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[movie 2005] Welcome To Dongmakgol 웰컴 투 동막골

Ha Tinh Nhi

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I've finally seen this movie with subs. I stayed up until 2am last night to finish it, now I want to watch it again! :P

THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME. I love everything about it, and I ended up crying at the end, I'm such a sucker for those kind of ending. T___T

Favorite scenes:

Snowing popcorn, definitely highlight of the movie & being chased by a wild boar! OMFG, I have no idea whether to laugh or take it seriously. :lol:

yeah some scenes are very memorable like the blowing popcorn....very nice GCI..

like everything about this movie...very well made..

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Guest AubreyJeon

I just watched this movie and it's so beautiful in its simplicity. I really loved Kang Hye Jung's character (the crazy girl), she was so pure and naive it made me so happy just watching her. She reminded me of a butterfly, so sweet! (and with those adorable flowers in her hair!)

I liked the theme, enemy soldiers being thrust into a loving community and becoming friends. It was so funny when they were holding each other at gunpoint early in the movie and the villagers were talking about boars XD And the snowing popcorn was, of course, a classic.

Highly recommended!

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Top Movie Posters of 2005

By Kim Tae-jong

Staff Reporter


Above are five of the best movie posters of this year, selected by local weekly movie magazine Film 2.0.

The five movies are, from the top, "Welcome to Dongmakgol," this year's biggest hit film on Korean War soldiers from different sides finding refuge in a mountain village; "The President's Last Bang," a black comedy that details the night when President Park Chung-hee was assassinated in 1979; "Blue Swallow," a period piece about a female pilot in the 1920s; "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance," the last installment of director Park Chanwook's trilogy about revenge; and "Wig (Kabal)," a horror film about a woman with cancer who is possessed after getting a wig.


12-26-2005 17:28

Credit: The Korea Times


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Guest safiresteele

I just finished watching this movie. I loved it and I recommend it. You're missing out on a great movie if you don't watch it. :D

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Guest The Moose

hehe sorry guys any links?

I had it up on my clubbox but then it got banned.

I would have to upload it again and it'll take about 20 minutes for each part(2).

Anyways, it was a good movie.

I enjoyed it and the music was also good.

I'm not sure if it was really that worthy of the hype it received when it first came out in Korea.

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hmm..was not really interested when i first heard of this and read the plot...hearing all the raves from fellow soompiers, i think i should give it a try...we'll see

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HANDS DOWN!!!! ONE OF THE BEST KOREAN FILMS I'VE EVER WATCHED!!!!!! so funny and meaningful, loved it 100%!!!!!!!!! highly recommend ppl to watch it

Agreed. :vicx::vicx::vicx: I was seriously getting 'asdflkjh' near the end, though. I was literally yelling, "But it should have a happy ending! Don't die!" :crazy: Argh. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

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Young Korean directors present Directors' Cut Awards


The Directors' Cut Awards, a yearly ceremony in which young generation Korean directors vote on awards for filmmakers, was held in Apkujeong, Seoul on December 26.

Launched by film director (and current KOFIC vice-chairperson) LEE Hyun-seung in 1998, the Directors' Cut awards this year polled 42 directors in their thirties and forties to determine awards in directing, acting, and producing.

Best Director honors were presented to IM Sang-soo for his film The President's Last Bang, which screened in the Directors Fortnight section at Cannes in May.

In an unusual development, the award for Best Actress was shared between LEE Young-ae of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and JEON Do-yeon of You Are My Sunshine, as the number of votes for the two actresses was split evenly. Best Actor was presented to JUNG Jae-young for his performances in Welcome to Dongmakgol and My Wedding Campaign.

Other awards included Best New Director to JEONG Yun-cheol of Marathon, Best New Acting awards to actress JO Yi-jin of The Aggressives and actor HA Jeong-woo of The Unforgiven, and Best Producer to OH Jung-wan and LEE Eugene of You Are My Sunshine.

In addition, a Special Acting Award was named in honor of the late actress LEE Eun-joo (The Scarlet Letter), who passed away in February 2005.

Source: KOFIC (Korean Film Council)


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I just watched this movie and I must say it was very well done. I love the innocent of the villagers and their beliefs that everyone is innately good. Their willingness to take in and accept complete strangers to their village is wonderful to see!

I really enjoyed the scene where the two sides were at a standoff while holding the villagers at gun point and all the villagers were worrying about was the wild boar attacking their crops. The scene where the ‘crazy girl’ used her dirty sock to wipe her face as well as the face of the little boy (on the North Korean side) was so cute and funny! Of course the popcorn scene and the ending battle scene were really spectacular too!

What I took away from the movie was (in the case of the Korean War) people think they stand for different things but in reality hey have similar goals. I was glad to see that the villagers taught them that and made them finally realize that their path is the same. The change in the relationships between the North and the South soldiers was very well developed. Overall, it was a wonderful movie and I would recommend it to everyone!

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Guest minshoo

i downloaded and finished it two days ago. and i have to say this is tHE best movie i've seen last year (2005) :) since its 2006 now :)

i luv the actors and the actress who played the crazy girl. the actor who played as an elder brother of Wonbin in 'My Brother' the second commander? for the south. i luv his acting ability. he can be so funny and so serious. the movie is very well developed just like minie said above. but the name and the poster doesnt really applealing. i was bore so i downloaded. but the poster.......i dunno.......but when i first saw it.......i was like......oh.....another cheesy movie about war.......but it turned out REALLY GOOD!!! should definitely watch it.

my favorite parts are the popcorn scene......the scene where they all were working on the field.......and the grandmom.....hahha shes hilarious......

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This is a great movie. I'm not Korean but it's quite a unification movie isn't it? I mean how hard is it to explain that two sides of Korea are fighting each other? How would the villagers react?

What else.... there's still a tad of a "hate America" feeling in the movie. It made me go I hate America when I was watching it seeing how the commanders were so ruthless.

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