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K-drama ideas

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So... yeah, I know writers hang out on soompi who are from Korea.

What I'm looking for is a drama where disability is represented AND the disability isn't cured by the end.

You see, recently in Korea people got super upset at mobility disabled people blocking the subway: https://www.thenation.com/article/world/korea-disability-protest/


I suppose if you ask the organization in the article, you could get some voices to help you research.


But no one took their PoV. And what are Korean dramas super good at? Making people understand a minority position. And if you don't believe me Oh, we got some K-drama history and Korean literature to cover. LGBTQIA rights, for example, portrayed on TV has had good reception.

BTW, bonus points for if you have someone fall in love with the disability person who already understands the disability or is disabled in a different way themselves.

Some ideas of love interests:
- high functioning autistic people (that don't have some magical gift because of their autism). Most of the autism in K-dramaland is severe, but there is also high functioning autism.

- limited mobility people who aren't in wheelchairs. Things like, needs a cane to walk. Or occasional wheelchair users.

- Epilepsy


I'd like the tone not to be too preachy and for the main storyline not to focus solely on the disability, but to create empathy with the audience, so they know why those people were protesting in the first place. Show both the capabilities of disabled individuals and also the truth of the disability.

Cop show is fine, but don't brutalize disabled people in the process. Slightly prefer slice-of-life myself, but straight up romance would also work.

Not trauma or inspiration porn.
Trauma porn is where media stories depicting the inhumane and often exploitative treatment of minority group.
And Inspiration porn is is the portrayal of people with disabilities as being inspirational to able-bodied people on the basis of their life circumstances.

My other wish is that K-dramas and C-dramas stop fat shaming so much. And I'll say why.

I have relatives who half starve themselves trying to stay skinny at times, they manage their meals at every turn, they exercise regularly. And my skinny butt is lazy as anything. I don't exercise much, I had more trouble than those individuals riding a bike up a hill. I pretty much get to eat whatever I want, and I still stay in the same weight range. They really struggle, get ridiculed and then there are reports that the people on ads advertising the "larger sized" clothes are skinny people in fat suits and fat make up, making a lot of those people feel deflated.


There's a ton of myths around being fat. Like they don't exercise enough. They don't watch what they eat. They eat at every turn. And not say, they have diabetes/another medical condition, they have depression, they were molested as a child and this is their protection, or simply they don't have the genetics to make it easy and they are healthier than my skinny butt. Often fatness is the butt of jokes, even when the writers don't write it into scripts--the director thinks it's funny to shake the camera as the actor moves. Also, assigned personality traits along the way: rude, course, lazy, overindulgent, hedonistic, or overly compliant/friendly. But body shaming shouldn't be a thing.

But let's get real, too, in historical times like Joseon, some fat was desirable because it led to healthier babies and the rich were fatter and thus more desirable. What was that hanbok for anyway? Cover the pregnancy and allow for chubbier women.

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BTW, High Functioning Autism shouldn't make Autistic people a burden or a genius. 'cause that also sucks. Can't we get high functioning Autism that is between those extremes and looks at the better rep? Like it's hard for *them* because they don't know how to cope, but doesn't necessarily mean they need a huge carer? Like hard to make eye contact, and people *might* assume they need a carer or are a genius?

Just saying.. high functioning autism doesn't mean the person has a huge IQ. Ask some autistic people.

Maybe I should ask Japan since they do gradients better, but I really want to give Korea a fair chance to do something between "It's OK to be Not OK." and "Good Doctor." You can do gradients, too Korea, 'cause I believe in my own country to challenge rep better.

Korea did Awl and did Greatest Marriage... and all those JTBC dramas, I think Korea can pull this off too.

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Adding one:

Two dramas recently pulled the punch and I'm sad.

Love in Contract


And May it Please the court both pulled their punches.

BUT I'd love a drama where the audience and the romantic lead fall for the ML character. Like wholly and truly, but they are highly problematic and a murderer, such that the internet splits and is in super denial, yet intrigued enough on the hows and whys that they STAY and watch it anyway. I think it would be hard to pull off, but don't writers like a challenge?

Defeat the "He's so hot so he can't be a murderer" fan thought thoroughly. Get them so hard they can't help but watch to the bitter end this murderer and the Romantic lead's feelings get entangled. Sociopath the audience.

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