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Despite the pics u guys posted, honestly asian in hollywood is like zip and it will continue to be like that. Most of the people aren't well known or even if they were mix asian, it's not a known thing to ppl anyway so its like zero difference. There just isn't enough asians over here for an audience compared to other groups. And everytime they put an asian on, it's like the western pick of it and they choose the ppl they think is the most "asian" if you know what i mean. Like their perspectives are always the same, it shows in every film an asian is in. They never cast any good looking ppl b/c they don't really care to appreciate the better asian beauty.

Everything has to have a market plus the masses aren't that enlightened to be open minded about things anyway so they wouldn't want to see anyother race on TV besides their own, unless it was some kind of overhyped gutter thing they think will spark interest.

That movie Memoirs of a Geisha, goodness its b/c it had provocative elements in it that Hollywood wanted to make it into a movie in the first place. Even tho it is for entertainment, ppl should know movies affect perspective of the avg audience who doesn't distinguish reality from entertainment, thus deepening asian stereotypes of demure women and prostitutes. You guys wonder why asians can't make many breakthrus or even be looked like a normal person is b/c westerners choose to put us in same image over n over n it affects whether ppl are even interested in seeing asians in anything other than immigrant roles.

Maybe one day one of you guys can change that, who knows but for now, its ridiculous to hype up asian celebrities in hollywood b/c there is none, none significant at all. Be real about it.

true, ur right

but not only do i blame some westerners, but i also blame some asians

even some on this very forum kiss the a$$ of any MIXED asian (those mixed with white)

if we cant accept our own ppl n feel the need to fit in more with the mainstream white ppl, then nobody can accept us wholly.

i cant believe how stupid some ppl r when they say tihngs like "i wish i was half white too!"

theres nothing wrong with being half white but when u wish u WERE but u arent, then theres a problem

have some respect for yourself n ur people

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Joan Chen (Chinese)


Credits: http://www.brns.com

Anna May Wong (Chinese)


Credits: http://www.moviecard.com

Nancy Kwan (Father - Chinese, Mother - English/Scottish)


Credits: http://www.nancy-kwan.com

Toshiro Mifune (Japanese)


Credits: http://www.pbs.org

Gedde Watanabe (Japanese)


Credits: http://www.bunnweb.org

Sammo Hung (Chinese)


Credits: http://www.kungfucinema.com

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Guest trashstar

ahhh douglas robb<333 so sexyyyy

wow i didnt realize there were so many asians in hollywood o.O too bad a lot of them have to be mixed to get anywhere -_-

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Guest `MicheLLe_x3`

Jeff Fatt - lOL xD I wanted to contribute and he was the only person I could find that no one else posted. ''P


He doesn't look familiar[sp] huh?







THE WIGGLES!! :w00t:

lOL I know I have an addiction to Disney Channel!


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Guest bubbles20

Sean Paul -chinese/jamaican/portuaguese


Carmit Bachar (pussycat dolls member) - Israeli, Dutch, Indonesian, and Chinese descent


Jane March -Chinese/English


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haha brenda song doesnt really look korean in the 2nd pic. shees so cute tho. lol.

dang.theres alotta halfies/mixed.

im more proud of the full blooded asians. :P

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OMG!!!!!!! Michael Copon is sooooooooo HOT!!!!!!! I LOVE watching him in One Tree Hill!!!!!!! soo mad hott!!

and oh yea, I love Kristen, she is seriously soo gerogous!!!! The only i watch smallvillle is b/c of her, thanks god, she didn\t died.

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