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[Drama 2024] The Queen of Tears / 눈물의 여왕 - Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won


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On 5/2/2024 at 11:34 AM, Dinu M said:

@jayakris Did you notice something? In the final conversation that both our lead characters have, HHI says this:

"마음과다른말들을내뱉고...", which the translator correctly subtitled to "We said things we didn't mean..." .  This is the same thing that was said in ep.11, that we discussed before. In ep.11 she goes: "마음과는다른말들만 내뱉는내곁에". Yet the translator gave us a different translation there. 


Oh, I had not noticed that!   We had that conversation earlier after Ep 11, and I see that "words I didn't mean" was exactly what I had suggested for the translation.


On 4/14/2024 at 9:49 AM, jayakris said:

Yes, the adjective, 마음과는다른 ("differently from what was in the mind") in front of "blurted out words" (내뱉다 is literally "to spit out," but closer to "blurt out" in meaning), was very important.  It clearly showed that she was not "saying harsh words" knowingly, but saying things she did not mean in a careless and cavalier manner.  I would have translated it as "carelessly blurted out words I didn't mean"



But, like I said then, the subbers are under instruction to be brief and they sometimes mess things up, overdoing it.

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On 5/4/2024 at 2:48 PM, maribella said:

I was reading someone’s recap and she wrote about season 2. I really hope not, will not watch.

A season 2 will not work at all for the simple reason that there will be no drama in the relationship of the two leads. We already know how far they'll go to save each other and how strong their relationship is now. The appeal of season 1 was them overcoming their marital strife and showing us how strong their love is. They can't make another whole season out of something that we already know.


However, a season 2 or rather a spin-off of Kwakkie's story might be fun to watch.

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2 hours ago, Dinu M said:

season 1 was them overcoming their marital strife and showing us how strong their love is. They can't make another whole season out of something that we already know.


If they want to cash in on the popularity, it will have to be some corporate hanky-panky with the two of them working together.  I agree, there would not be a romantic conflict that was so captivating. The storyline was just ok for me. 

Kwakkie’s character was good in small doses, but I won’t be able to take SC as the lead. If he were changed to be the ‘man of the family’ type, he won’t be SC anymore. 

I hope the extra episodes will have some kind of English commentary if not subs.

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they're showing kissing scenes that were cut out which i was wondering why there wasn't so many scenes with them kissing besides a few parts. too bad looks like their kissing was really on point, almost felt real at times just watching the extra footage. would be great if they touched more on how Baek found out who hae-in was and why she became so bloody cold. the part when she changes the babies room was really messed up but at least she knew that during that time, although would of been cool to have gone along with them during that journey too. i still found it wild at how much time and effort it took for basically that other family to just ruin everything for the Hong's, and yet still didn't have more backup plans in case things did go bad. although the myth about the Racoon was funny. still crazy to see how even all that money and yet the Hongs still didn't know how to do the most basic things, good thing they spent time with the Baeks so they got enjoy the simple things in life and with being closer to family. 


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Finished it last night. For the most part it's an amazing show. I feel like the villains are the unsung heroes of this drama's success. Stupid or one-dimensional villains lessen the quality of a lot of shows and movies. The villains here are forces to be reckoned with, genuinely challenging the heroes with their clever schemes. They also felt enough like real people with believable motivations. They weren't just evil to be evil where they wind up coming off as plot devices.

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