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[Drama 2024] Blood Free/Dominant Species/지배종


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Blood Free: Episodes 9-10 (Final)

by solstices


Drawing the curtain on its bloodstained tale of humanity and ethics, Blood Free lays bare the morality and depravity of human nature, illuminating the lengths that humankind will go to in order to sate the hunger for survival. Raw desperation drives our characters forward, maintaining the nail-biting suspense right up to its thought-provoking conclusion.



At long last, the truth of the military zone attack is brought to light. Chae-woon’s transparent sincerity moves Geun’s ex-wife LEE JUNG-YEON (Nam Ki-ae), and after a brief call to Jae, she admits everything she knows. While snooping through Geun’s phone for evidence of his affairs, she’d discovered TATP — an explosive — in his search history. Two months later, that same explosive was used in the bombing, and Jung-yeon divorced Geun in horror and guilt. She’d also confided in Jae, but her son hadn’t believed her — or so he claimed.

When Moon-kyu finds out, he collapses from the shock. In a painkiller-induced delirium, he speaks to Jae as if he’s Chae-woon. “Cover it up,” Moon-kyu urges. “The more you dig, the more cans of worms you uncover.” He’d rather lay his vengeance down, for Jung-yeon and Jae’s sake. Jae’s face crumples, briefly but painfully, and he brushes tears away as he leaves — a rare moment of human vulnerability from our master manipulator.

Blood Free: Episodes 9-10 (Final)

Now that he finally has the full story, Chae-woon visits Kir again with the truth. When Chae-woon reveals the mastermind as DORSON’s chairman Geun, Kir confesses that he’d accidentally let slip the barracks’ location to his cousin, who had then orchestrated the attack and blackmailed him into becoming the scapegoat.

As for Hae-deun, her underwater diving hobby has paid off; she acts unconscious and holds her breath for minutes on end, tricking Hui into panicking and releasing her restraints. The moment she’s free, she takes Sae-ip hostage with the broken spoon, forcing her to drive away. However, the escape is short-lived. Sae-ip throws herself out of the moving car, leaving Hae-deun to crash into the closed BF gates.


With hordes of reporters swarming the main BF building, the reticent San steels his nerves to address them. Though he confirms that BF has indeed successfully cultured human organs, he remains adamant that they will not perform the transplant surgeries on Ja-yoo.

Upstairs, San meets Ja-yoo and Chae-woon to consolidate their information and ponder over Jae’s true motive. He hadn’t instructed his mother to keep mum, or blocked Chae-woon’s movements, or sought to eliminate him despite having ample opportunity to. It’s almost as if Jae wants his father’s sins to be revealed to the world.

Then San receives the news of Hae-deun’s hospitalization, leaving Kir as the only avenue they can currently pursue. Ja-yoo instructs Chae-woon to fly to Dubai and retrieve Kir’s cousin, assuring him that she’ll look after Man-shik the cat in his absence. Brewing tea for her since she’s been drinking too much coffee, Chae-woon entreats Ja-yoo to promise that she won’t undergo the surgery until he returns, only leaving when she finally acquiesces.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/05/blood-free-episodes-9-10-final/

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Blood Free Ending Explained & Ep 10 Spoilers: Han Hyo-Joo, Ju Ji-Hoon Starrer Hints at Season 2




by Varsha Narayanan


The popular K-drama Blood Free aired its final episode 10 on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at 4 p.m. KST on Disney Plus. The final episode documented an interesting ending for BF Group CEO Yoon Ja-Yoo (Han Hyo-Joo), bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon (Ju Ji-Hoon), and the rest of the characters in the storyline. After an attack that left Ja-Yoo and Chae-Woon gravely injured, many questions were left unanswered, including how the two managed to survive. From the ending of the series, it looks like the drama will move forward with a second season.

Blood Free follows the story of CEO Yoon Ja-Yoo of the biotechnology lab BF Group, who dominates the genetically engineered cultured meat market. Her dreams of breaking the human-animal food chain and creating a dominant species face hurdles when opposition emerges from elite groups wanting to take over the company. She eventually hires soldier-turned-bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon to help her with the mission.

The final Blood Free episode 10 saw a final showdown between Prime Minister Seon Woo-Jae and BF Group CEO Yoon Ja-Yoo’s missions. The former ordered a search and seizure of the company while also plotting his revenge against his father and DORSON Chairman, Seon Woo-Geun. Meanwhile, Ja-Yoo tracked down killer Park Sang-Min only to fall prey to an attack by Woo-Geun and a bigger issue at BF Group. Woo Chae-Woon returned from Dubai after getting significant information about terrorist Kir, and he was ready to protect Ja-Yoo one last time.





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