정임(조은숙)의 고모다.  하윤모(변우민)는 채영은(조미령)과 재혼을 했고, 하윤모(변우민)의 아들은 하진우(서한결)이다. 오화순(김난희)는 문도현의 엄마이고, 오목찬(이태오)는 화순의 남동생이다.








part 1 - 2



























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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Current drama 2023] Mean to Be - 하늘의 인연 - Mon to Fri 7:50 - 8:30 KST

I have just watched the first episode. It's more fast moving than most kdramas. It was quite enjoyable but I can see cliched storylines coming up.  

Ha Ein the FL is artistic just like her bio mum. Her birth father is the father of her antagonist Se Na, and her father is SN's birth father.  HE was in jail in flashes of the preview, I am guessing she will start her revenge after the jailterm.


They will be vying for the same man but of course he is interested in her. The SFL reacts with fury - from the trailers. Shades of VOB.

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Decided to pop in for a random drama before I head out to the ones that I actually watch. Also, on the search for Healer Season 2. Heard that it has Joo Won as the main lead this time round though. Sadly, no luck finding that. Oh well let’s get on to this post regarding the show.


So the first thing that we note is that this show has a double birth secret in it. Not so sure where I stand in that department. Also, we can see that Sena is going to have Serin level obsession if it isn’t curbed ASAP sadly, we know that isn’t going to happen any time soon. To be honest I just don’t get what it is with all these second leads. Why continue to pursue a partner if the other side seems to be oblivious to their feelings or has indicated that they aren’t interested in pursuing a relationship with them. Granted in some of these cases it would certainly be helpful if the other party told them in plain words thus the obsessed party can’t claim that they were led on.


In this case Jin Woo does have a small pass as of now. Since he was traumatized and just recently got back his voice. So, him not being able to tell her off made sense but now he needs to speak up otherwise he might get engaged by his parents at an early age. Granted these engagements don’t really make a lot of sense at times but what can one do. Also as he grows up things are going to get way complicated but we know what will happen.


Thanks to a preview someone posted over here we get a few glimpses of things to happen. Hae-In’s mother aka Secretary Kim in this case is going to get injured and she herself will be sent to jail probably for a crime that she didn’t commit. So, the question over here is who is responsible for these actions. The likely suspect would be her biological father since we know that he will do anything to cover his past. But I have a theory and I want to hear your thoughts regarding it.


Now instead of her father would it be possible for Sena’s mother to be actually responsible for said things. Let’s follow my chain of logic and see if it makes any sense. Courtesy of her friend a seed of doubt has been placed in her head that her husband might be having an affair with his secretary. Clearly it doesn’t help that Secretary Ma is not only living in their house but also she has late night meetings with her husband. (She did overhear her laughing in said meeting which certainly doesn’t help her case nor the fact that live in the same house.)


Eventually she is going to get suspicious and start to think that Hae-In has a birth secret and that she is actually her husband’s daughter. Which is correct as we know. But she is going to think that Secretary Ma is the mother therefore she had an affair with the husband. To confirm her suspicions she is going to run a DNA test with Hae-In and her husband and the result is indeed going to turn out positive. She will therefore confront Secretary Ma but will not listen or believe the truth. This may result in a confrontation between the two which will be the reason for the accident that Secretary Ma is involved in.


As for Hae-In She will probably be framed for something just so that she will stay away from her father. It remains to be seen who is responsible for that though. But using the same logic it can easily be Sena’s mother who does that.


The servant’s son certainly isn’t helping anyone by covering for Sena and framing Hae-In. Not sure why he doesn’t get it. Even if Sena would have been thankful for it she isn’t going to be interested in him. Infact he is only making matters worse by being an Enabler. Had she taken responsibility for her actions she probably wouldn’t have even gotten into all that trouble considering that she has been raised as a princess. Not only that, but we also know that the kid is going to become a prosecutor. Which isn’t a good sign for two reasons. The first is that if Hae-In needs to be protected he is probably going to take her case and be able to get a false confession out of her or plant/destroy critical evidence allowing her to be locked up. The second is that if Sena doesn’t learn to take responsibility for her actions she will be causing issues and he will be busy cleaning them up by covering for her or buying of the people she offended etc..


He still isn’t going to get a shot with her unless he decides to blackmail her into something.


The two best friends are a blast. With friends like that who needs enemies I do wonder what the backstory between them is. Such as why his Jin Woo’s stepmother antagonizing her friend. Did she steal the guy she liked back in high school that she is taking it out on her now. Also I want to know who you think is worse of from Sena’s current parents. Her father who betrayed his first love for the sake of power (atleast he was upfront with his GF) of her mother who to protect her pretended to have the tango so that she could fool her current husband into thinking that Sena was his daughter.


Right this brings me to another point. We do know that Secretary Ma is going to to be paired  with Sena’s biological father as well. This will also probably be another reason why she is going to be mad at her because she will claim that Secretary has a thing for stealing her men thus another reason for the confrontation between the two.


Anyway feeling sleepy now. So will end the post over here. Take care all of you and let’s see what happens next.

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