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Rainbow Gala 28


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Rainbow Gala 28 - Day 1 and 2


First of all, let’s thank you to all the booth owners/ event staffs and everyone supporting the event this year was amazing!


so day 1 I woke up early, I live actually very close to the event hall about a 10 to 15 minute with walk and drive so I did both.

I mainly wanted to spook out a beautiful Vox Akuma who was on booth, I sort of lined up for almost 25 minutes at the free bus stop, I did get to see a lot of pretty cosplayers and I was excited.


Once I arrived it was around 1.45pm and I took my run into the event and registered for my pass, and I end up getting dragged to help some cosplayers out due to their wig was loose and some was actually new to how I was styling the wig and I had a weird time recovering the wig. it’s been a long time since i cosplayed and somehow I still got it.


there was a big line up on Day 1 and Day 2 so the booth still had a ton of goods to get still, Floor 3 and Floor 6 was where the booth holders were and because I don’t tend to have favourite booths, but I do have favourite artist and I do support them.

but I want to be clear, all the goods sold and made are beautiful made fandom good and I’m looking forward to meet them again soon.


I did see a old friend, although I did give eye contact, I sort of sliding away from her booth, deeply apologetic about it, but I was sort of surprised her and I had the impression of looking foolish so I was more like running for life.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Yorui14?mibextid=LQQJ4d


I didn’t take any candies from her booth, I only made eye contact? Whoever took the candy without saying thank you, might get their back whooped lol!

Give her page a like and comment that I sent you!?


The two halls was packed for both days and due to the air conditioning wasn’t on full blast, it was hot and everyone was stuck in line like traffic, but I did get the chance to see some goods just wasn’t able to buy things due to the lack of space and I was escalating myself searching for the right things I wanted as I was having spinning eyes.

funny thing I took a keychain was looking for my translator to tell me the price I end up walking off without paying, it took less seconds for me running back to give the goods.

Don’t steal fandom goods!?


Interview with Yui930

Cosplayer: Yui930

Instagram: https://instagram.com/yui930


1. what got you started in cosplaying as a vtuber? 


I always love to cosplay my favourite characters! Cosplaying a vtuber especially my oshi (推し) is stressful for me since they are not just 2D fictional animate character, but I would like to give a try. I enjoyed the process on making costume, styling wigs and makeup so much.


2. to all new coming vtuber cosplayers what is your best tip and recommendations to improve their goal?


It depends on what’s their goal lmao. For me I love the challenge of making the most reference-sheet-like costume, do my best to cosplay my favorite vtuber, try different versions of them and hanging out with friends. I would like to say the most important thing is that you are able to enjoy all the process during cosplay.


3. to parents who just noticed their children going into anime’s and manga and is worried, what tips would you give to not let parents worry too much in the hobbies the children tends to choose.


It’s normal if parents is worried about their children into some hobbies they don’t understand, my parents also worried about me when I started watching vtubers. If your parents just want to know what you’re addicted to, try to explain or show them, don’t let these hobbies affect your daily life and financial situation either.


4. if the pandemic goes down, will you be appearing at any other conventions, Taiwan or Japan?


I was used to attending CWT in Taiwan, if the pandemic goes down I definitely will try to get a booth and meet my old friends!


Thank you for taking your time on answering my questions and I hope once the pandemic goes more stable we can travel out and meet you soon.

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