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[Drama 2023] Death`s Game, 곧 죽습니다


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Death’s Game: Episodes 1-4

by lovepark

Gorgeous directing, brilliant acting, and a fast-paced story, the first half of Death’s Game comes out of the gate running and doesn’t stop. A bleak tale about a man who ends his life, even death offers him little solace as he is forced to play a game as punishment for his sins. Will our doomed protagonist learn his lesson at the end of this twisted journey, or will he continue to chase after the things that brought him ruin?



The show opens with its protagonist CHOI YI-JAE (Seo In-gook), an unemployed college graduate with a mountain of student loans. After seven years of fruitless job hunts, he finally calls it quits when he loses all his savings in a scam and sees his longtime girlfriend with another man. Scared of living more than dying, Yi-jae jumps off a building… and wakes up inside a private jet.

Thus begins the story in earnest as Death (Park So-dam) plucks Yi-jae from his way to hell and throws him into a game of sorts. As punishment for insulting her, she will make him experience 12 more deaths, but there’s a catch: if he happens to survive, then he gets to live again. However, Death won’t make these trials easy for him, and the first body he occupies (cameo by Choi Siwon) dies almost immediately in a fiery explosion.

Between every round, Yi-jae returns to a dark limbo where Death waits for him by the gates of hell, and try as he might to plead for mercy, his fate is sealed. With every new body, Yi-jae picks up tricks about this game, and from his second one (Sung Hoon), he learns that not only does he obtain the original host’s memories but their talents as well. Alas, his second chance ends with a splat — along with a hilariously dark ending — and our protagonist moves on to the next.


The third body Yi-jae enters is of a bullied high school student (Kim Kang-hoon) whose original death was suicide. At first, this round seems straightforward, but nothing about these games is simple. Though Yi-jae successfully ousts the bully from his position by prodding a few teenage boys’ egos, his plan turns the bully into the bullied, and the outcast teenager kills Yi-jae in a fit of rage.

At this point, Yi-jae questions if survival is even possible, but Death owes him nothing, let alone hope. Rather, his suffering will only increase from here, and Yi-jae finds himself mid-torture in his fourth body (Jang Seung-jo). As a fixer for a secret organization, the fourth body stole his boss’s money as well as his lady, and his skills are unparalleled. After an intense chase through the city that ends with a rooftop jump into a swimming pool, Yi-jae manages to survive only to be betrayed at the end by the lady he saved.

By now, Yi-jae starts to see this game as an interconnected piece rather than separate entities, so he stashed body four’s cash in a secret location to collect in the next round. Death, though, enjoys toying with her prey and foils his plans with the fifth body (Lee Jae-wook), an inmate.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2023/12/deaths-game-episodes-1-4/

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by Lily Alice, December 18, 2023
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Death's Game has entered Amazon Prime's Top 10 charts in 20+ countries in just three days since its release. As of December 18, the K-drama trends in Australia, Bolivia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Paraguay, Peru, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

Death's Game is the story of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk), a perennially unemployed man struggling in all spheres of life. He goes through the cycle of life and death 12 times as a punishment from Death (Park So Dam) after he takes his own life.

Part 1 of the K-drama was released on December 15. Part 2 will air on January 5.


Where to watch the K-drama Death's Game?

Death's Game is available to stream on Prime Video.



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by Lily Alice, December 26, 2023
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Just a few days ahead of its release, Death's Game Part 2 dropped a trailer, giving a glimpse of what's coming for the viewers in the upcoming episodes. 

The TVING original series, Death's Game, is the story of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk), a perennially unemployed man struggling in all spheres of life. He goes through the cycle of life and death 12 times as a punishment from Death (Park So Dam) after he takes his own life.

Scheduled to release on January 5, Death's Game Part 2 picks up from where it left off in Part 1. 

The teaser begins by showcasing Park Tae Woo (Kim Ji Hoon), his gaze dripping with malice. Choi Yi Jae's (Seo In Guk) voiceover says, "Park Tae Woo, I'll definitely make you pay." 

The trailer then shows Park Tae Woo aiming his gun, and a gunshot is heard. 

The following scenes show a montage of flashbacks featuring the reincarnations of Yi Jae — Lee Joo Hoon (Jang Seung Jo), Jang Geon Woo (Lee Do Hyun), Cho Tae Sang (Lee Jae Wook), and Song Jae Seop (Sung Hoon). 

Realization sinks in, and Yi Jae questions Death (Park So Dam) if it was her plan all along to kill people connected to Park Tae Woo.




He then asks her with pain in his voice, "Why did you let Ji Soo (Go Youn Jung) die?"

The scene then shifts to Park Tae Woo. He says, "It was an incredible scenario. But the ending should be by me."

Scenes flash by showing Jung Gyu Chul (Kim Jae Wook), Ahn Ji Hyung (Oh Jung Se), and Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk).

The trailer concludes with Jang Geon Woo (Lee Do Hyun) saying, "The ending of this scenario is not up to you. In a good scenario, there is always a twist."

Death's Game Part 2 will be released on January 5. The K-drama can be streamed on Prime Video. Watch the latest trailer below




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Watch: “Death’s Game” Teases Plot Twists And Turns In Thrilling Trailer For Part 2

Watch: “Death’s Game” Teases Plot Twists And Turns In Thrilling Trailer For Part 2


TVING’s “Death’s Game” has shared an action-packed sneak peek of Part 2!


Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Death’s Game” tells the story of a man who gets more than one second chance at life after facing death. Park So Dam will play the role of Death, who sentences a man named Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk) to 12 cycles of life and death.

Spoilers for Part 1

In a newly released trailer for Part 2 of the drama, Choi Yi Jae declares that he will make Park Tae Woo (Kim Ji Hoon) pay for his crimes.


Death responds mockingly, “The guy who’s being punished is going to deliver punishment? When are you going to finally figure it out?”

As the caption announces that “all the deaths were connected,” Choi Yi Jae accuses Death, “All the deaths linked to Park Tae Woo—you planned them, didn’t you?” After Death breaks out into derisive laughter, Choi Yi Jae yells, “Why did you make Ji Soo die too?”


While Choi Yi Jae fights to change the predetermined ending of Death’s story by rewriting the plot, Park Tae Woo smirks, “It was a great screenplay [that you came up with]. But I’m the one who decides the ending.”


Choi Yi Jae then wakes up in the body of the mysterious painter Jung Gyu Cheol (Kim Jae Wook), and he declares, “I’ll use evil to kill evil.”

However, despite his confidence that “my revenge is only just beginning now” and his angry disdain for “the rules of death,” things take an ominous turn at the end of the trailer. After putting on a pair of black gloves reminiscent of Park Tae Woo, Jang Gun Woo (Lee Do Hyun) approaches someone with a chilling expression as he says, “The ending of this screenplay isn’t up to you. Because every good screenplay has a plot twist.”


Part 2 of “Death’s Game” will be released on January 5. Check out the new trailer below!




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News bites: December 27, 2023

by tccolb




Over on TVING, the chilling tale of Death’s Game is set to continue in the upcoming Part 2 and the latest teaser prepares us for the showdown that Seo In-gook (Cafe Minamdang) et al. is determined to win. Facing off against Death – played by Park So-dam (Record of Youth) – and now Kim Ji-hoon (Love to Hate You) as well, the dark fantasy returns next week on January 5. [News1]



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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2023] Death`s Game, 곧 죽습니다

Death’s Game: Episodes 5-8 (Final)

by lovepark

A man who chooses to end his life is plucked by Death and thrown into a game. As he experiences twelve different bodies, he gains a new perspective on living. While some people are monsters with no redeemable qualities, others are pitiful individuals who were dealt bad hands. After experiencing the world through other people’s eyes, Death presents our protagonist with a second chance, but whether or not he takes it is up to him.



The second half of Death’s Game opens with a gruesome scene as the show immediately introduces our hero’s next body: serial killer JUNG GYU-CHEOL (Kim Jae-wook). An artist who uses his victims’ blood as paint, Gyu-cheol has no qualms about kidnapping people from innocent civilians to lowlife rapists and immortalizing their final moments on canvas which fetch for a high price.

After Yi-jae’s attempt to kill Death turned into a fool’s errand, he finds himself inside the eighth body and decides to use this demon to kill a different one: Taekang Group’s heir Park Tae-woo. Luckily for Yi-jae, psychopaths seem to attract one another, and Tae-woo approaches Gyu-cheol’s agent about purchasing a piece. Their encounter is tense thanks to Yi-jae’s thinly veiled animosity, but to Tae-woo, the man in front of him is a stranger and barely registers as a threat.

Though Yi-jae misses his chance to kill Tae-woo during their first meeting, he knows his address now and waits for him at his house that night. When Tae-woo sees the cryptic painter in his driveway, his already bad day turns worse, and he pulls out his shotgun without a second thought. He shoots Yi-jae in the back, but as crazy as this all seems, Yi-jae predicted this would happen and wore a bulletproof vest. His preparedness gives him the upper hand, and Yi-jae captures Tae-woo.


While Yi-jae manages to take Tae-woo to his studio where he plans to saw him in half, he faints as soon as he arrives due to Gyu-cheol’s brain tumor. This gives Tae-woo enough time to break his bindings and turn the tables on his captor. Once Yi-jae wakes up, he stares up into Tae-woo’s manic eyes, and the latter tells him that he relates to Gyu-cheol. He, too, experienced what it felt like being God when he accidentally hit a man with his car, and now, he can relive that euphoria all over again.

Shaking with excitement, Tae-woo orders Yi-jae to beg for his life, but Yi-jae spits in his face and laughs. With that, he experiences his most painful death yet, and ends up back in front of Death’s door. Despite the horrific end he just met, Yi-jae continues laughing in the face of Death. As it turns out, he never intended to murder Tae-woo in his eighth body, but instead, he planted the seeds to catch him in the next.

Thus, the show moves on to Yi-jae’s ninth body, detective AHN JI-HYUNG (Oh Jung-se). Though Detective Ahn joined the force to follow in his father’s footsteps, he made a promise to his mother to look out for himself first and foremost. His motto, as expected, turned him into a black sheep among his peers, but for Yi-jae, this body is perfect for him to catch his target.





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by Lily Alice, January 8, 2024
5 1


The TVING original Death's Game released Part 2 of the series on January 5, and the K-drama was spotted on Prime Video's Top 10 lists in about 60 countries across Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Africa. 

Death's Game is the story of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk), a perennially unemployed man struggling in all spheres of life, who goes through the cycle of life and death 12 times as a punishment from Death (Park So Dam) after he takes his own life.

The K-drama created quite a buzz with its star cast, which includes Seo In GukPark So DamGo Youn JungKim Ji HoonKim Jae WookSung HoonLee Do HyunLee Jae Wook, and Oh Jung Se, among others. 




When and where to watch the K-drama Death's Game?

All the episodes of Death's Game are available to stream on Prime Video.




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by Suzy, January 11, 2024
52 55


DRAMA SLUMP,  daunting term in the realm of drama-watching, signifies a phase where one struggles to engage with or complete dramas. While the rest of the world is busy watching dramas and discussing them, you would be left alone wondering what to do. 

I experienced this in the year 2022. I was not able to watch or finish any dramas, mostly due to the fact that I was really busy and also most of the dramas that came out that year didn't impress me. But 2023 was a good year where I was able to come back to dramaland and finish dramas, so I would like to recommend some top picks that might get you back into dramaland like they did me. I did also sprinkle in some tips that helped me overcome the slump.


6. Death's Game

Tip: Watch dramas that are not too dialogue or plot heavy so it's not too complicated for you to keep up and stay focused.

Experiencing death once is terrifying, but imagine going through it multiple times—that's the premise of this simple yet captivating and intriguing story. It feels like a reunion of my favorite actors, all in one drama, surprising me with each episode.




With just eight episodes, this fast-paced fantasy drama resonated deeply with me. It highlights the importance of appreciating the positive aspects of our lives instead of fixating on the negatives. A must-watch, this well-crafted and superbly acted drama features some of the best talents in the industry. It's one of the best K-dramas of 2023 for me.

With its well-known cast, if you're a seasoned K-drama watcher this will be a treat for you since many of your favorites might be in it. I'm so happy Seo In Guk had this amazing comeback after a long time, considering it was his idea in the first place to make a K-drama adaptation for the webtoon. Do check this one out.



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