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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2022/2023] The Blood of Youth 少年歌行


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Title: 少年歌行 / Shao Nian Ge Xing
English title: The Blood of Youth
Genre: Wuxia, adventure, youth
Director: Yin Tao, Zhou Hai Jun
Screenwriter: Zhou Mu Nan, Ma Jia Ni (马佳妮), Mu Jing Wen
Chief Producer: Zhou Zhao Zhong
Producer: Mu Jing Wen, Lu Yi Chen (刘跇辰), Deng Xi Bin, Yang Han Yu (杨涵玉)
Executive Producer: Xie Ying

Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast period:  Dec 26, 2022 - Jan 19, 2023

Note: Adapted from the novel "Shao Nian Ge Xing" (少年歌行) by Zhou Mu Nan (周木楠).


Main Cast
Li Hong Yi as Xiao Se
Liu Xue Yi as Wu Xin
Lin Bo Yang as Sikong Qian Luo
Ao Rui Peng as Lei Wujie
Li Xin Ze as Tang Lian
Dai Yan Ni as Ye Ruoyi
Fan Jin Wei as Xiao Chong
Deng Kai as Chi Wang
Zhang Wei Na as Li Hanyi


Supporting Cast


He Zhong Hua as Sikong Chang Feng
Cao Yu Chen as Zhao Yuzhen
Zhao Wen Hao as Luo Mingxuan
You Ben Chang as Wang You
Dong Xuan as Consort Xuan
He Sheng Ming as Mo Yi
Hu Wei as Mu Chunfeng
Dong Li Wu You as Wu Shuang
Ai Mi as Hua Jin
Yu Bo as Xie Xuan
Cheng Zi as Tian Nurui
Liu Yi Long as Zang Ming
Li Qian Feng as Duan Xuanyi
Sha Xuan as Ji Xue
Wang Yi Fan as Ming Hou
Ding Yong Dai as Emperor Ming De
Tian Lei Xi as Mu Yumo
Zhang Cheng He as Ye Xiaoying



The story of the fledgling young knight Lei Wujie, who strays into Xueluo Mountain Villa on his way to Xueyue City, the largest city in the Jianghu, and gets involved in an incident that caused a sensation in the entire Jianghu.


Credit: MDL, Dramawiki








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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama] The Blood of Youth 少年歌行, premiering Dec 26, starring Li Hong Yi, Liu Xue Yi & Lin Bo Yang

Wow, how could they be so fast with post production?... usually I'm unimaginably happy to see anything with my baby Liu Xue Yi, but last couple of years I have rather reserved expectations for anything coming from Youku...however will definitely check it during New Year holidays and see how this turns). 

Ahh, and Ao Rui Peng looks great here). Very promising actor:)


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On 12/26/2022 at 2:35 PM, leo2020 said:

usually I'm unimaginably happy to see anything with my baby Liu Xue Yi


Patience required. He only entered the show halfway through episode 2.


On 12/27/2022 at 5:03 PM, 杨过是大哥哥 said:

This show got rated poorly by others to the 5/10 range


Oh. Seems a pity.


I'm enjoying it too. Especially the fights. The myriad of skills and characters and backstories being introduced. Every single one interesting. I find myself riveted to the screen.


The bits of understated humor are an added bonus for me. As well as the banter between the lead and Wu Xin.


The friendship between the three chaps is the highlight for me thus far.


I also like how protective, in that nonchalant manner of his, the lead seems to be of his naive friend in red.


My only gripe? Liu Xue Yi...seventeen. No way. But that's just a nit.


"Make a run for it? Ok. Good luck."


"Knock him out? Ok. All the best."


The way they both immediately turned and flew away in sync leaving poor Lei Wujie with the bandits.


Fun show.


Alright, back to it. I'm only at episode 5.

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Episode 7. That was rather sad. I was hoping he would stay. I had no idea the lead had grown so attached to his friend. He could not even look at him.


Episode 8. "Tomorrow..."


Dramatic pause.


"It'll rain." 


This show makes me laugh.



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front 9 episodes are good , i'm holding the high rating of 8.0/10


some people may not like the magic fusion with swordfight , deviate from real wuxia theme

example how does they generate a flaming winged giant ,   phoenix , snow horses , flaming puma

this is going into the realm like the anime Shaman King where the fights are between the giant avatars drawing energy from their human caster

the top experts are given the title 仙  when their body still age , not real immortality



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I don't like the acting, I hate the trope of Chinese TV series to have characters that acts really dumb as this guy in black and red.

Serious talk, and then all the sudden, abrupt comedy. I mean, :/


And the comedy music, is way too off putting for me.



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i watched all 14 episodes back to back.. i find it not too bad.. it needs more depth..

i like it, esp the humour and puns.. 

looking forward to see how xiao ser will fight for himself to be reinstated as the sixth prince and also gain his internal martial strength back gradually..


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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama] The Blood of Youth 少年歌行, premiered Dec 26, starring Li Hong Yi, Liu Xue Yi & Lin Bo Yang

Still on episode 17. Six fighting one. Six plus poison. Six plus poison plus some shady trick. Their teachers must be so proud.


A testament to her renown though. Folks are in awe of her.


I like her fight scenes. She executes the moves beautifully. That aloof and haughty demeanor. That believable way she wields the sword. That matter-of-fact confidence she has in her abilities. That refined disdain she has for her opponents. Love it.



I very much fear she's not going to make it this time :(




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after the most recent ep25 ,
i rate this show 9.0/10
best show in recent few years , the previous show that had so much 江湖 was 新萧十一郎 2016
good flashback scenes for the child actors to shine

some parts are lacking that I could have raised the score to 10/10 perfect .....
music , lead character sacrifice , romance , tragic ..... these 4 points lacking , was better in 琉璃 2020 and 宸汐缘 2019
---- songs are appropriate for the show but not what I like , maybe my mistake to label it as a flaw
---- background music during fights are good








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