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8 Korean Stars Who Attended Prestigious American Universities

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Korean stars are full of surprises with their many talents, but their plans for higher education also never cease to amaze the public. The stars on this list have left many in awe with their choices to attend well-known schools and pursue their dreams. Check out these eight celebrities who attended prestigious American universities! pH-1 […]

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What an "interesting question"))
Yes, you have to)))
Moreover, stars usually have personal assistants who care about stars' time management, so such popular students have to manage so many things besides university studies.

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Yes, he said it in an interview. And by the way, Jun Ji-Hyun noted that she didn't like those study tears. I am sure that having a personal assistant is not as cool as it seems to us "unpopular" teens. I had some time management problems a few times ago. However, I have discovered a source with free essays on any topic I need for university assignments, and time management is a popular topic on this service. The expert writers helped me improve my self-discipline skills. Also, I checked a SWOT analysis, after which I understood the most effective methods of planning my day.

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